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This was one of the only good chans left. I'll miss posting here. I'll miss having 22chan as the first website I visit of the day. I'll miss knowing that I won't be subjected to any faggotry when I view this board. I'll miss knowing the people here think like me. I'll miss this little corner of the internet.
I'll miss you, anon.

Post your goodbyes ITT.


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Every good community I've been a part of has died because of one reason or another. I don't want this to be another victim, but I suppose it has to be this way.
Why is 22chan being shut down at all anyways?


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I think Twoot has either lost interest or is too busy with other ventures to maintain 22chan. He has been absent lately in the past few months, only really popping up when he was directly called upon. I saw it coming but didn't think the chan would be shut down.


Bunch of reasons made me decide this way. I don't want the community to die which is why i am providing livechan as a platform to maybe organize a movement to another new chan if someone decides to. I believe the current moderation team is planning something in the likes but thats up to them. I'm sad to have to come to this decision, but i'm gonna archive all the posts when i shut it down and continue to host the 22chan archive for as long as needed.

Thank you all for making this site what it is now and for helping shape this amazing community


Good luck with whatever you decide to take on next, Twoot. Thanks for the good times.


>I believe the current moderation team is planning something in the likes
Can confirm 100%
Do not lose hope or fuck off to another imageboard, We will be back, although i cannot give a exact date since that would be irresponsible.
Use livechan as a bunker or something and once its ready it'll be shilled. and cross linked on livechan or something of the sorts.


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Thanks for everything, anons. I gave you my best and my worst. Goodbye
Thanks for spending your time, effort and money to keep this site running for so long. Thanks to the mod team as well


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I'll be with you all the way, anon.


Only thing i can say is spread the word to the whole community to bunker down in livechan and it'll have the same rules as 22chan.


What about pinning this bread so regular users will definitely see this post?


Nice trips!
Mods don't have the ability to pin breads, Only twoot. I can make a bread on /b/, though about this subject matter.


Good idea.


It all returns to nothing
It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.


All done


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Honestly, I'm lost without this place. Free of pride or ulterior motives, you guys, all of you, were some of the only people I could stand to interact with on the regular. I know I can say that for me and many others there's going to be a 22chan shaped hole in our hearts going forward. Bless you guys. I know eventually we'll all meet again someplace else. Bye for now.


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Well, just want to say this was the best internet community i ever met. I love you all guys. Live long and prosper.

Last roll

You rolled the number 793722741 (no dubs or higher)


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I discovered this place a few months ago and have to say it was the comfiest imageboard around. Ever.
Thanks a lot and I wish you all good luck for the future!

While I'm a bit sad atm I know from lifelong experience that things are permanently changing and it can be either good or bad. You have to accept it. Maybe something new will emerge, a new chapter.
If not... farewell frens and feel hugged by me.


It's not over yet


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Sending all my power to you folks, keep being awesome!


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godspeed godbye godluck everyone
rip sane :^(

You rolled the number 762321365 (no dubs or higher)


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Yay okay, great! I'll be there. 8)


Don't cry because it's over, cry because it happened


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What the fuck watermelon addicts.
Second time I ever visit this place and you're shutting down?


You should have stopped by more often.


And the staff will bring it back soon so just lurk livechan for now


sorry to hear that
also i joined live chan but it just disconnected idk why it seems you changed the server or maybe it's blocked here ig


Probably had some downtime but its back now.


let's stay frens for longer next time


So what is happening and how will it be resolved and when?


>What's happening
Twoot is shutting down his original 22chan project, And handed over the JSON for posts and other assets while the staff rebuilds 22chan. Livechan will be the platform for the community, and as a place they can branch off, to the new 22chan when it is ready.
>How will it be resolved
Already has been resolved if you mean any arguments between the staff and twoot, whos hosting it, and so on.
It would be inappropriate to place an exact date. The (new) site has been worked on after the day twoot made the announcement. We will have twoot cross link it from livechan when its ready.>>14368


while we're at it, why was my original post about this removed around 10 minutes earlier? And what's stopping you from just using base vichan or any other pre-made imageboard template while you guys work on the new site?


deleted my own post like a retard ignore that
>base vichan
Insecure and easy to hack, like with Unicode Escape Sequences and the like which isn't really the best thing for the community. Securing it also takes time which we dont really have, and we also like twoot's livechan idea.
>why was my post deleted
I could be wrong and in that case that was rude of me, but the mentioning of other imageboards still counts as advertising and there is an imageboard with the exact same name, or it could have been a a regular pornsite refference. We've been getting ads on the board and livechan after the announcement and we'd rather not take risks.


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It was a reference old enough that it can almost post on this website


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hey, i remember when you all posted a real nice intro post on our board https://www.wapchan.org/meta/res/173.html
it's a shame to see this shut down, but i wish the mod team the best of luck with their revival board


Man, this sucks. I just found this community a few weeks ago and now it's shutting down... what the hell man :(


Lurk moar, the staff will revive it soon


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Damn, I discovered this place maybe a year ago and only ever really lurked. This is probably one of a hand full of posts I've ever made to this site in that short time.
The funny thing is the only reason I stopped by was I got a new browser, would've missed it completely.

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