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Once again it's a new year, but this time it's also a new decade!
So, I would like to ask you, anons- how was 22chan this year? What were the good things that you remember? What are the things that could have been done better? And please remember to elaborate!
Well, however it might have been, let's work to keep it comfy in this decade aswell!
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Alright so to make sure you are informed stay away from these six imageboards on this website
This site is ran by people who are trying to destroy all the other competition. Basically a common enemy for all true imageboard surfers.
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My advice to you and for other people in your position is
For the love of god don't go to 4chan for information.
Not only that but if you want to find an imageboard dont ask for one! look for it yourself
What happends is that people shill their chan, and it brings the wrong attention and people to those imageboards.


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Why are they acting like kids, if they are adults?


Alright some fun trivia. The faggot that owned 8channel also owned spacechan, Alphachan, astrochan and moonchan. All of these were controlled by the same fag. Not to mention unsurprisingly it was a datamining operation.
Notice Robi who is the owner from Julay world was mentioned as a partner. Though he could be trying to dirty the name of the website this still puts it in crossfire and thus if you browse the site I suggest using tor and a vpn.



The 8channel nigger advertized his site here a year ago
He even said that he wanted to bring attention to 8channel and he posted links to 22chan and shit.
it's one thing to talk about altchans
but when altchans try to bring their drama here i just get irratated.
whats even the point of doing that?


it always happens though. some alt-channer comes here
posts a picture of some drama (doesnt even talk about it) and leaves
I feel like this is some psy-op shit. Kinda like when delta wanted 4cuck's /i/ to raid 22chan

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::::::::::::::::::| |
::::::::::::::::::| |        r.、,_
::::::::::::::::::| |,,.. --------!」::;;「ノヽ、          /|
::::::::::::::::::| |         ヽ:::://         ./::/
::::::::::::::::::| |          7:::\       /::/|'ヽ
::::::::::::::::::| |ニ7ヘ>r-_r'ア>くヽ7/ r-イ⌒ ̄'::::ノ \|
::::::::::::::::::| |, イ〈 {,_r/ レ' レ_.!,ハイ !  /:r-''|'ヽ '|'ヽ |'ヽ
::::::::::::::::::| | |""     〈ン'〉!/| ハ /::/|'ヽ\| \| \|
::::::::::::::::::| | ハ   ー- ` "! | | /::/ \|
::::::::::::::::::| | ヽ!ヽ、._  _,,..イイ ハ/::/|'ヽ
::::::::::::::::::| |Y7´! ,.イ⌒ヽレi::レ'/:/ \|
::::::::::::::::::L,.!、:::/ '/    〉/:/|'ヽ
:::::::::::::::::と_ ヽ::ムゝ-=、_ン..:ノ|'ヽ\|
::::::::::::::::::k,_   i:::::/^'^'7    \|
::::::::::::::::::| \ `ヽ /!
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  ( ´∀`) fix this twoot
  (    )   
  | | |


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i cant find the origanal but heres some ascii i stole from some website and made into a wallpaper


it gives off a pretty neat effect when stretched, like its glowing kinda


This is a dick fucking another dick, which fucks another dick, which fucks another dick, which fucks another dick, which fucks another dick.

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You have to post a fighter that could beat or at least be at the same level than the last character posted.
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>not posting Mark David Chapman
>even roll digits I win, otherwise loose

You rolled the number 923810839 (no dubs or higher)


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Once we get enough internet fighters we could actually make one of these hunger games things, lads.


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speak in any other language than english

ik begin wel
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ching chong chang wakachunga chankla lanka chunga


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Ooga Booga buy my huis en maak die swembaddens toe nigga bix nood


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Bitch wtf I just wanted to sell my house


Lmao it translates to
"Ooga booga buy my house and close the pools nigga bix nood"


Mijito cuentame todo.

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I wonder if you have heard of the recent fallout of Moonchan and 8channel. Since 8channel bit the dust, Moonchan got raided and since, many of the native users left to go search for another home. They mostly reside in Alpchachan but I don't really like it there. Do you mind if I stick around here for a small bit?
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Welcome to the best place on the whole internet. I can feel your pain which is caused with destruction of 8chnl from the face of the earth because i like that place and i was active there on almost daily basis. This might be strange, but i love that dark humor, well at least for me was all humorous even if i was aware how is the majority of users real pedophiles and their discussions was as a joke from my point of view, whether if they were discussing something serious or not, lol.
This is and always will be my real comfy magnificent online home, so i ain't a refuge at all. Well, i guess i am refuge in some other way, because i'm still trying to find another place to act hardcore retarded and to interact with my favorite tripfaggot "agent Johnson/Smol"
You'll probably recognize me with these words...
Enjoy anon, it's good to see you here!


It's crazy how many lulzy shit is happening, and so many new anons are arriving here
2020 is getting better and better every day


knew of this place for a about a year or 2 neverposted up until a week ago. It's really nice


I've gone from /b2/ to /rand21/ to 8channel to moonchan. It's been a shitty year.


Where do you think Smol ended up?

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It's Caturday.


How many of these are we gonna have


File: 905CB46C-A4AB-4DF2-B81B-0….jpeg (781.9 KB, 1125x1116, 125:124, 1581792170594.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Its caturday you nigger

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I know that already dawg, i'm not that new, we used to have one test thread here before.


!we need cowtext


one of the most disturbing things in the world is watching a grown man pretend to cry.


Man, he's just keeps tumbling down with no sign of ever stopping.


cr1tikal also made a very short vid about onision some time ago

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Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:
PetitTube, show videos with zero views
this shows videos with less than 100 views
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Oh no, it's a family of house sellers.
We need to make a tier list of them if we find some more lopez.


This guy is saying how how would like to fuck your sister.
Thanks japan, now I want to fuck this flower.
Leaked footage of Cyberpunk 2077 most secret area.
Some guy playing a highly autistic game, boring gameplay though it has an unexpected ending.
This man irradiates some strange (and based) aura, like if in his previous lifes he raped entire rural villages. I guess that's common in Russia.



>dont you anons
>rick and morty
Normal nignog alert


Screams coming from a building, nothing weird with that.
I just wanted to buy a house, now i'm sad.
Scream samples, I don't know why does this exists but I will keep it in mind.
This is becoming creepy.>>5115

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I've decided to create my thread for all of you who are still /x/philers to this day. (peace to all my brothers and sisters;-)
I'm not sure why am i thinking about the corona virus at this moment...anyway i think it is directed virus from the government labs which is created for the purpose to turn our heads in other direction from everything what is really going on. ''THIS might be happening to control all of those previous protests from the Hong Kong protesters but something other is going on and i can't reach what would that be. This doesn't have to be correct and it also couldvbe due to Chinnese economical growth in the world, <there are already two theories for us, unfortunately.
As all of you can see this is something big and if we as a united collective mind try to figure out what is really going on, everyone is gonna be proclaimed as a tinfoil lunatic, however i don't give a fuck about that either...so yeah, let's discuss about this "conspirational" stuff.

copy/pasta from my thread
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It's actually crown in spanish, and also a good brand of beer.
MMhhh...delicious, delicious corona beer (us)


Anons, my apologies for samefaggin, but this thread is originating from me despite it's an obvious copypaste shit. I would really like to talk about this happening with anyone one who is interested in this theme.
I have been found something interesting and that's the main reason why am i suspicions of Corona virus as well...


There have been viruses that classified as corona virus for a lot longer than you think. The common cold is a corona virus.

It's more likely a population control method by the gooks.


See my previous comment. Corona virus is more than just this strain. That's a vaccine. If they were going to make a disease, they wouldn't file a patent, just as you wouldn't file a patent for your ultra-pure meth production method.


Wait a minute, for every cure the first thing what they need to do is to develop disease for the purpose to test their own limits and capabilities when they are discovering new cures/vaccines of that laboratory developed disease.
What is amazing to me is that everyone is spreading false informations about death ratio in China and every other media journalist are focused on the Corona virus to spread fear on to the rest of citizens who're not contracted by Corona.
Also what is important to mention about corona is a new strain of an old disease. 4 types of the common flu are Corona viruses and up to 35000 peoples die per year of the common flu.
The common flu has a mortality rate of about 6.7%, SARS had a mortality rate of up to about 9.2%, Coronavirus has a mortality rate of 2%. Most people who are death from are elders or those who have bad immune system.
I don't know why, but i can see this in the different way because all of us have witnessed about HK protesters and after Corona spreading those protesting are suddenly very quiet and i'm not able to find anything about aforementioned protesters in any news despite how many young peoples died in those protest.
Also take a look at the simple words playing
protest = pro-test

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Stuff that you took goes too ofc
Pic related is from an anon on 4/p/ and I love it
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I like to see and enjoy in amazing pictures of nature, so here is one for your thread...


Looks like a painting


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Do you like it?


Very pretty

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All neko is my babies


Blessed thread i forgot this existed


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I'm going to post random cat facts, or at least the ones that i find interesting.
Sometimes your cat will find it difficult to find the treats you throw him on the floor. The reason is because cats can't see directly under their own nose.
Killing a cat was punishable by death in acient Egypt.
A cat who rolls over and exposes its stomach to you, feel very safe and secure around you. They are also letting you know that they enjoy your company.
Uhhhhh fun fact
this exists lol
Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed.
Cats find it threatening when you make direct eye contact with them.
It’s common knowledge that cats are fans of milk, but many of them are lactose intolerant. This means that they are actually allergic to milk.
A cat’s brain is so quick that even a super-computer in 2015 couldn’t beat it.


Cute kittie facts


fuck that's actually good music, id listen to it myself.
its like background rain in songs, except now it's cats purring

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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Who's this "Anything" and why i should spend my time talkig about him?




He's not a guy he's like a giant balloon which contains all other balloons and people and stuff
If you talk about something you're also talking about that balloon because the thing you're talking about is inside of that balloon, 100%
That balloon is so incredibly big it contains itself
So you're free like a bird in picking what to talk about! You can make your own constrains inside of the balloon or travel through space and time in search of the journey itself, that is nothing


So this anything is like, all people in the world?
That means he's a faggot, and a nigger, and a jew. Fuck anything, how do I kill him?


>Fuck anything, how do I kill him?
Well.... You have the answer in your post
>So this anything is like, all people in the world?
[spoiler]You're anything too, anon[/spoiler]

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Good evening 22chan! Feeling alone and in the need for some company? Feeling worn out by everyday life? How about your autumn, is the weather treating you all nicely? If you need a place to rest and take some stuff off your mind, look no further.
Even if you just want to drop by and share some /comfy/ music and pictures, that's perfectly okay too!






Here's a random assortment of music to get us started. Remember anon, no matter what you do, you are always welcomed in /gomfy/ threads.
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File: 1572233180620.jpg (377.65 KB, 3240x3210, 108:107, 1572630447077.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I know there's a comfy thread on /yu/ as well, not sure why I felt the need to make this one here too.
Ah okay, I tend to avoid art boards on any chan I go to because it makes me feel insecure, but I'll go take a look. Thank you very much anon!
Very nice anon, thanks for sharing!



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i want to live here


Nature can be very comfy
Till you get bugs, and those shitheads are fucking everywhere

File: 45FFA151-F4D9-4ECE-9E81-5….jpeg (711.28 KB, 1125x1285, 225:257, 1580165810204.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?
[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]
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"Don't negotiate with us"


Fuck off tripfag


that was mean ;-;


5.5 times better

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