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in the grand year of this one, the last set of numbers used when writing the date is the same as our board.


This will be the best year, i know it!


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lets all do our part to make this year epic and memorable
twoot should add it to the timeline

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This is so exciting! Are you excited? I AM EXCITED!



Good, let it hit earth. Let humanity burn.


Why is that a good thing,besides it won't only kill humans but also other animals.
[spoiler]And I know how you toxofags love this[/spoiler]


The animals survived once, they could do it again. As for us, let it burn.


may cats repopulate the earth


Most species or even all species would die,considering the dinosaurs one make most species on Earth and that this one is three times as big,well.
Also why you hate humanity, not all people suck.


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Most people do suck and we are the worst thing to ever happen to the Earth. There are so many of us, we will eventually destroy it and our own arrogance will be our demise. Most people you ask will say that they want to help the Earth, yet they continue to use plastic and drive cars that ruin the atmosphere. Because we have conditioned ourselves to live in this suicidal environment of machinery and instant gratification. The majority of us have no choice but to partake because we know nothing else. We don't know how to survive without a grocery store. Animals are dying in hordes because of us. Forests and fields are ploughed down because we require more space. Our trash is floating around in the deepest parts of the ocean. This cannot go on much longer. Everyone knows it but no one will acknowledge it.


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What makes you think like this anon, I just don't know how would you get to this conclusion, also may I know if you like socialacing ?


I don't mind socializing with the right people. What makes me think like this? Just look around you. It's all fucked. We can't eat too much tuna because the sea is so polluted that there's mercury to be found in their flesh. We've fucked the Earth and there is no going back.


That's not true there is many alternatives, lower consume,better tecnologies, space ,etc we decide what type of humans we are.


What other alternatives? Name some. You realize there are 7.9 BILLION people on the planet? How many will we be in a 100 years? 9 billion? Around 385,000 babies are born on our planet every day. That's roughly 140,525,000 babies every year. We're already struggling for room, you think we can manage an extra billion or two? How will we feed these people? Where will they stay? It'll be a fucking apocalyptic shidshow and you're blind if you don't see it.


As I said in my previous post, there are many options for survival.
Not to mention what you say it's simply false ,the available land on Earth could fit around twice the humans, the problem is that it seems very crowded because we tend to group in specific small parts such as cities.

I also wouldn't worry about the resorces ,(with the exceptions of minerals which we can extract from space),as this worry has been since the 1700 with the same ""apocalyptic"" deductions.But in reality as we are more we are able to produce more and to develop technology which can give us more resources.

For me I think space colonization is the way.


I choose to be blind, I'm happier that way. Every time there's something, war, famine, etc...
Life always find a way, with or without us. The earth is not in danger, we are.


What a sad response , you know there is something to make others and you happier but decide to do nothing because it's easier.
I'm not saying everyone should make their life's about a stupid political or philosophical idelogical.But to create ,create and don't destroy what others love and you hate.Create so others can be say this is a race worth saving.

Besides Earth is just a rock without feelings,logic,compassion,or desire but humans have all of that.


I just hate how media makes you believe you are born to bear all the sadness of the world on your shoulders: "look at the sea, the earth, all these starving children, boohoo, etc..." I'm not a god and I have enough work dealing with my own problems. So yes, I enjoy the simple things my life can offer me, and I don't care if half of the world burn in hell. I don't have to pay for other people bad choices. At my scale, I do some things people could call responsibles tho, but it's only for my interests.
What a pleasure to be anonymous, you think I could say that out loud irl? Of course not.


I dare you to yell this out loud in a crowded area


In this post: Anon lacks empathy


Absolutely true, but what's the utility of empathy?


Nothing other than being able to feel it.


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In my modest opinion ,empathy is useful it makes you understand how others feel and therefore why they react that way, and apply it to your own self.For example if you know the pattern of thought of someone with an addiction when you detect you have it yourself you could stop. Not to mention it gives you other points of view
Besides the mentality of "I don't care only I am important ,and my problems are the number one " is a mentally which in my opinion is worst for the individual than the group.

But this is my humble opinion.




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Ha, maybe that's why I don't understand other people. Speaking of which :
>"I don't care only I am important ,and my problems are the number one " is a mentally which in my opinion is worst for the individual than the group.
You don't think that way? How do you think then? How does it work for you?

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Being realistic, we would never have survived for so long as a society if everyone lacked empathy.
As for what anon meant, I think he's saying that we see ourselves in other people. For example, say you see another person stealing something from a store, getting caught and all that jazz. A person with empathy could imagine themselves in that position and think about how uncomfortable that situation would be, so he/she would rightly avoid it. A person without empathy doesn't see that and only thinks what he is and isn't capable of. In some extreme situation, like post-apocalyptic survival, this mindset would be very useful but in reality it just leads to degenerate behavior that will eventually alienate yourself from everyone around you.


Been a good month so far


I am glad this month has been good for you. Hopefully, things will continue to be fun here.

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