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I like diapers. They're comfy and easy to wear


Planetes seems to be a good show based on the first two episodes. The main female character made an awkward entrance for the cameras. The main male character stepped into the story in adult diapers and explicit magazines. Hoseno strikes me as being slightly more serious than Kanta from Desert Punk. Hoseno actually has some well-defined goals. As of the first episode, Hoseno wanted to make as much money as possible while having the easiest existence possible. Tanabe got on Hoseno's last nerve in the first episode due to her inexperience. As of episode 2, Hoseno started to warm up to Tanabe. From the looks of it, Hoseno remembered his beginnings. Episode 2 humanized Hoseno.


Planetes is getting better, in my opinion, episodes 3 and 4. Episode 3 was dark because they were already talking about their final wills. A lot of people disliked her in this episode because she was emotional. They didn't like how she treated Hoshino or how she kidnapped his body. Tanabe's actions didn't bother me due to the episode's resolution. Episode 4 was excellent. A rich person was on board for this episode and he was the epitome of a spoiled brat. While he was tolerable at the beginning of the episode, he became increasingly intolerable as the episode wore on. That was hard to watch as the rich kid chucked everything at the crew. It was painful to watch the older men in the crew suck up to this kid. I liked how the crew at the end of the episode stood up for themselves.


There were a lot of developments in Planetes Episode 15. I enjoyed watching Hachimaki and Tanabe date. The diaper man is on his way up. Maybe he will get his ship soon. It was unexpected to see Edel have any character development because her voice is monotonous. It was intriguing to see Edel's lore. I just don't understand her outfit when confronting her ex. In episode 16, Hachimaki had issues being healthy enough to be in space. It wasn't as noteworthy but, it was great he pulled through.

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