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Flesh Fahrenheit has resumed recruitment. Aspiring members of Flesh Fahrenheit, your time is now.


Are you a newfag?


Uh, mods?
Am confuse
Do we ban him or somthing?
Have you seen anything like this before?


this reminds me of that cicada 3301 shit.
if OP's not gonna elaborate-i'll remove the thread


you can't just ask someone if they're a newfag
>he posted something strange so we should ban him
come the fuck on


This is stuff that belongs in /sewers/ since it doesn't really make sense.
I don't support the guy getting outright banned though.
Moving or deleting the thread seems much more appropriate.


I'm not sure how I could elaborate, but not removing this thread would be useful. It's not my website though, is it?


You have to understand, i spent a week on 4chan to stop a shill, because of this, i figured other people might try to wreck the place. Plus, i said DO WE ban him. I wanted to debate with the mods, and wanted to see if OP will respond.


Oh, op responds. Is this some type of raid? Are you new here?


you actually responding is enough "elaboration", since the thread really reminded me of those cryptic one sentence bot-made threads where OP just vanishes and the thread itself dies.
so uh, any anons who are able to go to OP's place?


And when i mean, "some type of raid" i mean like meet up somwhere and do somthing. Why did you post this?


As much as I'd like to answer questions, I can't do that.


What the everloving christ is "Flesh Fahrenheit"?


Are you retarded. Why come here and shill out your cult? >>5037


is this some /x/ stuff?


So you cant explain why your recruting people?




And why come here?
Why not 4chan?
I don't like this. You could kill sombody.


I assure you, taking the life of one curious person is not our goal. The life of one individual is irrelevant compared to what we aim to prevent.


Dude, why did you come here? How did you find this place?


im intrigued now


File: gatorsmug.jpg (47.13 KB, 634x286, 317:143, 1575246222674.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>he thinks he knows what belongs in /sewers/
you've lost your way, and that's fine by me. So long as you stay the fuck outta my /sewers/ since you clearly don't have a fucking CLUE what goes on in those damp, smelly, divine shadows.
protip: if you think certain things just belong in /sewers/ and some don't you're an otter and you're best off moving on to your normalfaggot river. The sewers might be a tad too spicy for someone of your constitution, if you catch my meaning.


It's a fucking cult.
This is a recrutment video.


How did you find this site, and how did you come here?


What are you planning op?
Some type of hipster art deal?


Why cant you answer questions?


Is this sometype of LARP?




Well at least its a "marble hornets" style larp.
I don't live near this place.
So, i cant check it out.


This is close to me, within 10 miles. I'm gonna head there now


please deliver anon
Tell us what happends


alrigbht, so i'm back from the place. it's one of those drainage canal things under roads. it had a lot of graffiti, more than most, but no dead bodies. i actually did find something. along with all the usual graffiti, there was a big one that read "flesh fahrenheit". there was an arrow that pointed to a little drainage tunnel thingy which had a circle around it, and the tunnel had a can of spraypaint in it. then there was an arrrow from that to an empty circle, under which read "leave your mark". i didn't have any intention of doing so, i will not be defacing property today. i don't expect much to happen as a result anyway, plus it said to go on the 25th.

below are pics, taken on a nikon d3200 which i also used as flashlight.


also i fell on my ass on the way back up.




File: seakitten.PNG (303.34 KB, 319x428, 319:428, 1575332749677.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Why don't you just post the pics? I ain't clicking that link.


Pics are +-10mb each so I don't think I can


shrink those mufuggas down some then


File: DSC_0204.JPG (11.92 MB, 6016x4000, 188:125, 1575333767084.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

pic 1


File: DSC_0206.JPG (11.66 MB, 6016x4000, 188:125, 1575333991735.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

pic 2



I found this with a quick Google search


File: DSC_0211.JPG (11.9 MB, 6016x4000, 188:125, 1575334206325.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Pic 5
and that's all i'm sending because flood prevention is a pain in the ass, if you wanna see more just click the stupid link


Nice job robo.
Now whatever you do
EVERYBODY, DONT SHOW THIS TO anyone. This is our oc and lets keep it that way
Id hate to go on youtube and see a nightmind or whatever
shitty youtuber video about this
Im gonna watch these when i get the chance and see what i interpret from this.


Delete this comment and the comment about this thread being a larp
And whatever comments that take away from the story plz


We are going to give you one clue. The data you will find on the 26th is only a prerequisite for a future puzzle. Any attempts to decipher it will prove unsuccessful.


Any post made after this one by anyone claiming to be a representative of Flesh Fahrenheit is not to be trusted, unless otherwise said so by one of Flesh Fahrenheit's accounts.

We are entrusting the users of this website to publicize Flesh Fahrenheit's recruitment call. We are looking for 5 people. Once five people have reached the end, we will call it off. If all people have given up, we will pick another community. However, based on our study, we have reasonable confidence that the users of this site will have the ability and drive to complete the task.

/ 000 \
/ | \
/ | \
/ | \
/ | \
000 000 000
00000 00000 00000
000 000 000


>claiming to be a representative of Flesh Fahrenheit is not to be trusted, unless otherwise said so by one of Flesh Fahrenheit's accounts.
You know you can tripcode right?
Go to the FAQ, read the rules. And
Lurk moar newfag
>We are entrusting the users of this website to publicize Flesh Fahrenheit's recruitment call.
What do you mean by "publicize"
Dude, i dont want this site to be flooded by normalfags, or by shitty youtubers.
I am very interested about this, but you chose a slow site to do it. I do hope we will complete the puzzle. Btw, im not near the location you listed. And I do have confidence that our imageboard will figure this thing out.


Oh wait, someone said somthing about 90 people using this site. So that should be anougth people


Just found this thread, man i missed out.
>publicize Flesh Fahrenheit's recruitment call.
((What do you mean by this, how do i publicize?))


nigga I ain't yo propagandist do it yo self


File: 1379319598635.jpg (276.95 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 1575419594187.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>popularize fleshfucks to the normalfags so they all come to 22chan


Dubs speck truth.


If he means that, then no
But if he means that i go outside in the middle of the city wearing a plague doctor outfit spouting off about flesh fahrenheit cult then yes
Although i dont live near the area....


How does everybody on discord feel about it?
And Frendly Fleshlight still didnt say anything about what he means about publicizing


File: Screenshot_1065.png (108.55 KB, 216x214, 108:107, 1575421545782.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Stupid cult sounds funny, though if they do anything that gets 22chan on the news, idk what to say.


4kun, its an arg like TribeTwelve


File: Screenshot_1468.png (77.39 KB, 329x319, 329:319, 1575421997229.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

So uh, like a crazy web series that use creepypasta as some weird lore stuff?


Tribe twelve did it before it was a creepypasta. Basically just a 3d story driven puzzle


File: Screenshot_1352.png (25.53 KB, 99x119, 99:119, 1575422330484.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Cool, but I agreed with >>5155, I don't no normies in my cat Twoot's home and my home.


I do agree with that


The main issue is the fact that faggot fleshlight isnt explaining anything


Personally, i dont want to do anything that could damage the integrety of this site.
That would be cool if we could play without shilling our site.
But it still could attract normalfags and whatever tripe. Nightmind was a good youtuber about the subject, but he went weird, went for a chat with a 15 year old kid, and told the boy it was ok to masturbate (made him look like a pedo) he also came out as gay and the quality droped on his channel. (If anyones curious about args, watch his "how to make a web series" video, and maybe if you have the time, marble hornets, or tribe twelve ) Anyway, as he explains, its a type of social experiment and because of that it acts like a magnet and tend to attract the wrong type of people
Best thing you can do is screen shot this thread for the memories, delete the thread and perma-ban the guy.


All of a sudden you'll see a bunch of crappy youtubers talking about us. Leading people who dont care about imageboards, and want to be apart of the edgy cool game.
Thats what im trying to say.
Slenderman was a good character, but because of newfags who fetishized him, killed everything.


Screenshot, Ban, delete, and add to the timeline twoot


Any parting words Flash Fahrenheit?


Let FF have his parting words, and FF, please dont shill our imageboard. Forget that we exist.


I ask that you share the video. If you choose. Not necessarily this post.


I must ask that you keep this post up for the chasers from last round, lest 19 days of progress go to waste.


Oh, and the picture set too.
My ip is banned from 4chan, so i cant make a thread. Chen2 might be the best place to post whatever. I'll see what i can do. (Unless you want to post yourself)


File: plague7.jpg (53.38 KB, 292x600, 73:150, 1575432590991.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Done, i left out all the info about 22chan.
Godspeed FF.


Cutting all ties from ff will keep this imageboard safe, so i dont know about screenshoting it.
Let the mods, and discord debate what happends next.


I guess you can also do 8kun.
ED has a huge list of imageboards.


I'd say that deleting this thread, no screeshots
would cut down on any digital footprints leading to here.


>inb4 Niggerfagggots ruining whole boards because the edgy publicitary gaems



Ban who? And add what to the timeline?


Dont listen to every dumb nigger.
This thread doesn't break any rules, it's a fucking larp, an arg.
Everyone's panicking like this is gonna become the next big thing that will somehow go from this obscure chinese fluteplayer forum into the mass media.
Fucking calm down everyone.


>Don't listen to your community twoot
So why should he listen to you?


I wasn't planning on deleting it. Maybe moving it to sewers or so. I just needed some more clarification.


I literally said it in my post you retard.
The thread doesn't break any rules. And you guys don't like this thread because of what? It's gonna make 22chan famous overnight? If getting websites to become popular was this easy then we wouldn't have to worry about this website becoming a ghost town due to the lack of people.
>>Don't listen to the community twoot
Seeing that other thread about you lolico, you are certainly the least trustable namefag, but looks like you value your opinion high enough to continue namefagging.


(I'm about 60% interested in playing the game, so the final decision on what to do is up to everyone else on what to do)
Are we playing, or not?
Perhaps we need to argue it out more.
>add to the timeline
I think he means like what you did to the shooters thread. (I dont think thats warrented)
>banning so he never comes back
(Or atleast that is what i got from both "lets ban him" statments)
Dont need to ban every person that comes here. Gotta stop jumping the gun like that. But i do understand the feelings behind that. so just delete the thread if it is a major issue.
For us, it comes down to two things delete, or keep playing.
>guys don't like this thread because of what? It's gonna make 22chan famous overnight? If getting websites to become popular was this easy then we wouldn't have to worry about this website becoming a ghost town due to the lack of people.
Tread carefully anon.
I came here because im autistic about imageboards. I read everything i had to read, history, lore, you name it. I know it And care about the site, and its quality, and the rules (maybe a little too much)
(Body too long, gonna saw in half)


Lets say, the game becomes popular. that through google, people where able to find 22chan. Now a bunch of people who dont care about (rules imageboards, anything) flood the site and treats 22ch nu-wave social media site.
If anything, if that WAS the case (no telling what would happen) everybody would need to be slightly more forceful when it comes down to regulating this site. (Being active, "lurk moar faggit, read the faqs you degenerate" you know, reading bibanon and the other history sites and becoming actual imageboard users if they are that idiotic) minor self policing if you will. 4chan got too popular because of nu-wave idiots.
What the hell did FF mean by publizize anyway? Making FF ads on other sites? (HABIT, a demon from everyman hybred wanted people to spread his glory. So he had people standing in large crowds record themselves on youtube acting like cult leaders, this was a part of a game he was playing. He chose 5 people from those group to go solve the final puzzle Explain the prossess fagget
How does that work.


>I just needed some more clarification
Read the whole thread, twoot.
Everything is pretty much explained in this thread that you need to know


>implying this is or could be relevant at all





22chan isn't the proper format for an arg
Why chose here, why not facebook?
This place is for having conversations
Not for playing spoopy mystery games


>Even Fresh Faggot agrees that you chose the wrong format to play the game in


From the horses mouth :
>This is not the intended forum for this information, and this post got a few things wrong. However, anyone is welcome regardless.


Either a controversial thread devolves into a philosophy debate or paranoid schizophrenia
Classic 22chan


told ya, rule 2 >>4698


File: tumblr_nrt1tmuZmJ1s831rvo1….jpg (76.64 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 1575492193218.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

r u l e t w o t i m e
Godamit i love this place


By creating content, or anything of value at all, you're creating stuff that could be uploaded on youtube/reddit/facebook. Is the solution really not making ever anything interesting at all?
1.I bet after cicada there were thousands of wannabe larpers doing these. Why do you assume this has a good chance of blowing up? Out of all of those?
2.Should we cease doing anything that "could blow up"? Then maybe we shouldn't make a game, we shouldn't make an album. They could blow up. [spoiler]those projects are already kinda failing but you get the idea.[/spoiler]
I agree that we shouldn't over-shill this place and we shouldn't do giant raids which would lead newfags here. But this thing imo is just about having some fun, come on, we can't always be so paranoid about everything.
>no fun allowed
I pretty much agree with this guy. Except the lolico part, I don't have reasons to think bad of him. But yeah people could namfag less. >>5200 >>5178 Right?
The guy just said that the post didn't break the rules (true btw) and that people were overreacting. Is even suggesting that what the majority itt thinks is wrong an attack on the relationship between twoot and the community of 22chan?


What i'm trying to say, if we do it
Have a gameplan. If newfags come here because of the larp
Not saying they will,
Just be prepared.


I mean, it'll blow up if you put it on youtube and label it 22chan : the music album or some popular gaming platform accel star : the 22chan game


FYI 4chan has been doing 2+ albums per month at least for the last year (Afaik they've been doing this for 5+ years), some released on youtube, most on bandcamp, some with rym (rate your music) pages and not one took off. I'm pretty sure pretty much no-one cares about them except for people from 4chan. For example, one of the recent best, upload on youtube:
Yes I think we can deal with that
If it blows up, and people find out that it kinda started here, we'll have a big afflux of complete newfigs and the only hope is that mods have strong b& hammers and delete all shit till eventually normalfags will get bored and only a few will come once in a while like they do now.


I mean, don't label it "the 22chan album"
Do what that guy did and give it a name unrelated to 22chan. If people asks where it came from, just say it came from an imageboard.
>normalfags will get bored and only a few will come once in a while like they do now.
-and if they want to stay here, help shape them into proper 22channers.
You dont need to spoonfeed or baby them.
Just don't allow them to act like idiots, say if they make shitty threads or posts
or act like normalfag internet user,
Just talk to ((them))

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