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How's everyone holding up? I hope everyone's in a good mental state.


Recently noticed that one of my friends only exits in my head, other than that im good.


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Not too good.
The only thing that keeps me going is my autistic fetish for cute anime girls with guns.


They don't even need to put bugs in the walls anymore, you carry them around with you




It could be better I guess I'm graduating in a couple days and after that going for a job trainig program for speds like me. I just really want to get my drivers licence as well.


I am hunting down my weaknesses to annihilate them one by one. [spoiler]also taking a fat watery shit[/spoiler]






Ants with no pants doin some bants, while doing a dance with Lance Vance and listening to techno trance with a downtown stance.


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spent the entire day listening to boyfriend asmr 'cause i'm sad and lonely. other than that i'm a-okay.


I feel lonely too



I'm trying to take action on my mental state. I think I'm going to suck things up and seek professional help. But I have finally decided to quit smoking marijuana and loosen my grip with pornography to start things off.


Doing pretty good, other than one IRL friend who is being rude to me last week.


I have issues but I'm not planning on doing anything about it, because I don't know what to do. In the meantime I'm trying to find something to do that makes me happy hoping that will solve instantly all my problems
Start a lonely club where you can be lonely together


Shhh! They are listening...


>Start a lonely club where you can be lonely together
[spoiler]you are already here,anon[/spoiler]


Yeah, I also know the pain and suffering of being alone. I only have one IRL friend but me and him both are NEETs without our licenses so we can't ever meet up to hang out.

This is true. I don't know what I'd do without having places like this online.


life is shit at times.


I've been in a really good mood lately!
>get worried that friends don't like me
>think that they only talk to me because I've known them for so long and they only tolerate me
>friend texts me
>We should hang out some time, text me when you're available
>regain confidence in self and know that there are people that care for me out there
To everyone here that feels lonely or sad, remember that there are people out there that care for you.


I'm happy for you! I too sometimes feel like I'm more of a weight for my friends and they actually don't enjoy my company, so I get how it feels when you get positive feedback


Went and made an appointment to see a psychologist, did I make a mistake?


that's a pretty good step,anon.

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