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This thread is for disturbing, gruesome, banned, or otherwise strange movies, films, and animations!
After recently rewatching Midori Shoujo Tsubaki (1992), I have been on a hunt for strange and disturbing films. If you have any, please share! Feel free to write a description, post a screencap, and/or link to a version of the film so others can watch!
They do not neccesarily have to be foreign films or anime at all, anything goes, but I greatly appreciate animated films!
For those unaware, Shōjo Tsubaki, also known as 少女椿 in Japanese or The Camellia Girl, is a 1992 guro film from Japan. It follows a young girl who joins a circus after her mother's death and the horrors within it during early 20th century Japan. It was heavily censored and difficult to find for years due to its incredibly sensitive nature.
Personally, I thought the animation style was beautiful, if disturbing at times. Here is a link to it on YT with english subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-kZB1OW1wM
I will post other disturbing films I have seen below if I can think of any.


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Another film from Japan is the 1998 Studio Ghibli film, Grave of the Fireflies. It is a fairly well known film, especially within the Ghibli community and Japan.
The plot follows two young siblings as they try to survive in Japan during the last months of World War 2. It's frankly much more depressing than anything else, but suffering children is still quite disturbing. Some scenes from it will likely stay with me forever. I won't spoil anything in the rare case that someone has never heard of this movie.
Here is a link to it on YT with English subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs88XQ7bxCU


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Another movie I watched recently was Felidae, a German film from 1994.
It follows a murder mystery as a new cat in the neighborhood tries to figure out who's been killing local cats. It's not that disturbing relatively, but there are some rather odd scenes including a cat sex scene that burned itself into my eyes and many animated cat deaths/violence.
Here is a link to one with English subtitles but in German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oAI33tkxFI
Here is a link to a fully subbed English version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vJQxVfjt8g
>If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for foreign animated movies


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Another cat-themed film is the infamous 1972 Fritz the Cat. It deserves to be here not because its especially violent or gruesome, more so because its a furry's wet fever dream of a mess.
This film is a satirical take on the 70s college lifestyle and the current state of the US back then, which it depicts as crudely as physically possible. It's pretty funny if you can get past how uncomfortable a cat having sex with a crow is.
I have no link as I saw it some time ago, but its truly not hard to find with a bit of searching.


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A film I'm sure we have all heard of and probably haven't seen(at least I would hope so). Supposedly the film was meant to be a message to say "don't exploit children for sex stuff" but the film itself ended up exploiting children for sex stuff, weither that was the intention or not, I don't know, it could be but I simply don't have the answers. As you would expect it became very controversial with people describing many scenes as needlessly raunchy and or disturbing, but like everything controversial there will always be people on the other side of the argument. Many people flocked to say it's the right wings attempt at rocking a black directors boat or that people simply just misinterpreted the film and that it's actually okay to use this to make a message, unfortunately it still remains on Netflix and can be watched with no removal of the film in sight. Certainly a landmark of film production going *ahem* certain places.


The Animals of Farthing Wood (It's a tv series though)
90's animated series, had it on VHS and watched it as a kid not really knowing how dark it is. The story is an old well used one of how the animal's current home is unsafe due to humans stealing their land, so they decide to go on a great journey to find a new, safer home. Character eat eachother and get brutally murdered. In one scene, it's warm and cute as mother mouse gives birth to several babies and everyone celebrates. an episode later, a cruel robin steals them one by one, and impales them on a thorn bush. i found the full series on youtube just now but the audio is kinda shid https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXrlroDDEeaTPQ9U1doskO8gXJ9OfPtDP


Christ, I remember that cartoon. I've no clue what exactly their target audience was but it sure as hell got the message out there strongly, mostly that of "nature is brutal" and "humans are cunts", since the hunting theme popped up quite often and even more emphasized on the show's darkness.



That was a great movie i loved it.


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Dear Zachary is seriously one of the most fucked up documentaries I've seen, especially when not knowing why it wasn't meant to be shown to the public. To get hit with the brunt of the tragedy after learning all of these intimate details about this family, it's fucking crushing. Made me feel like absolute shid for the state of the world for a few hours after watching.

On a somewhat brighter side, if you want foreign animation I recommend the works of Jan Svankmajer.


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Marquis is a 1989 French-language film, produced in Belgium and France, based on the life and writings of the Marquis de Sade. All the actors wear animal masks, and their voices are dubbed. There are a few scenes involving clay animation.


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Ha, that movie with the broom shaped large hadron collider. So the main character is jailed, and his large hadron collider is his only fren he can talk to, oh yeah his large hadron collider have a face and can talk too. There's a scene where he's sexually attracted to a hole in the wall and sticks his large hadron collider in, and the wall seems to enjoy. The fuck did I just wrote


my large hadron collider is my best pal too, i think it sounds like a movie we can watch together


Watership down, and the plague dogs, two stories made by the same authors.
Watership has more of a military/lord of the rings theme and just like the animals of farthing woods, does the whole "human bad" thing in disturbing manners like animals suffocating. also, gore from animals tearing into eachother or getting injured. It has book series, two animated movies, and even a radio play.
The plague dogs deals with human experiments on animals, its such an interesting story and i dont want to spoil it.


Finding Nemo


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had a good chuckle there at that suggestion, i guess it's true though with the fish getting mangled by the water pump and the angler fish


The character Dory scares me a lot. It scares me how annoying she is and how she got her own movie a couple of years ago. Nemo flushing himself down the dentist toilet is also creepy.


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Oh boy, you guys dont how long it took me to find this https://youtube.com/watch?v=TE8cf6442Ag
Toei Doga's Anderusen Dōwa Ningyo Hime
It's a animu adaption closer to the original book, hence the name. Very sad movie, some gore if i remember correctly and the jap version had nudity. The reason i heard of this adaption is because my mother watched it when she was a child and apparantly had nightmares about it. whenever "the little mermaid" was brought up she would mention the animu and never could remember the name, and later found and forced me to watch the animu with her.


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If you like fucked up animation, you should really check out these two movies: When Black Birds Fly and Where the Dead Go To Die.
Both films are made independently by this guy who calls himself Jimmy Screamerclauz. They're extremely strange and disturbing, very unique experiences.
Don't trust critic reviews of the movies, they're mostly shid reviews but their heads are full of shid anyway.


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It reminds me a clip from Butchers Harem "Clinical Sodomy"
and i like it


Yeah, dude! Jimmy made the music video for that song.


HUH. I was trying to find a video that had similar graphics that i watched a long time ago (affection short film) and it turns out screamerclaus also made it! Not a fan of gore but i adore the PS2-teir graphics and how trippy the animation is.
>I animated the entire short by myself using home computers and a hacked xbox 360 kinect. I never went to animation school and i don't have a team of animators
Not bad honestly.


I think it's quite impressive. Artists like him are very special, they develop their own style unaffected by the usual norms of their profession.


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The killing tyre. This movie also has a curious way to deal with the 4th wall.

Quentin Dupieux filmography is quite awkward in general.


His film Wrong Cops is very strange.


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Even the ost makes me feel like I'm in a bad trip. But he makes these songs himself, as mr.oizo.


I really need to watch this film again, it's been a long time since I saw it but I remember it being so weird. I also need to catch up on Quentin's films, the last one I saw was Reality.


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Angst is an Austrian movie from 1983. It's about a mentally ill man who is released from prison and immediately sets out to do some dark stuff. I don't want to spoil it but it's quite fucked up.
It's a grim fucking movie. Erwin Leder, the actor who plays the unnamed protagonist, does a fantastic job. His performance is so uncomfortable, a very realistic portrayal of a guy who is truly fucked in the head. The protagonist is not portrayed as calculating or clever like some psychopaths in film are. He is impulsive, off-putting and disturbed.
The camerawork is fantastic. It's really innovating for its time. The shots really add to the uncomfortable feel of the film. It's hard to elaborate, you kinda have to see it for yourself. The original score is also great and really unnerving.
Sadly, Angst is the only full-length feature film made by the director. Apparently he went on to produce documentaries but only one is listed on his IMDb page. The trivia section for Angst reads: "Due to financial constraints and the controversy surrounding the film, director Gerald Kargl never directed another film after this one."
If you want to watch it, I recommend you go for the longer international version. It includes an interesting scene at the start of the film which serves as a sort of intro. It has some really cool camerawork, too.

Here is a short scene from early on in the movie. The framerate is a little bit fucked but the quality is good.


Lol i honestly dont know what he was thinking when he came up with the movie but he honestly pulled it off and made it fun


File: 220px-Funky_Forest_FilmPo….jpeg (39 KB, 220x312, 55:78, 1633110086847.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

"Funky forest: The first contact"
Well it's a bit difficult to elaborate this cult Japanese movie, so here's the trailer:

Full film:


this is honestly amazing and i need to see this


Even though I watched the trailer I have no idea what it's about but I need to see this as well.
>uploaded 30 Sept 2006
It's cool to see videos that have remained up for such a long time.


File: tetsuo-arrow-video.jpg (170.55 KB, 780x1170, 2:3, 1633125139789.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

"Tetsuo: The iron man"
Another Japanese movie, from 1989. A black and white film about a guy who contracts a disease which slowly transform him into a mechanical being.


Full movie:

Better version (w/ yt account):


Didn't this movie spawn a film series?


A short documentary on north korea, more depressing than anything else. I found it after seeing a webm on /wsg/ of a teenage, illiterate girl, walking on a field, looking for something edible. She was looking like that orangutan that goes: "uh oh, stinky".



File: 9.1.png (269.6 KB, 616x320, 77:40, 1634183693378.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

9 honestly was uh, interesting? It still stands up to this day both graphics and story wise. Ragdolls that became alive due to a scientist giving them his soul must defeat a robot that brutally slaughtered all of humanity. (this is a kids movie, not younger children, but kids) [spoiler]One of the ragdolls is murdered, then turned into a robot that basically hypnotises other ragdolls and honestly its one of the most horriffying looking things i have ever seen[/spoiler]
Watched it as a kid lol and i rewatched it a couple days ago, you guys will enjoy it. The coraline movie is also good dispite being slightly diffrent from the book. I cant decide which is better. I love the comic book adaption too, it's subtle and is a word for word adaption of the book.


File: 2cbbd6e0f3a53807071fd8242b….jpg (67.07 KB, 637x423, 637:423, 1634183739831.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

here's an image from the coraline comic


I never knew there was a Coraline comic, it looks creepy as fuck. It's been a few years since I last saw the movie but I remember liking it. I'm a sucker for good stop-motion.


File: 9.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, 1634338290424.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Your post made me rewatch 9. It was good but there were a few things that I felt tarnished the overall quality of the film. I'm going to blacktext my thoughts cause I don't want to spoil it for anon.
[spoiler]I thought the design of pretty much everything was spectacular. The post-apocalyptic world looked really cool and seeing actual dead bodies made it more believable. The design of the pre-war machines was classic but not boring. It was really cool how the post-war robots were assembled from bones and junk. Same goes for weapons in the film. Using puppets as antagonists was honestly genius because the film can show them dying and getting maimed on-screen even though it's technically a kids movie. The audience connects with the puppets because they're the closest thing in the movie to humans. When we see them dead, we know we're looking at a corpse. I think 9 is a fantastic kids movie because it has a sense of realism to it and it doesn't spoonfeed you like most kids movies do. The movie lets you figure out a lot of things for yourself.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Some of the characters were really interesting. I especially thought the Machine was. Within that world it was a literal God. It created life. Its behaviour implies that its sentient, which I thought was really creepy. It used 2's body to create a weapon because it knew of the effect it would have on the other puppets. That dog-like robot from the beginning of the movie was trying to restore the Machine, which somehow had been deactivated. Was it programmed to do so? This implies that the Machine had planned for such an event. The Machine made efforts to prevent its own destruction, showing that it understands death and knows that it can die. Also the fact that it ate life was very scary, too. I thought 1 was another interesting character. I guess most see him as the bad guy of the movie but really he's a practicalist. Sure, he's selfish and unwilling to help others but it's hard to hate him for it because the odds are stacked against him. What would you do if you were six inches tall and being hunted by a giant killer robot? He knows that running and hiding is his best chance of survival.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]However, I felt most of the other characters were really shallow. For instance the twins and 6 were never really explored. 7 was just a straight up Deus ex machina. It seemed like some characters were just there to push the plot along. I felt the movie would have been much better if it had fewer characters and would've focused on developing them instead. Another thing that bothered me was how typical the character types were. 9 is the kind-hearted protagonist. 1 is the selfish bad guy. 8 is the big, dumb brute. 7 is the badass female. The twins are the smart guys (why do American movies always make twins the smart guys?). 6 is the schizo who turns out to be right all along. It was tiring to see such bland character placement in such a unique setting. The pacing sometimes felt rushed, as well.[/spoiler]
Overall it still was a good movie. Much better than most of the trash out there.


[spoiler]>Another thing that bothered me was how typical the character types were
The tropes where more or less a result of the fragmentation of the scientist's soul. Or at least the[/spoiler]
[spoiler]>particularly segmented cognitive function of a human‘s overall personality, they each represent one quality of the human soul. The first is the most flawed, and the ninth is the closest to perfection. [/spoiler] [spoiler]Honestly it makes sense. but was rushed or done poorly. It doesn't elaborate why 7 is a girl, or why 8 is a dumb brute. Perhaps 8 is the scientist's blind pursuit of knowledge without realising the consequences of his actions? his stupid mistakes?[/spoiler [spoiler]9 is basically almost perfect, the scientist's morals and courage. (also his curiousity) He made the same dumb mistake as the scientist too, the scientist built the robot, whist 9 turned it back on. [/spoiler]


[spoiler]>the scientist built the robot, whist 9 turned it back on[/spoiler]
[spoiler]That's a very good point. I agree with you, the concept makes sense but doesn't fully elaborate all of the characters. Like the twins, can he transfer the same portion of soul into two different puppets?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]WHY IS 7 A GIRL[/spoiler]

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