/b/ - What does anon do to escape the dull rhythm of everyday life's challenges? Is he maybe drawing anime, writing poems or birdwatching? ITT it goes!As for myself, after moving abroad and having even less friends and social activities than ever (one person

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What does anon do to escape the dull rhythm of everyday life's challenges? Is he maybe drawing anime, writing poems or birdwatching? ITT it goes!

As for myself, after moving abroad and having even less friends and social activities than ever (one person I'd call a friend, some colleagues I get along with pretty nicely but that's it) some two yeara ago, I started compiling liquid drum and bass mix-tapes. Since I am on the road everyday for hours, sometimes in the night, I kind of enjoy having some soothing tunes to keep me company and ease my mind. Total amateur though and probably I am the only person who actually listens to them.

What about you anon?

In case anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChH-6DRw_r6yf3gk2bbkV2Q


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i sometimes dabble in drawing and composing music.
most of the time i just watch anime.
also, thanks for the playlist!
[spoiler]i plan on starting a comic/manga even though i cant draw for shit[/spoiler]


>can't draw shit
That should not stop you from trying it out tbh. I follow a web comic (German language tho) that is absolutely horribly drawn. But it's thr content which I'm digging because it has a great sense of humor. So go for it and post it here :3


I play vidya competitively and watch anime/movies/porn. I wouldn’t call any of these activities my hobbies, just things that I do out of habit, since I lost any emotional attachment i’ve had towards them. From creative side of things, I wanted to learn how to draw, in order to draw porn for myself and anons on other Chans, but can’t be bothered to start, due to unjustified amount of effort put into learning, regarding reward. Utter meaninglessness also encouraged me to put every activity under mark of self improvement into my routine - meditation, journaling, reading, exercising etc. i’ve figured since there’s no emotional difference between staring at wall and any other activity, I might as well do something beneficial.


I mostly do nothing and suffer.
But sometimes I actually do stuff. Lately I've been working on the menu for a game that I'll make lately. I watch anime. Sometimes I make music and play the guitar/trumpet.
Never actually do any of the above enough to make significant progress.

I'm also really fascinated by the creative potential behind anonymous imageboards.
On 4chan/mu/ I coordinated a project in which people made instrumentals (each sampling Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation by Ornette Coleman), then other people rapped/made stuff over them.

In case you want to check it out: https://bebopfree.bandcamp.com/album/jazz-bangers

Now we're almost finished with a plunderphonics album about porn addiction.
In these kind of projects you always get some actually great submissions.
I'm thinking of doing something here too, but I'm a little afraid that we're not big enough yet to get enough submissions to make an entire album, especially if we get specific with the genre/theme. I'll try something different maybe


Damn that's pretty neat! But I agree our community might be too small to get something like that done here. I remember on a German imageboard (which ceased to exist eventually) we did an audio book together. Took years but the result was absolute gold OC. Still enjoy listening to it.>>3026


>we did an audio book together.
That's so cool! It would be great to see projects like these here
Many anons together doing fun and interesting stuff


>great sense of humor
yeah, fuck, im kinda missing that too


I spend a lot time listening to music, lurking/posting around among imageboards, watching anime, playing video games, reading, watching documentaries, watching TV shows, watching wrestling, and try to ignore my mental illnesses.

In terms of creative actions I'll work on videos from time to time. I used to work on music, art, and photography. But due to my social anxieties a lot of that has ended. I also used to be an independent filmmaker. But because I'm now an extreme hermit and barely leave the house a lot of my creative outlets have been stripped away from me. I'd like to start working on myself and getting back into being more creative. I was a lot happier during those times.


fuck, a pretty great reply was unfortunately deleted yesterday along with the other posts/threads, but i vaguely remember it, so...
That's quite neat anon! The only poetry i've really ever done was in that haiku thread we had a while ago.
>don't worry that your drawings look mediocre at first
lole, calling my shit drawings mediocre is flattery .

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