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How about having a little fun


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Well this will be interesting


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I dont trust this at all.
4cuck is already a FBI honeypot. The point of those threads would be to attract 8chan users right? Welp, 8chan is straight in glownigger radar now and putting altchan ads neatly, in one place and one specific day, would show the feds where those old 8chan users would migrate to, and as such, the altchans will go straight into the fbi radar aswell.
I wouldnt participate.


Dont bring the Glowniggers here

You rolled the number 346080927 (no dubs or higher)


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this spells doom for the altchans


I literally have been very careful about sharing any Altchans that I currently use and have found. I don't want the bullshitters from 4 or 8 to follow those trails to shit all over what nice small comfy communities I become a part of. Hell, I already don't like the increase of 8chan refugees on here.


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I agree. Remember, the way 4chan and 8chan got ruined in the first place (apart form the admins' faggotry), was that they got a huge influx of (literal reddit) newfags who didn't want to lurk moar and learn the rules and the culture of the imageboard. Once enough of them found their ways in the board, they started shitting up the board and ignoring the original users and oldfags and their conventions and posting habits.


Reddit was a mistake, i try to look at it once and while to get the other side of arguments but they're so retarded that it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand. They are so damn retarded its painful to read


Reddit is useful to get information on how to do or where to find stuff, but actual conversations that's a big no for me


Reddit is the example of a niche destroying another niche because they think they're part of it. I had a couple of friends who used Reddit and it was terrible, they had stale personalities and everything about them wasn't interesting. Bleak niches/cultures create bleak people.


The few people I know who used reddit we’re the most boring people and they weren’t original and one of them always lied constantly to seem more interesting


If anything it's best to stay away from them. As far as I'm concerned, they're only interested in memes and jokes.


I know someone who uses reddit and it didn't seem that bad, but I guess it varies from person to person




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i left 4cuck because of the plebbitnigger infestation, and the last thing i want is for them to come over here.
All plebbitors are normalfaggots either way and bless twoot for having Rule 1 on 22chan.


I do not come from reddit nor do I use it. I've used it for a small period, and I saw that the problems I've heard about were true. Karma-farming, which also leads to tons of reposts, unoriginal unfunny jokes, discussion is shit because only one side emerges (the other gets downvoted). Also being anonymous just fits my personality a lot better, I don't like having a reputation to worry about.
My position on reddit is the one of this guy >>3272
However I doubt everyone who uses reddit is an empty zombie. Normalfag sure, as most people are. And of course I too wouldn't want them here


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Honestly I don't even have an account and will sometimes stumble upon reddit for information and that's pretty much it. So I agree with that post 100%.


Fuck off fed

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