/b/ - What do you fellas think of changing the default Anonymous to something else?Anonymous is overused and kinda normalfaggy.

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What do you fellas think of changing the default Anonymous to something else?
Anonymous is overused and kinda normalfaggy.


maybe a random name every post
we suggest, like banners


Very nice idea, do you have any ideas? Ofc if someone sets a custom name, it will be chosen.


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It should remain Anonymous, that's the way it's supposed to be.
Normalniggers love using names to give their posts extra artificial weight/importance.
Namefagging/tripfagging is only valid either when making oc(artists) or an OP of a thread needs to be differentiated from the rest i.e. asking and answering questions etc.


How about Incognito? Or some stupid name that no one could like, like xXxC00lKiddie69xXx


no not yet


And you would enjoy posting on a website under that name everytime?
In my opinion only plebbit normalfaggots would like posting under such a "le ironic maymay" name. That was one of the reasons 4chan went to shit: the "im such an ironic edgy memer" kind of people arrived in large numbers, normalfaggots acting like retards just because it's "ironic".
And i feel like these kinds of names would encourage normalfag audience to post more on this site. And that kinda beats the point of 22chan being the cancer (plebbit)-free alternative to 4chan.
No that would make every thread look disorganized and chaotic, since the name amount is limited. Also,see my response to >>2327.
Why is such a new feature even being proposed?
Is 22chan suddenly having an identity crisis and suddenly needs things to differentiate from other chans?
Let the community shape this chans identity, not some dumb features which nobody asked for.


I dont know, is TWOOTFAULT.EXE

And because in YE OLDE FORCHAN several people used names and trips


>There was a point in halfchans history when people liked tripfags
For some reason i dont remember such a thing, its almost as if there never was a time like that.
Just because tripfags and namefags were more prevalent back then, doesnt mean they were liked more.


fuck i misunderstood it as that everyone will be forced to have a custom name,sorry.
also, this >>2329


Well i just had the idea bcause of this thread >>2319


>Being anonymous is good but when it comes to actual conversation, having some kind of alias is usually good to know who you're talking to and all
"With identity the decisions revolves around WHO is saying what, and not WHAT they're saying."
That's why anonymous imageboards exist, to be anonymous. So the identity of the poster doesn't influence neither the post nor the response to it.


continuing from >>2334
that namefag "The Loli Co tm llc .incorperated" is literally asking for compulsory namefagging. He's not asking for the default "anonymous" to be changed to some different default name. So, >>2326 is a valid response to that thread.


Ok, thread closed, idea discarded

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