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Thread for Watanabe's episodic samurai follow-up to Cowboy Bebop. Discussion in tandem with /mmc/ is encouraged, but feel free to throw out your favorite parts if you've seen it before. Personally, I love the baseball episode; you guys are in for a treat when that comes up.


It's been so long since I've watched Samurai Champloo. I remember I loved the music, especially the main theme. I watched it in English the first time and I was kinda disappointed that Mugen just sounded exactly like Spike lol. I've been meaning to watch it a second time so this time I'll do subs not dubs.


If it's not broke, don't fix it, right? By the way, if you're considering rewatching, I would recommend following the /mmc/ viewing over here:
We finished the first two episodes subbed today, but we don't have much viewership and would appreciate anyone who could make it.


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He looks like spike too.


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Do you think so? I mean, all anime characters more or less look the same but I think these two look very different.


Besides the head shape and hair I wouldn't say the two characters look similar.


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Based on what i've seen so far, this is basically Boyz n the Hood (and i say basically because it's not a coming of age story) but set in feudal japan. It's only a minor theme that sort of makes sense because samurai where more or less gangsters who where basically nomads who dispite having a strong moral code abused power and did a bunch of retarded stuff including fighting amongst themselves, not paying for food or getting drunk. Mugen dresses in hip-hop clothing and acts like one of those rappers who act like a bad guy or whatever and apparantly there's going to be a basket ball episode from what >>760 is saying, so i guess i'm feeling strong hip-hop vibes.
I'm curious for the background history of the characters and i feel like there isn't enought discussion between them, i guess it makes sense because they are only teamed up because fuu want's to find the sunflower scented person and they really don't like eachother but it just makes the episodes so far feel like filler. Maybe it's just me though, and more info was revealed about the person they are looking for, like the skull necklace.


The animation (much like cowboy beebop) is quite well done, along with the music. The voice acting for the english dub is swell too.


so Jin killed his master? interesting, i wonder what it takes for a person to do such a thing. He seems like he has such a strong code of honor so i'm guessing it wasn't intentional.


Episode 11 was an interesting yet romantic arc for jin, i'm glad he found love.


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The contrast of mugen between episode 14 and 15 is hilarious, from a stone cold killer who seperated himself from his past to a rape demon making airplane noises. also those guys rapping in episode16 are holding chests or whatever that thing is as a mock boom boxs
Mugen also learned to read out of pure spite lol.


Episode 20 and 21 are brillant and probably my favorite out of this series
I like sarah, she was an interesting character and her and mugens battle was quite intense.

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