/b/ - Q1 of 2019 has ended.How has 22chan succeded and how has it failed?Optional:Share some memories of 22chan.

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Q1 of 2019 has ended.

How has 22chan succeded and how has it failed?

Share some memories of 22chan.


So far, so good. You've done a good job maintaining the rules, Twoot. There are some I don't particularly agree with, but I must admit that they are there for good reason. It may sound a little silly, but I'm proud of you.
I have fond memories of Astronaut Man, NationStates, that thing in the make-your-own anime girl thread, preparing for April Fools (even if it never really led to anything), and general discord faggotry. Note to any lurkers on here: join the discord. It greatly increases the 22chan experience. Lots of behind the scenes stuff. Note to any discord faggots reading this: stop fucking around in the discord and post.
/sewers/ is still best board.


All's been good. Nothing really to add.
>stop fucking around in the discord and post
Make me


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Let's play a game.
10 quality threads with obvious effort put into them WILL be created before this time tomorrow. Screenshots of these threads will be posted in this thread for my convenience and so I know their purpose.
Should you fail at this task, I will flood the discord with the top posts of all time from r/4chan, r/greentext, and r/classic4chan.
If I am forcibly removed from the discord, I will aggressively advertise 22chan on 4chan's /b/ and Instagram greentext pages.


>before this time tomorrow
What about timezones you dumb fuck?
Is it a 24-hour thing?
Or will it be fucking 22:30 for you in like 20 mins or something?
This game is probably niggerrigged.


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24 hours.


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Does this match your standards?


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so did he ever do it?


No. Just another larping faggot who doesnt follow through.


it was nice migrating here from wheelschan, that place is going down under as we speak


good to hear that you're enjoying this place anon!


>>1475 This site rules actually stand and don't change to the whims of a small group of people. One way 22chan has failed is the lack of raids due to German laws.

I still remember when this site had thirty visitors a day and it pleases me that there are more users here.


>Lack of raids
Check the 22chan's encyclopaedia dramatica page, youve been missing out a bit


>>1906 That was not in Q1 of this year and is the raid still going on?


>That was not in Q1 of this year
fair enough
>and is the raid still going on?
Even large chans such as 4chan or 8chan don't do raids 24/7.


>>1916 But do you think 4chan would notice at all if we did it weekly?


depends on the board

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