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What are /b/'s thoughts on tge current state of 4ch & 8ch?


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4chan- completely cucked by plebbitors
8chan- soon to be completely cucked by plebbitors
this is the only good chan left


Almost feels like the wild west are coming to end


4chan is cucked nowadays tbh. I sometimes visit /x/ and /pol/.
8chan is kinda better, but I predict it becoming cucked too.


It really does feel like that, this is like the last bastion of imageboard culture, i wonder what will the next internet era look like?


If you think that you are dead wrong, there are tons of altboards. We have to let go of 8ch/4ch. You can never kill the wild west of the internet, you just need to look harder now days for those jems.


>tons of altboards
Yes, but look at the userbase, they are all almost dead, even 22chan gets only 6 posts a day.
If we're taking the wild west metaphor, it's like pointing to some buildings and saying:"Look how many of them are there!", but it doesn't matter since they are all empty.


Yes, but they're only dead because catch22


please elaborate


To be fair, 4chan has became a hellscape of wojaks and pepes, while 8chan is now banned because of the nz shooting. I came here because this chan sounded less fucked than the other chans


No one will use the dead boards because they're dead despite the fact using them would make them not dead


>>1948 was meant for >>1945


cuckchan can be perfectly described as a septic tank with a few nuggets of gold, but the nuggets are getting more tarnished and fewer with each passing day. Haven't been on cripplechan since gamergate so my opinion on that ain't valid.


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To be honest, I didn't browse cuckchan for years. It's been a pain since latest 2015. 8ch was partly alright but with the growing media attention I agree with Anon, it's going to be cucked soon as well.
Good too see this board as an attempt to give us restless roaming oldfags a place we can call home again.


4cuck still had some amount of lulz even in early 2017, but it really is how >>1974 says, there's only a few gems in that heap of trash and there's really no point in digging through that bin since we can just make our own gold here.


i rarely visit 4chan, only to check up on boards occasionally
there are a few gems in that ocean of shit, like a few weeks ago or whatever when mods had some fun with css in a caturday thread, but other than that its worthless trash
the only board which i really still visit once in a while is [s4s]. im not really too big on the "be nice lole" meme but it does have a relatively larger creative output and i have met some cool dudes on there


People on 4cuck seem more bent on assaulting anyone with a different opinion then discussing things with them. It has become a lair of cancer tbh.


that's one thing that turned me off with 4chan is the insane repetition and lack of variety. you create real original content and someone tells you to fuck off. but if you repost the same dumb shit you get hundreds of replies. it's similar on 8chan except the people are even more hostile. at least here its fresh and hasn't turned into an echo chamber.

You rolled the number 65545877 (dubs)


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>at least here its fresh and hasn't turned into an echo chamber.
Like this?


ever since 4chan put up the porn banners i left & had a mad cigarette addiction (pack a day). funny i never needed cigarettes for years


I posted "my name is john" on 4chan /b/ and nobody recognized it. People thought I was being serious.
I posted "waha~" on 8chan /b/ and got called a "weebfag", upon other reddit buzzwords
I posted some anime threads on /b2/ and got banned for "flooding".


all of the popular chans are shit because newfags don't lurk anymore. The fun wild west is over. The oligarchs are centralizing every website under their umbrella. 4chan clones like this bring the worst parts of neo-4chan culture and miss everything that was good.


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Elaborate anon, what would you do differently?

You rolled the number 464247465 (no dubs or higher)


>20 yr old zoomy newfag enters chat
am i a joke to you? i still lurk 22chan and 8chan regularly


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animefags destroyed my favourite board on 4chan. /pol/ is filled with fbi and obese autistic larpers. never really used 8chan.


Hey, dont pin it on all of us. Only normalniggers who watch moeshit post unrelated garbage anime outside of /a/ and /f/.


god damn it.
It's really been a while since i last saw this.


I started to use 4chan right as it went to shit. It's kinda sad seeing something you love die, especially when it goes right after you get attached


4chan is as good as dead


The bigger they get, the worse they get. I'd echo the issue of lurking. The boards look more and more like reddit as time goes on. At least as far as /b/ and /pol/ are concerned.


This chan has a great rule:
1.No normies, no roasties, no redditors, no normalfags / normalfag posts, no orbiters.
if they keep people in check, then 22chan will remain good even if it becomes big


Thats why being on 22chan is a privilege...

Thats why we all should stand together


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Aye,good words tripfriend. Id stand by your side, if the normalfags ever decided to invade this place.
But until then im going to call you a tripfag and get on your nerves.


Bold of you to assume that i can get enangered by our slang.


I Like 4chan still but it's nice to get away from all of it once and a while. I like this chan because it is chill and has a nice atmosphere. As for 8chan I don't really use it all that much.


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honestly, I guess I would be considered a newfag since I joined 4chan in 2015 before the election of 2016 and after that, I felt like the website started to become shit. I've started to give up on finding that perfect utopia of an imageboard website. Msotly has been on wizchan but just browse since its dead. Is this website any better?


Imagine a comfy 2009 4chan.
That's pretty much what 22chan is.


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4chan as a whole is dead, mods basically let shit and spam roll 24/7, gook needs to go and 90% of moderators fired.
8chan is conceptually different, board fragmentation destroys board culture.
7chan is a whole imageboard dedicated to ironic posting.
420chan is useless unless you want to talk about /x/ related stuff.
lainchan is discord trannies playground.
wizchan is incel larping playground.

At least this site has /a/ and /v/ which not much boards have, /r9k/ is not needed. 2chan and 4chan were built to have fun, not to talk about politics or depression.


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> /r9k/ is not needed

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