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is she.. dare i say it... our girl?
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>girls who behave like tomoko should be avoided at all costs
She has social anxiety and just wants to be loved. If youre on about how she has mean thoughts (she hasnt really done anything,now has she?) it's because she has mostly given up on the world. Think about it- you want to have friends and be good, but something which you cant control keeps fucking you over and everyone around you just makes fun of you for being different.


Girls like Tomoko are clingy and prone to turning into a nightmare of a gf. She doesn't know what love is. Also, I was mostly referring to her hygiene.
>inb4 sniff
goes to show what kind of people like Tomoko.


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i guess that's personal taste, i would like a such girl.
Now on that i can agree, though on what sort of level? I guess she takes care of her basic hygene,but doesnt really care about her looks, such as combing her hair. Pic related.
>>inb4 sniff
In my opinion sniffposters aswell as brapposters are degenerates.

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hey /a/ whats your favorite manga artist ill go first,
>Yusuke Murata
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Kentaro Miura


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Kohei Horikoshi



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