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Q1 of 2019 has ended.

How has 22chan succeded and how has it failed?

Share some memories of 22chan.


So far, so good. You've done a good job maintaining the rules, Twoot. There are some I don't particularly agree with, but I must admit that they are there for good reason. It may sound a little silly, but I'm proud of you.
I have fond memories of Astronaut Man, NationStates, that thing in the make-your-own anime girl thread, preparing for April Fools (even if it never really led to anything), and general discord faggotry. Note to any lurkers on here: join the discord. It greatly increases the 22chan experience. Lots of behind the scenes stuff. Note to any discord faggots reading this: stop fucking around in the discord and post.
/sewers/ is still best board.


All's been good. Nothing really to add.
>stop fucking around in the discord and post
Make me


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Let's play a game.
10 quality threads with obvious effort put into them WILL be created before this time tomorrow. Screenshots of these threads will be posted in this thread for my convenience and so I know their purpose.
Should you fail at this task, I will flood the discord with the top posts of all time from r/4chan, r/greentext, and r/classic4chan.
If I am forcibly removed from the discord, I will aggressively advertise 22chan on 4chan's /b/ and Instagram greentext pages.


>before this time tomorrow
What about timezones you dumb fuck?
Is it a 24-hour thing?
Or will it be fucking 22:30 for you in like 20 mins or something?
This game is probably niggerrigged.


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24 hours.


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Does this match your standards?


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so did he ever do it?


No. Just another larping faggot who doesnt follow through.

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