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Alright, i made this: https://pixel.22chan.org/

What is this?
- You can set one pixel, anywhere on the canvas, with any color of your choice.
- You can only set your pixel once.
- You cannot change your pixels position once set.

Lets see what image we will build :D
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and then everyone forgot about owot.
The thing about this pixels thing is that I could only place one dot. If there was a timer or something, so each IP could do one every 15 minutes or ever hour or something, it would be more fun.

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Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:
PetitTube, show videos with zero views
this shows videos with less than 100 views


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I'll start
Some dubsteb with quite a decent intro
A kid with skin irritation it seems
A cute kitty just playing
Some old mac program, useless but very retro, i like it
The title screen of a videogame nobody every played


I once saw a dude taking a crap outside and someone filming it but the dude releasing his dump threw a bucket at the cameraman


looks like something someone did for a film arts class. pretty fucking cliche.

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How to play:

1. Draw (LITERALLY) a card using the template attached. (USE ONLY MS PAINT)
2. Give it a flavor text in the box in the template, then post it with a tripfag.
3. When a second anon post his card
start fighting using cards of the first Card you used
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I think you are not understanding what the card does.
Its still the Cosmic Cum Machine but its meaning is reversed.
So instead of any creature that cums being turned into a slime monster anything that doesn't cum gets turned into an unbeatable creation.


The way I see it, there are two ways that the Card Inverter could go about achieving this effect. It could alter the processes of the Cosmic Cum Machine itself (which is impossible) or it could run a process of its own that cancels out and then supersedes the effect of the CCM. However, the CCM and its laws are a part of reality. They will not stop having effect just because the inverted did its own thing. Basically:
>Cummer cums
>CCM turns cummer into slime monster
>Inverter tries to turn slime monster back into cummer
>CCM turns cummer back into slime monster as soon as it became something else; after all, it still cummed at some point and is subject to the laws of the CCM.
So long as a cummer exists, it can only do so as a slime monster.
As for the powerful beings part, you left out the part about rolls:
>Inverter turns all non-cummer creatures into the opposite of weak slimes
>High ATT, INT, and DEF, but ceases to exist if a number other than their "original digit" is rolled at any time by anything that isn't specifically attacking them
Probably not what you were envisioning, but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. The divine laws of the CCM are strong yet simple, and they find no quarrel with this situation.


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Time to recover!


What are you recovering?


>MS Paint Cards
>Procceds to Graphix Manipulate his cards

The madlad.

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Alright so to make sure you are informed stay away from these six imageboards on this website
This site is ran by people who are trying to destroy all the other competition. Basically a common enemy for all true imageboard surfers.
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I'm spooked.
Someone is copying content from 22chan (some of which, are mine)
And posting that content on 4chan.
I made a comment on livechan about an old 4chan thread, well he copyed that. I'm the faggot that whenever a newfag showed up
Posted links to bibanon and stuff. Sorry. learned my lesson.
Well he copyed that too. Try copying comments from 22chan and pasting them in archives and see what pops up.
A ton of stuff.
Am i being retarded?
At this point i dont know. I just want to do my best to protect this place.
Here's the thread where my comments got pasted


And it also got me wrapped me up in one of those conspiracy theories
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shit m8, looks like 4cuck is getting that desperate to just outright steal content


Don't really know how to stop it. So, i'll just keep an eye out.
They ((4cuckers)) know about the whole
Alt chan federation thing, and have a general distaste for it. (Snooped in on a conversation during the owot raid)
Both the owot and the pixel canvas raids are pretty wholesome. Teaming up people of all races to keep the natzi flag huge, in its glory to trigger the tranny menace. Pretty intresting shitshow, kinda invokes old 4chan.
Speaking of trannies,
Psychological manipulation
Converting and taking over
That's what ((they)) do.
Even the faggots at /lgbt/ knows about them and have a stroke when ever they get mentioned.
It's getting pretty bad, and the alt-chan feds might even be connected
They flood every single board with tranny propaganda, try to convert people, have sex with or convert children, and some of the mods at 4cuck are apart of the "cutehouse" server
The good thing is that almost every trannie there has been doxed, and even call themselves by name so you know whos who. But ((they)) are still very powerful. Be careful if you still use 4chan.
Don't let them infect us. Dont try to talk or mingle with them. Avoid at all costs.


Every single damn time someone brings up evidence of the discord tranny legion I am shocked anew by just how massive they are. I feel for all my old brothers who stayed on /r9k/ and are now getting buffeted every day with (((their))) propaganda. Just look at the thread >>5274 posted, with them going on and on about how they had a COMMUNITY that let them do their thing and how everybody else was so ALONE. They don't know shame, they never back out, they are persistent and perverted and have nearly converted all of 4chan into their personal newfag tranny conversion pedo point.
Be wary, brothers. Do not let them find a foothold here.


Fucking scary, man.

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Please lurk newfag




Nice star shit publicity newfag, kys


Where did he go?


The most divine of trips compels you to do so

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Flesh Fahrenheit has resumed recruitment. Aspiring members of Flesh Fahrenheit, your time is now.
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By creating content, or anything of value at all, you're creating stuff that could be uploaded on youtube/reddit/facebook. Is the solution really not making ever anything interesting at all?
1.I bet after cicada there were thousands of wannabe larpers doing these. Why do you assume this has a good chance of blowing up? Out of all of those?
2.Should we cease doing anything that "could blow up"? Then maybe we shouldn't make a game, we shouldn't make an album. They could blow up. [spoiler]those projects are already kinda failing but you get the idea.[/spoiler]
I agree that we shouldn't over-shill this place and we shouldn't do giant raids which would lead newfags here. But this thing imo is just about having some fun, come on, we can't always be so paranoid about everything.
>no fun allowed
I pretty much agree with this guy. Except the lolico part, I don't have reasons to think bad of him. But yeah people could namfag less. >>5200 >>5178 Right?
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What i'm trying to say, if we do it
Have a gameplan. If newfags come here because of the larp
Not saying they will,
Just be prepared.


I mean, it'll blow up if you put it on youtube and label it 22chan : the music album or some popular gaming platform accel star : the 22chan game


FYI 4chan has been doing 2+ albums per month at least for the last year (Afaik they've been doing this for 5+ years), some released on youtube, most on bandcamp, some with rym (rate your music) pages and not one took off. I'm pretty sure pretty much no-one cares about them except for people from 4chan. For example, one of the recent best, upload on youtube:
Yes I think we can deal with that
If it blows up, and people find out that it kinda started here, we'll have a big afflux of complete newfigs and the only hope is that mods have strong b& hammers and delete all shit till eventually normalfags will get bored and only a few will come once in a while like they do now.


I mean, don't label it "the 22chan album"
Do what that guy did and give it a name unrelated to 22chan. If people asks where it came from, just say it came from an imageboard.
>normalfags will get bored and only a few will come once in a while like they do now.
-and if they want to stay here, help shape them into proper 22channers.
You dont need to spoonfeed or baby them.
Just don't allow them to act like idiots, say if they make shitty threads or posts
or act like normalfag internet user,
Just talk to ((them))

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 No.1950[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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Is it better than scrambled eggs with chocolate?


File: 20191205_134724.jpg (3.13 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 1575575368184.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Ten times better
Pan pie pizza and peanut butter jelly


I don't know about "ten times" better. Maybe 6 times, 7 at most.


Your kinda right
The pizza was around a 8
I threw a lot of good stuff in it, like bacon bits.
More like a glorified sandwitch
And the cooked pbj was a 4
It needed something, but i dont know what would add to the flavor.


Another slow 22chan day
Happy holidays everyone

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Sometimes I can't sleep, so I walk the streets at night. Sometimes for hours. Feels like I'm looking for something, but I can't figure out what it is. Whatever it is, it's important. Also, it's always a full moon. Always. I will keep searching.
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what is this thread even about?
Kinda seems like it should be in /yu/


Op please respond


It's to be taken literally


This thread is like the the holy trinity of newfaggotry
>terrible namefagging
>unrelated picture
>unrelated thread
I guess this thread is about nightwalking


That nightwalking thread was pretty cool

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thought this might pick u up
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^i meant to say that the board is called feels.


Op, makes a thread
And dosn't respond
Nice, we need more threads like this
where did you go op?


>Op, makes a thread
>And dosn't respond
He can't respond, he's gone to space


Moved from /yu/ to /b/


rip op

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Uh, unless im going nuts, it says on the rules
>No normies, no roasties, no redditors, no normalfags / normalfag posts, no orbiters.
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.


>no normalfags
Alright, how is OP a normalfag?
that doesn't mean obligatory.


seems to me like saying the exact same fucking thing in just about every thread would qualify as "normalfag posting."


Not really,
And not me.
I did this in two threads, this one, and some other thread.
Since there is nothing for me to contribute to this thread, theres no reason to respond anymore.


Moved from /a/ to /b/

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Reminder that there were two separate genesis creation accounts.
Genesis 1:27
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."
Then afterwards Adam and Eve were created in genesis 2. Also europeans were the Israelites. David was described as Ruddy with a beautiful contenance twice 1 Samuel 16:12 and 1 Samuel 17:42, The Nazarites were described as whiter than milk Lamentations 4:7. Solomon was also described as white and ruddy Songs of Solomon 5:10. Jesus even was described as having a white head Revelation 1:14.
Basically we were always the lost people of the House of Israel the flood spoken of in revelation 12 is the current migration crisis. Look at the actual curses in Deuteronomy 28 they actually apply to our people today.


We should start a thread on the whole
"Race" thing.
Type nigger for jesus if you dont your going to hell




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File: incel_sword.jpg (5.66 KB, 213x250, 213:250, 1560368580292.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


I personally found it a while ago when I found my brother left a tab open for it on his computer, which he left open. I got curious, and viola
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>princet chan hopping


This list is pretty outdated


I can agree with that.
They got took down, and lost two years worth of data.


last year when 4chan did the separation somebody reccomended me on /pol/


Welcome to 22chan
>4chan did the separation
What happend there?

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Format has changed! (470:100)

Post board related banners (470:100 format).

They have to be:
1. Related to one of 22chans board
2. Be in a 470:100 ratio (for example: 470px wide, 100px tall)
3. Self-made

Its suggested to have the name and/or uri (/b/ or Random) in that banner.

They will be put as the banner when browsing that specific board.

Multiple Banners per board are better, so we have some variety.

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Nice aesthetic




File: b banner.png (51.6 KB, 470x100, 47:10, 1575170246685.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I made this one for /b/ during my free time but I never thought I'd be posting it at all.
I hope you like it! I put a lot of effort into it, but I don't expect to see it as a board banner at all.


File: bantb banner3.jpg (32.15 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1575175030020.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

This one is one of my favourites


File: trip.swf.png (71.96 KB, 1410x300, 47:10, 1575305043777.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

banner for /f/

File: Whatever Happened To The M….jpg (158.31 KB, 417x640, 417:640, 1570997937130.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


I think a comicbook thread would be comfy. Let's talk about comicbooks, and comic-book related media!
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File: nick-fury-will-lose-his-ey….jpg (21.91 KB, 650x377, 50:29, 1574812112324.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Remember when nick fury said in the winter soldier movie :
>The last time i trusted somebody, i lost an eye.


File: maxresdefault.jpg (48.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1574812329275.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

But it turns out the idiot lost his eye to a cat.


that'll teach him to fuck around with cats


You h8 the cat,
You get the bat


I don't want to spoil anything, but i would HIGHLY reccomend reading scott snyders run of batman. Great for batman newfags. I love the whole "court of owls" story arc. Very iconic if you ask me.

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So, I was thinking, is it still pedophilia if you transfer the consciousness of an 18yo to a loli?
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An adult that acts like a child is still an adult, right?






5000-kun got goofed


rather based get

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