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This series is overrated trash




The series is nice for newcomers to anime in general. The concept of quirks is an interesting actor overall but the general story-line should of changed on the first episode of the anime & first chapter of the manga. I don't mind MHA but I prefer HxH or Yu Yu Hakusho.


This show is great. Who da fuck is you


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I got into the anime first, then picked up the manga from the end of season one. Around the internship arc I started to lose interest. It's alright, but I haven't been paying attention to it lately. I remember the spin-off Illegals being pretty good though.


I can't seem to find options to watch the old HxH in good quality. I've seen the one that ends at the chimera ant arc and everyone has a happy ending, but the genei ryodan is missing and Kurapika basically goes AWOL.


>>1 go commit death-pacito


No shit. So is all shonen anime.


Suitable first post.


It's not the best, but still very enjoyable to watch. It helped get my wife into anime, so it has a special place for us.


Shonen in a nutshell

Your fortune: Good Luck


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Hero academia does kinda suck though due to its hype and the community who keeps praising it as the greatest anime ever, even though they probably said the same about Tokyo ghoul and Attack on titan before that. I'm sure that they're eventually going to forget that Hero academia even existed when the next super popular anime comes out within a year or so.




It's made for the same crowd that watches Naruto so.




It's my favorite shounen


Filthy fucking moeshit fags


the show is bad, but the girls are nice


One punch man is better


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I like how the show flows, and the action is fun, not really sure why everyone either praises it or shits on it. It it like the SAO thing were a nice show got way too overrated so people decided to hate on it?


A thread from almost 3 years ago is still alive, amazing


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>This series is [HEADCANON]
Kill yourself autistic retard




its incredible how the first thread on /a/ can still be based

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