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He was such an hero, to take it all away. We miss him so, That you should know, And we honor him this day. He was an hero, to take that shot, to leave us all behind. God do we wish we could take it back, And now he's on our minds. Alec was an hero, to leave us feeling like this, Our minds are rubber, our joints don't work, Our tears fall into abyss. He was an hero, to take that shot, In life it wasn't his task, He shouldn't have had to go that way, before a decade'd past. Now he sits there in my heart, this hero of mine, Always there to make me smile, Make me feel just fine. He had courage,that boy did, courage in his heart. To take that shot, To end his pain, To tear us all apart. But in the end, he died in courage. Lacking, nevermore, He died an hero, Alec did, And we'll love him forevermore. We love you like a brother. We miss you so much. We will always love you, kid. Rest In Peace Alec Holowka.
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>She has control of an empire.
Then, we should make an empire of ours, we have to overturn the Quinn! Go on my faggots! SPAM #OverturnTheQuinn! GET TO REBEL, RECUIT PEOPLE TO REVOLT! QUINN HAS TO BE DEFEATED! WE ARE GOING TO USE THEIR WEAPONS AGAINST HER, WE ARE GOING TO CANCEL ZOE QUINN! WE CAN DO THIS!



Not going to work. Also no raids allowed.


>Points Discord
Repeat that on there.


Although going on a raid would be fun, it would bring unessary attention to here. Then all of a sudden we would have to deal with newfags, edgelords, and normies. Think of what happened to 4chan.


What if we do the raid here, but do it as if it came from another altchan? or 4cuck?

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growing up i never enjoyed video games that much. i think the only video game i ever completed from beginning to end was gta 5 and that's only because of the the characters performancetrevor is my fav
before that i mainly played halo and other fps multiplayer games in high school. i never bothered to play the other gta games past 4 and i frankly just don't care about them. i only ever owned the xbox 360 and currently the xbox one just for gta 5 alone. all i have in my disposal is gta 4 complete edition, gta 5, halo reach,black ops 1 and need for speed carbon. thats it. i mainly enjoy watching other people play video games. anyone here like me?


Holy trips deserve a reply.
I loved playing video games as a child, but I don't anymore. I think the reason for that is I don't have anyone to play with anymore. Video games just aren't fun for me if I'm playing them alone, and I'm always alone now. They hold a social context for me, since I grew up with a lot of siblings.

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Pizza Thread? PIZZA THREAD!
>How you like your pizza?
>How you dont like your pizza?
>Jew should be forbidden to eat pizza?
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Actual child porn is illegal, you doofus
However, you can always imagine


Do you know this is an actual pizza thread and no about CP right?


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why don't you have a seat?


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I just dropped by to add a bump. Many Chans have fallen and I've decided to cruise by all the ones I know off (even the furry/pony ones....) just to help keep traffic up. I'll swing by every few days. No matter how much I hate some of you niggers; you fags are all I've got.
>pic unrelated


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For YEARS i've been searching a golden era 4chan alike chan, and just now i've found it.

The comfiest chan of all chans.
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Plebbit I think allows only one style of spacing:

This one
But not this one. I'm not sure wether they allow more than one line cause I don't go there

So this spacing often isn't welcome on chans


Single spaces have been a thing since forever but it wasnt rare to see someone who use it being called a retard.
2017 is when normalfags start catching up the "Haha maga meme orang man /pol/" and so they slowly overflood with their shit, which includes plebbit double spacing.
From that time forwards single space also can be mistakenly called plebbit.
I've never liked it since it looks retarded anyhow and i encourage people not to use either.
On a slight side note-plebbitors also use single space but they mostly do it while greentexting. Example:
>be me

>4 foot 8 nigger cuck

>no gf

And so on.


Yeah, but plebbitors uses reddit spacing as "just put a double space everywhere, even if it's doesn't make sense"





All hail sage Naru


thanks m8

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Liru is a miracle of the universe.


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she sure is


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Every day with her is a blessing.


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Every meal with her, a feast.


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Best wolf.

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That cat looks cold, take it home.


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>>3737 (nice rare dubs)


Actually, its a bit hot outside.
>>couple days ago
Went biking today, cats not there.
That day i met it, he made a sad noise.
It allowed me to walk up to it.
Ears where slicked back.
It was looking down.
I checked to see if it was injured.
It wasn't.
Fed it water from the bottle i was drinking from.
It suck that people from the nehborhood just let there pet cats out and roam around.
Seen a lot of injured cats recently.


Longcat is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

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Looking at the global rules this isnt a chan at all
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i had a bit more thought on the guro part and what i concluded is that at some point there would be dedicated guro threads (just like porn) where people would just dump images with absolutely no discussion, the kinda situation that goes on, as i said, in porn threads or even the entirety of gurochan.


Newfags arent the problem, the problem are when newfags come to IBs to be HARDCOREEEEEEEE AND EDGY AND ENTER THE KOOL KIDZ KLUB, BEIN LIEK SHADOW THE HEDGEHOW! YEEEEEEEEE...


Gore does nothing to keep a conversation.
If anything, its just jackoff material to a bunch of degenerates. I dont even think that gore does anything useful.


I think of there being two types of gore: schadenfreude-inducing and shock-inducing. In other words, slapstick comedy vs slasher horror. The first kind is great for generating lulz independently, the second kind is great for extracting lulz from pussy newfags. In any case, gore is useful for generating lulz. That's very useful, especially in these trying times.


>post guro
>wtf is wrong with you sicko
>fuck off moralfag
that's pretty much how 100% of such scenarios go.

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Greetings from /bant/! Happy nine day everybaka!!!!
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Happy cirno day ^-^


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Happy ⑨/⑨/201⑨, and don't forget to take it easy!


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Yeah this day was the strongest! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did anon!
A 10 hour version of this got embedded into the catalog of /bant/. It's very fun! I wish all days were as fun as today is on any given chan! Pic related
That's a truly a classic
Happy cirno day to you too nineball ( ^∇^)
Nice nine anon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS18OAtIDNg


a truly amazing day on /bant/

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whats up /b/ i am back
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i do like it here


I like it here too. I just hate how empty it is sometimes and also how long it takes for someone to post. Not a lot of people here


true but it is for the better
just so it stays fresh


I agree. I hope more experenced channers find this site naturally. I have noticed a lot of high quality posts recently which is very good for the long run


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Combhand says hello to you anon!

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While doing my usual do (clicking on all links to find the most obscure shit possible). I came across yet another old, dead channel. I usually read a few threads cause they give an incite to that era. But this time one thread stood out;
I read the OP and it really gave an incite not only to "the golden era". But also to Anonymous. I see this post as "The oldfag manifesto". And also made me realise we are all newfags. The internet is simply too accessible. The internet is no longer a club of geeks, nerds, and outcasts but a part of everyone's everyday life. The internet and technology as we know it is no-longer that new frontier. Which I think may have been the ultimate appeal. It was once largely unexplored and new possibilities and ideas where just over the horizon.
I look forward to the future. To try to find the next new technology. Some kind of new inter-network protocol or form of communication. For all I know it's already here, just hidden.

I ramble about the past, present, and future. You may never find what you're looking for but it's the journey that counts. (Sorry if that last sentence sounded cliche)
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Culture is probably the most important thing. Not having actual servers and using torrents and such only affects the technical aspect which is a layer of protection against the site being taken down or being kicked out by the server host.




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Old chan users gonna cry and whine because they´re old chan users and thats their thing. We dont need to worry for them ( if anyone do that kys) they find their place to be.
All us ´´NEWFAGS´´ need to get over it, i mean, the part of chan users who reminisce about how great ye olde day´s were. Imagine if they´re 100000 and more chans, everyone can find a place to be who they want, talk shit like they want, be gay as they want.
All I want to say is go with the flow.
Go with your taste of flow.
Just BE and fuck and cuck who you want. Now more than ever.


That was the fun part, the world thought that we were hackers on steroids/terrorists and etc when actually we were just a bunch of autists fucking around. Just goes to show how alien the concept of imageboards was to the rest of the world.
>go with your taste of flow
Well, i've wound up here. Only time will tell whether it was for the best or maybe even for the worst. So far so good.


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>On the flipside, as soon as 4chan hit the news, it was fucking over.
>If you want to exist in this world, you must either host just a >microcommunity, which will die quick and be forgotten, or invite >the mainstream, which will turn your creation into another host for >mainstream internet culture.
>Pick your poison.
I prefer the microcommunity poison please.

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Well, there's been talk of getting together and watching some movies/cartoons/anime together.
So, drop some recommendations and we should also figure out on WHEN are we going to watch it too.
Maybe you, anon, want to see something that you haven't seen before, so you can suggest a general genre too!
I'd personally go for some ww2 stuff.
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So... What's up?


oh yea, about that.....
only 4 anons bothered to send in when they're free so im thinking of just setting a time, grabbing a movie and set it at SOME point in time.
expect a movie night in 1-2 weeks


If I'm free during these times, I'll try to join in. I'm fine with a lot of the choices here.

I'll just pull a couple of titles out of my ass to add though.
>Vampire Hunter D
>Hocus Pocus
>The Crow
>Don't Look Under The Bed
>Gundam Wing
>Attitude Era Wrestling
>Pokemon Generations 1 - 3
>Monster Rancher
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


also wat do ASCII do?


Now ive got more free time and i will commit to it, movie nights gonna be sometime this month, democracy about picking what movie to watch is tedious and too timeconsuming so im gonna pick something (what i think is) good.
I will take the previous recommenadations in consideration though.
I will also try to fost paster and bring in updates more frequently on when and where we gonna watch the movie.

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This thread is about yu2b poops!
Post You Tube poops!
Extra nigga shizza points +=10

You rolled the number 469635294 (no dubs or higher)
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Russian's гарри повар is fantastic
If you understand russian of course




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50 slavic pointz
6.6 tf points
100 nigga shizza points!
Frum the looks of it, you might be the sexxyest poopist here.

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