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In anime and elsewhere, what makes a girl "best girl"?


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..For me it's personality + character design.


I believe what makes a girl "best girl" is ultimately down to her popularity. Not just with normies, but with sophisticated folk as well. The key to achieving unanimous praise is, I believe, in balance.
>Pretty, but exists outside of sex appeal
>Intelligent, but not insufferable or nerdy
>Has pride, honor, and manners, but isn't stuck up
>Modest, but not a prude
>Youthful, but not bratty
>Has attitude, but isn't obnoxious
>Has some element of realism but still is a paradigm of womanhood as is allowed only in fiction i.e. no woman like her exists, but it's still kinda reasonable, idk if that makes sense
>Is a well-written and relatable character with memorable scenes and lines


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For me it's Felix
I love you Felix <3


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How adorable they are and if they're shy/not a hoe

You rolled the number 810332404 (no dubs or higher)


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Yoshino obviously. Cute, an absolute doll, can tell she smart, she loyal. Just the best girl, and my girl. Claimed boys so fuck off.


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my wife kuroki tomoko so cute
she is claimed


Dicky got a stiffy


It's 2019 bro what do you expect?


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Best girl = well written character + qt (basically a really good character design)


kurisu is best girl if u have any taste


She has to look good in ropes.


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Tio is adorable, cute, strong, and energetic.
Tell me what else is needed in a best girl


Twoot is best grill



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For me "best girl" is simply how emotionally attached to the character you are, along with how much you like them as a whole. While there is much more to it than that, it is the simplest explanation I can give.
[spoiler]Rei best girl[/spoiler]


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