/b/ - And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.I want for you to participate actively!Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.

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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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I mean DRIVING dammit
Oh, he just flew away lol


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What shall we discuss today, anons?


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Decarboxylation of thc-a in olive oil, what is the best between:
120°C for 1hour or 200°C for 30minutes?


w h a t are you even talking about


Are you trying to make Zyklon B?


As far as i can tell, anon is trying to make weed brownies.
Anyways, it took a YEAR but i got my ham radio.
Hand held to be exact, Baofeing UV-5R. Also got myself a better antenna to replace the old "rubber duck" one "Nagoya NA-771"
I manually programmed some things, and others, i used the chirp software and being a newfag, i'm still tuning it and learning as much as i can
Not much use for my hand heald where i live, only one repeater in the local area, and it's generally older gentlemen. They are members of the radio club, and are active around six o' clock untill 7. Generally uninteresting conversation, untill they started talking about historical accuracy in movies, and ham radio's used properly in movies.


how do we keep conversations rolling
I guess just keep making new threads


- we find a topic to discuss


Basically, yeah, we need either new threads or at least new posts to talk about


I didn't know a punisher movie existed, and i found a movie that was made around 2004 and i must say that i love it
Felt like a western movie set in the modern day, and the actor looked and acted just like frank castle
What movie have you guys watched recently?


I've caught Men in Black 3 on TV a week ago. It was nonsensical, even among other stories with time travel. I hate stories with time travel.


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Yup, and i found this


I guess time travel is a overused trope
Seen it a lot recently
Interstellar did well, but other movies seem to misuse the concept
Do you think its used for nostalga?


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News from trannychan:
BO tries to move a select few users to another chan but gets exposed. Now he purges anything related to that archive. its absolutely hilarious. I recommend you try it tbh.


I'm sorry. I dont know anything your talking about
Is this related to the altchan thing?


i wish i lived in an agriculture


Confirmed cases: 154k
Suspected cases: 79k
Cured: 269
Deaths: 24k



Is this related to the wuhan virus?


yep Tencent leaked the apparent real numbers.


Thanks fren!
And everyone else, remember
Hand sanitizer with 67% or more alchohol
Soap and hot water
That kills the virus


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Ohh if this is what i think it is,


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for once a meme that's actually funny


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Who's this "Anything" and why i should spend my time talkig about him?




He's not a guy he's like a giant balloon which contains all other balloons and people and stuff
If you talk about something you're also talking about that balloon because the thing you're talking about is inside of that balloon, 100%
That balloon is so incredibly big it contains itself
So you're free like a bird in picking what to talk about! You can make your own constrains inside of the balloon or travel through space and time in search of the journey itself, that is nothing


So this anything is like, all people in the world?
That means he's a faggot, and a nigger, and a jew. Fuck anything, how do I kill him?


>Fuck anything, how do I kill him?
Well.... You have the answer in your post
>So this anything is like, all people in the world?
[spoiler]You're anything too, anon[/spoiler]


So i went to a Prepper thing today about Bugout bags and and i learned something interesting
why carry a huge Tactical Backpack and stick out like a sore thumb, when you can fit everything into a good sized regular backpack and blend in
why have they not talked about this on 4chan's /k/?


because they want to carry literally fucking everything with them.
tacticool 2 extra pairs of boots, lead blanket for thermonuclear protection, 3000 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo and a month's supply of tibetan army food rations


touhoufags are faggots lelelelelelel when do i get my ban


thanks for the informative post


>implying he's gonna get banned for not liking touhou
shitty b8 m8


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i gotta say that stuff like this is pretty cool


For anyone who doesn't know, ED is back!


Well, how are you lads doing this fine day?


Ok I guess. Not much going on
What about you?|


Seems like a dead thread (and board) but I just wanna ask how do I evade a 4chan ban? I got perma banned for something I didn't do and now I don't know how to get out of this situation. Help me anons! :(


leave that burning trainwreck, unless you got some master plan to MAEK FOURCHON GREET AGIAN.


lurk moar


resetting your ip works for me, and also argueing to the mods. but if anything you can stay here
depends how you got banned, and what device your using


the boards isn't dead (at least not yet)


Yeah I guess I can ask my ISP for a new IP and I've been trying to tell the mods that what I posted was completely innocuous. The mods there are fucking retarded anyways. I guess I can stay here for now but the amount of rules are pretty daunting. Thanks anyways..


what's the ban duration anyways?


Oh it's permanent. But like I said before I did nothing wrong and the mods banned me and have refused to hear me out in my appeals.


well that sucks. did resetting your ip work?


you could try nagging the 4cuck mods over IRC

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