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Have you seen this man?
As in the title, this thread is for the '90s super robot iteration of Gundam.
My opinion after catching some of it with /mmc/ is that its cartoony approach, despite being a departure from the tradition of the franchise, is very amusing and succeeds in not allowing itself to be tied down by its lineage. I understand it to be a controversial entry among people who prefer Gundam as a real robot franchise, but I have enjoyed what I've seen.
Please, share your thoughts.


Mobile G Fighter is great so far. I also love the opening line of the thread anon! I love how this world is more self-contained. It makes this series easy to take in. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I'll write my opinions on each episode soon. Thank you for making this thread. It will be fun discussing the show as we watch it.


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I started Mobile Fighter G Gundam or what I affectionately call Mobile Racist G Gundam. Episode 1 is really promising. The main character has the cool 90s anime art style. The animation is old while still being cool. Episode one shows the police in a bad light. They got in the way of the hero and helped the criminal. That is analogist of now. The main character was bailed out by what I think is the main female character. She is cool. The Gundam fight in this episode was awesome though the transformation sequence was silly. Episode 2 of Mobile Racist G Gundam was delightful. In today's episode, we were in America. The stereotyping of Americans was hilarious. I'll list a few. The good old boy starting from the bottom, the twig in his mouth, cockiness, lavish lifestyle, fanfare, love of government officials, and glowie's taking out dissent. The story of the episode was fun. It was cool how Domon challenged the Americans. Domon is a cool character. The glowie's almost ruined this episode but with the help of the Americans, they were defeated. I wish that happened IRL. The fight was brief but the idea that the Gundams can rejoin is interesting


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Episode 3 of Mobile G Fighter Gundam was cool. I like how it showed Domon wasn't untouchable. While the last two episodes were good, the episodes didn't show Domon challenged. In this episode, the bane of his existence was a kid. He was a shyster and a resourceful one at that. My personal opinion is that I hate the kid, so it will be interesting to watch them fight later on. Episode 4 of Mobile Fighter G Gundam was funny. It was funny because the nationality was French. The French guy of course looked and acted like a massive fag. For plot purposes, he was somewhat powerful and didn't surrender in ten seconds. The kidnapping ruse was pretty funny. The Neo-French guy surrendered relatively fast and it wrapped up the episode.


Gundam's portrayal of Russians in episode 5 was pretty unexpected. Yeah, they were pretty big and tough, but they also made it seem like the Russians are trapped. I guess the setting skews that perception. I liked the battle in this episode. Mobile Fighter episode 6 was fantastic. Despite my disapproval of the government's ruse, I thought it was an excellent plot point. However, Domon is looking for a man who is a threat. I should have known. I was saddened by Domon's story, especially when they showed him happiness. It was fun to see the fake battle in this episode.


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I enjoyed episode 7 of Mobile Fighter Gundam. In this episode, Domon went to Neo Mexico to find his brother. Mexico being Mexico, he was ambushed by a sketchy individual. A Neo-Mexico fighter turned out to be this sketchy man. Chico was pretty likable, however he didn't deal with his problems in the best way. Instead of saying to Domon he didn't want to fight, he dragged his feet through the episode. As I recall, the two had an entire episode to hang out on the show. I enjoyed Tequila Gundam. It showed up and was cool. As always, Domon's Gundam is great (aside from the transformation scene). However, the American Gundam shows up out of nowhere. Chico was easily beaten by Domon, but he did so on purpose. Domon wanted to help Chico escape the fight. Fighter Gundam may turn out to be a great Gundam series. Episode 8 of Fighter Gundam had an unusual twist to it. I didn't expect the Canadian to be more outdoorsy and manly. I didn't expect there to be a lot of lore for the Neo-Canadian pilot. I enjoyed the rivalry/misunderstood between Canada and Russia. I hope to see that elaborated upon.


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The Neo England fighter's behavior in episode 9 seems typical. Chapman is a rich person and, stereotypically, the people on top will do anything to stay there, even if it means cheating. Despite not needing to cheat during the fight with France, he did. His actions were quite pathetic. Even more pathetic was the fact that his wife helped him cheat with fog. Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode 10 was scary. Neo Egypt had a mummy fighter. It was even creepier when it was revealed that he had ties to Domon's brother. While I enjoy how Egypt's fighter bully Neo-China became Neo-China's fighter, it annoys me. In this episode, he was especially irritating when he begged Domon for help. I didn't expect to see any pyromania in this episode. That was neat. Neo China took Egypt too easily, which frustrated me. After the fight, Domon bailed him out.




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Nether Gundam truily is the most powerful and should be worshiped by everyone.


The Windmills will slap you in the face lole.




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Hats off to the most retarded episode yet.


Every show needs to have fun sometimes.


Yeah, Episode one is really badass. From the music to the animation, it's really well done. I fully expect this to be a super robot show and i'm fine with it because it's self contained, and i also like the concept of it being like that Real Steel movie. An interesting point that was brought up is how they are doing these gundam battles to end mass genocide, but the battles still wreck havok and probably kill just the same amount of people from a single battle alone.


> Jiminy Crocket
What a name lol
>"we just need him to win"
>"if he burns out into space dust, why would we care"
>"our assassination team will take care of the problem"
Yup, sounds like the CIA. Why am i not supprised.
>"you guys are an embarrassment to my country"
you can say that again
I'm glad domon wasn't a total bitch and hopfully the american will be back in later episodes. Sort of gay for the fight to be way too quick, I seriously thought it would have been drawn out more because of the american's apparant strength.


Two interesting things to note about the CIA's gundam, is that they look quite militaristic which i really love, and they have the zeon heads which might be on purpose like some type of in-joke. I kinda wish the american gundam had a more patriotic feel to it, it should have been over the top like the character. The boxing glove was pretty neat tho. I guess the same goes with neo italy's gundam, hell i didnt even know they where in italy in the first place.


I'm guessing the man he is looking for is either his father or brother.


Yeah, kid pissed me off too. I also liked how they didnt just have domon just defeat the chinese gundam in this episode like some mary sue overpowered bitch. I'm kinda curious as to why he didnt want to fight him in the first place though. Also, why didnt they show domon meeting the gang/ getting his shekels stolen in the first place?


So about episode 4, the hell did domon mean by >this again ?
Maybe it'll get mentioned again. Also it's nice he saved the neo france battle for later since the battle wouldn't have been fair since geroge's gundam was holding up the broken structure. Supprised no one commented about the music yet, Damn good soundtrack, quite jazzy.


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I don't know why i find pic related funny


C'mon why couldn't they call the gundam prison "the gundam gulag", wasted opportunity. Also would've been nice if they had russian voice actors to the english dub. I liked how the previous fight between the human pilots was re-created with the gundam battle, Neo-japan's gundam did jack shit with his punch to the gut of gopnik gundam and he even got his ass kicked with his arm being torn off. Wasn't expecting a tie but it makes sense. domon had an interesting flashback that'll probably get elaborated on much later down the line.


Totally not his father since they shown him dead on one of the episodes, so i'm guessing it's his brother.


That is emblematic of France in general.
I wish they had more sense of humor here too.


Episode 6 set things up quite well. I think domon was bullshitting that he broke out of the simulation early and realised everything was fake when he saw his dead mother floating in space. Devil gundam honestly is a mixture of horrifying and also retarded looking. I'm curious about the history of domon's tattoo.


During episode 11 of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, I was unsure who Domon was facing this time. It took me more than half of the episode to realize it was Neo-Turkey. For over half of the episode, I didn't know if there was going to be a fight because a lot of the episode was rain treating neo-Turkey's fighter. Neo Turkey's fighter was crazy and, it showed when he tried to strangle rain. The fight was short but what was notable was where Domon transformed. That made me LOL. Episode 12 of Mobile Fighter G Gundam was a bit of a blur to me. Domon reunited with his master in order to fight evil Gundams. Those evil Gundams were connected to Domon's brother. The fight ended quickly. It was nice to see Domon happy though.


Episode 13 of Mobile Fighter G Gundam was confusing. At first glance, I thought Domon and his master were going to be interacting with his master the whole episode but, he quickly disappeared. Domon was targeted by his old rivals, which were a bit odd because he was helping Neo China and France in earlier episodes. It was also really cool to see Rain in the Gundam. While she was in the Gundam, there was a suspicious-looking Gundam. I wonder what that was. Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode 14 explained the confusing parts of the previous episodes. Neo Hong Kong or Domon's master acted sketchy at the beginning of the episode, so Rain decided to follow him. After a few strange scenes, she found pods full of characters we had already met. Domon looking for turns out to be the master. The fight looked difficult for Domon on many levels.


neo mexico is a giant sombrero because why not lol
Was a pretty if not emotional episode, Nice to see chico escape from being a gundam fighter. Also davey crocket got screwed over for the second time in a row, you'd think he'd learn by now. That, and i thought he was disqualifyed?
People can say what they want but i actually really like the looks of neo mexico's gundam. I see some stereotype throughout the show but why not? America's a cocky bastard and it's to be expected, Japan's japanese hell for once they made an actual anime character that actually looks like a japanese man. Skin tone in all. Nothing really racist about neo mexico, least he's not some fat drunk lazy bastard. Cartoons overexagerate features all the time and its nothing to cry about. Also neo mexico's fighter was using the same weapon as the fighter.
I'm curious about neo russias past as a space pirate. The united police force pushed him into the station? Odd stuff.


Chapman clearly cheated in a card game and yet domon didn't understand that he's a nigger. He's basically a professional football player with a winning streak who wanted to keep it up forever so he took steroids instead of learning when to quit. Least he was put out of his misery with style. Guessing the mummy gundam is still alive because of nanomachines but i'm not sure why devil gundam chose the mummy in the first place.


It's not surprising that Chapman believes he can get what he wants by any means necessary. Mummy Gundam will never die.


Overall, episode 15 was a fitting conclusion to this arc of Fighter G Gundam. The Shuffle alliance was explained well and, it is interesting lore IMO. I liked how the solution to the brainwashing of Domon's rival was. It turns out episode 15 wasn't the conclusion to that arc. During episode 16 Rain again found something interesting during this episode. Rain found Domon's brother resting and waiting to be revived (as we found out later in the episode). Even though the Shuffle Alliance teamed up, they didn't seem to have much success. The arrival of Neo Germany was awesome. Neo Germany's fighter is cool.


The 17th episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam displayed Neo Germany's fighter's incredible power. That pleases me because I love his design and, every other fighter has been a pushover in comparison to Domon. I also love how the other fighters have been utilized beyond one episode. Neo Germany's fighter is intelligent and that showed when he saw the ruse Domon's master pulled. I forgot why but Domon got frustrated with Neo Germany and challenged him to a Gundam fight. Neo Germany surprisingly won, which is a change of pace for the show. Because Domon lost his fight to Bruder he decided to train. This would not make sense in other Gundam series but, it makes sense here because the moves of the Gundam are motion-controlled. Because the plot needs to be moved forward Neo America's fighter and his crew decided to challenge him. This devolved into a sparring match and a rescue mission for the rain and Chibodee's girls. Of course, Bruder (Neo Germany) was watching all of this. I feel like they are angling him as a mentor to Domon.


Episode 19 surprisingly centered around Neo China and Neo Russia. At first, Neo Russia didn't want to fight back because Neo China wasn't at its best. But then Domon's evil master tricked him into fighting. The fight itself was really good surprisingly. I forgot Neo Russia could shoot bullets out of his face. The match ended up being a draw because the writers probably didn't want to discount either fighter. Domon couldn't fight in this episode for the dumbest reason. Episode 20 is centered around Neo France. He was French in this episode. His white flags were raised throughout the episode until he couldn't fight. George had to fight his old rival. That was cool and his old rival had a good design.


Yeah so its basically NANOMACHINES, SON that the dark gundam controls. Basically explains what happened to mummy gundam. Don't know why rain didnt check up on neo-turkey's gundam when he was in the hospital but i'm guessing she moved on? I liked the visuals of neo turkeys fighter getting wrapped up in wired and i think it would have been epic if the dark gundam had full control and domon had some type of epic fight but whatever.


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episode 12 was a mixture of insane and dumb (in a good way) Master asia doing karate moves on a gundam was dumb and i noticed that the devil gundam drones are basically a rip off of zakus. I always wanted to know what the king of heart thing was and it was slightly explained and it was nice to see domon reunited with his master. pic related is pretty horrifying. so thats what the full transformation looks like. it was also interesting seeing a desolate tokyo like what happened in the terminator movies and i like how they handled that setting.


You could say the way the fighters battle in their Gundams is dumb lole. Yeah, it is sort of silly but endearing.


what i was saying is that master asia was without a fighter and he used martial arts on a gundam with domons bandanna
actually the fighting and the cockpit overall makes more sense then what's shown in the regular gundam shows especially with actually using your body instead of sitting in a chair and pressing buttons.


For me, episodes 21 and 22 bleed into each other. From what I recall, episode 21 was mostly Bruder mentoring Domon. In episode 22, Domon fights his old master. It also seems like Bruder may be Kjoji and, Domon is being tricked.


Episode 23 of Mobile Fighter Gundam was satisfying because Domon finally fought Master and was somewhat successful, which is nice to see. Neo German pilot looks like Kyoji. Episode 24 of Mobile Fighter Gundam Domon's trying to get to Hong Kong was a long and tough path. Domon only manages to make it with Rain's help. It seems the next 25 episodes won't be smooth sailing for Domon.


I'm thinking it was the devil gundam's power that caused domon to see shit that wasnt there, 13 also showcases the power of teamwork lole. Wonder if rain will eventually use a gundam for herself. aaaand sure enough devil gundam was turning people into monsters
the shuffle alliance meeting was gay lol they did the power ranger poses lole.
kinda retarded that domon didnt realise earlier that the other gundam pilots was mind controled in the first place


episode 15 made my brain hurt
theres so much random stuff happening
im not sure the shuffle alliance makes sense
why didnt master asia get hurt?

Why was neo germany there in the first place? Schwarz Bruder (black brother?) Maybe a racer X type of guy? why would he care about master asia?
I love how grotesque the devil gundam looks
You know,
I kinda would have liked to learn more about domons brother, maybe some pre-gundam fighter stuff of him talking or just doing whatever would have been nice, Given the devil gundam transformation thing emotional baggage for the viewer.


TLDR domon realises he's a retard and his powers come from the heart and not his anger, also he seriously needed to team up with the other shuffle alliance to defeat the dark gundam.


>For the U.S. release, many Gundam names were changed. Three of them (God Gundam to Burning Gundam, Devil Gundam to Dark Gundam, and Gundam Heaven's Sword to Raven Gundam) for religious reasons, following the backlash of Wal-Mart refusing to sell the Gundam Deathscythe Hell from Gundam Wing. Tequila Gundam was changed to Spike Gundam to remove the alcohol reference. The rest of the Gundams received name changes for unspecified reasons (some were supposedly made to sound more appealing to younger audiences, while others were just too difficult for children to understand).
Fucking walmart lol


I like how everything just switched after domon actually made it to the real gundam fight. It's good to see him struggling instead of just one hit punching niggers like a mary sue. These gundam designs are outlandish and retarded though but at this point i dont care lol. I have some questions as how master asia survied and i'm sure the devil gundam isnt dead yet either. Speaking of master asia, What's his deal? What's driving him? Why join the devil gundam? Couple episodes ago it seems he acted out due to some form of jealosy due to domon surpassing his master and becoming a gundam fighter but that can't be it right? also i realised the retarded fight he did with the dark army (without even being in a gundam) makes perfect sense now because he was controling the dark army and probably got them to fall apart by the slightest touch just to show off.


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