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Here's an internet oddity I just found. Try googling isis ainu, ainu meme, muslim ainu, or something similar. You'll get a bunch of old-school image micros containing very similar but never identical text pop up.
There's pages and pages of this stuff with no evidence I can found about who exactly is making or enjoying them. No comments, no accounts, no nothing. They're mostly from quickmeme or occasionally memecrunch or some similar bot-filled "meme farm." The few I tried investigating on quickmeme all had roughly 950 shares, with not a lot of variation around that number. The whole thing feels very computer generated, I say it's the escapades of a learning machine, likely related to the one that makes those weird ads that show up on less reputable websites.
A 2016 study claims that, at the time, 52% of internet traffic was bots (https://www.imperva.com/blog/bot-traffic-report-2016/) How high is that number now? Why aren't people more weirded out by this? Who is making these bots? What is their end goal? Is making a bot to churn out shady ads about early ways to detect cancer really so profitable? There's more going on here, I feel it.
Point of this thread: theories regarding the islam ainu thing, is it a bot or no, any information on this matter you can dig up, panicking about the whole bot situation, maybe any funny retard bot ads you've seen.
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I just found the exact website which i now didn't just reload again.
it had random letters again and a .ddns.net domain.
I decided to look around the website and all the links lead to the website findsbooks.online .
I am pretty sure this is just a shidty Credit card scam.


>old-school image micros
>shidty advice dog bullshid
you need to gtfo silly sausage


Another bot trying to hide the truth

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People aren't appreciative enough of the ability cabbage has to simmer in liquid for a very long time without losing its shape or firmness. When you see cabbage in a restaurant is it almost always raw in a salad, or lightly sauteed or stuffed and baked. But cabbage is best when it is stewed for a long time in broth or beer along with some spices and a kind of meat. Why is stewed cabbage not more popular? It is the most flavorful and enjoyable way to consume cabbage.

Brussels sprouts are like little mini cabbages that come out amazing in a slow-simmer soup or stew, but everyone is roasting them like a dumb. Roasted brussels sprouts are boring as shid compared with stewed brussels sprouts. Throw some in next time you make a chicken soup or something. See what I mean. They are like little balls of bursting flavor. Like leafy brothy gushers.
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your just a lazy normal faggot who settles for inferior greens instead of doing a little work to create a sublime meal, you have no right to be making stew u pussy bitch fag face nut sucker


The war of greens, truly a great sight.


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>marinating and frying is extra work
watermelon addict, I'll beer-batter and pan sear for a quick lunch on Wednesday. Don't tell me my business, you triple pleb. Marinating and frying is what you do to add flavor to bullshid food, like tofu.

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Hello internetlings. This is a time capsule, tell the people of 2024 anything. Multiple threads are being posted, seeking as many responses as possible. On October 7th, 2020, all of these links will be archived and preserved as they were on that date in time. On October 7th, 2024 these archived links will be posted around the web. Participation is mandatory.
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i just hope that people will start realizing the importance of anonymity online after the shid that has become social media


same. its sort of already happening with people making throwaway or alt accounts.



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i have discovered that there are many kinds of nuts.
and i have found many fun facts about said nuts.
heres one about peanuts.

There are 4 different types of peanuts:
runner, which is your average peanut.
Virginia, This is just a big runner.
Spanish, they are red-brownish and have more oil than in other peanuts they are used in making candies.
Valencia, These are my favorite type of peanuts they have 3-4 kernals per nut, and they are sweet peanuts, their color is red the pic is some valencia peanuts.
post any nut facts you know of.
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You guys are completely NUTS!
Haha you get it because first of all a nut is a fruit composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible and it also could be a reference to the current mental health state of the individual posters above me!
Now ain't that wacky and cool.


The shell is insoluble fiber and you should eat it for lower bowel health.


Pumpkin seeds are the exact same. you can chew a seed whole without shelling it.

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Lets make our official list of rules of the internet https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Rules_of_the_Internet
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The point of the rules isn't to enforce them, but to give the reader a sensible chuckle. /pol/ related content is just unfunny because its ruseman value, intent to offend, is ineffective. Nobody on any image board anywhere is offended by it. The majority of users are tired of it. If you post it unironically, you are cringe.



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Share funny/interesting quotes from anywhere
here are a few I like:
>don't take my word for it, ... well actually, you can take my word for it. it's true, that's why i'm saying it

>I don't understand jazz at all, the rhythm is irregular, the sax and trumpets are the worst, their sharp noise are hurting my ears, I'm not just not enjoying this genre, but it makes me want to die.

>kill yourself ironically
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>Go FAQ Yourself


Rule 29: you.


"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will."
-Romans 12:2
Romans is a cool book. Paul was smart, his letters show the nuance of successful mission work. This verse lays out a very roman value (improvement of the self and mind through reasoning and discipline) and then backs it with a Christian one (Man's efforts can and should become aligned with that of righteousness and therefore the Lord) and slaps a call to action on top of it. Paul did not just run in thumping his bible and waving his cross claiming he was right and the Romans were wrong, he respected the existing culture and values of the Romans and sought to build a bridge. I doubt early Christianity could have survived without adopting some good Roman will and ethics. I think about this a lot, you don't have to be a Christian or even strongly religious to see the wisdom in it.

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I swam in a river today.
What's your sports accomplishment today/tomorrow/yesterday/whatever?


'bout a week ago i cleaned a chimney mary poppins style. that's pretty much it lol. i used to go biking but i lack the time.


The other day it rained and then the sun came out, so the grass was wet but the cement was dry. I went out to get the mail in my socks, but the sidewalk path to the mailbox runs to the driveway first and then to the street. A car was in the driveway, so there was only a very thin line of available cement for me to walk on without getting my feet wet, and I couldn't balance on it because the car was right where the mass of my body would have to be to find equilibrium. So, I jumped roughly parallel to the car, planted my foot hard on the small available concrete, pushed off and used my momentum to go into a spin that kept me on target instead of shooting me perpendicular into the grass and landed me on the dry, wide sidewalk behind the car. It probably looked really cool.

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What's your personality disorder /b/

pic related it's mine
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cancerous test


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I might be the most mentally healthy person here, though the obsessive-compulsion score surprised me.


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Lmao i don’t have any low

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its my birfday today guyze
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I hope you have a nice birthday and the days beyond.


Happy birfday!!!


How old are you now?

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Share things that everyone should know but not many do.
>Always wash your leafy greens thoroughly; thye are the most common cause of food borne illness
>if you lose a finger or even your hand if you put it on ice maybe they can put it back on
>When you're driving down the road and two fences line up and shimmer it's an illusion called a moire
>you can get cool fart facts at http://www.heptune.com/farts.html
>With two polarized lenses liek the ones in polarized sunglasses you can see the stress patterns in clear plastic, this is really cool with saran wrap because you can pull it around and stuff.
>If you only have one polarized lens don't worry because the light from most screens is already polarized, so just put one polarized lens over your eye and rotate it until the screen looks black and the put your clear plastic between the screen and your eye
>If you knock out a tooth keep it in a glass of milk until you can get it put back in
>if you get stabbed by something don't pull it out, you could worsen the bleeding/upset your internal organs
>Mild exercise throughout your life greatly reduces the likeliness that you will get osteoporosis in old age.
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>Share things that everyone should know
anon posting that rebecca sugar fact, by the definition of the thread, implies that its something important, however robo argues that it's the standard twotter shidshow reply that's being used to demean people and that it's a useless fact, due to the abundance of practical examples of such a thing happening.
A fact that "everyone should know but not care about at the same time" doesn't really make sense, anon.
SU is complete trash though.


I'm just saying, if everyone knew Rebecca Sugar used to draw gay porn of underage characters we would have achieved a Utopian society by 2014


>When someone says "thank you," responding with a simple "your welcome" isn't always the right choice. It often comes across as subconsciously self-centered or insincere. If you use a phrase that downplays your actions and shifts attention back to the person giving the thanks, you'll be able to avoid looking self-righteous and become 500% more likable. Good humble phrases include "No problem," and "don't mention it" are both good. "I'm sure you'd do the same for me" can be phenomenal if used right, but it's a little iffy.
>Or, use a phrase that confirms you helped out just because you're a bro. "it's what I do," "Anytime," "My pleasure." It's especially important with these to make eye contact.
Yeah but it's funny, stop defending cat pictures when it can be used to defame a progressive perv like Sugar.

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In order to cement our position as the uberchan, we must ensure that each and every one of our users is operating at peak efficiency. Do you know what that means? I'll tell you what it means:
Every time you see this thread do 10 pushups now or postpone and do 20 later.
thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoTku7qMZOM


I'm not hearing any groans of pain yet, something's wrong.
You are doing your pushups, right anon? You're not a little chicken-ass pussy bitch, are you? Don't you care about 22chan? Don't you care about yourself?


Thanks for keeping us in shape.
You can't hear from me anything because I am doing 10 pushups every day in the morning (much better method to wake you up instantly) and before I'm going to sleep, however, your thread is giving me extra ten pushups to do it on my own, but I'm already in a shape for about 15 or 16 years and it's not that big challenge for me, anyway, thanks bro.


This thread will not die here.

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>post in random thread on /qa/
>post ban reason here


Lol, what?


wrong imageboard


Still confused by this. What does he mean?

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Cloudflare is dead. Half of interwebz are down. Just look at this spikes.
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fuck all the watermelon addicts that still use cloudflare.
hail 22, stability and cats.





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Why does 22chan have so many rules and also has a random board, it doesn't make sense.

Oh and I guess I'm going to get b& because I'm "criticising" 22chan.
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I agree with most of the rules but I think anyone should be able to criticize 22chan even if it isn't constructive.
And free the onions.


>asking questions is wrong
Well no it's not, but asking a question can also be used as criticism believe it or not, but again, we don't ban criticism, we ban poorly constructed criticism that doesn't pose a good enough argument.
>Most of the rules are fair but banning tor and proxies is dumb
So we don't have watermelon addicts trying to evade their bans, simple concept really.
>I can get behind having certain rules to prevent newfaggatory but over 20 global rules is a bit much.
But why? Again, that's another example of just an unbased argument, you haven't really backed up that claim, why is it a bit much? What do you define as "a bit much"?
>porn isn't all what /b/ is but it it isn't /b/ without random porn in a thread
Well if you're on a regular pornsite or just any other shidty image board, sure, but this is 22chan, this is how we do things, we are a sfw image board.
>/b/ is anarchy
No, that's more of what sewers is, it's just shidboasting and whatnot. /b/ is far from anarchy, it's just there because like I mentioned before, not everything can be put into a category, we can't just put all categorized threads into trash and say it was because "it didn't fit into any of our categorized threadz sorry lolololol."
>your post would be a good example
It's a good example because you didn't state anything further than your critique-style question, it was just a "x is bad, I don't like x".
>Literally thats all I did, I asked a question.
And we answered it, you didn't reply appropriately, that's on you.
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OP is a faggot

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How to play:

1. Draw (LITERALLY) a card using the template attached. (USE ONLY MS PAINT)
2. Give it a flavor text in the box in the template, then post it with a tripfag.
3. When a second anon post his card
start fighting using cards of the first Card you used
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dont bump a thread by posting "bump"
if you have something to say, say it


this thread was almost dead and i didnt want for it to 404 yet, one more thread and it would be gone before i could make an actual post


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the best card in the game

final form twoot

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