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A bread for the discussion of all things cinema. Films, animated films, short films, TV series, animated series. As long as it's film-related it belongs here!

I watched this film the other day. It was my second viewing and it was even better the second time.
It's a feel-good movie set in the 1980s about college baseball players and the dumb shid they get up to. Drinking, partying and stupid contests. The cast was great and they all had really good chemistry together, the movie is full of great characters. Blake Jenner, the main actor, was very good in it. He gave a very natural and believable performance. Tyler Hoechlin and Glen Powell too. I always like to see Powell in a film, he's such a fun actor.
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I just watched a British film called Boiling Point. It's about a chef who attempts to manage his kitchen on a very busy night. The movie caught me by surprise because it's filmed in a single fucking take. One shot, throughout the entire movie which is 1 hour and 32 minutes long. That's an extraordinary feat, it was really amazing to watch. It added a lot to the immersion and really made it feel tense, like you were there in the kitchen with them. Filming must have been hard on the actors, since they had to stay in character for roughly 90 minutes. They all fucking nailed it, though. This one goes highly recommended.


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I watched this trash 1989 TV movie yesterday called Tarzan in Manhattan. It's a great piece of cheese with an amazingly bad poster. The plot centers on Tarzan having to travel to New York to save his chimp friend Cheeta, who gets stolen by some rich fuck. The plot gets really fucking retarded towards the end, it was hilarious. The cast caught me by surprise because most of them were pretty good. The actress who plays Jane was really good, too. She was mostly a theatre actress and singer. In this movie Jane is a New York cabbie. Tarzan flags down her cab with his Tarzan yell, which was honestly pretty fucking funny.
The dude who plays Tarzan was ridiculously athletic, he's swinging around and jumping off shit for half the movie. While reading about the movie on Wikipedia I found out the actor, Joe Lara, died in May this year in a plane crash. I thought it was pretty crazy that this no-name movie from 1989 made its way into my life and just a couple of months ago the lead actor died. I wonder if he ever thought people would be watching this film 32 years later?


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It's December, motherfuckers. Know what that means? CHRISTMAS MOVIES! Here's my list of unconventional Christmas movies. I have not seen all of them but they all seem pretty interesting one way or another.

8-Bit Christmas (2021)
All Through The House (2015)
Bad Santa (2003)
Better Watch Out (2016)
Black Christmas (1974 original and the 2006 remake)
Elves (1989)
Fatman (2020)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Krampus (2015)
Lady In The Lake (1947)
Rare Exports (2010)
Santa Is A Stinker (1982)
Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)
Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Gingerdead Man (2005)
Tokyo Godfathers (2003)
You Better Watch Out/Christmas Evil (1980)


Die hard also counts


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I have to admit I did not care for Die Hard. Saw it once a long time ago, never felt the urge to rewatch it.
I just watched Lady In The Lake, it was pretty good. It's filmed entirely in first person from the perspective of the main character, private detective Philip Marlowe. It was very immersive. A little dated, none the less interesting to watch. The first person perspective makes it feel like everyone's talking directly to you. It felt very strange because Marlowe's a total dick and the whole setup makes it feel like you're him, it puts you in the place of this mean asshole. Interesting experience.
If anyone's interested, here's a download link for a copy of the film. It's a decent rip, it can be hard to find movies as old as this one. The download isn't as slow as the website says.


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I watched the Gingerdead Man today. It was really shidty lol. It's the kind of movie you just watch to rip on with your frens. Gary Busey was actually pretty cool as a crazy maniac in the beginning of the film. His lines as the Gingerdead Man were also funny. I liked the goofy practical effects, you can see that the Gingerdead Man is just some rubber puppet. I honestly prefer that over bad CGI. Everything about the Gingerdead Man was also really stupid and occult-ish but I just found that funny. I think he could make for a cool villain in some weird horror-comedy slasher flick but the movie doesn't utilize him very well. It also wasn't Christmas-y at all!


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I forgot three films off my list oh god oh fuck

Jack Frost (1997)
Santa's Slay (2005)
Klaus (2019)

Santa's Slay is a Christmas comedy horror flick that reimagines Santa as a murderous demon, played by fucking WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg. It's a lot of stupid fun. Pic related.
Klaus is a heartwarming animated film with great style that's about a shitty postman who finds the Christmas spirit.
I have not watched Jack Frost yet but it's supposed to be hilariously bad. It's about a deranged killer snowman.


>murderous deamon
I imagine the tagline for the movie is something like "he sees you when your sleeping" if not then they missed out lol


The movie has two taglines according to IMDb:
>He's making a list... pray you're not on it.
>Spreading holiday fear this Christmas.
They came close lol.


So, I saw the new Ghostbusters movie. The ghost busters game from 2009 is canon lol, Some stuff actually won't make sense if you haven't played it. Two things i don't like, (this won't spoil anything) There's a retard podcaster who's also a brony, And there's a walmart product placement thing just like that one scene (with i think it was either ihop or lowes) in the superman movie from 2012. Other then that, It's amazing. It respects the game, and the two original movies, arguably it's a re-hash with some new characters introduced. Another great thing, almost all practical affects with a small amount of CGI. No dumb humor either, just the aforementioned retard. I honestly thought it was comfy and i have the urge to watch the old movies now.


Interesting. I've never seen any of the Ghostbusters films. Jason Reitman has made good films, Thank You For Smoking was really funny. I did not have high hopes for another Ghostbusters movie after the trainwreck back in 2016 lol.


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I watched Jack Frost today. Holy fuck, it was difficult. The death scenes are so fucking dumb lol. The killer snowman is cheesy as fuck, almost everything he says is a stupid one-liner. The writing is fucking retarded as well. Fantastically bad, recommended if you're into trashy cinema.


Didn't the snowman make some icesicle large hadron collider joke?


I can't remember. He did shoot icesicles in one scene so probably. He made a lot of jokes, most of his dialog is jokes.


New bond movie was very artistic, Pretty enjoyable but overall fell flat for me by several aspects.
[spoiler]1, M build a bioweapon in secret, the bad guys steal it and it leads to a big "situation" but he gets away scott free without getting in trouble at all dispite all the chaos it caused and it obviously being illegal.
2, Bond has a family and child, only to be killed off horribly instead of maybe some type of nice ending of riding out into the sunset. (maybe i am retarded for wanting bond to be happy, just a personal preference)
3, Q is gay for some reason
4, There's a new 007, (bond isn't 007 anymore) who's a strong black woman who dont need no man who basically bitches at bond through out the movie, because white people bad (throws a russian scientist into a vat of acid for saying he'd kill her whole race because muh racism dispite being the dude who helped make the bioweapon and thus could have been used to disarm it but whatever) There was a cute spanish chick who could have been better off as a companion, clearly new to the game as an agent yet knew what she was doing. Was only used to push the plot along but i felt like she would have been more suited for the bond replacement role. Again, just another personal thing and i might just be stupid[/spoiler]

You rolled the number 218678771 (no dubs or higher)


Other then that, having watched the original four daniel craig bond movies, You lads would seriously enjoy those. Casino Royale has some brilliant Noir black and white scenes which i honestly just love. The series takes itself seriously, the gagets bond uses aren't over the top. The humor isn't pozzed, it presents itself as needed. It's actually quite artistic and the intros are to die for. I can't really think of anything about them i can bitch about.


fucking bill goldberg i need to watch this lol


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Oh god. what are they doing lads, why do they have to revive shid instead of letting it die as it was.
>According to reports, Agent Smith, the Matrix generated AI villain in the movie, uses right wing terminology throughout the new film, with lines such as “facts don’t care about your feelings.”
>New Matrix
>Machines rebuild Neo and Trinity and keep them alive and plant them back in the matrix supressing their memories.
>Morpheous is a new morpheous with previous Morpheous code/memories
>Neo was never the one and neither is Trinity unless they work together then they can "overcome" the Matrix.
>They literally fly off into the sunset together at the end
Pic related is some notes an anon took while watching the movie, Basically arguments that was made during the movie and he time stamped when they pop up. I'm gonna post some screencaps that'll be spoilered.


File: 1640212288102m.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.14 KB, 477x1024, 477:1024, 1640235781973.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: 1640212320567m.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.44 KB, 478x1024, 239:512, 1640235861985.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Didn't even know the New Matrix was out. I'm tempted to read the notes but I kinda wanna see how bad it is. It's two and a half fucking hours, though. Do I need to have seen the previous Matrix films to understand this one? I've only seen the first one.


Yeah, there's some things that happen in the second and third movie that'll get mentioned and won't make any sense if you havent seen it. The third movie was the finale though and really a fourth movie wasn't really needed in the first place.

You rolled the number 556351892 (no dubs or higher)


I don't have the will to watch the previous films just to understand this one so I just checked out the screencaps. It seems like a crock of fucking shid lol.


And that's a wise thing to do. Unless the writer has a story bible and couldn't fit anything into one movie and has no choice to make more, it usually ends up being shid. The same applies with matrix. The first movie is basically a stand alone movie and didnt need other movies to elaborate the story. One is good, part two is ok, and three isn't the best but it's an actual ending. TLDR basically neo pulls a jesus and died for your sins to kill all the robots. He chose to keep the matrix up tho so people can choose to be bluepilled. (which is retarded but whatever)


The third one sounds retarded lol. The 90s/early 2000s was a weird time for cinema.


Kinda interesting to say the least, Can't really elaborate it but every film had a similar theme going with it.


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Watched the old spiderman movie from 2002. What a cgi clusterfuck, But a glorious one at that. Campy in a good way, Like the older comics from the 60's. Dafoe's verson of green goblin is also honestly better then the original comic adaption (the green suit and all) [spoiler]and throwing in the tengu/demon masks around his mansion was a nice touch and a brillant way to show his mental stability. Also it was interesting seeing the love triangle between peter, harry and mary mainly because harry was jealous over his father paying more attention to his fren peter then his own son, so he decided to fuck peter over by dating mary jane just to impress his father that he has a GF. what a shid thing to do lol. I also love how they adapted that moment when peter first got his powers and became a wrestler, and they got Randy Savage to play a wrestler called "Bone Saw" and spidey asked him "if his boyfren made him that costume"[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Spidey didn't get the money he wanted because the guy in charge of the match said he only fought for two minutes instead of three. peter was about to leave when some guy stole the money of the matchmaker or whatever you'd call him and peter got yelled at for letting him run off. Peter didnt care and then shid went down. Ben got killed probably by the same man, hell, if peter was with uncle ben he would have saved him from getting mugged. His actions had consequences and he chose to quit spiraling and be a better man.[/spoiler]
What i like about this movie overall is that there's actually meat on the bone. When the MCU version came out basically he was given a fucking spider suit by iron man. There wasn't any backstory and he didn't even act like a dick like old school parker did. Hell, he's only spiderman by name only. At least homecoming has peter fighting the father of a girl he likes and dealing with highschool shid. After that its nothing but gibberish. part two, far from home is spiderman in florance italy fighting against some literaly who retard version of mysterio who's pissed at iron man for not treating him well and the third movie is some multiverse bullshid with the other two better spidermen because this retard tom holland spiderman couldn't stand on his own or be his own hero without help. I think the new movie is going to be a nostalgic cashgrab then an actual movie with decent story telling, especially judging from this webm with a leaked scene from the movie. Maybe not but after hearing about the new matrix it really seems like a lost cause. Sorry for bitching but i'm just kinda angry with how comics are being treated like shid now. It's kinda odd because the first ironman movie was really well done. Even the daredevil netflix show honestly takes the cake on how comic book media should be. Haven't watched part two of remi's spiderman but if i remember correctly it was better then the first.


I can see why the murder on the orient express is seen as classic cinema, actually it brought me back to when i was a kid, me and my grandmother would watch episodes of the hitchcock tv show and guess as to who murdered who and why. It took it's time setting up every character so when the time came to imvestigate a murder of one guy, you where left paranoid that literally everyone could be a suspect with almost no one being innocent. I'm not going to spoil anything but i am going to say the ending makes sense but i can't help but chuckle at it.


File: spiderman2.jpg (70 KB, 640x520, 16:13, 1640685841863.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I agree with what you said about comics. No effort goes into the MCU films, they're just churning out superhero films because they know all the retards out there are ready to consume more. It's like a huge fucking soap opera where you have to watch all the movies because of some stupid little plot detail that somehow carries over into the next movie. It's just made to be consumed and waste time.
I really dig the old Spiderman movies. 1 and 2 are great, I still remember the [spoiler]fight with Doc Ock on the side of a building[/spoiler] in Spiderman 2. Spiderman 3 is debatable but it's good in its own cheesy way. I like how thought is put into backstories of characters and the plot of the film. Like you said, these movies have meat on the bones while the recent MCU films are anorexic. It's because the writing in them is terrible, they just rush through the entire plot to make way for the next film/series/whatever.
Also the Spiderman 2 video game gets an honorable mention.


[spoiler]that moment in spiderman where the new yorkers threw shid at goblin to protect spiderman put a smile on my face[/spoiler]
I remember playing that spiderman game, I stopped playing it because i got stuck in a level where the building was on fire or i had to stop a thief and i got stuck so i quit like a bitch and never picked it up again. The graphics and web slinging was legendary. Also bruce campbell was the narrator or something which was pretty neat.


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I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and I noticed this in the credits.
What a strange last name.


Part two was honestly amazing, It aged well for both the storytelling aspect and the graphics. [spoiler]bit of a plot hole for me but i'm kinda confused by harry seeing his dead father amd urging him to become the goblin but i guess grief can do that to a person?[/spoiler]
3 was cheezy. It wasn't bad much like how adam west batman wasn't bad. It's clear that Sam Raimi really put his all in to keep the movie grounded and tasteful and toby really shined as an actor by the wide range of emotions he expressed i'm honestly kinda shocked that he pulled it off. The harry osborn ark was well done and his team up and death was poetic.
I think if rami did what he originally wanted to do and have the lizard and the vulture maybe things could have been much diffrent and it probably would have grown as a series imstead of ending at 3 but who knows. Overall an underated trilogy and it's kinda sad to see the normalwatermelon addicts kinda lap it up nowadays. I liked doc oc he was a great character and the building fight scene was great.

You rolled the number 973238391 (no dubs or higher)


Same situation with that speedweed guy that pops up in those dumb superhero tv shows

You rolled the number 228198287 (no dubs or higher)


>catnip has stated on twotter that "Speed" is a nickname given to him by his father on the day he was born, while "catnip" is his family name.
Man's got balls for building a career with that name.


Did you guys know that Hitler has his own IMDb page?


Wow that hitler guy is pretty famous


Did anyone watch the (older) version of Battlestar Galactica? It has a few seasons because it got canned for being too expensive but it's really good.


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The first Nightmare on Elm Street is better than I remembered. If you look closely it's actually a story about how adults never take kids or their problems seriously because adults think they know better, simply because they're older. They can't see the world through the eyes of a child.


I like freddies "urban legend" status, also the blur between reality and dreams was done well


File: freddysrevenge.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1642097169871.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 is good as well, even though it's the big-budget Hollywood sequel to the original. It has some great use of practical effects. The characters are fleshed out and have personalities that are revealed through their dialog. I also love the aesthetic of the film, the big family homes, the 1980s high school, the clothing. There's still some stuff in the film that doesn't quite make sense, like [spoiler]how the hell did Jesse get into Ron's bedroom unnoticed? Some people also don't like the fact that Freddy can influence the real world in this film, but he could already do that in the first. In the ending after Nancy pulls him out of the dream he is clearly breaking shid and he also takes her mom with him back into the dream world. It could be argued that Freddy mainly stayed in the dream world because he was immortal there and totally in control, and in this one he lives through the protagonist and uses his body to commit murders. Freddy's industrial nightmare world within the abandoned factory was really cool as well.[/spoiler]
This film is also pretty damn homoerotic. It cannot be denied, there is a whole shidload of gay subtext. The gym coach, the tighty-whities, even Freddy himself could be argued to represent homosexuality in some scenes. The male protagonist, Jesse, is also quite feminine. Not to mention that he literally has the "final girl" role.


File: dreamwarriors.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1642265609060.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The third Nightmare on Elm Street film, Dream Warriors, might be my favorite in the series. Great use of practical effects here and some retro special effects as well. I really liked how evil Freddy is in this one. He is like a cruel puppet master [spoiler]literally[/spoiler] toying with kids through their nightmares. The third film has a flair of fantasy to it which was really cool, sort of nightmarish fantasy. The fantasy theme is evident in some of Freddy's abilities as well, he's like an evil dreamland wizard. The dream scenes were really diverse, some of them pretty scary. The characters were interesting, most of them had well developed personalities and the actors delivered solid performances. I give props to the music as well, there are some nice tunes in this one.
I think Dream Warriors does the best job at blurring the line between reality and dreams, the pace of the film is very fluid. The film is whacky as fuck in a good way but has tell-tale signs of a series going down the drain. In some ways, the writing was very good, like the characters and [spoiler]when Freddy sees Nancy for the first time since the first film, and his sole reaction is uttering "You...", it was very chilling. That single word bears a lot of meaning when you put it in context of the series. It also shows that Freddy still remembers her and clearly holds a grudge, something which adds a lot of scope to his character.[/spoiler] Cultural elements of the time which where popular back then are kinda shoehorned in [spoiler]the D&D nerd, the chick who's a badass punk rocker in her dreams and the somersaulting chick. It all felt very 80s and silly.[/spoiler] Stuff like that never ages well but to be fair, who watches 80s horror films because they've aged well? Stuff like that feels like it's just put in a film for extra cool points and ruins the integrity of it. Kinda felt like a lot of different ideas were mashed together.
Never the less, Dream Warriors is one of the best films in the series and the last good one in my opinion.


File: elmstreet4.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1642284698805.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Alright, the fourth film wasn't as bad as I remembered. Still nowhere near as good as the previous three. It has some cool twists and some gnarly death scenes. I found the main character interesting but mostly the film was just really fucking stupid. Pic related.
The fifth one was even dumber and more often than not a pain to sit through. I didn't really care for any of the characters and drama between them as empty and boring. The ending was dumbfuck retarded. One noticeably bad thing was Freddy's makeup, his face looks like rubber in the fifth film. I don't really have anything good to say about this one, except that I have seen worse.


The sixth Nightmare on Elm Street film does not warrant a post in this bread.


The tone of your post scares me


Having rewatched the movie it turns out either i'm retarded, or it wasnt included in the theater version but there is a scene of a fremen actually riding a big worm, it happens for 5 seconds. (and its near the end of the movie when paul says "desert power" Still a damn good movie overall but i have the lingering feeling that they should have done more for leto's father to make him look like a good guy because without that content from the book, it just feels like he's one of those guys who's playing the good guy just to jerk the fremen off and steal their shid, but thats just a nit-pick. Also i swear i'm sure they never said the word "mentat" once.
I can't honestly believe that a movie like dune can even be made nowadays, clearly a lot of love and care was put into it and i really like that big worm. Something interesting i noticed is how the Sardaukar fought like samurai which is pretty neat.


File: enemy.jpg (62.33 KB, 512x755, 512:755, 1642345639167.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I don't remember that worm riding scene.
>I can't honestly believe that a movie like dune can even be made nowadays
That's Denis Villeneuve for you. The man's a genius. One of the best filmmakers out there. I recommend checking out Enemy, I think it's his best film.


File: DreamDemons.png (Spoiler Image, 267.66 KB, 424x415, 424:415, 1642346722548.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

It was just really shid lol. It was so fucking stupid and some of the death scenes were just straight up retarded. Sometimes it felt more like a lame comedy than a horror film. It also goes into explaining Freddy's backstory and the reason for his supernatural abilities. [spoiler]According to the sixth film Freddy just grew up fucked up and when the townsfolk discover his child murdering, some retarded "dream demons" appear to him and offer him immortality, which Freddy accepts. The dream spirits look like skinny anglerfish with down syndrome, presented in the worst 90s CGI you can imagine. Pic related.[/spoiler] In my opinion the mystery surrounding Freddy is what made him so creepy in the first place and this film strips all that away.


thats the same thing that happened to halloween lol


I've only seen the first of the original series. Are you talking about Rob Zombie's Halloween remakes? I really liked those for what they were.


The original halloween's "thorn trilogy" movies not rob zombie's remake

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