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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Fallout 5 trailer is out https://youtube.com/watch?v=wRWXDX9FMQo
Please don't forsake me todd


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Havent seen you in a while!


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Ayy, you give me an idea. If we all changes our name (anonymous) for something else? It will look like a private joke, and if everyone does this, we could detect any newfags who keep using Anonymous. But it must be a collective work, hard but possible.
Any ideas of a name for us all?


did you see it


i did


This is good


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A new challenger approaches


Did Eurononymous see the thing though?


Eurononymous was an attention whoring faggot and Varg did nothing wrong


Varg also made some cool videos. Who can hate that?


i miss varg desu


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I did, at first I thought this would stay inside of /b/. But it seems to spread well, if twoot is cool with that, we could also give a name to our fictional country, our flag, religion and deities
( like unitinu, gegistan, longcat and the evil tacgnol)


It is war.


Never heard of varg before, What are his videos about?


Varg is a Norwegian Black Metal musician. He was part of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. It was incredibly autistic. Events ranging from church burnings to the death of Euronymous. On the ThuleanPerspective (Varg's channel) he made numerous videos about how killing Euronymous was in self-defense. He hasn't made any videos since he was b& off youtube but his videos are archived on Bitchute and he still has a blog also named ThuleanPerspective. The subjects of his videos ranged from nature/survival to White genocide. Oh yeah, he also lives in France with some French girl which he had kids with and he went to jail for some time.


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A long time ago, on the Chan planet, Anonymouses where lost in the ruins of the ancient civilization of the four leaves. Twoot saw this and said : "Das ist nicht gut" , by his all mighty power he created the vast and fertile lands of 22chan, except /sewers/ who is a floating island of waste and crystalized chaos induced by a long forgotten gator-faced egyptian god, Sobek. He saw that it was good. He then proceeded to leave his pantheon to become mortal, basically The Überjesusch : twoot undercover. With his apostles RobotManiac, fish, lolicatgirl, lcg, 4 Kun, Steve, somebois, gah, MSGraf, Euronymous and Anonymous (sorry if i forgot someone), they stuffed the lands, wrote the other rules, made slogans and banners. They saw that it was good. Some stayed and others left. Then Euronymous came back from the graveyard with a mystical power word from the ancient civilization, a corruption of lole. Without knowing what he handled, he spread what we will call later the wave of CAT, the first autistic army of 22chan. Before it was too late, gah the Norwegian male supermodel ask Louis Cachet aka Varg to kill Euronymous before he start a marxists ethnostate revolution. For the CAT, he died as a martyr, and this is why we celebrate now every 22 of February by calling ourselves CAT for a day.


Deep lore


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See you tomorrow then


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This is propaganda, every day is CAT day


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Follow the money


How often do you get sidetracked? Does this happen easily for you? I get sidetracked all the time over stupid things. I also get sidetracked by family members saying stuff to me as well as my cat wanting to be petted.


How can you be sure that you aren't sidetracked right now?


Well, you are accomplishing what you want to be done. When you are sidetracked you want to get something done but, you don't remember what exactly was what you wanted to do.


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I used to dwell at the bottom of the surface internet very often. I dwelled there becaiuse I was a bored kid and I didn't have much of a choice. it was a hobby of mine to see what crazy, fucked up Chans could slip thought the schools web filter. Of all the ones that were blocked, amazingly a lot of the far-right ones slipped through. I was able to make it to dreamchan, but I don't like talking about it because people don't seem to get it and end up posting bullshid that escapes the proposed scope of their cozy little hole.

But it used to be a lot of fun, and now I don't do it as much or as often. I'm back here in this part of the internet again I guess out of longing for my internet habits from a few years ago. I'm in college now, there's no resticted internet so my habits consist of more masturbatory scrolling then any real digging and reading. I scroll through twotter, plebbit, facebook, and I realize I hate all of it. I hate the modern world. Chans are so cozy, even if I would actively in my own life avoid the people the post here like the plague. I miss seeing huge blocks of text about how to start a business written from a brony nazi. I miss seeing the sheer amount of thought put into something that could just disappear right of the board, or get lost in the bread, no bumped till it's deep, deep in the board. I remember once seeing a bread where the guy broke down fan fictions as he was reading it, reviewing it and talking about the literary devices used, the motivations of the characters. All that jazz. I copied and pasted the bread into google docs out of curiosity to see how many words it had.

The man had typed out a fucking NOVEL. 120,000 words he had written about a fucking fanfiction, and he wasn't even halfway through with it.

Theres something really charming about these spaces on the internet. When I come here I love thinking about how intelligent a lot of the folks on here are, because a lot of them are indeed very intelligent. These places on the internet seem to be where both above average IQ and medium to high functioning artists come to spam their bullshid, and often times a lot of the people don't even seem fucking autistic, they just seem a little bit goofy. Which aint bad.

I don't know what I'm getting at, I suppose I just miss dwelling at this level of internet. The rest of the internet makes me wanna fucking shoot something, so I guess I should purge myself of it and reside down here.

Love you guys.


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Welcome back anonymous fren, here is a cookie for you


cheers lad


Why is Red trying to flex when we all known that his taken a very kawaii shet in his pants?


wasnt he a ghost or something like that in pokemon heart gold?


Tesla's pretty cool, some might say he's a scitzo but he was a bit too, i guess you can say ahead of his time. Apparantly he was supposed to get a nobel prize but it never was awarded to him. He actually was the first to say that atoms function like orbiting planets, and that light is a bunch of particles like a stream, way before Einstein. He also had some weird connection to trump. A few days after tesla died his possessions were seized by officials from the government office of alien property. About 3 weeks after that, all of tesla's things and documents were given a thorough examination by a group of 22chan partyvan agents that included trumps uncle, john trump, who was a genius himself.


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He has some really trippy art


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(tesla that is, not john trump although he really made cool stuff like electron beam steralization of waste water for US military, and helped develop the van de graff generator)


How often do you anons experience cabin fever or restlessness from being at home for long periods of time? I experience it every two weeks or so. I haven't experienced this lately because my life has been very busy.




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CAT is maybe CAT


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/b/ you'll never guess what happened to me today.
so i was with a couple of frens walking right ? then this old man walks around us very very slowly ( like he has a broken ankle or something ) with a hugeass suitcase.
so things started getting ridicolous ( he was moving almost like a fucking snail ) and we decided to ask him what he was carrying in that suitcase.
you know what he said ?
he stood still for around 4-5 seconds and he said while staring at us "suck my dick and i will tell you".
then he dropped his suitcase and walked away.
we were like LOLWATTHEFUCK

so anyway we decided to open the suitcase to see what was there, and we had the biggest shocker /b/.
no wonder he was moving around like a fucking snail lol.


What was in it?





Don't be pissed bro it's just an ancient copypasta I found on my computer




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File: hackerman.jpg (7.14 KB, 312x78, 4:1, 1618115086314.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

1337 hAx0rz


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i kinda want to watch it to see if they mention a regular pornsite.


oh snap this reminded me of something. on a newer episode of NCIS, im guessing "gut punch" they talked about a spoopy internet forum and they made it look like a a regular pornsite knockoff site (CSS and everything) and they gave the anons a name like terrorist2345
i was getting a hair cut at the time and i couldnt stop laughing since i fucking knew what they where trying to say, i'm pissed off now because there's no screenshots available online of that part, and in order to watch that episode you have to get some shidty account and pay some shekel. either way it wasnt the last time they mentioned a regular pornsite on NCIS, i remember on /b/ or some shid everyone was pissed on how NCIS named a internet terrorist character MOOT on perpose.


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Anyone remember fidget spinners?


I don't know how I could forget about fidget spinners. Four years ago, I couldn't go anywhere without seeing some kid or an adult sometimes with one of these toys. At the time, it got on my nerves because of the overexposure it had. It was annoying and distracting when one of my classmates pulled it out during class. Having the motivation to learn is already hard enough and, the fidget spinners made school harder for me. I don't see how this toy would help people with autism or ADHD.

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