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Dream thread?

I had an interesting dream last night. I fell asleep listening to Vinesauce Joel's GTA III stream last night. In the dream, I decided to order some food from Taco Bell (who does not deliver, but they did in the dream). I began to give him my order, and I was greeted by Joel, who told me to shut the fuck up. He then started asking me the best way to get past a level in GTA IV. I gave him my ultimate wisdom and he started yelling. He eventually showed up at my house with my food, and he very rudely barged into my home and put it on the kitchen counter. He refused to leave. He continued to talk to me about GTA. I told him to get the fuck out of my house. He did not. Eventually, I told him that if he didn't go away I was going to hurt his face with a chair. I shoved him out of my front door, but he remained out front. I then called the police, who continued to chat with me about GTA, but left when asked to.

tl;dr Vinesauce Joel harassed me in my own home after delivering Taco Bell.
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Had a rather odd and uncomfortably consistent nightmare/dream last night. For context, most of my dreams are very realistic and detailed, and sometimes seem to have a consistent story. This is one I had last night.

My family - mom, sister, me, and a brother - moved into a haunted house for free - on the condition we would sell our souls to the building if we somehow got connected to it or messed it up. So we took the offer bc we were poor.
The house itself was not too bad - a bit run down, old style like a victorian house with lots of detail on everything from the tile patterns in the kitchen to the decor on the doors.
Immediately upon moving in, things started to happen. Seeing faces and shadow people, hearing voices, etc. At one point a shrill scream just echoed out from the house. We would see weird deformed potato people in rooms, similar to the creatures I had in another dream about an obese black man that ate people.
My sister and I sat on the couch to talk and she said she just heard someone speak Russian in her ear and petting her shoulder. We called him a perv and laughed and the couch moved.
We saw our dog whimpering and limping upstairs on the balcony, and no one did anything until I realized he was bleeding. I ran up but he ran past me. He was holding a camera in his mouth and I grabbed it. Never looked at it. We inspected him and found shards of glass in his foot. We fixed him up with bandages and he was ok.
At one point I entered a room and a small blonde girl sat on a stool facing the window. Written around her in red on the walls and floor was stuff like “GOD LEFT HER DEAD” and "DON'T LOOK DON'T LOOK" and arrows pointing to her and stuff.
I touched her shoulder and she faced me - she was a normal girl, kind of animu. She said the spirits had trapped her there when her family left and I had freed her, so she joined our family. I was suspicious but eh whatever she was cute.
She was fun and cool and suddenly got older to my age, where before she had been a little gir. So she joined us in the garden outside.
More weird shid and spirits floated around us to scare us but we brushed them off to look at art on a computer. My mom sat in a sun hat fanning herself, my sister reading a book, and me, my brother, and the blonde girl were just talking. Then we saw faces on the second floor peeking out of holes/windows. APost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I had a dream that my trampoline was fixed. I miss my trampoline, it was a fun exercise and a good excuse to go outside. I miss looking at the scenic areas of my yard as I bounce. Delusionally I thought it wasn't a dream so I guess I really miss using that toy.

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Every time when you are visiting this magnificent place, you are obliged to create an album cover, because, this is 22 fucking better chan GODDAMMIT!
Explained instructions;
- go to wikipedia (random article), this is your band name
- go to wikiquote, (random quote), the last 3 - 5 words of the first quote is your album title
- go to wikimedia commons, random file is your cover album
- combine in photoshop and post the results!
>picrel is an example
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There's no Wikipedia article with the title "Synthephylum", cheater.


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Cool idea


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ITT: 2000's memes
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I found this in my old hd


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What are your favourite short stories, /b/?
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that image looks like its from that wikipedia album cover thread



There's several short stories of the same family, one was called "the man who folded himself" If i remember the others, i'll post 'em.

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The rules are simple: post an AMV that has either the same song or same animu as the previous one, alternating so that neither the song nor the animu remains constant for more than two posts in a row. It'll be fun seeing where we end up. Godawful AMVs encouraged.
To start:



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Do you live in a country that just so happen to have a ridiculous law that makes next to no sense? Or the reasoning behind it is so foolish no man on earth could ever take it seriously? Or maybe the law isn't so dumb, but the results are just horrendous... or do you know of a law in another country that just seems bonkers. Share the law, why you think it's stupid and maybe even your own law that you would like to add to your country.
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Obscenity laws for the most part prevents minors from getting exposed to indecent material. Not only that but think about 22chan's rules and how it affects us, We can still express ourselves quite freely even without that type of content. The laws can go overboard though when it comes down to minor details if it wasn't defined clearly, like banning women for wearing dresses or some nonsense.


Hate speech laws are terrible. It empowers one group who are in line with wants you to think and throws people who deviate from what is accepted in jail.


Then again, define "hate speech". It's too broad of an idea to even elaborate what it is, or lable what is "hate speech" and what isn't.

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Welcome to /mmc/ the thread general for organized online watching, playing and listening.

Official? Cytu.be: https://cytu.be/r/22chan

Guide for the script installing in case we need Jewgle Drive in cytu.be: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Google-Drive-Userscript-Installation-Guide
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Wow, it has been two months without an update. Is this project dead or is whoever is running this incompetent?


I guess there were no plans for MMC. This is the definition of incompetence.


We are "alive",just real fucken lazy and busy with irl stuff at the same time, we had a toon evening hosted by robomaniac a few days ago, so poke her around for schedules and stuff

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I think a comicbook thread would be comfy. Let's talk about comicbooks, and comic-book related media!
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Alright /b/, Let's talk our favorite versions of Spiderman! Any version from any media with him in it. Personally, i like the andrew garfield version, He was a dick, who was hated by everyone, with a sharp sense of humor, whist still caring about the people he loved. Reminds me of the older comic book version, who was hated by both the fantastic four AND the avengers, he went put of his way to actually bully flash thomson. (I'm guessing stan lee actually based spiderman off of himself since he uses the same catchprases, and a similar personality, but that could be a stretch) Not a perfect movie series, but a good characterisation to say the least.


>Let's talk our favorite versions of Spiderman!
Mine is Ultimate, I guess. I loved to read comic when i was younger, and how he was portrayed in Shattered Dimensions. Too bad comic turned into a shid later

I also liked Spectacular TV series, great show.


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Spectacular Spider-man is my favourite adaptation of Spidey but I love the 90's show too. As far as the comics go I'm pretty vanilla, I just like my classic Peter Parker.
>I'm guessing stan lee actually based spiderman off of himself
I dont know how true this is but I think Peter Parker was actually pretty much a Steve Ditko self insert but I dont know how much there is to support this apart from the fact that they look alike and they're both introverted assholes

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Hi! i'm a newfag, and i lurked for a long while, but i still dont know about this community and i thought making a thread could help clean things up a bit.
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References of the early 2000s (since I guess that's what you are talking about) have thrived here naturally, since most of the users here are 90s kids who grew up with that stuff.
The video you posted shows Mung trying to be cool in order to fit into somewhere, but we are not trying to show off to anyone, it's just how we all are here at 22chan, it's our home where we choose to live our own lifestyle without needing to be up to date with any normalfag memes or other mainstream culture.
Feel free to contribute to the current culture in your own way of course, while remaining true to the site's rules, or join in the way how we are doing it currently.


Question to the other fags; do we have an IRC?


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So we have this calendar for 22chan time but there are barely any holidays on it, anyone got a nice idea?

Come up with a holiday (name and a small description) and post it in this thread!
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so sick and stupid i lol'd


Every 22 of the month should be a holiday


Perfect idea

You rolled the number 687644539 (no dubs or higher)

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I got a whole thing of ranch-flavored Corn Nuts. What are you guys eating? Got any favorite flavors? Halloween candy is supposed to get cheap pretty soon.
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Pumpkin pie is indeed a very tasty food. It is not something I'd expect to be good but it very much is.


I am addicted to Wintergreen Lifesavers for some reason, perhaps it's the numbing sensation that it gives off? also what's cool, If you munch on it in a dark room, it sparks like an ember.


Spearmint tea

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speak in any other language than english

ik begin wel
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Ich hasse Schwuchteln, Juden und watermelon addict


Hej, jag lär mig svenska! Jag är ny på det.
Yo conoco un poco de español, también. Yo no soy muy buena.


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Ack ack ack ack ack ack-ack?
Ack ackack ack ack ack ack...
Ack, ack ack ack ack-ack ack.

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Share what you think of as a great thread/thread idea
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and to add this post, OP isn't dead (if the thread requires an OP) and he's there to reply even though it's a dead thread.


I think another thing that makes threads good is the ability is to make sure if people care about it. if they dont, dont shill it! let it die out and if anything try to make a better version of it, even asking how a thread can be made in a way to interest people might be good.


I think what also makes a good thread is related to a small altchans with too many boards. try to have one thread about one topic. an example is if you take a look right now, there's like 5 threads about aliens and cooking/food where in reality there should at least be one, and you can make another but in a way that it fits the board. so like in /b/: food/cooking thread, then in /yu/: emotions and memories related to food/cooking but overall if you have too many threads about the same topic on several boards it'll honestly just die right there or at least be hard to post on.

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Have you ever felt regret that you were born in this time period?
Did you want to be born in different era?
If you had to choose time to live in, which would it be?
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ah the sound of the blessed check'd twoots

twoots and troots in the same thread, especially blessed


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Sometimes i ask myself if the air was breathable for us back to the paleolithic


Nah, because I know that people in the past felt the exact same way, and a lot of the time when people did try to bring back the glory days, a lot people's lives either got shidtier or cut short. Though if I have to choose, I'll choose 80s because bbs culture :)

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Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:
PetitTube, show videos with zero views
this shows videos with less than 100 views
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forgot this majestic cgi animation


Is it me, or is PetitTube dead?


That African guy is reading the Quran. He seems to be a scholarly figure. During prayer and things of the sort this is how the Quran is read, in a singing way.

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