/b/ - I took on a photography job over the weekend. I guess that got me out of the house and doing something.

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I took on a photography job over the weekend. I guess that got me out of the house and doing something.


i havent done jack shit man.
Just work and more work.
I wish i had more free time for my hobbies.


What kind of work?


I stayed awake for 40 hours, that's the first time in my life to not sleep for 2 days.


I masturbated


manual labor


also, check these fucking double dubs


What kind of manual labor?


Because diggin holes fucking rocks


I woke up still drunk rode my bike around town and shouting obscenities and chasing geese.


That sounds like a good day


Post some pics pls.


Did some diy electrical work yesterday, just replacing a light switch. Waiting to see if my house burns down.


Coincidentally I slept 13 hours today, personal record


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lole, 19 here


Well that must've been fun


jeez anon thats a lot of sleep


It was for a wedding.
Granted you will even see this reply since it's literally been about two months now since I've been in this thread.


We're all still here, anon.
i'm this guy here >>2273 , also from 2 months ago


Haha, nice. That's good though. This place still seems rather comfy as I don't have the time to really spare to sit on here every single day. How's things been with you? Anything else interesting going on lately? Still busy with work?


Completely the opposite my man, been chilling and doing nothing for about a month.
During my free time i've continued on learning how to draw and other relaxing things.
Also yes, this is one of the comfiest chans out there.


I'd like to get back into art myself. I've been personally interested in painting and finding a nice spot to set up a canvas on a nice day. But this Summer has been ridiculously hot and the days it's not too hot it has to rain. So I've barely been able to really enjoy it.

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