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So everyone seems to be pretty annoyed by the "unclearliness" of some global rules. So i would like you to think of a way to make the more specific.

For example, define the term 'cancer'.


wojak edits


>>1002 Would pointing out thread help? Set up a document as this thread develops Twoot.


> Would pointing out a thread help?
Hmmm im unsure. I'd rather have some new more specified rule ideas

> Set up a document as this thread develops Twoot.

Will do


anime apeshit


How do you mean that?


i mean, why wojak edits? or pepes?
i think those are pretty based tho


pepe and wojak have started to kinda define anon culture, so banning them would probably make everyone pissed


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like this degenerate shit
but you can't ban degeneracy mein Freund, so yeah


How would you write that as a role though.

> you can't ban degeneracy

thats true aswell


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yea I mean like, thats the problem, you cant clearly say what is redditory, retarded, degenerate or normie-tier, because how would it be defined?

also nice job taking care of your community 2ot!


>>1005 Pointing out threads may provide clear examples to note Twoot.


Probably, yes


How would you define 'low quality posts'? Get some examples


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I guess I'd define low-quality posts as posts that are always spammed on 4chan, for example:
>"post x pictures"
>"ylyl thread"
>Spamming pictures or characters (except for niniba since she's the mascot) that have been posted thousands of times before
>Checkem threads
>Tfw threads

Greentext stories and ITT threads aren't always low quality but it's kind of a 50/50 for me

Achieving 100% high-quality threads isn't easy and probably can't be done, and not everything I mentioned is always low quality, but taking out the lowest quality ones of the above-mentioned ones is probably a good place to start, though it's hard to dictate which ones are shittier than others

And don't take everything I wrote as 100% truth, 2ot, this post is just mostly my opinion


I very much like that definition


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>>"post x pictures"
>>"ylyl thread"
why not? What content will be hosted on 22ch then?
Niniba picutres, anime, flash files, shit like >>284, astronautman threads.
If this is what you want then yes - do it.


>>1017 Is there any capacity where any of what you listed be acceptable to you? Quarantining these post wouldn't work.


/b/ is make for cancer and shitpost ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


If they're not lazily made and actually pretty interesting instead of being a post that's already been shat out at least 100 times, then I'm okay with it.

>>1019 22chan is supposed to be a place for high-quality threads, not shitposts and overused threads.


Reddit tier, if it was posted on Reddit ever
eg: check http://karmadecay.com/


Seeing as how that's from /sewers/, probably memeing. Fetish mongering could be permitted on /sewers/, but not elsewhere. That would also help with another complaint I've heard, which is how there's no official difference between /b/ and /sewers/ other than "random" and "more random."
>"post x pictures"
I kinda like those ones, I think they're important. This is an ~IMAGE~board, after all. They do get annoying, however. Perhaps there could be a rule in place such as "op must post 5 pics first" or "no more than 5 'post pictures of x' threads on a board at the same time, check the catalog before posting." Or we could only allow such threads if they also call for discussion, i.e. "I think y about x. Also, post x pics."
>ylyl thread
I think those are alright. They can be fun, if the board isn't normified.
>spamming pictures or characters
>tfw threads
If that's all it is, then yeah.
Sorry, but that's stupid. So much gets posted on Reddit, there wouldn't be anything left to post. We can't let them rule us.


>>Tomoko posting is probably the most cancer thing here. It is no better than boxy threads ten years ago.


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Check Global rule 1, faggot: no redditors


>>1092 Well if 22chan is given a inch of cancer that is tolerated will become total cancer. Not everyone likes Tomoko posting it anywhere other than /a/ is simply getting in the way for people who Tomoko believe it or not isn't their waifu.


this is the only time ive ever posted tomoko outside of /a/.
Id like to state that Tomoko as such isn't cancer.
Posting Tomoko too much is cancer.


>>1094 Look at the screenshot the other anon posted and what you posted just now so I know you are lying. Also address my point to try justify your cancer.


>impying i made the post in the screenshot


>>1096 I know it was you. You wouldn't be so bothered by my criticism if you haven't invested time to the point that you have to defend your waifu' s honor. Plausible deniability only goes so far with a small community with a discord. what precedent do you want to set with allowing stuff people don't like being posted? We are a small site and people will only give us a chance if we do not have cancer like 4chan as we advertise on encyclopedia dramatica



>Plausible deniability only goes so far with a small community with a discord.
We are 2 tomokoposters there if you are too blind to see lmao


>>1098 >>1099. Both of you are wrong them seeing as neither of you address my points.


>>1098 you damn yankee fucks are the reason the south will rise again!!! Deo Vindice!@!!!!!!! degenerate carpetbagger nigger faggot tit jew yankee fuckin blue coat bird shit faggot


> Posting Tomoko too much is cancer.
Thats the problem

> We are 2 tomokoposters there
So banning tomoko wouldnt hurt anyone


Alright everyone, the rules were modified, please red them carefully before making a post

Best regards, twoot.

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