/b/ - And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.I want for you to participate actively!Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.

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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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preach brother


I don't know what this is or where exactly it should go but I do know it needs to go somewhere


has civvie ever done a face reveal?




i've been watching a interesting tv series called homecoming, its about military vets getting treated for ptsd in a creepy civilian transitional support center. i didnt know it at the time but i guess its based after a podcast. does anyone like podcasts?


i listen to some podcasts every once in a while, but nothing really specific




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There you go, i helped you out :)


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What is your favorite type of cat? My favorite type of cat is calicos because I find them very frenly and they have great personalities.


How many cats do you own?
>What is your favorite type of cat?
Maine coon. Hardy, fluffy cats. also i met a frenly coon named jeff at a yard sale who "had to say hi and kiss his new frens" which i found cute.


>does anyone like podcasts?
There was this one called "hardecore history", and another i mentioned before called " the nosleep podcast"
yeah i know, >plebbit
it was REALLY good, but it went to hell. creepypastas, do still like 'em.


I used to have a calico, but she wasn't very sociable, my favourite was a regular bicolor (mostly white) cat, she always liked being around people. I also like maine coons, same as >>8308


Do you have any clue why your calico was very shy? Did you adopt it later in its life or was it just naturally that way? Are Maine coons really as big as they look in the photos?


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Oh yes, maine coons grow HUGE.


Are the main aspects of a cat that you like still present with Maine coons? To me, without experiencing bigger cats smaller cats appeal more because I love how they are full of energy and peppy while being such small creatures that is a reason they are cute to me. The difficult parts of having a cat (which is small in comparison to the good parts) would be amplified you would have to watch your step ever more and make sure your cat doesn't run out. What are your thoughts on Maine coons in comparison to smaller cats?


No idea, she was brought as a kitten right to my doorstep by a stray cat who I was feeding, very soon after that the stray calico brought another bicolor ginger kitten, but he unfortunately passed away due to health reasons.
Maybe she wasn't as sociable because of her upbringing as a feral cat, although her mother was very sociable and really liked being around people.


I am confused on what you are trying to say. Did the calico or the coon die? Were all the cats different breeds? I suppose they came from the same cat settlement do you know if that is true? Did any of the cats live with you?


There seems to be some confusion here. These are my posts >>8311 >>8338
I never had a maine coon, I just said I like that breed. The ginger kitten, which was brought by the stray mother-cat calico, died due to health reasons, but his calico sibling grew up and was overall shy, unlike it's mother. Yes, those cats lived with my family. I do not know about "cat settlements," and I don't know where exactly those cats came from in the first place, and I do not know what exact breed they all were though.


I'm obsessed with using heavy blankets when i go to sleep every night, and i bought a nice, pricey one with glass beads. Anyway, i did a bit of research to try to figure out to see if this obsession is normal and it turns out people who need this type of thing have autism.
Who would have guessed lol.


How many 1ccs do u got


implying nobody has gotten this far into 2hu


I disagree I think old dolls are really cool. I'd own some if I had the space haha



What browser do you use for this website?
Mine is surf.


I use the Brave browser because I like the layout of the browser and I also like that I can donate to Twoot with Brave rewards.


fucking my graphics card
maybe its the PCI slot


what? does that mean you are seeing 4k hd 22chan lol


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My cat is currently sick and has fleas. It is sad because it is probably hard for her to deal with it. She has less energy than a cat should have and the fleas are probably very irritating.


Hearing this news has indeed, made my cat cry.


Well that sucks, did you give it the medicine it needs? Hopes it gets better!


sad, best wishes to catto


The cat has visited the vet and has been prescribed medicines. It should be a hard few days but she should be fine. It is just a difficult time that my cat has to deal with.


Poor babe, I wish her the best. Make sure to give her lots of treats and pets to help her through it.


She is doing better now, fortunately. I am glad it was only a few bad days or so for the catto.


Is there any small problem that gets to you? Today I discovered that my comfy shirt had a bunch of small holes. The issue of losing the shirt is that I do not have many shirts. I can still wear my shirt around the house but it isn't the same.


Same, all my clothe has holes in them for some reason.
personally my issue is constantly being swamped with chores, and other issues and i never have the chance to get job related stuff done


This is the first time that holes have formed in one of my shirts. It definitely has been worn a lot but the holes were in places I didn't expect. Do you procrastinate at all? Having a lot of work can frustrate me and make me procrastinate.


being interrupted doing something to go to dinner. A classic
having a cold so I can't feel the taste of the tea I'm drinking
when you eat chocolate, and accidentally eat one piece too much so now instead of being satisfied with your tasty chocolate snack you feel a little sick which kinda defeats the pleasure of eating chocolate
opening the window is required to have fresh air in my room, because it faces south and gets quite a bit of sun. However on the street there is always this constant noise of the street, and when I listen to anything, whether music/videos/vidya I hate noise because it requires me to get the volume higher (which sometimes leads to slight head-aches) and I still hear it worse than before. Which creates a dilemma where I have too choose
sleeping positions are all fucking uncomfortable. If I try sleeping on the side I squish my balls between my legs which is uncomfortable. If I sleep on my back the pillow becomes annoying more than helpful, and if I put it aside it's giant and uncomfortable. Any other position doesn't work
I still fucking have the high-school fear over my parents overlooking how I'm not studying in the current moment. Like ffs I'm not 16 anymore
When I wash my hands 16 times a day and the towel gets wet and it's no longer good to dry your hands. To prevent this you can attempt to get most water off your hands beforehand by shaking them over the sink, but that's a lot of effort plus it takes 15 extra seconds no matter how hard you shake
When the towel for whatever reason gets dirty. How does that happen?
When people speak to me, ever
When I speak to people and the words out of my mouth aren't up to the standards I wish they would be. This sometimes becomes a major issue though
When I type a reply to somebody on an imageboard or elsewhere only to delete it and not send it, then repeat the process a few times
When bugs are in my food. I can spend hours checking for them. You see, my dad has a vegetable garden, and doesn't spray it with anti-bug stuff for the sake of our healthiness, but that applies to the healthiness of bugs as well
When food is partially ruined. As above, I have to check it potentially for hours for small rotten bits or mold
Bugs in general are annoying as fuck. Mosquitoes at night. Flies during day. The bugs that put larvae in your rice. The bugs that eat your clothes. The ones that just fly around in an annoying way
When I go to bed too early so instead my mind wakes up even more (and I kinda felt sleepy when attempting to go to bed)
When I have to pick what to wear. I hate fucking clothes
How anything that gets in the kitchen becomes instantly dirty and filthy, and I'm forced to go there with my notebook in the evenings
When in the dark bugs fly towards my computer screen
When anybody enters my room, ever
When my parents argue. When anybody argues, ever
When I get into arguments
When I have to approach strangers
When I feel uncomfortable around people I kinda know, especially girls
When I lie, on purpose or accidentally
When there's a socially uncomfortable scene in a movie/animu and I have to calm myself down and force myself watching
When I find myself in the situation of being the ignorant trend-following sheep who can't think on its own
When in a movie/animu after a while I find myself rooting for the main character who wants to kill himself. Like empathetically, not because I hate him, but because I identify with him. This is arguably a little bigger than small though
When I'm enthusiastic about stupid stuff in my imagination which makes no sense
When I start imagining things like being a fucking youtuber and talk to myself for at least half an hour

Next it's stuff about shidting/pissing/cumming, so I thought I'd separate it so that people who find it gross can ignore it:
When you wipe your ass dozens of times to the point were it leaves small blood marks. I'm not kidding. There's too much rubbing going on I guess. However that of course is just the first inconvenience, cause afterwards you have a good chance of clogging the toilet
When I piss, and after that my dick pisses out a drop of pee in underwear. This makes me want to control the amount of pee left in my large hadron collider which is impossible and annoying
When I cum, and after a while when in bed another small drop of cum comes out and I have to get up and wash my dick. Sometimes my underwear just gets dirty without me noticing though which is only worse
When I smell like shid
When I pee in public bathrooms, but I can't pee because I feel the presence of other people
When in vacation at the sea I just can't pee at all in the morning for some reason
When my underwear gets up my ass. This doesn't happen often anymore though, thanks to better decision over what to wear
When I take a shid and water gets everywhere on my ass. It especially sucks if you have already pissed
When I have to piss and shid more than five times a day


Wow, that was a lot to take in. I'll address what I find most interesting.
>being interrupted doing something to go to dinner. A classic
This annoyed me to no end while I was in high school. After returning from dinner it would take ages to get back in the grove. Towards the end of high school I stopped trying to do work when I know work was imminent.
>I still fucking have the high-school fear over my parents overlooking how I'm not studying in the current moment. Like ffs I'm not 16 anymore
My parents (my mom particularly) still walk into my room because I have my door open and they have to do some chore where the equipment is in my room. My mom also walks in my room because she has a goal for doing a certain amount of steps in a day on her pedometer. In regards to doing schoolwork I like doing it on my laptop nowadays because my parents can't snoop as easy as on a desktop.
>When people speak to me, ever
That is painful because they expect you to carry the conversation.
>When I type a reply to somebody on an imageboard or elsewhere only to delete it and not send it, then repeat the process a few times
It takes me a while to reply to posts because I don't want to sound like a total retard so I have reread the message I am going to send many times.
>Bugs in general
Some mosquitos like to eat on my skin when I try to do night walks. It ruins the whole experience and I have to go inside soon after.
>When I get into arguments
Arguments are so tiresome both people are trying to find a way of saying I gotcha.
>When I have to approach strangers
Doing that is painful because oftentimes the strangers do not give room for you to be comfortable.
>When I pee in public bathrooms, but I can't pee because I feel the presence of other people
I can only pee in the stalls in public because it always seems like people like looking at something they don't get to see every day.
>When I take a shid and water gets everywhere on my ass. It especially sucks if you have already pissed
It is very perplexing to me how that happens.


It's nice to not feel alone in these things, thanks anon
Well, I guess at least these little struggles can help us keep in mind that we aren't all that different in the end


These little struggles are very annoying to us based on what we have to say. Do you think these small problems compound into a big problem?


Recently I've started to watch criminal investigations, interrogations and death sentence hearings, for some reason I really enjoy them.


>Do you think these small problems compound into a big problem?
If they pile up and become unbearable, then certainly so. But that doesn't always happen, I hope


I can relate with many things that you said, anon.


Isn't that what brings us here?


Does the thought process of the criminals intrigue you?


Hard to say. It's certainly also cool to look in to, but I like those videos because it's like a real life detective drama. Especially great as background noise for doing other things.


Remilia is fucking sexy

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