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a bundle of images worth sharing, and encourage more shoops like these.
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found this one lying around in an old folder


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good shit


bumping on 22chan is quite useless, but i care about this thread, so...


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>Flood detected

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What games does /b/ play?
>top 3 games
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Nothing really. But if I do play something, it's really only childhood games on PS2 (Sly Cooper, Gran Turismo etc.). I have pretty much grown out of video games at this point.


Cs: Source


Destiny, minecraft, and Insomniac Game's spiderman.

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this post should be in /vg/ , just saying


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Red Orchestra

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I dont know anons, shit has been boring at 22 lately, any idea how make this site shine?
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No one participates so it makes sites like 4chan or 8chan feel like the only option. 4chinz will always be better than this site if we are inactive.




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well theres this guy that harassed a friend of mine, and I sure want to give him a lesson. Me and some friends were at a party and we were taking a friend of us to the bus stop when she told us about this guy (that was a kind of friend of ours) who harassed her at the party. They already hooked up before but she didnt wanted in that day, so he continued to get near hear, pass his hands on her until she screamed with him, after that he pushed her, than she walked away.
I was thinking about trolling him on his social media

if ur up to i can send his info


whats your disc lets try and figure this out


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women deserve to be harassed

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Im not sure about to post about so go fucking crazy down there
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havent seen this fake in a while


It's pretty well made imo. In the beginning it's kinda noticeable but after that it's really hard to tell


I meant it as "It's been a while since i saw this .gif", not that it's badly made.
i just said it in a weird way, i guess.


I didn't think that you said it was poorly made, I was just saying

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Subject says it all. I'm going to change computers, so I figured I might as well clean out my special folder devoted to reaction images and other general imageboard stuff. I'm not gonna post the whole thing, just the cream of the crop that are worth saving. Enjoy, and feel free to join in.
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i just pull things from my old folders, when i feel like im overusing one, then i switch to the next one


Well, i think that might happen when we get bigger.
22 just has been slow in growing though.


22chan actually seems to be growing pretty quick compared to other altchans. Most that are of a size comparable to 22chan are several years old.


You have a point



We are speedrunning Chan Simulator 22, heh.

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YTMND's main site says that it is down because "YTMND has suffered a catastrophic failure"
However I noticed that most of the user sites are still up
Share the ones you have saved/like the most!
Here are mine:

[spoiler]I'm a newfag and found out about ytmnd recently. Anyway I think it would be very cool if some oldfag started a series of threads showing us newbies the gold of the old internet. I'm very fascinated by it and I doubt I'm alone. Also this way we don't have to find out about stuff like ytmnd the day it dies[/spoiler]
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if anyone also has stuff to post, just join in desu


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gar is a good word


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oh man, this is some serious shit

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fuck you.

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Hey, thanks to a buddy of a "friend" of mine, I found 22chan. But I'm not gonna post whatever I want here and hope its start a list of reply. So, what should I do here?
And, what topic do you like most so I can have fun talking to you all?
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welcome to 22, hope you have a nice stay!
>what topic do you like most
we have (relatively) a lot of people who enjoy Rozen Maiden here.


File: unnamed2.jpg (19.93 KB, 288x288, 1:1, 1563310157033.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yea, I should


Nice, I'll be planning to talk about it when I watch Rozen Maiden.


What are your personal interests though, anon?


My personal interests are in fanarts of a show I like, example are Nichijou, Cowboy Bebop, Yotsuba, Azumanga Daioh, Soul Eater, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
I'm also into topic about swimming, music instruments, and fighting games.

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Ah, gomenasai anon-kun, i d-didn't see you there...
Are you still mad at me about the whole jew thing?
Please don't be angry at me! I just didn't want for international jewry to take over the world, I did it for you anon!
Next time, we'll do it together. And next time we will succeed!
D-do you f-f-forgive me, anon?


Is that a man crossdressing while cosplaying as fucking Hitler?


>>2948 Im pretty sure that a girl, so that isnt only gay, but fake too.

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Found an email and pass to a bitcoin wallet with some cash, what to do? Warn the guy or get the money?

If get the money, how to do in a way that I dont get traced?
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So how much was there in the wallet?
>I did sent an email to him and the site
That was a really nice thing you did there



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>give away almost 60 grand


Its not my money. Plus I was stupid because my first access was on clear net, no VPN because I did not believed that the credentials would work.


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wew anon you have the discipline of a fucking monk, I salute you.

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>exactly a year ago 22chan was made public
well then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!1111one
post happy birthday things in this thread!
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Literal last-minute OC. Happy Birthday 22chan!
(fixed up some stuff with the last version)


File: 22protov2.png (32.69 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1561705337478.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I just realized it said July 27. Fuck.


File: IMG_0709.GIF (54.92 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1561707864889.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yes indeed, happy birthday 22chan! I'm a bit late to the birthday party but I still enjoyed it


Im late but happy Birthday 22chan!!!!


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Sorry i am a little bit late

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In this thread we post old stuff from before 2012.

Get ready to search thought you garbage folder
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Also, is there anyone here who remembers this thing?


>>2304 test
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


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i guess it still sorta works here aswell


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I dont get it

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Sooooo, Q2 of 2019 is over, we are getting close to the first birthday.

Post your thoughts on what we did wrong, what we did right.

Optionally post some memories or ideas on what to do at the birthday.
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File: ru22ch_PSX_20190208_185410….jpg (712.27 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1561755279543.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

It's really surprising that this site was created at the same period as my https://www.22ch.ru (it's in Russian that shrinks potential auditory).
I started to write my board on my own from scaratch on pure node.js last June. Now I have less 15 unique users per day (if I correctly filter crawlers). Most of them are readonly.
But you achive much more. You have success. Congratulations!

P. S. During this year I got cancer and was successfully operated.


I dont think (((they))) have found or care about 22chan yet. In my opinion /pol/ needs to be deleted for the longevity of the site. Once (((they))) get here they arent just staying around /pol/ their gay reddit style posting will make it all the way around the site.


>4chan has a music album
What do you mean? I know on some boards (/s4s/ and /mu/ the ones I'm aware of) they make albums every once in a while, but you seem to refer to a specific one



Cool stuff. If we get enough participation we can do that here
We need a system to filter out stuff, like polls or something and a thread on /mu/

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22chan is a windowshopping simulator in the shape of a weeb imageboard.
People come here, look around a bit and then leave.
The lack of posts suggests that the regular users do the same.
This site isn't appealing neither to the poster, since nobody gives a shit and doesn't care enough to keep the conversation going, nor to the lurker, since there's barely any posts to read.
The only board that seems to have some notable activity is /sewers/ because posting there requires minimal effort and thought.
In order to change the current situation start visiting and taking part into threads on other boards, don't just keep sitting in one board like /b/. And due to the whole site being so slow, you, anon, can probably even reply to several month old threads and posts to spark up the conversation.
In short, diversify your interests and actually start caring.
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>Just post, if your opinion is "not quality", then people will simply ignore it.
Low quality posts are annoying even if you ignore them, and the whole point of this site is to be good, that's why ylyl are banned for example
>This is a place where you shouldn't be afraid of saying something wrong
Somehow I'm sometimes afraid of looking like an idiot even as an anon
Anyway I'll try to post more. Thanks


New guy here, excited to be a part of this. Ill def try to post and keep things active here. What specific things need to be done around here to get things going?


Make sure any threads you make are actionable. For instance, instead of just dumping a greentext, dump the greentext and add something like "have you anons ever had any similar experiences?"

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>don't just keep sitting in one board like /b/
I post on /sewers/
gator gang for lyfe


As the person who post US news in /pol/ it would be great to see what others think of the news I post. Since no one responds to the news posted it seems no one cares so I would appreciate a response no matter how low quality it is. As long as it isn't irrelevant to what is being discussed.

File: remilia.gif (502.24 KB, 758x614, 379:307, 1559861248904.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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>Most luxury things are just meant to exist as fancy things without much practical and that's about it lole
Mm. I guess you're right. Not my thing then



lgc is a real desu

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File: su.jpg (85.96 KB, 600x836, 150:209, 1561309982512.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

am i?


speaking more about small things, small guns are also quite neat

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