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Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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yeah, i wish. ever since i was 14 i never can get a lick of sleep. before i used to sneak one Benadryl every night before i went to sleep and that did help, but after thinking it over i'm not sure if it's healthy for my livers.


i dont must nothing


Me neither, anon.


Lolwut, Anon?




You have cracked the code and revealed the meaning of life


You have cracked the code and revealed the meaning of life


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Wooden dice !


ur mum


I have become consistent with my posting on 22chan. Now I need to make a strategy to maximize my posts here. Maybe I could make a folder tracking my own posts.


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Being anonymous is becoming more and more of a religon for me.

You rolled the number 107747811 (dubs)


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Check 'em, anyhow it's becoming more and more of an obsession and i pray that the unironic cult of anons will come to fruition here, but i'm unsure how i can get people interested since more and more people nowadays are so interested in "identity". But i still have hope, since i remember the old bread mentioning how anons are the backbone of the site, and at least some people seem to discourage non-anons nowadays.


I've noticed an influx of posts on 22chan and that is only a good way.


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hope you guys don't mind if I post mine


Yeah Satan, that is pretty nice. I wonder if it'll keep going up?


Where did he go


It depends on if the 22chan userbase wants it enough. If currents trends remain the same I feel we could have a very comfy and active site which is unheard of. I hope 22chan is able to pull that off.


I'll do my part!



I have made the biggest ass of myself in front of everyone


what happened?


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Idk if this is just me but not having anything of value to say here has been a problem for me on this site, it always seems I'm either not smart enough or aren't into the specific thing a breads about

Ive made a few breads that have been pretty successful but they don't really stick around long enough for long term discussion

At any rate here's a picture of my cat, also howdy twoot


nice cat


yeah it doesnt really matter if your stupid or whatever, i'm quite the retard too. just as long as the bread isn't like "lol i tak him to tha bar" it should be fine, like something that can start a conversation or whatever.


bees made their way inside my house today, (30 or so?) good thing i left my livingroom light on. they all got attracted to the light and stayed in a single area, i still have no real clue how they got in, no holes in the wall. or in the roof, it seems like they somehow crawled through, well i'm not sure what its called. it's this wood thing that connects the celing and the wall. well behind that wood thingy.


i just sucked them up in the vacuum cleaner and they choked on the dust that i didnt bother to clean instead of doing something stupid like swatting at those bastards


HUGE swarm outside, good thing that whole event is over and now they are gone.


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Got myself some blueberry muffins and multiple flavors of chips from the UK.
They all tasted like shid.


did the uk blueberry muffin have diffrent ingredients or was it just stale


It was like eating wet bread and the blueberries weren't even blue anymore.
The worse part were the chips, even my Eastern European spoiled chips are far more superior than "salt and vinegar" flavored chips and other goofy names these fuckers use for branding.


Did you have your loicence for your rooty tooty fresh and fruty biscuts and your potato crisps? Maybe that's why it didn't taste so good m8?


Oh fuck, I must've forgotten about it when I got the shopping loicense and the permit to carry a spoon while at the restaurant. Silly me.


right allright, thats it, i'll be 'avin you in for the noight then.


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Do you think that to create a /out/ general bread could be a good idea ?


sounds good


What can you even do outside?


eat fruit
pet animols
enjoy the presence of the sun


i cant breeve


in da forest no homies ken hear yo ass breeve


toilet water


bought myself 2 bags of Lay's with cheese and ham, now my stomach is starting to hurt
thanks western society


your welcome
your stomache probably hurts because you forgot to down it with a coka cola™


I thought heineken was a good alternative
it was not. and now I feel like a balloon full with nails


thats what you get for drinking beer, drink pure ethanol like a man


holy shid I've just slept 15 hours today and I'm still tired


That's what happends when you oversleep


I got bullied in my dream with 2 girls making fun of my muscles' size. Why are dreams so evil?


>Does anyone know a good book to read about the history of trains?
the fuck you think this is? monochan!?!
seriosly is it?
even 4 yez, odd 4 no

You rolled the number 289652078 (no dubs or higher)


maybe your brain is telling you to get /fit/

You rolled the number 953874788 (dubs)


I sometimes feel like I could do more to be fit myself. Maybe you should keep working hard.

You rolled the number 531887198 (no dubs or higher)

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