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Hello anons, since there is no /tg/ I thought we should have a board game bread here on /b/. I got a copy of Ticket to Ride recently and I have enjoyed playing it. It gets me thinking about all the possible strategies. That game seems to be very popular, so maybe some of you are familiar with it already.
One of my favorite board games is Arkham Horror. I used to play it sometimes with my frens. It's very big and takes a long time, plus it's hard to win (everybody plays on the same team). The turns are eventful and exciting. Some people find the rules to be too complex, but I think they help to keep things from becoming predictable.
Of course, those are two very different kinds of games. I enjoy most of the board games in my collection when I get the chance to play them.
So, what do you like to play? Maybe we can share strategies or tell fun stories. This can double as a tabletop RPG general as well. In particular, let me know if anyone here has played Advanced Squad Leader--I never have, and I'm curious about it.


I remember doing a Risk mod but never got to play it


monopoly is apparantly called the fren destroyer but i honestly always doubted that. it's also fun to play over time instead of a short match. i wish there was a way to automate the money dealing factor or to play it in single player but its fine. also theres fun versions like this https://monopoly.fandom.com/wiki/Socialism_Edition or other dumb stuff based on shows or movies
i have a ton of fun memories of monopoly with family and even making up or own rules like my dad throwing in a rule about blm riots destroying your house


I always wanted to play an old school tabletop game. Wanted to play warhammer 40k mainly because i love the lore but it's way too pricey. 60 bucks for 6 small figures seems like a bad deal too me. Also black library has really cracked down on copyright shid so its hard to illegally read the novels online and they've been removing fan made audiobooks from youtube.


Tabletop simulator is a good alternative


> like my dad throwing in a rule about blm riots destroying your house
I like your dad, Anon.


That's neat. I have only played a little bit of Risk but I like homebrew stuff. Do you have any documents from it? (Double dubs checked)
Lol, I have fun with Monopoly. Games where you can trade are always full of possibilities. Catan is fun if you want something similar with less bookkeeping. Plus it's really popular so a lot of people already know how to play it.
I have never played Warhammer, but I have heard about how expensive it can be. I think that detailed plastic figures are a really cool thing for board games to have, though. I agree about Tabletop Simulator being fun. It's a very good way to try stuff out; I have even heard of game makers prototyping their designs there. I would play that game with 22chan anons given the chance.


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Your turn


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Actually lost it but I remember having the option to cross oceans if you spend one unit and political doctrines which can give you boost


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I prefer small games now it's easier to elaborate rules and carry. It's kinda sad to see big boxes covered by dust but it's difficult to find players who can handle 3+hours.
Sometimes I lurk the variant section of a game on BoardGameGeek to give a second chance to an old or boring game, it saved Zombies!!! from the trash.


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oh shid oh fuck theres a pink one now

You rolled the number 680340972 (no dubs or higher)

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