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This is a story i created my self so here we go.

My Experience in this place:

Today i landed in this place through a portal,
the sky is a weird yellow, the sun is very orange, the atmosphere is really humid like a storm is brewing, and the grass is a color of white but the ground is a normal green. I found a structure with food and water, the rain... is diffrent, its not water but acid. I see another structure in the distance and im planning on going over to it tomorrow...



yey yes yes yes yes yesssssss



Tonight Was not... normal, the sky became a red and black color and the moon looked cracked and very red, i heard very tantalizing noises from outside the structure scaring me. When night finaly passes i packed the food that was left over and headed to the building in the distance, when i got there i opened the door i saw more food left in the abandoned building, i even found a telescope! In the distance i saw what appeared to be a humanoid figure, i didnt see what it was so i grabed a telescope. But while i was carrying it i noticed a stickynote on the wall that i didnt see, it said "DO NOT LOOK AT THE FIGURE* painted in blood, this scared me into not doing it. im going to sleep for the next day.


2020* made a mistake lol


today i was going through the journal when i found a empty page now written on whith the words "The exit portal is now open, "good luck" i started running to the way i came from eventualy i came back to the portal and jumped through it coming back to our reality, and head back home, my mom asked me where ive been and i answered that once i finish this journal on my experience i wil read it to you.

im gonna call this story
Why its in japanese is because the protag in this story is japanese and the journal got translated into english. (Not actualy btw but il just add that side bit in)

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