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just browsed hotwheels chan for the first time since 2015. the site has gone to comeplete shit. Let's all pray that 22chan doesn't fall to the same fate. everyone type f to pay respects for 8chan.... F


What's hotwheelschan?


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The last mark of death the interracial threads
RIP 8chan


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it's gotten like 4cuck recently thanks to the news media not shutting up about the site. the place is filled to the brim with cuck threads, and blacked threads. ever since fred sold the site to jim and japchannel the whole site has never been any good. fred should of never gave away the site he needs to stop fucking filipino hookers and return to make the site great again. in the meantime i will take refuge here in twootchan.


the site can never recover by normal means, they need to purge the newfags by spamming lolis and others stuff people are afraid of






Most oldfag loliposters and goreposters have already left 4chan.
Rekt threads are almost extinct.
4chinz is doomed

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