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I come from the land of 4chan
Why is this place better than 4chan?


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Well, the rules for one, which ensure that 22chan doesn't go down the same path as 4chan, we don't want for this place to be a plebbitors paradise or a tumblrniggers safespace. The userbase has lots of oldfags. The comfyness, it's not fast, so you can easily follow the threads you're interested in without being worried of missing anything.
Feel free to stay if you want!
imagine a 2007 4chan without porn


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because here in twootchan we are all children of jesus
we are not degenerates like 4cuck and 8fags we are a nice small community comprise of anons from all walks of life. you got your zoomers on the left and xennials on the right and in the middle our lord and savior TWOOT

may you have a nice time lurking here OP :)


Sometimes too slow


try always. I try to use this place more but eventually you just get bored refreshing and seeing the same threads, or maybe a new "hay I'm from 4chan is this place good?" thread.


>the same threads
Why don't you just make a thread that fits your interests then?


it's still full of edgy newfags so not particularly better


That's not a bad thing you know. Once you guys get older you'll appreciate smaller boards. Sorry that your attention spans are completely fried.


bc this gets u banned on cuck


>bc this gets u banned on cuck


Better than b&!
Anyway it had a svastica, and in germany they're pretty strict about this iirc


That's verständlich.


Now that's awesome.


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Who is this?
This man, I can relate


thats phoney as shit, it was just a nazi loli.
adios 22ch, not coming back


swastika is against kraut laws man


Wait, 2007 4Chan without unwanted threads? Thats it, I'm never going to 4Chan again, this is my new home

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