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Our first April Fools Day is coming up. What are we gonna do?


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enable nsfw posting


File: Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 1….png (769.1 KB, 1366x720, 683:360, 1552672078814.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Spam 4chan with dead memes

Your fortune: Bad Luck


We can do better than that. Let's pretend to be a wave of immigrants from a recently shut down minor chan (one that doesn't actually exist teehee). Spam made-up memes that were big on our imaginary chan. Watch the 4tards get all up-in-arms to fight an imaginary enemy.

You rolled the number 645713241 (no dubs or higher)



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Very good idea

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


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First fake meme: Apel. He's used to mock people who act smug just because they're more autistic about a hobby/interest than someone else. His catchphrase is calling people "wiseguy."


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First fake text meme: paintee. used to mock artists that draw in paint and submit them unironically


It's supposed to be shitty. That's the whole point of this.


oh iz dis no shitty? ok


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Fake meme?

Pics of small stick-like objects touching, captioned "Gay Lolis".

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