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discord is down :c
lcg are you there


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yup im here
whats up?


is anyone else here too?


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no i dont think so :c


what are you up to?
i myself am watching some 2hu mvs.
(the music is good in this one, but the animation gets dogshit at times)


sorry for the late reply, i finally can access kissanime so i watched gup das finale


Was it good?


yeah it is, but i couldnt get to part 2, maybe because its a recent release
i heard world of tanks offered mako reizei voice pack when they collaborated with gup so im gonna get it


world of tanks was a fun game, havent played it like a year though.
I mostly played with kraut tanks.


wanna play it with me someday?


yeah man, that probably would be fun!


the damn name keeps resetting to anonymous fuggg


not for me tho somehow
anyway, im gonna register it now
oh yeah, while i was registing theres a invite code, i think its something relating to inviting a new friend to make an account?
if it does then its better if you invite me


one sec, i'll have a look


'Sup. Almost got a way to get on the Discord. Be prepared


oh damn, i havent seen you in what feels to be ages, man


so... any results?


im still fucking around with the website, first it says that "such an account" doesnt exist when i try to log in and then it starts working fine.
give me a bit more time


Sometimes I wonder what you’d do without lcg


hey man, we are going to do some raiding again and we'd really want to for you to participate too. if you can't get in with the old account, just make a new one desu

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