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desu too


ok, where is she?



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Post Yotsuba!
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4kun reaction folder leak when
one of you hackers out there, get on it NAO. We must know his secrets.


Let's be honest. 4kun's reaction folder is self-leaked


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Post your favorite animu girl
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Hands down
Its twoot


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she's autistic as hell, then again, i probably am too, Violet surely is the best waifu of this thread

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I love Coronachan! You love Coronachan! we all love Coronachan!
Draw some Cronochan OC.
Coronachan canon:
The first few Cronochans have a traditional chinese dress and coronavirus shaped hair pins. She also carried a bottle of corona. Her hair was a dark blue and she had green eyes. Later some drew her with wings to symbolize the bat stew and with a crown.
>coronavirus hairpins
>corona bottle
>Chinese dress
Have fun!
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if coronachan is aids well then i think ebola-chan and the rest should be a normalfag thing too, so i dont really know.
>shouldnt this be in /i/


I guess a 4chan oc thread in /i/ is fine
Just as long as no one posts really obvious normalfag stuff
I mean, a lot of good memories where had in 4chan back in the day, so if anyone want's to, i guess we might as well


would you like me to move it to /i/?

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Gib me your lolis
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because they're sluts


Because of peer pressure.


Peer pressure's a bitch, I've made a lot of mistakes because of that.

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Did you play it?
You should


>Extremely Positive raitngs
Hmm.... Soemthing is wrong here...


Isn't this the game where the dev spent like 4 years on the non lewd parts, and added a trap? Pass.


Yes, people

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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.
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I only started watching Evangelion recently and I so far I hate Asuka and Rei.
[s]But I love Misato.[/s]


Although i can understand shinji's pain, he is pretty irrtating


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I would like to watch anime with more direct translation. What I mean by this is, word for word, there exact meaning (or closest approximation). With the exact same sentence structure as it is in Japanese. I believe this may help capture the original meaning of the dialog while also helping those trying to learn Japanese.

Do anime like this already exist?
Do you think this would be a good idea?

tldr; I'd like to see a more direct translation over localization.
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That's the fucking point you dipshit


I don't think there's much of a point to this. A lot of Japanese grammar doesn't have a direct english equivalent, so a literal "word for word" translation would be much more difficult than e.g. translating from Spanish. So at best you'd be able to convey the subject-object-verb word order combined with some idioms.

But really, what's the point to doing this? If they can't even lex Japanese in the first place (and doing so is difficult without knowing the vocab) then knowing what it translates to isn't of much use. I think if you wanted to go down this route the best option would be doing romaji transcriptions, so they can at least learn how to break down the sounds. Then when they go on to properly study Japanese vocabulary later, they'll be able to make some associations.


What, do you want to create some Rosetta Stone type learning tool through gooktoons? That sounds fucking retarded. Get a textbook, you lazy shit.

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In anime and elsewhere, what makes a girl "best girl"?
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Twoot is best grill



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For me "best girl" is simply how emotionally attached to the character you are, along with how much you like them as a whole. While there is much more to it than that, it is the simplest explanation I can give.
[spoiler]Rei best girl[/spoiler]

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>Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko
Literally a knockoff Wolf Girl With You. Animations look kinda funky too, it's assets seem to be created with that one program that makes still images into animations.
Imma keep my yens outta this one boss, i'll pirate it when it comes out.
[spoiler]while im gonna keep my shekels to myself, the game doesn't look all that bad to be honest[/spoiler]
>9 days to get 10 grand
Nevertheless, i wish them luck in getting it.


>it actually got funded
welp, i stand corrected.
I really didn't expect it, but now i'm looking forward to pirating it.
Still looks a tad bit funky to me though.

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I found another index and this one was a gold mine.
The file archive of some university computer club with some files dating back to the late 80s! (Tell me what you find) While exploring, I found a folder titled "anime.stuff" ( https://ftp.sunet.se/mirror/archive/ftp.sunet.se/pub/tv+movies/anime-manga/anime.stuff/ ). It contains a PDF file. The front page says "Japanese Anime Comments & Reviews by Fans for Fans!". I want to read more but I couldn't find out how to view or extract these ".gz" files. Does any1 know about anime.stuff source. All I could find from a DuckDuckGo (or Goolag) search is "animestuffstore" which I doubt is what I'm looking for.
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I like the fact they all have nicknames. "Dr. Stingray" how edgy.
I shall be nicknamed "the plauge doctor" and no one will question me or my life decisions. STAND BACK YOU DEGENERATE SCUM!
Thanks lolico for finding the anime index, Definitely a great find. Its like looking through a time capsule.


Yeah, i'm retarded. 4chan was created around 2003 not 1994


newfag, I've been running the 'channels since '62. I remember spamming footage of Kennedy's assassination on 0.3chan to scare off the hippies. Good times.

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Was Nora being true to Yukine? Will he be able to recover from the secret? Do you want Kazuma to kill nora? Will Hiromi recover from the bite? The series is really ramping up

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I'm pissed he shouldn't have died I'm not going to finish the series because of this.
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Death Note should've ended there. What's even worse than [spoiler]the show not ending when L dies is that Light got killed by one of L's successors, which cheapened L's death and made him seem replaceable.[/spoiler]
Yeah, that show sucked.


[spoiler]L's death was my first anime death, and it hit me pretty hard[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Wasn't the point that mello and near were "weaker" than light and L on their own but together they were "stronger"?
However it does piss me of that the character that survives is my least favorite one (of the geniuses)


Its not the end of the world but the series was way worse after that point

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This series is overrated garbage


Mostly normalfucks like it for it's predictable shit plotline.


I think I stopped watching the show around episode 35 or so I just forgot my place I was in honestly.

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is this a good shounen?


>Good shounen
Just translates to Americanized trashime to me


OP here, I don't think it's Americanized but I already dropped on that anime


Better than Black clover

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