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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.


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>Asukafag website
think again :^)


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Why not both?


I hear that Netflix is making a new dub. Netflix is kinda infamous when it comes to this thing, and it looks like they're snubbing the original voice actors. Do you guys think it will be any good?


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So long as Asuka spouts off German, I'll be happy.
This is an eva thread, punk. If you're not gonna post eva, get lost.


A cool eva site that I'm sharing with my friends.


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I rewatched EoE recently, and Gendo's [spoiler]last words to Ritsuko before killing her[/spoiler] kinda made me curious. It went something like this, if memory serves:
"Ritsuko Akagi, I truly _______."
Did we ever find out what he said? Theories?



I'm about a quarter through the original series.
Did anyone see the movie series
where they any good?


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I only started watching Evangelion recently and I so far I hate Asuka and Rei.
[s]But I love Misato.[/s]


Although i can understand shinji's pain, he is pretty irrtating



He's relatably irritating


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Asuaka a best!
A best!!


She was a bit rude though. At least she did know how to fight.


Shinji deserved everything she ever did or said to him


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