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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Yeah, I realized it was 2ot/twoot, not 2oot. Memory was a bit foggy but I am glad to have made an impact. Hopefully I can help continue along with everyone to make this place comfy and great. Thank you for the warm welcomes.
Surprise is the spice of life

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I like nature very much and also, I'd like for all of us to share some images. In nature, where all of us belong, in one way or another, it feels very pleasant and obviously amazing experience when you are visiting forests surrounded with beautiful trees, flowers, fresh air is upon everyone, the birds are singing in relaxing frequencies of their enjoyable melodies which are far more better to hear, than a crowded sound of the cities. When you are at picnic somewhere at the natural environment with your friends and family, that's the greatest experience and everyone is talking about that breathtaking occasion for a next week or two, due to good memories and fulfilled times with the ones you like.
Post anything you got, wallpapers are also welcome.
Let the thread begin...
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Share what you think of as a great thread/thread idea


Something that makes anons want to talk is a good element of a thread. If the anons are interested in discussing the thing you just brought up, your thread will get the attention your thread deserves. For example if you talk in /vg/ about what your currently doing in gaming it would be interesting personally to see what other anons are doing in the games ie what they are playing. These subjects are thing you and your frens in real life may talk about. There are exceptions to interesting threads being good. Bait threads is pure garbage that only exists to be annoying or subversive. Another element of a thread that is good is being well thought out. If you have a more intelligent initial thought there will be fewer people who will complain within the thread which can derail the conversation. >>10158

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Have you ever felt regret that you were born in this time period?
Did you want to be born in different era?
If you had to choose time to live in, which would it be?
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So I should have just killed myself back in 2010 like I was contemplating.


books are always comfy, easier to read physical books then digital desu.


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I do, I want to be my current age, perhaps a bit younger, in the 90s. I want to see the early internet, older animu and western cartoons of the era, the art and music scenes going on at the time, concerts, etc.
I think its a feeling thats not entirely unique to the past two generations, but one that is becoming more popular as time goes on. The past (1960s-1990s) have a energy so foreign and free to the time now. They were recorded enough to have a good grasp on what life was like but not so much that the information is suffocating like the endless stream of today seems to be. It seems simpler because we only see the important or enjoyable events, not the everyday mundaneness or casual sadness that was likely felt. We see woodstock, rock concerts, house parties, comfy simpleness that seems to be missing from today. Events where everyone was simply living one life, not two - nearly everyone in the developed world occupies themselves in two realities, the physical and the virtual. I think everyone seemed more present in the past for this reason.
Perhaps the epidemic of longing for the past and nostalgia for things one never experienced is not entitlement or taking our current time for granteed, but instead a yearning for a simpler time where everyone was more connected and the world was bigger. Something about those time periods makes me feel that almost childhood innocence of only knowing your local neighborhood and little else. The world is so globalized and digitized that you can know anything anytime. There's no air of mystery of comfort of not knowing every detail of tragedy overseas.
I think its a bit odd some make fun of those who want to be in bygone eras. There is an overwhelming sadness in the air to me, and I'm not sure if its a personal feeling but it seems pervasive across everyone I know. The flow of information is suffocating, everyone connects digitally, there is less and less humanity as we become descensitized by the constant barrage of sex, violence, and gore from everyone corner of the globe. The fact that you can find deposits of incredibly taboo subjects so easily, and that they are almost becoming normalized (ex. incest in porn) is worrying. I sound like a parent, but I think they had a point in saying technology would be harmful 2-some decades ago.
This isn't to say that degeneracy did not exist years ago, but this generaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Random autistic fears thread.

I had this autistic fear for as long as I can remember. I feared anything having to do with an end of something. This includes powering off something, game over screens, and bad endings.

I also had an autistic fear of fonts from a young age. Specific, "crazy" looking typefaces also scared me plenty.

Also, for some reason, hearing the words "Goodbye", "power off", or another word of the sort. There used to be a toy in my sister's room (as a kid I had to sleep in there) which would nudge out of nowhere and automatically turn off after 5 minutes or so, but not before saying "Goodbye". It scared me.
Game over screens especially gave me the heebie jeebies. Still do to an extent, which leads me not to play video games at night.

Game over screens that scare me include:
>Misao: Definitive Edition
The bloody text and the empty sounding music scared me plenty.
This one's more logical. You see gruesome pics of your dead body in the game, and to add to it is some scary music. I have a lot to say on this.
>Mario 64 death screen, Zelda 2
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I was watching SMB1 walkhthroughs on YT and suddenly remember that Hammer bros used to scare me a lot when i was little. I just hated levels where they appear. Same with Lakitus, but i got used to run through their levels as fast as i could.

Something about their appearance terrified me.

To think of it, every main Mario game from Bros to 2 USA had those little moments i was uncomfortable with. Aside from obvious Phanto in 2, in Bros, when you flip over the turtle and let it to get back on its legs, it transforms into much faster purple-colored version. I called that "undead turtles", like, one hit from you kills them and if you aren't fast enough to send them into turtle hell or whatever, they turn into zombies. Also that flying fire enemy that appears after 15-20 seconds in a level (don't know its' name, called it Buzz-Buzz) was really scary to me. Like, their only reason to be in the game because it's arcade game, you gotta hurry up. Nintendo did a fucking good job ensuring i WILL hurry up.

I also had a Japan-exclusive NES game called Doraemon, based on a kids animu with the same name. The game itself is typical early Hudson stuff; weird, random level design, random enemies. There is one enemy that looks like a mushroom and spreads a fuckload of projectiles around him, and it respawns immediately when you move screen to the side, so basically it's always there.
The game gets progressively scarier as you play through it, first level in the city with cheery music then suddenly you warp-pipe it to the graveyard with no exit in sight. Stage 3 has a huge-ass octopus that kills you in one touch without even letting you to get a safe spot on screen, then the game randomly decides to teleport you to scary bonus room then puts you back.

Nowadays, I kinda started to understand the exact reason behind my fear of such things. It's not a scary stuff that happens on screen, it's a fear of losing, mixed with uncertainty coming from whatever games throw at you. The feeling of fear reaches it peak is when your character is not just dead yet but can die at any moment. It's not actually 'autistic' and more logical but i think some vidya fears can be explained by that. If you were invincible all the time, no monster hiding behind the corner is a real threat to you, unless it looks like something you have a phobia of.


>it's a fear of losing
I can relate. The "end" thing kind of is similar to that.
Also Hudson Soft fucking rocks.


That never scared me, probably because I mute handheld games a lot of the time. When I heard it I just assumed it was nighttime. It confused me why people were scared.

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Hey /b/, what was your favorite show/series growing up?
Pic related was mine.
I had an unhealthy obsession with scooby doo ages 5-12. I had every piece of media I could get my hands on (which frankly wasn't a lot) and I used to hold little homemade marathons yearly during my winter break. My obsessive love for it has died down as I grew up, but I still watch it time to time as a comfort thing. I don't think I'll ever stop liking it.
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You know how 80's nostalgiafags are always talking about He-Man, how great this show was in their childhood and I never had a chance to watch a single episode. My hero was a guy from a pic. It's basically a proto-He-Man in John Carter-esque setting, also made by Filmation.

The show ran for 13 episodes only, but I never got tired of rewatching every episode again and again. The Overlord (main badguy) was super scary back then but now when I rewatch the cartoon, he's fucking dumb lol

Aside from that, I liked 80's Danger Mouse very much. And Pokemon, of course.


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I wasn't ever really a fan of He-man, he always seemed like a toned down beta version of Conan the adventurer


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Ooh, that show was fire too. A very different from the books, more kid-frenly, but interesting nonetheless. Although, as far as I remember, the ending was meh, they just left it open and never resolved.

Speaking of which also reminded me of pic which I LOVED.
Never got a proper ending, never got popularity it deserved. Even DC itself doesn't seem to remember it exists.

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Hey /b/. Let's talk obsessions you had as a kid.
I love retrogaming, always did, but as a kid, I was obsessed with Pac-Man. I knew everything about the series. I knew of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and even Pac-Man Jr. I liked other arcade games from the 80s, and other retrogames in general, but especially Pac-Man for some absurd reason. I never knew why.

I even knew about the TV series, the Saturday morning cartoon. Not to mention Pac-Land, which was ported to the Atari Lynx and TG16.

Sometimes it'd be all I'd talk about. I loved looking at Pac-Man art, playing Pac-Man, etc.

Anyways, tell us about your obsessions.
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I was obsessed with The Lion King at the age of 10-11.
The fren gave me a VHS for a whole month, and I watched it every three days, even made cards with the songs' lyrics.
I still like that movie and video game on Sega Genesis, TV show was ok too.

There also was a TV series based on Around the World in 80 days novel, but all the characters were talking animals. I loved it so much my heart broke a little when final episode aired.


I had this weird thing that started when I was 5 and ended when I was like 11 or so....i would do challenges in my head like jumping from one peice of furniture to another or run to point x by time y...and for some reason Freddie and Jason were the judges and Freddie would commintate


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Became religious about graffiti and vandalism at a young age. Just was amazed that people would and could go out and paint art on walls. Spray paint to i loved, got into making my own ink formulas for my vandalism but they were always shid awful and didnt work at all as they were spose too. Put shid like crushed inscense and drain cleaner in it acting like a MAD SCIENTIST

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Do you got any image on your mem that you hold dear just because for some reason it connects you to something special about reality?
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From one of my favorite artists, Zdislaw Bekinski.


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Ok, last one before the journal. Kind of funny but the aesthetic makes my brain feel nice.


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I got it at a yard sale. It's a prized posession., though its probably worth little.

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So uh. What do you all think of this? The Pentagon quite literally disclosing the existence of ayylmao spacecraft?
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I love 2020.


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Hey /b/, ITT, share some things you never understood. It could be other peoples actions, a law/rule, a thought, anything at all you could never wrap your head around. If any anons here know the answer or can explain someone's hangup, feel free to do so!
I personally never understood why black people, or perhaps just black women, dyed their hair blonde. It always looks bad, no matter who they are. This might be a personal opinion but it always looks weird and unnatural, and I really don't understand the appeal. I also don't get wanting the same color hair as your skin - it looks incredibly awkward. Not to mention when it grows out and you can see the roots. An expensive look to keep up and it usually looks like trash.
Another thing I never understood is why some people actively choose not to wear shoes. We live in a modern era where shoes are not only available, but cheap as well. No longer must we suffer through wearing one worn down pair or nothing at all. I don't see how it helps except to callouse your feet, which you don't need to do because we have fucking shoes. I heard of something called "grounding" and I don't understand that either. Can someone explain the appeal?
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prestige and feeling of accomplishment.
adults = productive
kids = not productive


I think from a child's perspective, adults are more respected, for example an adult's problems are seen as more important than kids ones. Also all the rules in a kids life come from adults, who instead do whatever they want to (from the kids point of view)


I guess. When I was 16 or 17 I realized being a adult doesn't really change anything for the better. Now that you are a adult you have to worry more about money and that is stressful.
The hierarchy of adults is really a thing.

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I'm making this thread because i have made a delicious coffee discovery.
I made a strawberry coffee milkshake with varying heat levels.
Here is the recipe for anyone else who wants to make it.
Step one: make a cup of coffee, I used a nescafe gold medium for the coffee, i also had one sugar in it with a bit of milk.
Step Two: get some strawberry syrup, any type will do.
Step Three: put around 250-500ml of milk into a blender.
Step Four: put 50-100ml of strawberry syrup into the blender, the exact number can vary due to concentration.
Step Five: put coffee into blender.
Step Six: Blend all ingredients.
Step Seven: pour into what ever cup you want and enjoy.
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I make this whenever I need some comfort food, its very comfy. You need is a cup of lentils, two-three cups of broth, a few pieces of celery, two carrots, 1/2 of an onion, and some garlic cloves, though the veggies are optional. You can pretty much use whatever you have available, frankly.
First, wash the lentils. Then place them in the pot with two cups of water. Boil it, then turn down the heat. Cook the lentils until most of the water is evaporated (~20-30 min). They should be chewy, but not hard. While you wait, you can chop the vegetables.
Next, add two cups of broth and a cup of water (or three cups of broth). Add in the carrots and garlic immediately. After 5 minutes, add the celery and onion. Cook everything until most of the water evaporates (20-30 min). Drain and serve.
You can eat them as is, pair them with another meal, put them in a soup, lots of options. Very filling too.
Unrelated but this reminded me of when I was 9 or 10, my mom took me into the kitchen and said, "I will teach you how to cook so if I die, you won't starve." I was freaked out as a child but its pretty funny looking back.
Sorry for amerifat measurements, you'll have to convert them.


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Since i got myself a nice proper blender i have not one but TWO new recipes for you guys.

The first one is an iced coffee recipe.
This recipe is quite nice one a hot day or if you prefer it hot then warm up the milk in a micro wave and do not use ice.
You should get a similar taste but i have not made it this way.


Some coffee I used Nescafe gold for mine but any would do.
About 500ML-1L of milk
Some ice (optional)
Some chocolate syrup about 50ml
A blender
Vanilla Ice cream (optional)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Fun fact, the mint that's used in mint chocolate chip ice cream, and in candies or where ever else is half peppermint oil, and spearmint oil. it turns that lovely green color and tastes nostalgic!

You rolled the number 718587655 (dubs)

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I've noticed that quite a lot of people still don't know about surfing indexes, and I hope that I can help change this.
In jewgle, bing or whatever browser you use type "index of /X" in the search bar, replace "X" with what you want to find, for example, typing "index of /4chan" will often provide old images and screencaps from 4chinz and so on.
This helps with finding early stuff, I managed to get this today- a simple series of anime images, but most of them are dated with 1999 http://www-personal.k-state.edu/~anime/pictures/
Go surf the indexes and post your findings on this thread!
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Really interesting stuff anon! I wonder where the original photo of the midget in bath came from. It is a really good reaction image though.


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Went in the Ikea/ portion

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Celebrate differences

You rolled the number 790578109 (no dubs or higher)



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Combine every heritage into one homogeneous sludge of a shallow corporate culture.


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celebrate fences

You rolled the number 864676142 (no dubs or higher)

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Percy's reaction to a flashlight.


he jump


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Welcome to /mmc/ the thread general for organized online watching, playing and listening.

Official? Cytu.be: https://cytu.be/r/22chan

Guide for the script installing in case we need Jewgle Drive in cytu.be: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Google-Drive-Userscript-Installation-Guide
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We are starting to watch the second movie of Twootmas,
Jack Frost, because home alone 2 broke.


What is the mmc's plan for 2021?


Continue the series (Yugioh 5D's, GaoGaiGar and Kamen Rider Faiz) we were watching before the Twootmas Advent, and start a new series after we finish GGG, idk which one tho, another mecha series maybe? a Mahou Shoujo? BOTH?!?

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