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(^The old rules of the internet)
"to help make OUR interwebz great again"
"Typed in the year of our LORD XI.XVII.MMXIX"
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even though it's not our rule, it's an universal truth that cannot be changed.


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i fucking knew there was something wrong with my post, just didn't know what it was, make my #34 as rule #35.


How about
rule 34: There is porn of it, therefore it exists.
Kinda as a combined citation to rule 34 and "cogito ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am")>>4857


I think i like it
Smart and classy like 22chan


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Oh can I be on it?
I quite like this idea. It's something old with a new twist on it. Though it is a bit of a mouthful to say. Maybe A better/ shortened version could be "There Is Porn, Therefore It Exists"?


Its never too late buddy. Just remember to post the rules with great clarity and detail, you know, kinda explain why the rule you make exists. And yeah, you can throw in joke rules.
This thread isn't over yet


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Oh, I'm not very creative. I don't know of any new rules I could add myself. Maybe I could simply refine others rules? Most people say I'm good at rhyming stuff so I could do that


Go ahead, give it a shot


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You want me to try? I guess "Godawful Quantity will never be better than Skillful Quality"?
I'm usually better than this but I had a long work day today, and I'm tired.


What i meant to say is, go ahead and try to do both things, reformatting, and making a rule. After you make somthing, if you want to be on the list, throw out a name or tripfag, if you want. If not, it'll be signed "anonymous".
Rule # ?? "Godawful Quantity will never be better than Skillful Quality"
Explanation : consult the other rules, and you'll realise somthing, that awful content gets throwed out there daily, because it's easyer to make. Challenge yourself! Push hard! Just because other people are lazy, dosn't mean you have to! You'll feel more content, and proud of your accomplishments, and may even encourage moar people to make QUALITY content themselves.
(Of course, that's not going to be in the list itself, i just thought it would be nice to add the explanation.)


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>what number are we on
I think its 46? ok
Rules 36: Never post on chans aligned with other chans.
explanation- When a chan creates a faction with another Chan its made to control post quantity and oust competition, therefore do not give them what they want. There of course might be special exemptions but not most of the time.
example: Alt-chan federation
example of exemption: (mayeb) the webring


i meant i think its 36, my finger slipped


I'd throw in similar situations such as when someone shills 22chan. Of course, you cant just control people, but it's common sense
If someone shills, they want to bring in as much attention as possible. Why would you add to this? Also people are curious faggots. They will see people acting all defencive and will check things out.


I don't know if anyone has done it
Rule 37 : Every Chan owner is a faggot
It happens to be true a lot of times


Soo how about someone now writes all the rules in a png file?


Do you think we are done?
If so i guess it can be drawn on ms paint


Before >>5668 it was two weeks without replies. I'd say we can make a "core" rules png now and maybe make extensions later
I'm just afraid we forget about this
Paint could do or I don't know if anyone wants to do something fancy


Old Rule 34 ruins everything


Try to change it, i dare you.


1. Don't force everything. It makes you look like a pathetic tryhard.
2. All discussions spiral down into Anon getting an existential crisis.
3. The internet is about as trustworthy as Obama
4. Fucking Lurk moar, everywhere
5. Any community that gets its laugh by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakingly believe that they're in good company.
6. Let's all love lain
7. Never compromise your anonymity
8. Nobody gives a shit about your existence
9. The first thing you know about that guy are his pronouns? Start running.
10. Fight club
11. Editing the same image over and over again isn't OC
12. Newfags will claim to be oldfags
13. If you piss off a tripfag your point is valid.
14. Everything eventually gets ruined no exceptions
15. Attack the person rather than the opinion, it always works!
16. SJW's, /pol/, Niggers and Jews exist deal with it.
17. Every rule has an exception
18. There is always someone smarter than you
19. The board isn't shit, it's you
20. Rule 17 is tripfags coping with rule 13
21. The internets currency is smug anime faces
22. Twoot knows best.
24. Trolling only works when you aren't a fag.
25. Don't give an attention whore what he is craving
26. If you act like a sheep, a wolf will eat you
27. The joke "over 9000" has been used over 9000 times
28. Cats will always be sacred
29. Listen to Bach faggots
30. This is our home. Don't just let yourself in
31. Don't just say "i agree". Explain yourself, add more to the conversation
32. Don't ever allow a self validating circle-jerk to exist, if you see one, break it down.
33. Godawful Quantity will never beat Skillful Quality
34. There is porn of it, therefore it exists.
35. Every Chan owner is a faggot


Time to gather everything and apply some finishing touches. If there is anything you want to change, say it. Here's the "complete" list. I made some changes I'll explain below. Again, if you don't agree with something just say it.
I like rule 21. Also maybe we could keep rule 22 too?
I like the first two
My interpretation: "If you act like a sheep, a wolf will eat you"
which means that if you follow others blindly and refuse to think then someone is going to take advantage of that. Basically "Think for yourself"
It would be nice to make a religious one too. A bible reference would be nice. If we can't come up with one though we could have something like:
>There is no god. Except haruhi
or nothing at all
covered by the sheep thing
How about "the joke "over 9000" has been used over 9000 times"?
I don't get it can someone explain this
I donn get it
Lame. We got the pronouns rule, that's enough
What? Anyway we have rule 1
Yep bach's a rule. The other one too I guess
Nice (small edit on the second cuz it's too long)
Shorter would be nicer but it looses meaning imo
I changed "be better" to "beat", imo it sounds better
What's the problem in associating chans? Afaik we hate the chan alliance not because of that, but because they're massive faggots
I'd like to introduce a subtle rule for this, but can't come up with anything not over generic. Like "beware of faggotry", which uhmm is just a bit too broad
We already have the rule "fight club" don't we?
Twoot will like this rule


I like number 22 and 28


This is perfect
Personally i'm just an idiot but i think the list is perfect and shouldn't be changed so ignore me
I also agree with twoot lol


I'll wait a little more for opinions, then I'll make a pastebin with this and an image


29 seems really irrelevant


Yeah, i mean it's called "rules of the internet, so anything internet related applies, so perhaps dropping rule 29 is a good idea
(In its place throw in a rule for desu)


Bach is never irrelevant imo


But I guess if you guys think otherwise I can remove him [spoiler]while sobbing[/spoiler]


File: desu.jpg (35 KB, 412x334, 206:167, 1578508417059.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Rule 36: Every thread is DESU thread.


I mean 29 (since we're replacing Bach)


File: oc66.png (5.63 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 1578576983727.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>whats the problem with associating chans
Its like communism, sounds good in theory but doesn't work in action. I'd say if you align yourself with one party then everything that isn't that party is a threat (e.g. American politics) and that just doesn't really work with alt-chans since there arent enough posters to go around. Like i said above its often used to destroy competition.
>subtle term, not generic
Outcast Factionfags?


File: 630px-Rule_41.jpg (57.69 KB, 630x599, 630:599, 1578580158249.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Banished are those faggoots whom post for thy faction over thyselves ?
This is quite subtle
Feels like pic related


Rule 37:
There will always be someone to believe what you post, no matter how stupid it is.


>Banished are those faggoots whom post for thy faction over thyselves ?
Maybe something like "Cancer sticks together?"


I've seen a couple chans which had a link to each other. It didn't seem like they were trying to annihilate the competition (on the contrary, they allowed some shilling of other communities)
Lets be honest with ourselves we share just a few rules with the old one
Lol nice. I'm not entirely sure though, often there are fights in which both sides are cancer.
But it's an interesting idea. It expresses how easily a mass of idiots can form
What do you fellow anons think?


Rule liked and dubs checked


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You're not perfect.
Nothing is original.
You are an interchangeable cog.
90 percent of everything is garbage.


hail eris


File: internetRules.png (45.9 KB, 641x1012, 641:1012, 1578964431598.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here you go


Nobody is really interchangeable.
Maybe for a enterprise, or a company, but not for their families, or their friends. Nobody is special for everyone, but everyone is special to somebody.


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So this is it!


why is that bach rule still in there


and where is the desu rule? >>5772
gay/10 needs more desu


listen to Bach and you will know, faggot


Rule 1: don't force everything.
Bach has literally nothing to do with this, nigger.


>he sneaked in the bach rule


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updated because the faggot forgot to add other newer rules.


you forgot rule 37 you absolute moron


Well shit now we got two versions


File: internetRules2.png (101.16 KB, 784x1138, 392:569, 1579294602682.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

heres another

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