/b/ - Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:PetitTube, show videos with zero viewshttp://www.petittube.com/this shows videos with less than 100 viewshttps://www.incognitube.com/

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Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:
PetitTube, show videos with zero views
this shows videos with less than 100 views


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I'll start
Some dubsteb with quite a decent intro
A kid with skin irritation it seems
A cute kitty just playing
Some old mac program, useless but very retro, i like it
The title screen of a videogame nobody every played


I once saw a dude taking a crap outside and someone filming it but the dude releasing his dump threw a bucket at the cameraman


looks like something someone did for a film arts class. pretty fucking cliche.


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>Some old mac program, useless but very retro, i like it


Some spooky fleshy soundtrack. Neat.


Some guy's Plankton impression. Pretty solid.


Redneck black guy tries mumble rap



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I just found this beautiful thing, and i'm the only view, i must share this, so wholesome.


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Thats what i do every tuesday
Completely normal
Thats what your supposed to do in cages


Don't tell me you've never heard of a giggle cage before?



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Beautiful, this is why I love old people other than because I want to learn from them


More the reason to continue training on my piano on my own



It's so sad, sometimes this is what I do with my free time, I like the feeling of connection with the world this gives me, but at the same time, it intensifies my self-conception of being a pasive spectator only, in the world and in my life.
A Progressive Psy music mix
Seems like an interesing and long story, i'm not following tho
Flamenco, but with indians?
I'm glad I have these small chans where to discharge these autism attacks, this is my last post.


Goodby fellow anon, feel free to come back whenever you feel like it


Find the most interesting ones and make memes out of them. Like flashes, or ytp or whatever. This way you also have an active part plus have this unique mematic references which no-one else has



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So, I found this channel after encountering several videos of him on petit, it has houndreds of videos, I haven't watched any in which he speaks, but it seems like he always tests technologycal gadgets or something, sometimes he even do unboxings of them. Also, he has these GOOD/BAD signs which is also strange. I adore this kind of mysteries.
This section i like to call it: Random cool music
Interesting, but fake nonetheless

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