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I shid in the bathroom trash can when I was 7 because I wanted to try something other than the toilet. What did you do in your childhood?


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One time in middle school, I was with a fren watching a school basketball game. For some reason, maybe relating to an event earlier that day, everyone in the crowd had elastic wristbands like pic related. People were bored (attendance may have been mandatory; I don't recall) so they were using the elasticity to shoot the bracelets into the crowd, as you might do with a rubber band. This picked up steam pretty quick and got to the point where a teacher had to turn around and tell people to stop. Naturally, my fren told me he'd give me a dollar if I did another one. I agreed, took the wristband, and fired it discreetly when the teacher's back was turned. It landed close to her, and she was pissed, but it couldn't be traced back to me. My fren gave me the dollar and I bought some chips or something. He totally didn't think I'd do it, but a dollar is a dollar.


no thats not dumb its smart thinking
what if the apocalypse happens and theres no toilets anon, what would you do then? use the trash cans!


is this how you became a assassin for hire?


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What are you talking about? I'm just a regular clown.


When i was four years old, for no reason whatsoever i pulled my pants down infront of everyone
seems legit


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When I was in elementary school, I used to get bullied a lot.
My mother said that if someone wanted to bully me, I should grab my balls and tell them "suck on these".
What I understood was something completely different. I got to the stage that was in the playground, started doing a striptease dance, and ended up showing my balls to everyone that was there. My bullies started to bully me saying that I had a short dick




I used to hump the floor from 8 to 11 in the corners of people's homes because I didn't know it was sexual, I just knew it felt good and my ma didn't like seeing me do it. I did it at home from the age of 6 or so.


one time I pissed in the sink instead of the wall trough urinal for the exact same reason which I never regretted because wall trough urinals are disgusting


always piss in the sink


As a kid on a family trip I picked up a used needle from behind a bush because I was angry at "people littering" and wanted to throw it away. My parents were absolutely terrified and got me to wash my hands immediately. That's the closest I've been to getting aids


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sounds like your parents are litterbugs, at least your parents didnt piss off captain planet


I had went on cheese.com and listed obscure cheese varieties while we were doing a computer activity in 8th grade. I was top of the class, so the teacher wasn't that mad, but the rest of the class looked like they were just processing the absurdity of the event that they were in at the moment.


sounds like you should have been the one teaching the class about cheese and the teachers should have let you do your job


>That's the closest I've been to getting aids
So you've never been an OP?


I always use condoms when making a bread


>Anon tells about how he got a humiliation kink

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