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Do you guys know any movies worth watching (specifically comedies) that deviate from all of the regular garbage/degeneracy on T.V?
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It would be good if it didn't have so many watermelon-addicts in it


Slightly autistic, right?


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Death Wish from 2018 is pretty good. I recommend watching it without looking at the reviews. It's about [spoiler]a guy going vigilante on criminals in the inner city.[/spoiler] The whole 'offensive' thing is mainly large critics exaggerating racism. I've seen it from start to finish, and it's mainly just another action movie. There are some graphic death scenes, if you're into that. Also, pic related.

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Lets try and be a bit creative today.
I want to see your guys best bastardized insults.
Ill start with one.
Go piss me a river.
pic unrelated
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Go kill yourself with a spoon.


bitch and chips with extra 'tarded sauce


glass-blowing bastards

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Why did a regular pornsite go to hell? if we can answer that question in detail the issues that caused it to go downhill could be tackled in a new website and a potential revival of quality imageboard culture could be created, through site design and new moderation techniques the pitfalls of the original could be avoided and a proper revival could potentially could be in the cards.
I have a few ideas that could be implemented in this hypothetical website but moar would be great
1. Forcing posts to be uploaded HTML documents could weed out exceptionally stupid people who cant computer
2. This brilliant device http://stupidfilter.org/main/index.php?n=Main.HomePage could ensure a minimum quality of posts in this hypothetical imageboard.
3. Forced lurking periods in times of large influxes of new users
Is this idea retarded or do you think some new experimental quality control should be implemented somewhere? I would like to know your thoughts on this.
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>Why did a regular pornsite go to hell?

If you have to ask this question you're too young to remember old a regular pornsite during the 2000s.


Moot used 4chan alot which is great, but he never really understood community issues like reddit = bad, he just figured that reddit being there would give them more posters, but it led to the outsider culture forcing/stealing content, which has and will always be an issue for imageboards. He wanted 4chan to "change" yearly, but /b/ changed to rapidly and nothing he did really fixed that. (too many people saying that /b/ had no rules, /b/ is X i.e /b/ is lolrandumb) 4chan was pretty much structureless and should have enforced certian board culture and site culture like how 4chan is a site for otakus, how it got that magic where japs and westerners interacted and he also wanted to give users options, but he gave them too many options, (as we now know, never trust the user) for instance, the name field. Before at least from 2003 to 2006 there was no name options. users called each other "anons". Then moot added the default name to anonymous, but you can change it so you can namefag, and of cource, secure it with a tripcode.
moot even talked about making sure your tripcode is secure and anons called those users tripfriends. As you can understand that was abused and it's not like there was any rules set in place to prevent faggotry.
It's fine to namefag, and it's good for accountibility reasons, just dont act like a blogger or like a community celebrity even if called or elected one by users. too much digital footprints, (namefagging, re using the same threads/general threads, archived thread system) well you know what i mean. (no structure, less rules, no accountibility or site culture, no way to read old posts or at least really hard to find) you get modern 4chan where all the good stuff that worked well is pretty much gone, no lurkers or the ability to lurk. no real way to contact the staff or talk about site issues, mods being way too anonymous where you dont know who they are or how they feel about select issues, next thing you know it went from "mods = gods" to "mods = gay" also hiring staff that never used imageboards didnt help them either. the only people who cared about newfags lurking where the users, and during eternal summer, no one really got banned for breaking site culture. only the users cared and because of that, 4chan changed for the worse.
at least all of what i've mentioned so far is what i've seen via screenshots and those archives.


Also, there wasnt too much staff members at all, its honestly crazy how they even survived in the first place. moot or hiro mentioned having something like several million posters, and only 50 mods

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I've been thinking about this for a while now.
I'll start off with a practical example. Let's say we have a normalfag meme - an image of a large cat with one of (((their))) traditional captions along the lines of "when you fat nigga fortnite." The cat itself is not a normalfag thing, now is it. I'd wish to share this cat with 22chan but it's repulsive in it's current state and it's a normalfag thing, that breaks the rules.
Is it somehow possible to "de-normify" this meme? Cat pic might not be the best example because the answer would be just to crop it and post solely the cat without unnecessary normalnig captions. But how would it be done
Surely it must not be forgotten that there are memes/jokes which cannot be de-normified at all, let's say some (((thanos))) or (((fortnite))) shid being the image or video itself. (effectively being double-aids, and double-aids is incurable)
So, can it be countered by making our own format? How would it look like? How easy would it be to make it?
And is it a thing that should be done at all?
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By trying to de-normify a meme, you are essential forcing a meme because you are deliberately saying, "a tweaked version of this meme should be a new meme." However, you may have unwittingly created a meme when you made up the word "de-normify."


its nearly impossible when normalfags have there hands on it you cant get them off

You rolled the number 300106241 (no dubs or higher)


They are like boomers in the sense that they are not in with what is cutting edge and how they will find something funny far longer than it should be.

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Hey /b/. I found a dead squirrel in a a park. I didn't really know what to do so I made a little grave marker. I've now been two days and I keep going back. I'll dump the pics.
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Are you feeling better anon?

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Would it be considered a form of wit to perform an action (like texting, knocking on a bedroom door, using the bathroom, etc) at a specific time? Times like: 1:45, 5:02, 11:35 (or the inverses of these numbers). Does anyone else find that numbers can have a meaning? Especially when it's related to something in pop culture, like 42, the meaning of life, or 007, license to kill. Furthermore, some numbers sound like parts of words, like the number 8 sort of sounds like the word "Hate", it also sounds exactly like the word "Ate". One more example is the number 9, which is a lot like the German word for "No" ("Nein").

Would it be far fetched to think people try to communicate something by doing this? Same goes for how someone decides to dress, what they wear for the day (what it may resemble).


Culture does assign meaning to numbers. Then, if you think about stuff like religion it gets even more intense.
7, 3, 2, 1, 5, 10, 12, 24, 13, 17...
They are all more than just numbers to us at this point. I'm not sure about the assonance part, at least personally I haven't noticed it much (except on the internet with stuff like "m8" or 1337)
I don't think most people will perform actions at a specific times in order to communicate something. That sounds like something from a spy movie
But numbers, and our feelings for them is something fascinating if you think about it. My little brother assigns a color to each number

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Simple question thread, ask simple dumb questions without sacrificing a thread

OP has the honor of asking the first question of this thread:
can you get b& on 4chinz for using spammed sage comments to kill a thread? (With a script to automate of course)


Yes, literally without a doubt


Depends on the board. Nobody will give a shid if it happens on /b/,/trash/ or [s4s].

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I've decided to create my thread for all of you who are still /x/philers to this day. (peace to all my brothers and sisters;-)
I'm not sure why am i thinking about the corona virus at this moment...anyway i think it is directed virus from the government labs which is created for the purpose to turn our heads in other direction from everything what is really going on. ''THIS might be happening to control all of those previous protests from the Hong Kong protesters but something other is going on and i can't reach what would that be. This doesn't have to be correct and it also couldvbe due to Chinnese economical growth in the world, <there are already two theories for us, unfortunately.
As all of you can see this is something big and if we as a united collective mind try to figure out what is really going on, everyone is gonna be proclaimed as a tinfoil lunatic, however i don't give a fuck about that either...so yeah, let's discuss about this "conspirational" stuff.

copy/pasta from my thread
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Pretty much. what's also funny is that other groups like BLM have connections to the CCP. (no seriously look it up) Sorry for being political outside of /pol/, i just have a feeling it's all going downhill from here. Their being the provocateur and turning people into extremists.


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Let's take a look why Covid-19 "Crisis" ended in China shall we?
Does anyone realize when is our God Given Freedoms will be handed back to us? Everything os filled with second, third, fourth Covid-19 outbreaks while mainstream mockingbird news articles urge us that we all must look how China is tackling Covid-19 "Crisis" and how that is a way forward (100% of social control).
As soon as the western society accepts the Social Control & HealthCode society control apps we will be set Free from Covid-19 measures and Covid-19 will never come back to bother us again - guaranteed!
So folks look at current Australia (NWO forefront playground) and think about our Future Society, do we want to live like that.... the Chinese Way, full 100% Social Control? For the Chinese this was just a small step as they already have highly controlled society, for the western society I hope this Covid-19 Scam-Liberty-Infringing-Measures would prove too much to bare.
There you have it...Covid-19 Pandemics will end world-wide as soon as we all accept social control apps like those in China at the moment. Soon I'll expect world-wide media pointing out how China can live Covid-19 free and urging US all to accept similar Social Control Measures to fight Covid-19 in the western society. World-Wide-Communism Acceptation will end-up Covid-19 pandemics, I'm sure of it.

China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System (8:32)

What Life Under China's Social Credit System Could Be Like (9:56)

Good ridance I guess and also have a good day!


Haha, I haven't seen your reply.
Yeah sort of, basically all of us has been witnessing what power does mainstream media actually have and how the majority of the peoples are gullible enough to follow what ever media tells to them. Everything is staged by the big tech corporations and there is nothing what is real in our world anymore. Our reality is everything what is in our surroundings, fuck all of those mainstream disinformation bullshidtery.
No, you don't understand anon. I was acting like a 3 yo annoying crybaby and the reason of my ban was indeed justified. If this place doesn't have those strictly prohibitions here, than it would certainly turned into another shidhole of the internet. Tw00t and other mods are doing a great job and none of us can't complain about this probably one of the last places when you could have a fun time while being online.

private, off topic question for our Tw00t
what ever happened with some not so good and not so bad threads? Those threads aren't placed in the /trash/, or I might be that retardingly incapable to find them?

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Hey there. It's me, turdguy. This is my first weekly Wednesday food review.

I had 3 mcdoubles and a 10pc mcnuggets from McDonald's. The mcdoubles were pretty terrible. Hard bread, dry beef, and the ketchup tasted like it had been microwaved. Very bad.

However, by contrast, the nuggies were moist and tasty. Bravo.

See ya next week.
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I can spend 7 dollars and get a burger with fries and a coke, while I can buy myself enough food from a grocery store to last a whole day, anything from MickyD's ain't that good of a "deal" in my opinion.


Fast food is more convenient (don't have to prepare it yourself), arguably more tasty (if unhealthy), etc.
And there's a burger king deal for 3 doubles, 3 whoppers, and 3 large fries for $12. That's a decent enough deal.


More convenient, yes. But never more tasty unless you're a useless retard in the kitchen.

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I'm so tired of bouncing around imageboards.
Please tell me 22chan is here to stay.
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Did the CIA spooks get them this time? Wouldn't surprise me.


I mean there's like 3 boards on that site for cat pictures what did you expect?

You rolled the number 531578763 (no dubs or higher)


forgot to turn of the wordfilter, i meant child porn, not cat pictures

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It has been a while
Since we had this sort of thread
See: Five-Seven-Five
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Random poem story time.

Lilies of the lake
reaching out to take a drink
in the olive pond

Catails sing on wind,
music for the lilies' dance.
Brown windchimes over clay

Archaic tale sung
of sunrise over mountains
that ripple and wave.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A sunset I saw,
the evening before this.
Red, from western fires.

Even after dark,
The purple clouds were tainted.
Colorado burns.

When I was a boy,
there were fires to the north.
The moon was blood, then.

When one land suffers,
When it, blazing, is reborn,
another marvels.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Worker bees can leave
Even Drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

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I notice that there is no ytpmvs threads on here, even though there is still a resurgence of them so post and and all ytpmvs you have or find. Make sure you include the source of where you got them in case anyone wants to make a playlist.
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Donald x freely tomorrow

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Screw it I'm bored.
Just give me the first 3 nummbers of a valid IPv4 address (not localhost, lol) and i'l scan it.
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Most of them (if not all) have all ports closed or filtered (i.e. closed).


Scanned 91.216.248.* (22 chan is in there). Got results.


Scanned 93.170.76.*. Definetly got results.

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>wake up
>eat breakfast
>brush teeth
>notice the roof of my mouth and tip of my tongue are slightly bleeding and very sore
>many small pin-prick wounds in my mouth
>shrug it off
>try to take a shid
>poot out a few tiny turdlets
>intestines start cramping
>step on scale
>2.5 kg heavier than yesterday morning
something big is coming, will keep you all posted
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Did anon ever shid?


File: hero hunny.gif (294.08 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 1597604356285.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Just did. One smooth, coherent turd, over a foot long. Burned a bit coming out, but I've been taking fiber chews so it didn't tear me apart. I relaxed just like >>8851 said and didn't force it
Thank you everyone for your support.


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You have to post a fighter that could beat or at least be at the same level than the last character posted.
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You can tell me in hell.


Quit shilling your shidty youtube channel

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