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(^The old rules of the internet)
"to help make OUR interwebz great again"
"Typed in the year of our LORD XI.XVII.MMXIX"
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Its never too late buddy. Just remember to post the rules with great clarity and detail, you know, kinda explain why the rule you make exists. And yeah, you can throw in joke rules.
This thread isn't over yet


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Oh, I'm not very creative. I don't know of any new rules I could add myself. Maybe I could simply refine others rules? Most people say I'm good at rhyming stuff so I could do that


Go ahead, give it a shot


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You want me to try? I guess "Godawful Quantity will never be better than Skillful Quality"?
I'm usually better than this but I had a long work day today, and I'm tired.


What i meant to say is, go ahead and try to do both things, reformatting, and making a rule. After you make somthing, if you want to be on the list, throw out a name or tripfag, if you want. If not, it'll be signed "anonymous".
Rule # ?? "Godawful Quantity will never be better than Skillful Quality"
Explanation : consult the other rules, and you'll realise somthing, that awful content gets throwed out there daily, because it's easyer to make. Challenge yourself! Push hard! Just because other people are lazy, dosn't mean you have to! You'll feel more content, and proud of your accomplishments, and may even encourage moar people to make QUALITY content themselves.
(Of course, that's not going to be in the list itself, i just thought it would be nice to add the explanation.)

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Post your own creative things.

You were on your way home when you died.

It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMT's tried their best to save you, but no avail. Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off, trust me.

And that's when you met me.

"What... what happened?" You asked. "Where am I?"

"There was a... a truck and it was skidding..."

"Yup," I said.

"I... U died?"
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I am.
I know some of it already but its not like i have a phd in it
Ill try not to be any trouble


Cool, as long as you take this stuff to heart, and think "yeah, i dont want to cause trouble." Everything will be fine
Anyway, the tldr of the trumpit carp war is that
Two 15 year old newfags found 22chan, one hated it and made an alt gang to irratate people, and spammed up 22chan daily. (Both of them knew eachother, and where in the same band and went to the same school)
Alt gang guy got banned fron here
The other guy will maybe be back after he is 18.
Also fun fact about 22chan, threads last about 5 pages which is 250 posts, so everything you say needs to count. Threads wont just dissipear after a day, not untill you hit the page limit.


Sorry for being paranoid, and i hope you will have a comfy time.
Think of all the stuff that made 4chan bad, well that doesn't exist here. Thats what we are trying to do. No pron,
Gays, low quality reposts, etc.


I guess its the whole "bewear the greeks bearing gifts" situation.we've been getting tricked by newfags so many times, and whenever sombody just pops up like that, we get spooked


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Exactly this. We're trying to go the opposite direction that 4chan went into- which was so far south that it practically lives in Japan.

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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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We don't have sex here


I am doing very well sir. I feel happy about 22chan being so popular


Pokemon is cool


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most of them, at least


File: red4.jpg (93.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1575174809787.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

some of them

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I HIGHLY reccomend that you read both of the links, but if not:
Cheats on his wife
He got kicked out of the military. How? Striped naked and reee'd at his CO in "protest"
Made a cult at the age of 17.
Made a site where he talks to his fans, and acts creepy to his younger fans.
He thinks that wikipedia is real news and always cites wikipedia while wearing a retarded costume.


Beat and victimized his wife.
He is also famous for the "im a banana" music video


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The women he dated where 15, 16, 17, and 18 and for the most part, that is what happened.
He also physically and psychologically abused these people.
And then he made the pedo site where he requested pics of underage girls in they'r underwear.
Seems like its gonna be like the good old days and chris hansen is gonna call the fbi partyvan

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Book thread? Any good books you read recently? Why do you like the book you recommended? Any good stories out there /b/?

You rolled the number 529474766 (dubs)
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This is probably the most influential book about the life.


>if you want a vision of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever
You've probably already heard of it (and read it), it's 1984, a classic that I've only recently read (finished today).
It's about an unprecedented dicatorship, uniquely strict and horripilating. It's pretty interesting, and presents many ideas still applicable today despite being written quite a while ago. Really rec


And of course, don't forget the classic "Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley.
A similar book, with a similar story.
While 1984 was about political control, brave new world was about social control.
Huxley wrote a review of 1984 to orwell
Also, old time radio drama adaptions for both books exist.


greatest book hands down


I agree with that, the movie was good too

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I have two cats that are in heat. How do I make them leave me alone? They keep trying to rub their asses on me and it's annoying and gross.

When i'm sleeping they sneak up to me and rub their ass on me and i want it to stop. I spray them with water and chase them away, even pick them up and toss them in the hallway, but 2 minutes later they're back howling and trying to molest me...
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>that are in heat
What does that mean?


it means they're looking for cock


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Op, where did you go?


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I actually have no clue what to do with a cat in heat. Maybe you should google it or something?
I hope you figure it out OP, and just know that it won't last forever!

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When making a site there are always trade-offs when it comes to number of users, quality of content, moderation, etc...
It's hard finding places on the internet that aren't infected with Reddit. And it's nearly impossible to have an at-least semi-popular website which doesn't have Reddit users browsing it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you are average Reddit users.
But I have a dream. A dream that one day there would be a place with good discussion, a large user base and is free of Redditors!
And it is not impossible; I'll use image boards for example. To mostly deflect Redditors, or at-least a Redditor mentality is by deflecting the bugman mentality (Here's the definition I use for "bugman" https://youtu.be/vdRJMuOFO88). Because all Reddit really is, is a bugman circle jerk. That's why I've always been opposed to 8chan. Is because the user can make their own boards, "bugman" boards, circle-jerk boards, /leftypol/. You need to combine topics that still contain different opinions. Because that's where the real discussion comes in. /pol/ should never be /leftpol/ or /rightpol/, /a/ should never be /shounen/ or /elite/, /g/ should never be /windows/ or /openbsd/...
Maybe if something like this becomes big bugmen will start second guessing things like Reddit, instagram, Zoomerapp2000. And (at the risk of sounding like that 300iq Rick and Morty meme) better internet will arise of intellectuals seeking understanding and new ideas.

tldr; The final fronteir is not in the stars or at the end of technological research, but within our selves.
Lets explore new ideas, new possibilities. Boldly go where no man has gone before!
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Well, it went something like this:
>Maki gives me server login
>I get a basic imageboard setup
>Maki sees that and announces the whole thing is done and ready for launch

^ This is my own software I've been working on for the past month
* This is not an entire "chan", just the private software I said I work on.


Lolico I am very concerned with you wanting to change 22chan.
I am concerned because were a admin of 64chan. With the lack of success on 64chan how can you make 22chan successful? You aligned with a sketchy person who ghosted you and this demonstrates poor judgement. How can you propose change when you have poor judgement of character? As Lolicatgirl showed, the mods are on the constant watch of sketchy people. As a mod it is my task to keep 22chan a good site. We have to be careful about any changes we make because it could ruin the site.
As of now I would say 22chan is doing good, so why should we make any changes at this point? We cannot afford failed experiments here. Twoot trusts the mods’ opinion and yet you argue with lolicatgirl about his motives and you cause additional drama.
Explain- why should we trust you?
Note that this is a simple critique and I am not attacking lolico.
[spoiler]people keep saying that all opinions matter, yet they get angry and extremely defensive about anything negative[/spoiler]


My lack of success on 64chan was due to the fact that almost all my time was preoccupied with fixing bugs. The majority of the time I was working with 64chan it was with a software called "mitsuba" which was very buggy but the only thing we both agree on.
The management was also a mess.
So you couldn't blame me for the failure of 64chan. I have more faith in 22chan. 22chan is much more stable on multiple levels, I wouldn't make these suggestions if I thought otherwise.


>people keep saying that all opinions matter, yet they get angry and extremely defensive about anything negative.
I think it's because no one got the full scope of the story. They heard one thing, and reacted without knowing everything.
(Or at least, that what i see when i look at this thread.)

>Twoot trusts the mods’ opinion and yet you argue with lolicatgirl about his motives and you cause additional drama.

(What happened there?)

>the mods are on the constant watch of sketchy people. As a mod it is my task to keep 22chan a good site.

(I'd be more concerned if the mods didn't react to this event. Keep it up.)
To keep everyone less angry, can someone try to explain the full story? From the begining?
Even lolico can pitch in his side of the story
Perhaps this is an idiotic idea, but everyone can fill in the blanks, so we can understand things, and figure out what to do next. (Instead of angrily reacting like a bunch of retards)


Or, perhaps i have poor judgement, and i'm another retard, in the retard bin.
I was just thinking, that getting the full story, from the start might help everyones judgement, since the story isn't over yet.

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older videos with under 5000 views or newer ones with under 1000
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Thread derailed
anyways, back to the topic at hand


motherfucker i remember you advertising once in like /pol/ or /sg/



This video was made by my fired

very interresting

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Alright /b/, let's play a game. Post how you say the following words, and we guess where you're from based on the answers.
>Holy or 'Oly
>Hello, Hullo, Hallo, 'Ello
>Horror, Harrar, or just Whore
>Laura: L-ah-ra or L-oa-ra
>Court or Cot
>Mirror or Meer
>Hugh or You
>Soda, Soder, Sodie
Also, as an extension on that last one, do you refer to soft drinks as Soda, Pop, Coke, Sodie-pop, or (heaven forbid) Tonic?
If you have some super secret way of saying any of these words [spoiler]on account of nigger blood[/spoiler], then go ahead and post that instead.
I'll start with:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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holy fuck thats hard. im so hot right now


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Wait wrong image cant delete
Well i like plague doctors so top kek


Makes sense
Our anon wears a plague doctor mask,
So he would kill the deseased furfags.
(Lets stop derailing the thread, guys)


>Soda (we say soft drink)

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C.C.P.P. In this thread.
>Name change?
>Other ideas?
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Ok i’ve been mentioned quite alot in this thread, can anyone make me a TL;DR


tl;dr you don't need to do anything, if we're going to do stuff then we won't just force you to do it for us.
Seeing as how there are no replies to >>4501, we probably aren't going to actually create a site. Rather, I think the consensus is just to help out with existing projects.


Plus, it's an chan culture restoration/archive project


why the fuck am i supposed to care?


Trying to figure out how many people was even intrested in the project.

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Making scrambled eggs
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Was it good OP?


It was not what I envisioned.


What will you cook next?




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egg nice. egg
very goood.
please, take e

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Post decorations ideas or draw them

File: 2019-10-02_00.51.00.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1051, 1920:1051, 1571602178386.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Are you still around here somewhere?
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Ravine at
-407 53 -51


The truth
The cat is reborn as a laoshian basket weaver


bro don't even worry about that. I used to get thoughts like that, like I was failing people by not being around. But then I realized that I'm not a celebrity and true friendship is not upheld out of duty. If you take long breaks, no problem. You don't need to tell people when you'll be back or anything. It's not a job. Just make it so that your pals look forwards to seeing you again, whenever that might be.


Whats the Server IP?



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How has everybody's day been? Mine has been pretty swell, though I dread going to work tomorrow.


everythings stable.
which is at least better then most people.


File: die, skeletor.png (238.51 KB, 878x349, 878:349, 1573418122608.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

That's nice. I'm quite glad you've got a pretty stable life. Personally, I'm just going through life trying to enjoy the small stuff

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So /b/, i wanna make a little fighting game, but i dont have clear enough ideas or knows about programing and shit, so im making this thread so you, YES YOU ANON, could help me
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Good point.


also a announcement,
gatorgirl was changed to gatorman, and is not a girl anymore.


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I'm pretty stupid so I can't help OP with anything other than moral support really.
you can do it OP, I hope to play this fighting game of yours at some point


Thanks Richterman (I cant call you a fag, you are too good for that)
i hope that i can get better designing and drawing. the characters that arent public yet are a hot mess too heh.


File: richter best boy.jpg (88.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1573401996950.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Aw, thanks for not calling me a fag. I would recommend what >>4594 says. You can only get better through practice. I believe in you OP

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