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Continuation of >>2527

Talk about absolutely anything, beginning from 2hu and ending with Mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, I'm looking at you, anon.
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its cold outside


its hot as balls outside, like always


it's in the '60s outside
gonna be a cold halloween (at least where i live)


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>Anya Taylor-Joy
She's better than this.


Apparantly not lol


Yes. I miss summer already, but at least it's time for tea and lebkuchen and blankets and fluffy wool socks now.


hot weather sucks, cold weather is at least managable via layering warm cloathing


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I tend to freeze even if I'm covered in thick wool clothes.
Plus I'll miss swimming.


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Cant believe a regular pornsites so old now , sad to think of what they lost... Also its october first! Its spooky time!


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Hello lads. It's been a while since I last visited this place. I came by to check on you after seeing some of the festivities for a regular pornsite's birthday.

I brought Niniba some cake


Is a lie


People here realy love cats, huh?


Yeah, i guess it just "became a thing"


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Oh shid its caturday


That was a fun movie, i think it really got the setting well


I found a movie 3 pack of predator, preadator 2, and predators. I've seen most of the regular Alien movies, but never watched the predator series before. Might be fun?


Lads, facebook got screwed today. I wonder if it means this will be the end of that hellhole?


The DNS server can't find facebook, and to makes matters worse, the domain is up for sale lole


*facebook got withdrawn from the global routing table


That's probably why Messenger isn't working for me. Did Facebook get attacked or something?


If it doesn't come back this will be a legendary day and I'll be glad to have seen it


No one knows jack shid about what's happening, I wouldn't be a supprise if its a hack. Some plebbitard said that it wasn't an attack, but a mistaken configuration change made via a web interface. Said plebbit user "claims" to be a facebook enployee, (this is the story thats getting copy-pasted all over the 'net) but you never really know and probably more info will come out soon



I honestly hope it doesn't come back.

Wouldn't surprise me if that plebbit user is just doing damage control lol.


I hope it never comes back either, but I'm left wondering what the consequences of Facebook being completely removed would have.
Vine was shut down and created a whole new era of YouTube. Myspace was replaced by Facebook which had massive ramifications.
When these giant social media platforms get completely wiped, the users need to go somewhere, and various other internal things need to be fixed and worked on too.
Facebook will likely come back at some point soon, but if it doesn't, then the effect it'll have on the rest of the world will be borderline catastrophic. It'd be like if gaystation got shut down.


And rereading what I just wrote, I change my mind.
I want Facebook to come back up, even if just because it's a containment for all the kinds of people that actually use it.
Imagine 2016 all over again, but for the entire internet.


Aaaaaaand it's back


https://boards.a regular pornsite.org/b/bread/864366410
Best a regular pornsite bread ever, it needs to be archived for all of time
All of it?


i have archived the holy bread, hopfully they'll continue


What do you guys think about we start an ARG?


Fuck no.


Nothing better then a warm cup of tea to lighten up the day


I fucking love tea. What kind?


Matcha, quite smooth i must say. Not bitter at all.


Yeah, OC is better


Speaking of ARGs, it was so bizare watching the news about the slender man killings on the tv.


8cuck got fucked recently which is why all image/file posts are 404 lol
I think that will cause the lurkers who still post there to leave if they honestly havent already


Did the feds finally shut it down?


No, at least not yet. The codes all fugged up tho


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Do you think that God does not care about us, and that's why bad things happen in the world?


could be that he left us so we had to figure out things for ourselves


Apparently many people think he's abandoned us. Is it wrong to assume that God thinks the same way we do? If we are created in his image he must, but what is a human life to a god who has lived to see the birth of universes? Maybe he cares but to him the bad things in our lives are just specks on an infinite timeline. Could that be why he doesn't act? It wouldn't surprise me either if he has really abandoned us. Mankind is wicked. I believe he helps those he deems worthy of it.


only thing that isnt wicked are cats


Perhaps it means we make our own heaven and hell for ourselves?


Maybe it does. If God allows us free will, is it because he loves us even though we use that freedom to choose evil? We are free to make our own choices and most choose to live in sin and don't think twice about their fellow man. Maybe that is a punishment in its own, to live an evil and wicked life.


i dont know about mixing fabrics, but other rules make sense like not fugging animals
>fugg horse
>get disease
>live a literal hell
pretty much cut and paste with incest, homosexuality and all the other rules.


Agreed. I think that most rules in the Bible were just added by men who thought they knew how shid runs. I don't think God gives a shid if you cut your beard or mix fabrics, I think he looks at what kind of person you are.


He did nothing wrong, Those watermelon addicts need to give him his fucking cat back


I hate streaming services, to me, its just another way to fuck us over then to help us. I was expecting something like
"we'll host exclusive content that you'll never see on TV!" An example would be a streaming service with movies people honestly forgot existed, b& or forgotten documenterys, and so on. What did we get? All they do is ban, cencor or restrict content. Disney+ Cencors or downright removes shid like Songs of the south (which is achildhood favorite of mine) They also won't re-air clonewars on tv, or even star wars movies. Netflix has nothing really special going for it anymore. Normalfag animu, shid adaptions of stuff like Umbrella academy
Here's my favorite to be honest. Halo tv show is announced, was hyped and its even doesnt require cable. It got moved to some bullshid streaming service. My favorite show, Seal Team (no woke political shid, perfect balance of action and drama) All of a sudden its moving to a streaming service even though it was getting tons of money and had high ratings! For a poor watermelon addict like me, all i have is regular tv, I can't really afford streaming services or cable. I pirate stuff or go to shifty websites to watch free movies and animu or whatever and at one point had access to free netflix because the people forgot to log off of an xbox one i bought. After thinking about it, i really don't need access to all that shid, i just want the thing i like (like seal team) and maybe watch something new or interesting then and there.
It's good to read a book or actually do nothing but look at the stars, maybe just reflect or explore the wilderness
but now everything's restricted. In fact it's actually scary how things are getting cencored or restricted. I'm considering buying discs of movies and shows of stuff i like just so i can preserve them.

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