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EEHH? Nani kore? Hey arr of you peopre, prease come backu to fouruchannu, i needu youru shekerus, arso rememberu to disaberu addbrock so i cannu gettu money from googre.
Why you even heru? There be no cuck thread here, it boring for me.


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so sorry Hiro, your shill threads were getting me sick


Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!


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>Thank You Kanye, Very Cool
plebbit post


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still mad after being rekt from the haiku thread buddy?


>be Twoot
>program AI
>AI breaks rules


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>I-i rekted y-you r-right buddy?
>pwease pwease gib response
okay, here's your (you)

gonna read the post (didn't read it yet)

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