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ITT: Autistic things you do
I'll start
>jacked off to rick and morty + someone's roblox avatar before


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>I sometimes pretend to have Tourette's just so I can swear in public randomly and get away with it.

Pic unrelated


sometimes, when I am in public then something fun comes into my mind and then I start laughing like a retard. Also, sometimes I get overwhelmed in a social setting and I start laughing nervously/awkwardly.

You rolled the number 810662088 (dubs)


whenever I get excited or find something really funny I jump and spin around in my room in order to let it all out


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I borned in the Turkey


beat me to it man.


Are you both me?


How'd you jack off to R&M? Summer?


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I sent this to a cousin that confessed to me, she acted weird for a couple of days and we stopped chatting in the end.


Jacked off into an international Chinese girl's socks in the laundry room of my dorm in my freshman year of college
I somehow became a chad with a gf since then


You did the right thing, anon.

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