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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,


i don't watch anime


I'm watching several. Let's say I'm watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventures part 5, though.
Pic unrelated, obviously


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Oh, yeah, I forgot I had problems uploading that picture. Let's see if it's all alright now


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Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. It's pretty silly.


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Gegege no Kitarou
Serial Experiments Lain


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Houseki no Kuni


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Currently watching Maria Holic. An anime about christian lesbian schoolgirls from 2009. I cant think of a better combination.


Ahh my favorite trap


cowboy bebop. It's great, each episode feels so full. I love the main character. I usually prefer when there's more development from episode to episode, and not episode=self contained story, but I like it anyway
I'm like a third in


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God is best girl

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