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What do you fellas think about wordfilters?

Wordfilters meaning that certain words get replaced with other ones.


discord=the tranny station

Would be pretty fun i think. What is your opinion? Elaborate and if you like it also feel free to drop some suggestions for words that should be replaced.
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Thank's twoot!

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Welcome to /mmc/ the thread general for organized online watching, playing and listening.

Official? Cytu.be: https://cytu.be/r/22chan

Guide for the script installing in case we need Jewgle Drive in cytu.be: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Google-Drive-Userscript-Installation-Guide
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What, sexplain anon, so i can add it to the sheet


Refer to the post I made already >>6950
We're continuing again with 3 episode blocks of Courage.


>inb4 everyone does week-round watchings and having different blocks on different days makes it hell in earth for the organizer aka me


Cartoons have ended for today, tomorrow's another stream and the schedule might be extended, stay tuned.


>Labels all the 10:00 pms as Lcg's cartoon hour

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Post fun images/gifs/videos, whatever you have got lying around in your folders, anon
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F, anon. Here's some computercats to brighten up your day.


master programmers. and the cat on the bottom with paw on the disk is a dj, just dont give them mouses.




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hell yeah ill drink to that

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Man, he's just keeps tumbling down with no sign of ever stopping.


cr1tikal also made a very short vid about onision some time ago


Onision thing kinda died, but let's revive the thread with some other same topic stuff. What do you anons think of idubbbz becoming such a cuck faggot?
tl;dr for people who don't know yet: idubbbz has a gf who started an onlyfans account (an amateur pornsite), and Ian is just fine with his girlfriend flashing her tits and ass all around the world wide web.


Meh, he isn't interesting for laughing and all what was done by him is that he has been actually adapted himself on the pimpin' new game shit to earn some money out of his bitch.



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Every time when you are visiting this magnificent place, you are obliged to create an album cover, because, this is 22 fucking better chan GODDAMMIT!
Explained instructions;
- go to wikipedia (random article), this is your band name
- go to wikiquote, (random quote), the last 3 - 5 words of the first quote is your album title
- go to wikimedia commons, random file is your cover album
- combine in photoshop and post the results!
>picrel is an example
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auto-generation takes the fun away,anon


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No offense mate, but that would sound a lot better as an album cover if it was written only the last few words instead of the whole sentence...
History of the Pittsburgh Steelers
They should be put to bed


>post rock concept album about state surveillance
i was more thinking some kind of European post-punk, but the state surveillance thing is exactly what i was thinking


>>6969 (rare sex number)
I think you're right, post punk fits way better. Also bonus points for the 22 sign.


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How does 22chan take their coffee? Do you have a special mug for it?

For me, It's black coffee at room temperature, and I drink it in a steel camping mug I've had since I was 15.


Heck yes comfy thread
If you throw a pinch of salt into your coffee, it will defuze the bitterness


maybe this is my own personal problem but whenever i drink coffee my nose gets stuffy, and runs mucus down my throat, i cant breath and choke on mucus and throw up and have a mini-stroke and then out of knowhere im fine again.


>>6964 lolwut?
It seems to me that you should chenge your morning ritual with some other drinks like, idunno tea, or maybe choco milk or something.
Steph, is that you?


yeah perhaps its my body telling me that its time to switch out to something else, like tea.
i like green tea but it requires me to mess with it so it can steep properly but i can give it a try.9

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very skinny too


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^--^ I luv cats EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee


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If this virus BS provokes martial law in the USA, I will be setting off a lot of homemade fireworks on a 10 minute timer along with a pair of speakers blasting Green Day's "Governator", and watching from afar as the wasps in green storm the area looking to deal some injustice. Anyone else making plans for the slim chance that this happens?
Pic possibly related but I'm still trying to figure out how...
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i mean, yeah there's no reason to be antagonistic, and rereading it looks like op's saying that hes gonna do it himself. he's not asking for help, so i dont know where that came from.


only real critizism i have is that the fact this is about stupid shit your gonna do during the corona virus thing, even though its going to last a month or too, but it can always change to pranks we did in the past or just stuff we are planning to do or whatever.( so thats almost a non issue, if this thread doesnt work out, move to trash) second thing, the american goverment never said its martial law, more like a lockdown, and they never said when its going to happen.
either way if shit actually goes down and op doesnt show a recording or a pic, or even show off a diagram of his plan then hes a faggot.


holy trips are absolutely HOLY


looks like martial law ain't happening :(
what am i supposed to do with all these illegal fireworks now


it would be martial law if some niggers started orginized rioting, looting, and terrorist activities.
its a shutdown. and its only in some states.
save it for the 4th of july, op.

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ITT April fools appreciation
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but you can't desu its a ghost town today desu no >fun allowed desu


desu oh desu nooo desu i'm desu changinggggg desu it desu must desu be desu contained desu stop desu the desu spread desu spare desu me desu


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Post moar
post faster
post in all the threads that interest you, and if you want to say something but dont know if it should be in a thread, go to livechan, but if your sure if you have a good idea for a thread, make one
use the catalog, read all the threads
read the archives
lurk moar learn the culture and the characters
if your new, talk to the mods and twoot amd learn about them
remember to be comfy and somewhat relax
dont be lazy remember QUALITY AND OC
tldr : DESU
desu goes in all fields

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The timeline https://22chan.org/timeline is out of date. Any events i should add to it?
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Eh, I have never actually abandoned this place, but I have stopped with my posts, anyway, thx, anon, i really appreciate that.


This was also meant for you >>6469
, but my update button is slow, lol.


the point where twoot became a faggot


This thread was a mistake


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time 2 delet thread

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Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?
[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]
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what is this


My failed attempt for some kind of humor.


oh wait i got it


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"Not even once"


File: 1296584907128[1].jpg (8.07 KB, 251x231, 251:231, 1585833251598.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

"Mein kompf"
"Diluted desuchan"
"German engineering never cease to amaze me , also , fix it twoot"
"Where old memes have a second life"
"I can't habeeb it's not caturday"
"This is why we can have nice things"
"Where oldfags lies down before Valhalla"
"Did you ever try to party hard with vaporwave? It's terrible. "
"And don't forget, you are here for almost 22 minutes!"
"Full of smart, thin and polite people"
"C'mon Anon, all you had to do was to follow those damn rules!"

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In order to cement our position as the uberchan, we must ensure that each and every one of our users is operating at peak efficiency. Do you know what that means? I'll tell you what it means:
Every time you see this thread do 10 pushups now or postpone and do 20 later.
thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoTku7qMZOM


I'm not hearing any groans of pain yet, something's wrong.
You are doing your pushups, right anon? You're not a little chicken-ass pussy bitch, are you? Don't you care about 22chan? Don't you care about yourself?


Thanks for keeping us in shape.
You can't hear from me anything because I am doing 10 pushups every day in the morning (much better method to wake you up instantly) and before I'm going to sleep, however, your thread is giving me extra ten pushups to do it on my own, but I'm already in a shape for about 15 or 16 years and it's not that big challenge for me, anyway, thanks bro.

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WELCOME to the most autistic thread in the entire history of 22chan ever!
All jokes aside this thread is about formatting, making threads, questions you have, tips and tricks in thread making.
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niggerspacing is for niggers


As you can see, anon isn't wrong. I think there's an issue when it comes down to making a thread about a certian topical event, where when it over, the thread get's forgotten like
i mean, its not like there's anything wrong about making a thread where you're only allowed to post on monday or talk about monday related things, just take note if you want to make a thread about, say the corona virus, unless you figure out a way to make it revelant all year round, it'll get abandoned.


I think it's ok for a thread to be short-lived, not all threads need to be eternal imo (even if they will zombie the catalog for quite a while)
But I agree that when making a thread people should be aware that it will last certainly more than a day, so unless it's necessary it shouldn't be tied to the time
For example "Let's discuss love in this peaceful friday night" isn't a great idea for a thread, as the first reply might come a few days later


Go back to


/sg/ is for suggesting changes/tech fixes to the site. this is about threads themselves

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 No.2527[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Yeah I guess I can ask my ISP for a new IP and I've been trying to tell the mods that what I posted was completely innocuous. The mods there are fucking retarded anyways. I guess I can stay here for now but the amount of rules are pretty daunting. Thanks anyways..


what's the ban duration anyways?


Oh it's permanent. But like I said before I did nothing wrong and the mods banned me and have refused to hear me out in my appeals.


well that sucks. did resetting your ip work?


you could try nagging the 4cuck mods over IRC

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