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>Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko
Literally a knockoff Wolf Girl With You. Animations look kinda funky too, it's assets seem to be created with that one program that makes still images into animations.
Imma keep my yens outta this one boss, i'll pirate it when it comes out.
[spoiler]while im gonna keep my shekels to myself, the game doesn't look all that bad to be honest[/spoiler]
>9 days to get 10 grand
Nevertheless, i wish them luck in getting it.


>it actually got funded
welp, i stand corrected.
I really didn't expect it, but now i'm looking forward to pirating it.
Still looks a tad bit funky to me though.

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I found another index and this one was a gold mine.
The file archive of some university computer club with some files dating back to the late 80s! (Tell me what you find) While exploring, I found a folder titled "anime.stuff" ( https://ftp.sunet.se/mirror/archive/ftp.sunet.se/pub/tv+movies/anime-manga/anime.stuff/ ). It contains a PDF file. The front page says "Japanese Anime Comments & Reviews by Fans for Fans!". I want to read more but I couldn't find out how to view or extract these ".gz" files. Does any1 know about anime.stuff source. All I could find from a DuckDuckGo (or Goolag) search is "animestuffstore" which I doubt is what I'm looking for.
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Bitch, what do you mean "4channers?" This is from '94.


4cuck was founded in 1984, everyone knows that, ive been using fourchannel since 1989, i remember talking to anons about the collapse of the soviet union on /b/ while spamming images of cirno


I like the fact they all have nicknames. "Dr. Stingray" how edgy.
I shall be nicknamed "the plauge doctor" and no one will question me or my life decisions. STAND BACK YOU DEGENERATE SCUM!
Thanks lolico for finding the anime index, Definitely a great find. Its like looking through a time capsule.


Yeah, i'm retarded. 4chan was created around 2003 not 1994


newfag, I've been running the 'channels since '62. I remember spamming footage of Kennedy's assassination on 0.3chan to scare off the hippies. Good times.

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This series is overrated trash
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It's made for the same crowd that watches Naruto so.




It's my favorite shounen


Filthy fucking moeshit fags


the show is bad, but the girls are nice

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Was Nora being true to Yukine? Will he be able to recover from the secret? Do you want Kazuma to kill nora? Will Hiromi recover from the bite? The series is really ramping up

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I'm pissed he shouldn't have died I'm not going to finish the series because of this.


I didn't really enjoy death note, so I didn't have any emotional attachment to L.
Akame ga kill usually hit right in the feels with character deaths, so i recommend watching that.


>Akame ga Kill
>I recommend watching that
Listen to this guy.


Death Note should've ended there. What's even worse than [spoiler]the show not ending when L dies is that Light got killed by one of L's successors, which cheapened L's death and made him seem replaceable.[/spoiler]
Yeah, that show sucked.


[spoiler]L's death was my first anime death, and it hit me pretty hard[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Wasn't the point that mello and near were "weaker" than light and L on their own but together they were "stronger"?
However it does piss me of that the character that survives is my least favorite one (of the geniuses)


Its not the end of the world but the series was way worse after that point

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What's your favorite sports anime or manga /a/? Eyeshield 21 here
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Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


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Gurazeni's pretty good


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Not really a fan of sports manga/anime, but Slam dunk was pretty good considering.


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ping pong the animation. it's far better than it sounds, trust me.


Well since racing is technically a sport. Would Initial D count?

I kind of am interested in this.

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Which one do you like better? I love both, but I like Rozen Maiden a little bit more


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Damn, that's a really difficult question.
Im more leaning towards TouHou, while Rozen Maiden follows very closely behind.
My answer might even change, depends on the mood.


Rozen maiden

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This series is overrated garbage


Mostly normalfucks like it for it's predictable shit plotline.


I think I stopped watching the show around episode 35 or so I just forgot my place I was in honestly.

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is this a good shounen?


>Good shounen
Just translates to Americanized trashime to me


OP here, I don't think it's Americanized but I already dropped on that anime


Better than Black clover

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Just finished watching Gabriel dropout cause /g/ memes,
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now watch asobi asobase


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[spoiler]Your waifu is retarded[/spoiler]


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>not wanting Esdeath as your dom waifu
all of you are fags


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No u


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i just want to be hugged at this point tbh

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What are some good shota anime?


Tee-hee that's no anime silly that's a hentai.


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What did you guys think about this one?
I thought that it was pretty enjoyable and quite sad at times, but what i didn't like was that it felt really episodic i.e the episodes weren't connected to each other at all. Like, this episode we have 1 sad story and in the next one there's another.
And the way she finally understood what love is also was pretty fucking flat.


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Catch me


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Cute Computer Daughter on The Front Page!

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Is anyone watching Mob Psycho S2? It's wholesome as fuck
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Last episode made me tear up a little at the end. Beautiful adaption of the manga so far, anime-only fans better get ready for the upcoming arc.


Goddamnit, I'm still waiting for the new episode. I'm trying to watch it and its honestly really good.

You rolled the number 193765686 (no dubs or higher)


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Isn't the "wholesome" meme normalfag cancer? It seems to be.


Wholesome is a feeling. Reddit turned it into a meme


Just finished it. Pretty good. I like the Body Improvement Club.

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The first episode just came out. Thoughts? I think it's promising. Starting to feel the hype. The animation quality hasn't dropped as much as I thought it would, what with the change in studios.


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It's more "smooth" I think


File: [HorribleSubs] One Punch M….png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1554951152738.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There's definitely effort being made in the animation and it doesn't stop me from enjoying it. People are overreacting in it "looking like garbage", but let's be real. The show looks better than what you usually see seasonly.

On another note, that effect on the metal for Genos and G4 does look really odd. Never seen something like that.

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is she.. dare i say it... our girl?
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Tomoko is even cuter :3


i strongly disagree. she's only cute because she is drawn in an anime style. real-life girls who behave like tomoko are repulsive creatures and should be avoided at all costs.


>girls who behave like tomoko should be avoided at all costs
She has social anxiety and just wants to be loved. If youre on about how she has mean thoughts (she hasnt really done anything,now has she?) it's because she has mostly given up on the world. Think about it- you want to have friends and be good, but something which you cant control keeps fucking you over and everyone around you just makes fun of you for being different.


Girls like Tomoko are clingy and prone to turning into a nightmare of a gf. She doesn't know what love is. Also, I was mostly referring to her hygiene.
>inb4 sniff
goes to show what kind of people like Tomoko.


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i guess that's personal taste, i would like a such girl.
Now on that i can agree, though on what sort of level? I guess she takes care of her basic hygene,but doesnt really care about her looks, such as combing her hair. Pic related.
>>inb4 sniff
In my opinion sniffposters aswell as brapposters are degenerates.

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