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A thread for discussing the mecha v giant alien space bugs show, Blue Gender, which has just about been wrapped up on the /mmc/.


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I've watched the first three episodes of Blue Gender. The first two episodes of Blue Gender were expository which, surprised me. Marlene or, the blonde girl, was more serious and bizarrely reminds me of general chaos. I don't have any thoughts on Yuji so far. Joey seems cool. The mecha fight in episode 3 was good and, the show, in general, is starting to get good.


Yeah, Having watched the first three episodes i agree that they where pretty good. Yuji reminds me of Shinji from Evangelion by how cowardly they where at first. I'm curious about the blue though, I notice that they bleed red blood and insects don't usually do that. Where did they come from? Also marline is pretty interesting. The ending theme seems to give some type of background on her but it's very vague. Also they killed off a ton of characters that i thought they would have featured more which is supprising to me. Another thing is why it was somehow important that one tan guy was fondling that woman on the computer. She must have been some type of human computer because she was totally zoned out.


Christ so many people died on episode 5, [spoiler]From the death of joey, to that kid it just hit me like a ton of bricks[/spoiler] What the hell is so special about yuji? Why would one guy be some how more important then say, those people or maybe even other soldiers? What was marline going to say about the city people? I guess i'll find out in the next episode.


I thought joey was cool and it justs sucks to see him die like that before i could learn more about him, i guess it's more realistic that way tho.


Made it all the way to episode 14, It's been interesting.
[spoiler]Yuji quickly matured, and more backstory behind marline was revealed. I'm reminded of something like Brave New World. Sex has become meaningless, "something you do to release stress" (she also told yuji to forget his "old ways" which also probably relates to courtship and that type of sex being a taboo.) And the militarized society she lives in gave her life meaning and structure and meaning, but values efficiency, and emotions arent efficent. What probably didn't help is that scene where the soldier kissed marline, I'm guessing that was more then just a kiss and she was molested at such a young age. It would have contributed to her attitude toward sex and her general desensitization. Interesting seeing her smile a bit after play-fighting yuji in the water. Yuji almost left the group after getting stranded and then discovered by a tribe of people that reminds me of the mongols. I'm guessing people would've cried bullshit that he'd just leave, especially after leaving his lover that he just had sex with, but if you think about it, SECOND EARTH REALLY WANTS THAT ""SAMPLE"" and they would've sent a hit squad anyway to pick him up if marline wasn't successful. Dice was also a fun character and i wish they showed him more. Ken was creepy, bur he wasn't too wrong if you think hard. Those people didn't care of the soldiers outside died, all they cared about was "the rules". They should have shot that blue that was sucking the energy from the base but as ken noted, all they cared about was their egos. Interesting to see marline becoming romantic but it feels a bit rushed, infact the entire show feels a bit too short which sucks a bit since they really have something swell going with the themes and overall story. also that dude with the glasses who helped marline out reacted to marline in an interesting manner, perhaps he was stuck in a similar position? Last thing i wanted to mention is that the "sample" thing. If yuji had cancer they would have just left him. Maybe its a disease that turns people into the blues, like i mentioned, they have red blood. Perhaps a military experiment gone wrong? I swear if they pull some "mother earth made this happen" crap i'm going to ragequit.[/spoiler]


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Episode 4 of Blue Gender showed how pure Yuji is. Yuji is only supposed to be escorted by Marlene and the crew but, he wanted to be hands-on and save a little girl he saw being attacked. It was heartwarming to see rescuing the girl. Marlene and the crew disapproving of this was predictable since this world is cold and brutal. I hope to see why Marlene is hesitant to help civilians or take detours. The town with the humans was sad. Episode 5 of Blue Gender was quite dark. It didn't start well for them either because they were still in that barren town. The ambush that killed Joey was heartbreaking. I thought Joey was going to be a more prominent character. I didn't understand why they wanted to lure the monsters to them. How was that going to help them? The episode just turned into a massacre which makes me interested in what happens next. Episode 6 of Blue Gender was more hopeful. The first part of the episode was Marlene justifying her role as an adult and sexual version of hot potato. The reasoning was typical. The walk in the highlands and snow was comfy. The lore that we learned about after Marlene was saved was interesting and, it was cool to see her smile.
>Made it all the way to episode 14
Whew, you are way faster than me. I hope I am interesting enough to interact with you even though you are further along.


I suppose Yuji is special because he is one more human. Then again, they allowed a whole village to be killed.
Joey had a good design and, he had potential as a character. I am sad to see he wasn't used more.


This show has such a good theme, Also i'm a fan of the soldiers mask and armor, It looks pretty damn neat.


The mask reminds me of the skull mask edgy right-wingers wear. The mask is pretty unique though.


I find the blues to be quite realistic because roaches have the ablility to survive underwater for 30 minutes, and they've even developed a general resistance to pesticides, even ones they've never even encountered!


It seems like yuji's and marlines personalities switched, now yuji is cold and marline is caring and emotional but yuji seemingly craves power and to surpass tony. Also, it seems that b-cells aren't exactly an illness after all. the new girl that was introduced is honestly quite annoying and i hope they kill her off.

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