/b/ - Alright so to make sure you are informed stay away from these six imageboards on this website imageboard.usThis site is ran by people who are trying to destroy all the other competition. Basically a common enemy for all true imageboard surfers.

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Alright so to make sure you are informed stay away from these six imageboards on this website
This site is ran by people who are trying to destroy all the other competition. Basically a common enemy for all true imageboard surfers.


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Second screencap.


Note these aren't mine just spreading the news in case any of this happens.


This is the same group that shilled all throughout fucking r/pewdiepie right?


I've seen this on a thread here before,
But it is a good idea to post this here.


Well, well, if those faggots want to cause doom to another chans, lets do the same, lets make them fight each other, lets make the chan clique kill itself


Let the weak die so the strong can live, comrade.


By Clique im speaking about the Alt Chan shit-deration


bunch of fucking niggers.
i'd be all up for fucking their shit up IF they start shit here first.
no need to jump in blindly.


also, yes


File: angry.jpg (26 KB, 409x336, 409:336, 1572826542022.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I knew that fucking communist in charge of Spacechan was up to something.
[spoiler]I can't believe people are seriously taking the alt-chan federation meme seriously[/spoiler]


File: 4chan_idiot.png (9.05 KB, 640x163, 640:163, 1572904631283.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Look at this anon who wanna act smart on 4shart


t h i s i s n o t o k
Think of the fight club saying guys please
Dont talk about fight club
We dont need another tubacarp.
I get it.
Not a lot of people here, but thats not the way to do it. We need to hide this place, and protect it so it will last forever.
Thank for screenshoting that post anon.
Godamit why does this always happen
I can still see the thread, its still there we gotta take it down


thankfully the thread has been archived


emphasis on the fact that it's not visible anymore


Still dosn't sound good to me.
I've been gone from 4cuck for a long time
How long does the archive last?


2 weeks max maybe?
but it's gonna stay indefinitely on places like desuarchive


Fucking hell


File: okin.gif (3.76 MB, 800x800, 1:1, 1572906937856.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Anyways, death to federationniggers


File: 2019-08-26.png (39.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1572907278034.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Speaking of spacechan, they've been counterfeiting their statistics.
In a single day the numbers go up at least tenfold.


File: 2019-08-27.png (42.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1572907304096.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Pic No.2
I guess they do it to mask their pitiful situation.


Now im freaking out.
Gonna check out a couple of normie sites to see if some one is talking about 22ch.
I will post screenshots/sause if i find anything. Im gonna start with plebbit.
I think we need to start doing that now since this is happening. A remember an anon here mentioning that someone posted a link to here on 4cuck a long while agow.


>they've been counterfeiting their statistics.
Are they that desperate?


File: rule 11.png (11.03 KB, 584x218, 292:109, 1572908048073.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Go to https://thebarchive.com/b/thread/813311968/
Report that post with notification "violating rule No:11"
Thats what I've already done and this is my suggestion to all of you.


I looked up "22chan.org on duck duck go and found https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere/issues/18038
Which mentioned 22chan. But if you scroll down a bit, you'll see 22chan. Is there a way to hide search results?
(If you search for 22chan on google, it pops up instantly btw)


Sorry. I was rushing.
If you scroll down a bit on duckduckgo youll see 22chan
Also, i looked on plebbit, and found nothing


shit, so the same post has been copypasted on several boards?
Might be a federationnigger tactic in use described here >>4335
lets not jump to conclusions and start doing shit we gonna regret later just yet.
Let's see where this goes, in any case i trust that mods will keep an eye on any normalfags/newfags who get too much out of bounds.


File: anti-ACA sigil.jpg (1.09 MB, 1854x938, 927:469, 1572908732921.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Never fear brah i've TOTALLY gotchu
I just whipped up this rad sigil meant to target the pancreatus of all the main leaders of this bogus authoritarian Federation bullshit. I even slapped some heart juice on this sucker for extra potency. That on its own probably won't do much, though. Probably just a little wooziness if even. But if all of my soul brothers out there could make a quick scribble in its likeness and keep it near the place they sleep then our collective fury-fueled chaos madgqchjickzs might give them all diabetes or even pancreatic cancer!


look at all the posts


File: absolutely oily.jpg (162.01 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1572909074131.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>3 pages of ads
>on /b/


everything must be reported like advertising.


>most of them are calling for raids n shiet
>we haven't really seen anything resembling a real raid yet


File: angee.jpg (70.32 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1572911143616.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

We're taking protective measures. We want to stop this shit before it starts.


We have some really good mods here that don't fuck around with bullshit. We can handle a couple bored pussies. As far as stopping shit, I think the best approach is to just not start anything. Try and fly under the radar for as long as possible, we've done a pretty good job thus far



File: ha. ha. ha..jpg (104.33 KB, 813x695, 813:695, 1572911834411.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

This is the first altchan that I've found without mods that suck somebody's dick. I used to be a denizen of spacechan until it was mentioned in a thread a while back. Now, that place looks as normalshit as 4chan did when I was a regular there.


We gotta hide 22chan from search results.


File: Screenshot_1309.png (26.77 KB, 119x115, 119:115, 1572912097801.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Now this, this is what I agreed with.


The rules in general keep away cancerdrones, not only making their shit FUCKING ILEG- I mean... Bannable but also they go away because... well, they cant post! Everything they gets them banned!


File: Screenshot (115).png (215.79 KB, 653x374, 653:374, 1572913625228.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

How would we do this? most tards use google these days


We could try to do a google bomb. Maybe we could bump ourselves down a couple places, at least. I think the easiest approach would be to find (probably asian) social media accounts with 22chan in the name and give them a lot of hits as a sort of red herring.


File: just before haha.png (290.01 KB, 767x519, 767:519, 1572918674589.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Stellar idea anon. I'm not familiar with this whole "google bombing" business so I'll leave that up to you fellows.


Please do not avatarfag here friend.


Google bombing as it used to be is pretty much impossible due to Google saying "No Fun Allowed" and changing the way the algorithm works.


File: Dark Souls 2 is the best D….jpg (2.15 KB, 122x125, 122:125, 1572920676734.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I apologize. I will start to use different images if I'm not really allowed then.


Don't worry, nobody cares if you avatarfag. But it might make you look retarded


File: fuck off maria.png (451.12 KB, 793x499, 793:499, 1572921225241.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Ah. well I'm already retarded so i guess its okay. I'll try to avoid avatarfagging all the time, since I've only got 22 images of richter right now and need to get some more


File: 1560176702408.png (12.17 KB, 773x387, 773:387, 1572924695871.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Someone posted this on the desu archive page posted above, and some faggot did this : https://archive.org/details/spiderganggay


File: Bad pepe.png (78.04 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1572925479034.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]




that was me faggot, whats the problem?


I guess we're kinsa having issues with "loose ties"
After seeing the 4cuck post, everyones trying to get rid of everything so 22chan can be less "mainstream"
Dont want normies or faggots to find this place.
Best thing to do is take away the 22chan name, and keep the thing as obscure as possible, friend.


File: detrimininny.jpg (57.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1572926817596.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

are you implying we should get rid of the 22chan name? even if only temporary, it seems a bit dramatic.
Though I agree, we should try to keep this place as far away from the mainstream as possible.


No, im talking about removing the name when you archive somethIng.


So if i do somthing like that anon did, i remove all ties to this imageboard. So know one would know that it came frome here.


File: low IQ.jpg (71.17 KB, 514x544, 257:272, 1572927118042.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

ah well that makes more sense. you worded it kinda weirdly, i apologize.


I clame the above 4455 sacred get as spidergang property


Not too long ago we were discussing ways to become more well known, and now we're trying to completely scrub ourselves from the web? Make up your minds.


File: 2f1216663f1a68571db4d5957c….jpg (89.1 KB, 630x475, 126:95, 1572947956970.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

anon, we were looking for quality posters and we still are looking for more, but this thread is about protecting the community from normalfags and 4cuckers in general. Please stop being a retarded faggot.


you guys are talking like advertising 22 is something new and it's gonna have terrible consequences.
Many of those ads were made months ago and dubschan is still comfy.
Mods take care of any niggers quickly, so mostly good people are left here.
We will die out if we don't get a slow but steady stream of people.


"[9662] : And there isn't a way we could invite new people to 22chan without polluting it.
[942] : I wouldn't do anything rash
[942] : Bet thing to do is a find good people, friends, good people on 4cuck, and so forth, see if they have a discord, invite them to our discord, then allow them to come to 22chan.
[942] : A controlled entry to 22chan if you will. Better to do that then putting a 22chan thread on 4cuck" - an anon from 22chans owot.
What hes talking about is a controlled entry. A negotiated entry. Somthing we plan out together.
Versus some faggot making an ad on facecuck or 4chan without us seeing it.
Choose less mainstream outlets.
Find people who might like this place.


Yeah, we need people, but we need to plan this out better. Is what im trying to say.


The second i learn how to draw properly, im going to make 22chan propaganda posters you know, "loose lips sink ships"
Military base security propaganda or like WWII reqrutment posters. No, i am not a faggot, my future art will stay here. Where it belongs.
Not on 4cuck used as an ad.
This thread is inspiring me for some reason.
Speaking of that, lets try to keep what little culture and inside jokes here.
Dont post stuff on deviant art,
I'd hate to see a gatorgang know your meme article, or 22chanon on a hot topic shirt


File: bacc with facc.png (207.84 KB, 550x543, 550:543, 1572976021579.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

at least someone is getting something out of this. im glad you've been inspired, i hope to see some of your art in the future


Normally the best users are the ones who find the place without it being advertised. I think this is because they are normally the ones who are actively searching for imageboards that aren't toxic.


Fuck yourself.


So long as 22chan jokes stay within, nothing bad will happen. You think a site that isnt founded by a million dollar company would start to get popular in this day and age?


Its called the alt chan alliance now


>they've been counterfeiting their statistics.
Because they think they're so popular.


File: fuck outta here snitch.png (91.87 KB, 442x318, 221:159, 1573991182508.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I am sorry to acknowledge all of you about negative advertising attempt that I have read here https://8channel.net/b/res/8110.html#q8131
This means that we have a fucking mole in our house. We could also look on the bright side...at least that Anon wasn't advertising us on 4cuck.


File: 1535649963122.jpg (320.99 KB, 750x743, 750:743, 1573994322254.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>place is full of cheese pizza
welp fuck


Pretty much just as bad as 4cuck. The only reason the place seams better is because people can make their own circle jerk boards


If you look at desu archive, somone did advertize us again on 4chan
How would we make the mole stop?


>filled with cheese pizza
Report it to the fbi
Its not even the real 8chan.
Its supposed to be "8kun", but the servers are down for some reason. Just some fbi honeypot.


ITT : The next topic should be, "How do we stop a mole?"
Did you notice that this "8chan" uses the same terrible alt-chan layout? Do you think that he is a alt-channer? He did mention freech, which is a member of alt-ch. If the mole is seeing this PLEASE stop.


>But the servers are down for some reason
Blame blobwheels.


Welp, some faggot posted the link to 8kun here, and the mods got rid of it. Do you think he's the mole? In this situation, what should we do? See if he shills 22chan?


Another retard shilling our imageboard.


File: Capture _2019-11-30-09-33-….png (71.71 KB, 708x378, 118:63, 1575128117055.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Incase it gets taken down here's what he said


Was i wrong to bring atttention to this?


A faggot named "twonkie" has been spamming links to 22chan


File: Capture _2019-12-02-08-19-….png (127.85 KB, 720x471, 240:157, 1575296678867.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Found this just now, luckily the thread got deleted.


This type of crap ^ has been flooding 4chan for a couple of days now, and i dont know what to do anymore.
Ive been reporting these types of comments on 4chan as spam, and ads, and SOMETIMES they get banned, pruned, or deleted. One guy, (just now) goes to r9k and says, "o hia head to tow twnty twenty dubs chan bee nice!!!! In stead of moot we has twoot cum hear now" And i swear i feel like i'm going scitzo. Am i seeing things, why is this guy shilling this peticular imageboard, etc.
You know what? Screw it. When somone sees this, and want's to talk about it, i'm all ears.
You know what really gets me irratated about newfags, why i just acted a little too autistic when two came here yesterday?
Its the fact that they didn't even consider the rules, and posted the most oddist, cryptic comments possible.
I mean, why not find or make a appropreate thread and say "hi guys! Im new to 22chan!"
Lets not even consider how the site works
Lets not even lurk or read the rules or whatever
Lets post weird stuff like "snaa" or like "aint it beautiful"
Now i get it. I just exploded and acted like an autist. Sorry for being a drunk dragon clone. That was bad of me, and if the mods want to ban me, i can understand. But why not lurk?
Whats up with all the weird stuff?
It almost feels like they didn't even know what an imageboard is, which is why i spammed those links both times.
It's ok if newbies want to check this place out. Oldfags aren't gonna last forever. But they just cant pull this type of crap.
Like, if you lurk a bit, no one will know that your new. Hell, you might even fit in.


Holy shit. We’re fucked guys. I bet this will happen again


Again, just saying im sorry for being retarded.
And no. Nothing so far.
A day afterwards a guy said that he wanted to ddos 22chan, he got called retarded, and got banned. Its not even in the archives, and was on 4cuck for a split second. That was pretty much it.


Whats funny is the fact that the guy wanted to "hack" the pixel game, but not 22chan itself. Ive been keeping an eye out on all the archives, and 4chan itself


File: Capture _2019-12-04-16-35-….png (86.38 KB, 698x610, 349:305, 1575499089763.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I dunno
The comments on this thread are pretty funny though


>this is why your parents hate you


Does 22chan have protection against hacking?


I'm spooked.
Someone is copying content from 22chan (some of which, are mine)
And posting that content on 4chan.
I made a comment on livechan about an old 4chan thread, well he copyed that. I'm the faggot that whenever a newfag showed up
Posted links to bibanon and stuff. Sorry. learned my lesson.
Well he copyed that too. Try copying comments from 22chan and pasting them in archives and see what pops up.
A ton of stuff.
Am i being retarded?
At this point i dont know. I just want to do my best to protect this place.
Here's the thread where my comments got pasted


And it also got me wrapped me up in one of those conspiracy theories
Discord trannies are trying to take over 4chan, spamming porn, "pinkpilling", and hurting a lot of people through self harm.



Perhaps im just overreacting, but at any rate, its better to say somthing then say nothing, and getting bit in the ass later.
Sorry for plebbit spacing, but sometimes links don't work when they are bunched together. (Some type of weird bug? Or just plain faggotry?)


shit m8, looks like 4cuck is getting that desperate to just outright steal content


Don't really know how to stop it. So, i'll just keep an eye out.
They ((4cuckers)) know about the whole
Alt chan federation thing, and have a general distaste for it. (Snooped in on a conversation during the owot raid)
Both the owot and the pixel canvas raids are pretty wholesome. Teaming up people of all races to keep the natzi flag huge, in its glory to trigger the tranny menace. Pretty intresting shitshow, kinda invokes old 4chan.
Speaking of trannies,
Psychological manipulation
Converting and taking over
That's what ((they)) do.
Even the faggots at /lgbt/ knows about them and have a stroke when ever they get mentioned.
It's getting pretty bad, and the alt-chan feds might even be connected
They flood every single board with tranny propaganda, try to convert people, have sex with or convert children, and some of the mods at 4cuck are apart of the "cutehouse" server
The good thing is that almost every trannie there has been doxed, and even call themselves by name so you know whos who. But ((they)) are still very powerful. Be careful if you still use 4chan.
Don't let them infect us. Dont try to talk or mingle with them. Avoid at all costs.


Every single damn time someone brings up evidence of the discord tranny legion I am shocked anew by just how massive they are. I feel for all my old brothers who stayed on /r9k/ and are now getting buffeted every day with (((their))) propaganda. Just look at the thread >>5274 posted, with them going on and on about how they had a COMMUNITY that let them do their thing and how everybody else was so ALONE. They don't know shame, they never back out, they are persistent and perverted and have nearly converted all of 4chan into their personal newfag tranny conversion pedo point.
Be wary, brothers. Do not let them find a foothold here.


Fucking scary, man.


File: BO, banned2.PNG (28.38 KB, 481x425, 481:425, 1575925175834.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I know from expericence. The BO of spacechan started spaming on my cy.tube channel and then when we didnt unban him he deleted my board. Federation sucks dick. I would personally love to see them all burn.


I agree that lurking, and keeping an eye out is the best thing to do. No need to attract attention to ourselves.
Weird how the trannies were pretending to be oldfags for some reason
Also the stylised posts
Using emoticons like > :D or ~
Another thing, is that it seems like they dont know how to use proper grammar, and how to use imageboards properly.
I wanted to throw up after learning about the discord group
Supprised metokur or somone didn't make a video about them.
I hate these types of groups and exposing and talking about these threats are kinda important.
By the way, if you didnt see this in the archive this thread sums everything up perfectly
And this is the propaganda they use
>i want to see them burn
Me too buddy.
>deleted your board
So they raided your imageboard?


File: BO, banned4.png (99.19 KB, 482x449, 482:449, 1575932476456.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

No i had a board on there they let me create. Im an oldfag to spacechan so they let me make a board on there. Then when i didnt unban the admin on my cytube channel he deleted the board as retaliation.
We're planning a ddos and spam raid on them. Probably wont happen anytime soon though


Funny how they're pulling both the "if you aren't one of us you aren't a real robot" and "if you aren't one of us you're a loser" cards. Which is it, exactly?


File: Capture _2019-12-10-00-53-….png (250.82 KB, 720x1149, 240:383, 1576006871949.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

"We trannys are the REAL oldfags"
"Drump and /pol/ killed 4chan. Get out nu-fag"
"Oldfags are supposed to shill themselves out. I love selfes!"
I think the main reason why ((they)) want people to dox/shill themselves it to have control over people, like cults do.
Kinda keep an eye out for crap like this here. (And whatever imageboard you use)
Dont screech at someone for shilling themselves, just kindly discourage selfes and the like. And ask mods/jannies here to delete that stuff to keep those anons safe. (For the love of god, dont ban them)
Be wary of the info you give out, anons of 22chan. Also taking selfies is what you do on facebook, not imageboards.


So what is it like being a spacechan user?


It was good before 8chan died, now its horrible. They let astros (anons) add to the site and create things, i liked it for a bit.


here's the "full" 14-minute long conversation from the (((altchan alliance))) about shilling on plebbit
These niggers are absolute normalfags.
And just regular faggots too.


File: zvVj.webm (13.82 MB, 534x330, 89:55, 1576186318487.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

gonna post the webm here if people are too wary of clicking suspicious links


File: 1576082220334.png (111.02 KB, 720x701, 720:701, 1576186985824.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Found another shitty discord cult


Thanks anon for finding this!


File: Richter 18.jpg (15.04 KB, 189x267, 63:89, 1576187413531.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The trannychan federation thing is naught but an issue.
Though I don't think that the ib's they own are horrible. Yeah the moderation sucks almost all the time, but sometimes I lurk there and people seem nice enough.
it's just the owners that are horrible normalfags.


i beg to differ, the boards are absolute dogshit because of the content that they have.
it's 4 nu-/b/ cancer combined with plebbit aids.
They advertise "freedom of speech" as their main selling point, but they themselves cover up any information about their normalfaggotry.
[spoiler]and please stop avatarfagging[/spoiler]


File: Richter 20.jpg (150.05 KB, 540x800, 27:40, 1576188563125.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yeah I guess you're right. What i mean though is that not everybody is as malicious as the owners. Some of them seem to be genuine anons, while some others are trannies or newfags parading around as oldfags.
And also, I hardly ever do avatarfag. It's only in threads wherein my opinion [spoiler]or Richterfag's, as I'm mostly called[/spoiler] can be identified as it is. For the same reason that names were allowed in ib's in the first place really. my intent isn't to create a persona or to have an "account".


>nazi alt-righters on 4chan that prevent users from posting their favorite blacked or amateur porn
Proof that these people are literal retards with a victim complex. The fact that people yell at you for being a faggot when you post something faggy does not in any way "prevent" you from posting faggy things.


File: 1575999775670.jpg (1.9 MB, 4107x3169, 4107:3169, 1576190370504.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Speaking of avatarfags (i guess ritcher is ok)
Ever heard of the saying:
"Wolf in sheeps clothing"?
Infliltrate the fold, pretend you are a member of the group, and destroy it from the inside.


File: Richter 23.png (348.72 KB, 907x1255, 907:1255, 1576190735282.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>I guess Ritcher is ok
Aw, thank you! It isn't my intent to create a persona, because if that were I would be on twatter or something.
And yes, people who claim they hate trannies, yet only ever talk about trannies are hypocritical. I don't really get the obsession it seems they've got.
I dislike tranners as much as the next guy but I hardly ever talk about them because of that.


Remember trannies are normal users using the site (the site being 4chon not 22) and as most normal users they are... what is this word...


I guess i should have clarified that the wolf in sheep clothing thing is mainly happining on 4cuck.
I mean, if it was happining here those guys are easy to to point out. All you have to do is talk normally.
No need to ban unless they become a chris-chan level of autist. (No one here would allow an autist to be a jannie or a mod, trust me)
Im not trying to witch hunt. Only trying to expose autism
Hell, i never knew this shit existed until just a week ago.


it's more difficult to target individuals but it certainly is easier to target whole groups.
Like we have been doing it all this time with Rule 1:no normalfags, and Rule 19: No furries/lgbt/trannies/traps/etc.
So yeah, we've been doing it for quite a while and that's why 22chan remains so pure relatively to other imageboards.


i forgot to add that 4chan is a lost cause.
just like with the recent short-lived porn ban.
nobody will care enough to actually enforce it and users will post that shit just to spite the mods. So them having rules like ours wouldnt really help anything


File: Richter 24.jpg (163.49 KB, 800x1436, 200:359, 1576192073993.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The porn bans and short lived "revolutions" are most likely due to the common user being a redditard. Most children think that 4chan is the only place they can go to get anonymous content and interaction. That's why that place is so populated in the first place- and also why the porn is so plentiful. It's just a bunch of little kids who don't know any better


I mean, you cant just kick them out, like I HATE TRANNIES and POOF! Trannies are no more, you cant just do that without mod shit, and taking over like a... i dont know... 100% of the imageboard


yeah, we had a talk about this a while ago that anonymous=/=Anonymous. People think that they can do anything just because they dont have a name attached to their posts.
>you cant just do that without mod shit
welcome to 22chan where mods actually care and enforce the rules. So that isnt really a problem here


>Welcome to 22chan where mods actually care and enforce the rules.

I know man, but remember, we are talking about 4chon


Wait a moment, robo
Your words disolved into gibberish
Can you rexplain what you mean?
Are you inplying that i made this image in the first place?
Or are you irratated about the fact that i keep talking about this stuff?
If so, i can stop.


Actually... yes, im bit tired of everything being trannies this, the LGBT that, minorities star wars, blah blah life is strange gotd, natzees were right, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Why people can just enjoy their things in peace, Anon?


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I don't like always talking about stuff like this either. I don't understand why people can't just enjoy things without stepping on each others shoes either. It's awfully stupid, don't you think?


Sounds like a good idea robo
I don't have anything to add on other threads, and 22ch seemed empty
But I'll give it a break


Exactly, they love fighting like if there was no tomorrow, i just wanna play gaems with my interwebz frens.


I've been trying to figure out stuff that everybody likes, but i dont know if a thread like that already exists, or what to call it if i make one
Media we like? Dunno


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I'm not much of an online gamer, but I used to get down with my Halo buddies a few years ago. Maybe I should try to get back into that series
Well whatever you'll name it I'm sure that people won't mind. It doesn't seem like a bad idea for a thread.


I like Vanillaware's games, they are good devs as i know, and i love the art sytle.

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