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Sooooo, Q2 of 2019 is over, we are getting close to the first birthday.

Post your thoughts on what we did wrong, what we did right.

Optionally post some memories or ideas on what to do at the birthday.
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There are many bait threads that gain prominence thanks in part to flags and this hurts the discussions on more current stuff giving instead repetitive and low effort threads to /pol/

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Just another Rozen shrine, please keep quiet and don't forget to leave donations.


Mate we have an anime board. Rozen Maiden was pretty good though.

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Well, Well... This is our new and fresh OC
Just a regular, girl in her room...

Any similarity with some webcomic is pure boredom.

Name this girl and give her some thing to do.
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Wait no... AW FUCK!


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What the fuck is that.


Read the subject

The more horrible the drawings, the better


Referring to the movie, not the quality.


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Oh that... Thats... BEE MOVIE! You know. """"""BEE MOVIE""""""

Oh god...

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discord is down :c
lcg are you there
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'Sup. Almost got a way to get on the Discord. Be prepared


oh damn, i havent seen you in what feels to be ages, man


so... any results?


im still fucking around with the website, first it says that "such an account" doesnt exist when i try to log in and then it starts working fine.
give me a bit more time


Sometimes I wonder what you’d do without lcg

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Im not sure about to post about so go fucking crazy down there

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I personally found it a while ago when I found my brother left a tab open for it on his computer, which he left open. I got curious, and viola
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does this make me a pleb?


Same. Feels good man.>>2661


I was banned from the 4chan, and i started to explore tons of different chans, so here i am and it's really nice here


Someone made me aware of it's exsistence

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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Well, basically i've become less bluepilled. You fellas taught me chan culture and stuff...


>Most luxury things are just meant to exist as fancy things without much practical and that's about it lole
Mm. I guess you're right. Not my thing then



lgc is a real desu

You rolled the number 648429950 (no dubs or higher)


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am i?

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YTMND's main site says that it is down because "YTMND has suffered a catastrophic failure"
However I noticed that most of the user sites are still up
Share the ones you have saved/like the most!
Here are mine:

[spoiler]I'm a newfag and found out about ytmnd recently. Anyway I think it would be very cool if some oldfag started a series of threads showing us newbies the gold of the old internet. I'm very fascinated by it and I doubt I'm alone. Also this way we don't have to find out about stuff like ytmnd the day it dies[/spoiler]


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also, it's caturday
post moar cats

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I come from the land of 4chan
Why is this place better than 4chan?


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Well, the rules for one, which ensure that 22chan doesn't go down the same path as 4chan, we don't want for this place to be a plebbitors paradise or a tumblrniggers safespace. The userbase has lots of oldfags. The comfyness, it's not fast, so you can easily follow the threads you're interested in without being worried of missing anything.
Feel free to stay if you want!
imagine a 2007 4chan without porn


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because here in twootchan we are all children of jesus
we are not degenerates like 4cuck and 8fags we are a nice small community comprise of anons from all walks of life. you got your zoomers on the left and xennials on the right and in the middle our lord and savior TWOOT

may you have a nice time lurking here OP :)


Sometimes too slow


try always. I try to use this place more but eventually you just get bored refreshing and seeing the same threads, or maybe a new "hay I'm from 4chan is this place good?" thread.


>the same threads
Why don't you just make a thread that fits your interests then?

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Petition to use

duckspeed instead of godspeed
quack as duck instead of fast as fuck


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go duck yourself twot


also, id just like to say that i was hoping that this image was a duck with a transparent background, but it appeared to be a image of not-of-transparent background.
I myself have fallen for a ruse image.
And the way that duck is fat and looks smug is just added insult to my own persona.
God damn you, i've been duckrused.



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well hello there!


Is it me you're looking for?

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Hey tw00t Could you make the site more mobile friwndly I'm a phonephag, if you can't that's fine too. I tried posting on sg but it wouldn't let me.
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thanx twot


>What did it say?
Tw00t is gay


Gonna be honest I chuckled a bit at this.


Phone posting promotes a nature of low quality posts


Ban all niggers.

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I took on a photography job over the weekend. I guess that got me out of the house and doing something.
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Post some pics pls.


Did some diy electrical work yesterday, just replacing a light switch. Waiting to see if my house burns down.


Coincidentally I slept 13 hours today, personal record


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lole, 19 here


Well that must've been fun

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how are you supporting your fellow LGBTQQIAWYXYZ+ ?


File: 1554735221896.png (421.28 KB, 680x510, 4:3, 1560557260631.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

i am a proud supporter of the LGBTQWERTYBRAPPPPP movement
i hope that you are supporting it yourself too goy,
oy vey, i mean, fellow aryan!


"No furries/lgbt/trannies/traps/etc. in any form, please go to 4chan if you need to post this kind of shit. (Violation will cause a ban)" read the rules : https://22chan.org/rules>>2697


Unless you're joking of coarse lol


Does the a in lgbtqia stand for autistic? Because i think im a member of the lgbt


File: 4chan-logo.png (7.67 KB, 300x120, 5:2, 1560886561887.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

for I am a very homosexual supporter of the LIXBTQQIAWYZDICK yes indeed

You rolled the number 635031324 (no dubs or higher)

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