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Rozen Maiden thread for shitposting and discussing episodes alongside /mmc/ desu


Everything is a mystery, i love it. desu. Who was the girl at the beginning? desu. i guess we'll find out later. desu. The alice games sound interesting, like alice in wonderland/battle royale? desu.
If i had to choose a favorite doll so far, it'd be shinku. desu. She's very formal, and she knows her tea which i enjoy to see. desu. Also jun's a retard, shinku literally said that hina is now her servant, it means he'll get more of a break from taking care of shinku, and probably more help around the house. desu. I wonder if the crow lady is a doll or not? wouldnt she have a human companion too? desu? Suiseki is sassy, chaotic even lol, she knows how to troll so i understand why 4chan loves her. desu. which side are you on, hina or desu godess? desu? desu.


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I agree with this statement


lol sui went all mike tyson on jun desu


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i thought she would be the shy and silent type because of her apparant past abuse by humans, but she's quite expressive and sassy, kinda like tomo from azumanga. just in one episode alone she made 20 diffrent facial expressions lol.


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the dreamworld thing is such an interesting concept


>jun you missed your chance
oh god no she actually wanted to kiss jun


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Lole why, is Suigintou referring to herself in the third person?


Anon isn't sure what you're talking about


Also, wouldn't she need a ring/avatar (some one like jun) to keep her alive? It's confusing to me that she's been alive and active for all this time without dying out, and i doubt she's alive on willpower alone.


In a way i believe that this could be in jun's mind. The dolls are an expression of jun's psyche. Shinku represents juns maturity, Hina, childishness. Sui, his ego and soforth. In order to jun to heal, both jun had to accept them, and then the dolls had to accept themselves. They had to kill suigintou (who represent jun's super-ego) who is what turned jun into a neet. super-ego is observable in how people can view themselves as guilty and bad, shameful and weak, and feel compelled to do certain things. She broke shinku, and forced that old man to trap everyone in his mind. She even forced jun to re-live his past memories. Sound familliar? (also compair her and juns dream world) by her being removed, jun matured into an adult, but at the cost of the dolls dissapearing. Although they re-appeared after a short time after, perhaps he chose to live in dream land instead of becoming a real boy after all. [spoiler]just a bullshit diffrent look at rozen maiden, doubt it's true but i figured i'd post my thoughts anyhow.[/spoiler]


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2. Shinku (+cute, -no personality)
3. Souseiseki (+hat, -reverse trap)
4. Suigintou (+cool, -psycho)
5. Barasuishou (+patchy, -ARRRR)
6. Hina-Ichigo (-retarded child)
7. Kanari (-forehead, --attitude)
This will be on the test.


>reverse trap
Tomboy, more like.
>no personality
Shinku does have a personality, but you have to pay close attention to what she does, very subtle like tricking jun into thinking that he could somehow read english by focusing or dressing up as kun-kun and pretending to be a detective despite having no skill whatsoever.


Both fair points, do you propose any changes in the ranking?


You can throw it up there if you want, but it doesn't matter to me lol.


kanari has a fucking 1911, i think /k/ would approve.
[spoiler]although the retard didn't realise it was a squirt gun[/spoiler]


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forgot pic related


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You cannot deny that rozen maiden is a cinematic masterpeice for having hina ride a cat
so that's a plus for hina


At least my question got answered for Suigintou, who is draining her "avatar" of energy. Interesting how her avatar is in a similar situation to suigintou where they are both incomplete, i think they might actually bond over that and become friends.


inconclusive end for the character only hints at her feeling sorry for meg, and not wanting her to die


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Hate that cliffhanger ending. If there is another season, they better lead off where this ends, like shinku restoring hina and souseiseki, then figuring out how to become alice without killing everyone. That dollmaker being knockoff rozen was cheap and lazy, where did he go? what happened? why couldnt jun do anything? jun had god powers and surely he could have done something. how in hell is bara still alive and what is she doing with that rabbit?


Another season would be great because I feel the alternative way to become Alice would be great for character development.


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It's probably going to be something like becoming alic through the power of friendship


If Shinku became Alice, her relationship with Jun would be involved. Jun messed up when Shinku was fighting the bootleg doll.


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i just realised there are only two series for rozen maiden left, and both aren't really seasons, more like shorts. hopfully the manga has a better ending or maybe peach pit will make another anime to finish the story?


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pic related


i like the voice actor that they have that makes cat noises, its terrible acting but i love it
Also, Ouvertüre was masterfully crafted, i understand everything now and i kinda agree with Suigintou after learnin how and why she became a psycho.

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