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Do you guys know any movies worth watching (specifically comedies) that deviate from all of the regular garbage/degeneracy on T.V?
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there was a comedy related movie, it was made by the same people who made the "scary movies" series but it was a parody about superheros


It would be good if it didn't have so many watermelon-addicts in it


Slightly autistic, right?

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>"The name Universal Ministries was coined to show we are not just one church, but the many ministries and churches Associated through the Home Church. So many online sites are just that without having anything behind them beyond a site. The Milford Office and Chapel were established in a legal church in 2000 though we started as a ministry first as many of you will. The Universal Ministries is made up of members from all Faiths and walks in life that have chosen to become legally ordained. Though we are founded in New Testament and original Scriptures from the time of Christ we are a church open to all wishing to share spiritual faith and journey. Do not think you can’t be legally ordained simply because you do not follow our doctrines as our doors are indeed open to all in Faith. The Universal Ministries though a denomination of many churches still follows a non-denominational direction in allowing you to Start a Church and decide the path it will follow."
Lets start our own cult lol
(Lets make propaganda too kek)
why do they make it that easy?
I guess this one is a hippy dippy nu-age we love everyone style deal. (You can also get godanm knighted and choose someone to be your squire)
Oh, and a guess we can talk about religion or whatever.
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I can probably help with the Latin name.. I'm a historical linguistics/philology enthusiast and a self-taught Latin student.



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what is your opinion on this meal?
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eggs, cheese, pickles, cheese balls, baloney and what appears to be either dates or waterbugs. yum.


how the hell are you gonna finish all of that


100% keto diet

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I think a comicbook thread would be comfy. Let's talk about comicbooks, and comic-book related media!
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I've been reading scud the disposable assassin, it has a cool art style that complements its humor very well



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i love it when a comic has a story that's absolutely insane, and yet it still makes sense. also great art, i feel like i've seen it elsewhere...


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i thought the walking dead was some normalfag pish posh but i was wrong lol. [spoiler]DEAD WRONG [/spoiler]
it had some cool, original art at first, but the artist quit so it changed to someone else, but it's still great. The story's very human, i guess that's the proper word. it changes from character to character, and focuses how they interact with eachother , what location they're at, and what situation they get thrown into, even though rick's the main character.
also a white guy said some woman is a traitor because she "supports watermelon addicts" which supprised me greatly

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Happy birthday 22chan. For some of us its not quite the 27th yet but for some of us it is already!
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Happy birthday 22chan


Yeah. I adapted a piano version I found on youtube to deflemask (a free chiptune program)


Little late to this thread but happy birthday 22chan.

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Happy birthday 22 chandelier!
I hope for great, fun-filled years in the future.

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22chan is getting 2 years old in a few days, how should we celebrate?
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watch2gether party


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Multicolor flashing wallpaper, hard bass and speedcore, all Anonymous renamed as partyboi>>8108


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It's the day tomorrow. Time to celebrate.
I love all of you guys. Thanks for the moments.
Here's a pic of Ron Paul to show appreciation.

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where can i find forums for the deepweb? newbie here
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You could just use this thread as a place for people to give you some onion links that do NOT contain illegal shid.


i would like to reffrence that this is a one off thread that op spammed on several image boards to get ((illegal)) shid, he just asks and waits for people to post links but dosent use the thread to discuss anything. kinda sad. same with several threads here, some are copy pasted across several imageboards and a regular pornsite for some reason.


this is very gay and it made my cat cry

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I made a clock which shows the time and date in 22chan town. https://22chan.org/time

22chan was born on the 27th of June 2018 at 19:41:27. The 22chan time is the time that has passed since 22chans creation.

There are some made up holidays in there already, anyone got some more ideas for funny holidays that should be in the 22chan calendar?
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haha what a dumb person


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Due to drastic conditions beyond my control, I never did go to school past elementary. I was taught in a closed environment. I'm 20 years old now, and as I visit the empty football stadium at the high school I would have been to at 3 AM, I feel nostalgic for what I never had. It's so empty, yet it felt so active. I could almost feel past emotions and history. Tell me, did I really miss that much?
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Who's twig?


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No you really didn't miss much, the movies and shows make it look like it's going to be the best years of your life, but it's actually 95% just sitting in a desk and doing useless homework. Sure the other 5% is actually pretty fun, but it doesn't really make up for all that wasted time.


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Also Dubs

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I don't have a big interest in modern tech. I have an interest in tech, but it's just more about tech from the 70s-2000s. I've wanted to make a site in the style of an early Web 2.0 thing, as I don't like social media and want to have my own identity, in a weird way. Call my own shots, and do what I think is cool, no matter what the idiotic machine wants me to think and do. I've wanted it to broadcast my interests among other things, and rants I'd write if I felt pissed.

Anyways /b/, any fellow anons who've worked on sites before?

>pic unrelated
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I've only learned basic html5 and css and that's about it


I don't like much modern website design either, but that's a design thing I guess, more than a "tech" one
>I've wanted to make a site in the style of an early Web 2.0 thing, as I don't like social media and want to have my own identity, in a weird way.
I've been thinking of doing the same. Imo in a way a social media account gives you less freedom over what format you can present your things in and how you present them. Plus it gives you the feeling that you're being mass-produced. A personal website requires more effort, and draws less users, but it's something completely yours
In the past I made a few websites, mostly with html/css but once I used wordpress. That was the only one to ever go online
Now I was thinking of making one in html/css/javascript and putting it on neocities, and to use it to share the things I do whatever they are, or just things I like. Possibly also "rants" or whatever but I don't think I've got a lot to say for now.
Honestly I don't really know what web 2.0 means or how it looks like, and I've only seen a few websites from the 2000s, but I'm not going to make my website look like most sites look lately
Something like this should do: https://billwurtz.com/
Btw, he's a great guy. He's famous on youtube, but you can look at his stuff completely from his website (and he hosts the videos, doesn't just put links to youtube)


That was pretty funny, the last one sucks though

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If this virus BS provokes martial law in the USA, I will be setting off a lot of homemade fireworks on a 10 minute timer along with a pair of speakers blasting Green Day's "Governator", and watching from afar as the wasps in green storm the area looking to deal some injustice. Anyone else making plans for the slim chance that this happens?
Pic possibly related but I'm still trying to figure out how...
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In this life, only two things are certain: taxes and martial law


watermelon addict


What's wrong with Green Day?

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Its it acurrate? Also, make your own flowcharts in this thread
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necrobumping is my passion


this is the part where trips get check'd


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the star of derailment deserves to be used on all derailed threads

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22Chan was added to the AllChans Image Board directory
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we're finally big boys now


for you


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