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Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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Your kinda right
The pizza was around a 8
I threw a lot of good stuff in it, like bacon bits.
More like a glorified sandwitch
And the cooked pbj was a 4
It needed something, but i dont know what would add to the flavor.


Another slow 22chan day
Happy holidays everyone


No stop
Not funny


Just visiting 22chan after not being here for a few months. It's still alive but barely


Then help bring it back to life
Anything you want to talk about?


On this Day in 2009 - All forms of international combat are banned by the UN. From this point on, international disputes are decided by caged death matches between the leaders of conflicting nations.


I never watched star trek before,
So i decided to check it out
5 episodes in and its pretty great


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Apes are very sexy, no wonder niggers have like 10 childs per couple


Why doesnt everyone buy solar panels and put the picture of sun in front of them, wouldnt that solve energy problems?

You rolled the number 734554244 (dubs)


Merry christmas everyone
Merry christmas twoot





Newfag here


If you haven't already,
read the rules and faqs.
Have a comfy time


i've read them and they seem very strict


A bit,
but the mods are slightly lax


Slightly lax
no one has really been banned yet
(let's say you posted a picture of a naked anime girl)
Most likely your picture will get deleted and you will be warned
I guess the main goal is to be clear of cancer, aids and general faggotry like 4chan has
So far so good


that one guy was right, we need more people.


Yeah, but the worst thing you can do is shill


It's supposed to be slow


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I found a nice looking snail just now




I gave him a piece of lettuce


What shall we discuss today?


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Don't want to give PTSD, but what about what has the altchan been doing lately?


which altchan?


You gave me ptsd and im triggered
Just kidding
Ive seen nothing (so far).
Hell (i dont want to jinx it)
But nobody shilled 22chan on 4cuck recently.
Only thing that happened recently is that someone shilled their youtube account here yesterday.


Just any from the altchan


Hmm, well, I'm out of ideas of what to discuss. Though, I'm playing the piano or starting to right now, and trying to continue the alto sax, and have to play the double bass, so what instruments everyone is thinking about playing or is playing right now?


Oh wait, i forgot
They recruted a new imageboard recently.


Just check it, and surprised that they name it that way.


Please dont say anything to them, or that will attract more attention but we just got shilled on 16chan
Guy made a list of imageboards and included us in it. (I also want to ad the fact that he threw in pedo imageboards)
I would love learn to the piano, but i lack the time and space to do it.
Other then that i've just been trying to "catch up" studying, and attempting to be more cultured. Also reading manga, comic books and literature.


Well that sucks, but it's in with pedo imageboards so that's even more concerning, but you're right, we shouldn't say much about it
>Also reading manga, comic books and literature.
Cool! Well, good luck with that studying and being more cultured anon.


i like the rain scent


me too! like when it hits the road, or concrete, i can't explain it


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I liked it especially when I as a 8 year old went out of the house at 7:50 am to go to school and it had rained during the night. So waterdroplets are falling from trees and the bird are chirping because it's the morning. I miss being innocent.


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then u had 2 dodge the worms on the ground on the pavement during recess


lol that and dodgin the snails. They freaked me out.


I'm gonna fly away in my spaceship to track down the aliens that made us and yell at them for doing such a shitty job


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im feeling like a mischievous little nigger


File: A DREAM COME TRUE.jpg (69.3 KB, 640x394, 320:197, 1591405185108.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I've finally reconnected after my sister and we are going to spend some time together for the first time in a few years.

I'm feeling pretty good right now.


uh oh who will he ruse


What jewtube channels do you lads like?


Tom Scott
Blender Guru
CGMatter/Defualt Cube(Same person different channels)


>A jolly Wangcore
Plays mods, mostly half-life ones. He's dumb in a funny way, while also not too shid at games
>bill wurtz
Makes unique music and visuals. Music videos or just "normal" videos
>Internet Historian (and Internet Historian: incognito mode)
He narrates events (like a regular pornsite raids or art theft) animating mostly stock photos. The only one on youtube to make entertaining ads, despite so many people trying
Reviews films, mostly he complains about shidty ones (death note netflix, starwars the new ones, etc). Nice edits and jokes
>James Lee
Animator, he blends it with his acting in an interesting way. Check out "a life without facebook"
>nerd city
Deals with not very interesting (personally) subjects in a very fun way. Complaining about youtube, calling out thots for photoshop usage (when they deny it), calling out bad youtubers, a few videos on how they did merch or instagram
Not much special or new thematic-wise, but he presents and edits that shid very very well. Give him a shot
He either complains about something or narrates something (check out his "there will never be another sponge bob" vid). Once a youtube pooper (still up in his channel)
Reasonable in an unusual way, like for example he doesn't tell you to "subscribe" at the end of every video because he says that he believes that if someone likes his videos then he can figure out on his own to subscribe
Seems obvious, and yet so many youtubers don't get it
His narrating videos are nice, and his background music choices are top notch
>casually explained
If you enjoy his sense of humor he's nice
Makes videos about stuff


does anyone know any nice animal related youtube channels?


I have nothing to post :(
When I first came to 4chinz /b/ in 2007, I had a lot of fun and I liked it for cool stuff like >>8339
But now that place is a hell-hole
This board is nice, but it is slow
What is a boy to do?


Here's what you do :
Figure out what boards you like, based on what you know about the subject matter, and if you don't know anything about say, /pol/ cut it out and don't post there. post on the boards you know about and can contribute to. even if you can't post art you made on /i/, you can still talk about it, or anything else creative.
Next ask yourself "what do i know?" and "what can i do?"
If you've had a long history on a regular pornsite, don't be afraid to discuss it! bring up any threads you've posted on, tell stories, repost cool threads or links, that type of stuff.
Anything you've done or experienced, childhood stories or new stuff. discuss vidya you've played in the past or recently (the same goes with mango, comics, animu and such)
Read all the existing threads on the boards you like, and trudge through the archives.
Go through all the posts in livechan, discuss the content posted in there, (and you can also discuss thread ideas there). if you have ideas, suggestions or found bugs, bring it up in /sg/.
Check out the clock, twoot's site, twoot's blog, read the faqs, and understand the rules. Don't report posts for reasons unrelated to the rules, don't tell other people that you reported them. if you have to elaborate, then do so, but accusimg people never works unless you have exact proof. for instance, this guy wanted us to raid yourworldoftext, but he didnt say it. he just posted the link in several threads and made 3 or 4 threads begging for people to "check it out" and if you went to the site, it was getting raided
so i explained the situation and the guy got b&. but you can also contact the mods via email, livechan and if all else fails discuck. also if there's an absolute shid thread, it goes on trash. make a list of all the treads you want to post on, and post on them one by one.
And if you want to keep 22chan comfy, it starts with you, don't act like a faggot unless for whatever justified reason you have to.
Anyway, at least that's what i do, and it helps me to brainstorm so i figured it might help you too. good luck fren.


tldr :
post moar, lurk moar to find stuff, discuss the stuff you like or hobbies you have, and
stay comfy.
doesn't matter if your a newfag or senpai, (on 22chan or otherwise) or a normalfag (thats lurking and doesn't post normalfag stuff), just don't breaig teh rulez

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