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I've been thinking about this lately, and it is concerning. I have been pondering what I would do if the internet went out for an extended period. The world economic forum made a video on this in January and, that scares me. I don't want to get too political or conspiratorial but, a future cyber outage or attack on the internet feels possible. What would you do if that happened? Also, how do you think we can prepare?


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I once read that Wikipedia users have an unofficial agreement that if the internets will ever be at serious risk of shutting down they're gonna start printing out Wikipedia pages en masse.
I think it would be devastating if the interwebs would go down but really, it's inevitable. Some people say that we're living in a digital dark age, because we store all our information on internet clouds and fragile hard drives. In the future information about our time will be scarce.


Don't really feel like getting political either on this but the whole thing behind this "cyber outage" is a staged way for the government to start enforcing internet passports.
The idea is to make it look like another September 11 attack but while there's no plane and no two towers, it's going to be cyber terrorists shutting off the internet by which the government is going to completely overreact once again and give us another "Patriot Act."
Those internet passports are going to contain every single bit of detail of your information pretty much enforcing KYC over the entire internet, and as such tracking your every movement.
If you want you can take a look at this video:


this scares me, i honestly dont know what i can do to stop this. it already is scary as is with the idea of a "vaccine passport"


There is nothing you can do about the state of the world. I used to scare myself shidless reading about CIA conspiracy theories and Hollywood occult rituals. I stopped because there's nothing I can do about it and I have to accept it. The world is more often than not a dark and scary place. Now I try to think about other stuff.


If someone knows a way to stop this nonsense like a poll to vote (irl or otherwise) i'll fucking do it
normalfags wont fuck my internets again
i'll seriously go to a protest just to show numbers

You rolled the number 947398572 (no dubs or higher)


"hi, i'm from the internet and i've come to talk to you about animu"
>sir, this is a wendys
"i know, but the internet is down i don't know who else to talk to"


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imagine sharing pics of cats irl with people, like printing one out and handing them to someone
"look at this one, he is fat" and just walking away

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You see two guys standing on a streetcorner a couple of weeks after the internets have gone down and they're just trading cat pics.


You went on /pol/ didn't you
Just stop, it's for your own good


You hear police sirens in the distance, Both men flee as they where caught dealing cat paraphernalia which is illegal.

You rolled the number 272247133 (dubs)


The internet is not really a singular <thing>. It is built is more like a road system, so a worldwide internet outage would be similar to every road crumbling to dust at once. The thing that I can envision triggering something like that is the sun going apeshid and frying all of our electronics. This would be much like an outbreak of concrete & asphalt eating bacteria to relate it back to roads somehow

A cyberattack seems far fetched due to how varied all of the computers on the internet are, and the other possibilities i can think of are EMP's from nuclear war or all of the electricity in the world failing, which are likely much larger problems than the internet going out.
I should get some sleep now


thats true though, if we did get fucked somehow besides EMPs it'd only affect parts of the internet and maybe minor dataloss




We're very lucky to have the internet, even though it will probably play a strong part in humanity's downfall. There's so much stuff on here. I can watch films that are nearly 90 years old and listen to music that's just as old. I can play obscure video games that I wouldn't even know existed without the internet. It's pretty amazing once you reflect on it.


What about internet kill switch?


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its easy to draw conclusions based on the nature of the people in power, terror scenarios like a mass cyber attack. but, the bigger likely hood is positive contingency displacing the evil jws in power


yeah, i think it's less about wiping the internet and taking it down then more about actually gaining control and regulating it.


that is much more realistic, i misunderstood desu


Consent for internet regulations could be manufactured through fake cyber attacks.


very true. something scotland did awhile back is hold voting sessions for a bill but invited specific demographics that they'd know would advocate for what they wanted


^ Yeah, I get puzzled why anons are willingly ignorant of harsh realities. They either dismiss it as /pol/ content or cope. It is blatantly deliberate. The internet can spread ideas that the groups that want to regulate the internet don't like.



>The internet can spread ideas that the groups that want to regulate the internet don't like.
I fully believe that there are organizations out there who have people on payroll that actively spread the organizations views through posts on social media or other platforms and discredit rumors.


Yes, there are tons of subversive people/groups who go around and talk smack or shilling for something. The internet is weaker now because they are not called out. So far 22chan has been able to steer clear of subversive people/groups but there may come a day where we have to be strong.


There was one bread on our /pol/ before it got baleeted. It was some shill white hate bread but anons called that faggot out pretty quickly. When the call comes, we will answer.


Subversive actors on /pol/ are easy to spot. The concern I have is anons won't know how to react to dishonest parties when they aren't so obvious. What behavior do you believe is subversive anon?


I noticed on a regular pornsite that often when you mention certain topics like some conspiracy theories you'll very quickly get a reply undermining your post. Sometimes it's low-quality bullshid like "meds" and nothing else. I once mentioned p-gate on /x/ and I immediately got a reply which passively implied how crazy someone would have to be to believe that. I thought that was pretty creepy, as I figured I probably triggered a keyword. I think certain organizations saw the power imageboards have in spreading information, especially anonymous ones, and they are actively working to subdue this power. This is why a regular pornsite is nothing but buzzwords and arguments now, the place is filled with bots and possibly paid posters who shid up the board in an attempt to ruin any serious discussion and newfags who found the place through screencaps on Instagram are dumb enough to take the bait and engage. I don't think it's far-fetched to believe social media is littered with the same problem, people who are paid to undermine certain posts and shill whatever they're paid to shill. The surface web is much more sinister than it seems.

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