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Hey 22chan, let me tell you a story about a lewd sleep-over I once had.

>be me

>be a scout
>Scouts is co-ed where I'm from, so this is not some tale of faggotry
[spoiler] Well, not the homosexual kind of faggotry [/spoiler]
>we go camping and have social events every so often
>now, let me tell you about one of these events
>we often have sleep-overs to "plan" and have fun
>let me tell you about this group
>another group had merged with mine so a lot of new faces
>most of these kids were new to me
>well actually, all of them were, at least the ones at the sleepover
>however, they were not new to each other



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>we had decided at a meeting to have a sleep-over mid february
>we decided to hold it at this community center kind of place we can use for free
>people are selected to buy food and drinks
>this sleep-over was going to be awesome
>it started on a friday night
>I got there a little later because I was busy
>when I got there, I walked up the stairs towards the cheery voices I could her from the moment I entered
>I walked through the doorway to the big room where everybody had settled
>I drropped my bag by the wall
>I walked over to the others and said hi
>a few of them responded
>those who didn't were focused on the monitor that one of the guys had brought
>not only did he bring a monitor, but his PC, mouse, keyboard, and speakers.
>the boys huddled around the computer screen were scuoring through his Steam library to find something to play
>a couple of others were at the back of the room, setting up an Xbox 360 on another screen


>I asked one of the girls who didn't seem to be busy what was bought for food
>she pointed to a table and giggled a little bit
>I soon joined in when I saw the ludicrous amount of Jolly Ranchers that were on the table
>next to the five bags of jolly ranchers were a few bags of chips and what appeared to be chocolate left over from Valentine's day
>I asked the girl what the deal was with the chocolates
>one of the boys cut her off as she was about to answer and said that they were really cheap so why not
>I shrugged and agreed
>I looked around the room and my eyes came to rest on the girl's
>I swear I could see a little bit of pink shooting into her cheeks when she realized I was looking in her eyes
>our eyes quickly darted away from one another
[spoiler]you know that thing where you quickly look away when somebody notices that you're looking at them[/spoiler]
>not my fault her eyes were nice to look at
>her eyes really did look nice in that moment
>maybe it was the lighting
>or the fact that she's a girl and I like girls
>"um... Do you guys want to play something."
>my eyes were back on her
>I was avoiding her eyes so I watched her lips move as she spoke
>a thought rushed across my mind
>'those are pretty lips'
>instant regret
>I'm flooded with embarrassment
>I quickly look away
>my eyes dart away once more
>"anyone up for some Halo?"
>half the room answered the blonde haired boy with the same thing
>myself and the girl included
>I guess that's what we were gonna play


Not too sure if anyone reads this but I'll keep writing my story.

>we all grabbed chairs from the stack against the wall and lined our selves around screen

>their were five of us and four controllers
>"lowest score switches out"
>Oh no!
>I'd only played Halo once before
>and I got demolished that time
>but hey, I just had to beat the girl
>well, at least for the first round
>I was the only one of the boys who didn't own any Halo game
>I think we were playing Halo 3
>again, I'm no Halo expert
>safe to say I wasn't going to fare well in these games
>I managed to dodge the bottom spot on the leaderboard on the first round
>that meant that little miss pretty eyes would have to switch with the boy who was waiting his turn
>he had a confident face on
>was I intimidated
>not at all
[spoiler]that's a lie[/spoiler]
>I was going to show him who's boss
[spoiler]also a lie[/spoiler]
>but before I could do that...


>he wiped the floor with me
>I was utterly and positively...
>and other synonyms
>was I disappointed in myself?
>not really
[spoiler]not a lie this time[/spoiler]
>I just bowed my head and passed my controller to waiting girl
>I stood up and surrendered my seat to the fair maiden
>she took the seat
>maybe the chair was cursed
>or maybe she was just bad like I was
>either way, she lost and I regained what I had surrendered only minutes ago
>I switched with the girl several times before we decided to do something else
>as we were turning off the game I mentioned that Halo would make a fun strip game
>I received approval from an unexpected source
>the girl seemed intrigued, excited even.
>I wasn't expecting that



> Not too sure if anyone reads this but I'll keep writing my story.

I enjoy it


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I have been liking the story so far.


Moved to /b/


>I only thought about strip Halo because of a friend from school
>I told him earlier that day that I was going to a sleepover
>his first question of course was: "any girls?"
>I replied with a mellow: "yeah"
>I knew what was coming
>"heh heh, time for some stripping games, am I right?"
>I chuckled and acquiesced
>I didn't take it seriously
>he did
>he suggested that any game could become a strip game
>we were playing chess in the cafeteria during lunch
>of course he was going to use an example to prove his point
>he suggested that chess could be a strip game
>"one item of clothing for every piece removed from the board"
>"maybe even by point value"
>"winner gets a free dare"
>I think he got a little carried away
>I did end up bringing my chess set along with me to the sleep-over
>I didn't intend on playing strip-chess
>It seemed ridiculous in my head
>although.. they way that the pretty eyed girl reacted to strip-halo
>maybe it might not be a terrible idea
>all this talk of strip games earlier that day just made the idea of strip-Halo pop into my head


At this point, I should probably introduce to you who was at the sleepover. I wish I could say it was a harem off teenage girls, but that would just be a lie. There were only two girls, and five boys. We were all 14 to 15 years old at the time.
There was of course the pretty eyed girl. She was about 5'5", short black hair. She often wore it up or under a beanie because it was curly. She was slim with a modest bust, B or C cup. Definitely cute in my books. Let's call her by what she’d be called in the language of love Belle.
The other girl was a grave contrast to Belle: a husky queer. At the time of the sleep-over, I thought she was lesbian. She did have a girlfriend at the time. She fit the stereotype of angry lesbian. She was husky, short hair parted to one side, arm covered in bracelets, angry demeanor, complete with a strong defense of liberal ideals. Safe to say I wouldn't call this girl cute, so for the sake of the story let's call her Huffy.


The first boy was a charming skinny aryan child of god. That's probably the easiest way to describe him. Let's call him by a nice suiting biblical name: Adam.
Next up: the boy responsible for bringing his PC. The gentle giant, a tall chubby boy with glasses and a perpetual smile. Let's call him Mac, after the line of computers he despises.
A second tall chubby boy was present. This one was far too confident about everything. Not an inflated ego, just too cocksure. Let's call him Chip because of his resemblance to a certain small rodent. [spoiler]don't tell him I said that[/spoiler]
Next, the boy who stood out for the first round of Halo. Average height, slim, with short black hair resembling the pikes of a roman battalion sticking up from his scalp. Let's call him Spike. [spoiler]I considered calling him Oni because his sister is hot[/spoiler]
Last but not least: myself. At the time, I was a 6 foot skinny kid with enough brown hair to poke out of a baseball cap and form a spiky ring around my head. Definitely not the most attractive 15 year old boy but I got along fine with my looks (see pic at top of thread, there's a resemblance). For the sake of the story, let's call me Pit
[spoiler]No, he is not my Smash main[/spoiler]


>everyone was bored
>perfect time for board games
[spoiler]I saw the opportunity for a pun, but I didn't want to force it[/spoiler]
>it slips my mind who it was who suggested it
>we all pulled our chairs around a table in the back of the room that already had several board games lined up on it
>everybody was excited to have a rematch of Ticket to Ride after they had their asses handed to them by Chip at the previous camp
>I wasn’t too excited, but majority rules
>Chip defeated us all once again with his mighty wit and annoying ass blocking
>except not the mighty wit part
>after a beatdown, we were looking for something fresh to play
>I introduce to you Bohnanza: the german bean collecting board game
>how will we play a german board without the ability to read german you may ask
>quite conveniently, Belle had spent a year in germany while her parents were on sabbatical
>she learned German while she was attending school there
>it may seem cool, but she's told me that it was the worst year of her life
>make a note, german elementary school children are the spawn of Satan
[spoiler]except for you, Twoot[/spoiler]
>it’s no surprise that Belle would be the one to take all three matches that we played
>I tried to plead with her not to completely dismember me
>but it was to no avail
>she can be ruthless when there is competition involved
>thus my limbs were gone


I wish 22chan wasn't so slow, it's nice to hear feedback. I've not got the best memory of the events, but I try to fill in the blanks.


cont? pretty nice story


>I sat there, a torso balanced on a chair
>Chip stood up
>I already knew that whatever words were to come out of his mouth would be silly
>when he began talking, this was confirmed
>strip poker
>he wanted to play strip poker
>there were no objections
>but there was a problem
>he and I were the only two who knew how to play poker
>and I wasn't about to teach anybody
>the thing with Chip is that he is unable to tell that he is incompetent
>this leads to very condescending speeches
>I don't despise him, but I would never want to work with someone like him
>he begins his speech
>attempting to teach a group of teens to play poker
>strip poker no less
>now, there are many variations to poker
>they range from luck based to skill based
>you would think that with a strip game there would have to be skill involved
>but Chip is not you
>no, Chip chose probably thhe closest you can get to pure luck based poker
>Texas hold 'em
>I sighed internally
>I knew that I could do a better job organizing this game
>but was I going to?
>absolutely not
>I was not in the mood to argue with this stubborn rodent faced boy
>my mind was not on poker
>how could it be?
>I had someone else's legs lightly pushing my own
>distracting me
>the we were sitting, it could only be the person across from me


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Cont please?

Your fortune: Godly Luck


>poker was not very successful
>a few practice rounds were played before we would enforce the strip rules
>interest was lost really quickly
>we didn't manage to get to the stripping before we were searching for something else to do
>while the group bickered, Belle and I played a game of chess to pass the time until an activity was chosen
>it was quite apparent that we were not very good at planning ahead
>I'm not complaining though
>I had a cute girl in front of me
>she teased that if we ever got to a second game of chess, there would be stripping involved
>as any teen boy in that situation would feel, there was a stirring in my loins
>I knew that if we ever got to that game, I'd be seeing a lot of flesh
>I was no chess grandmaster, but I had gotten a lot of practice recently
>I received a roll-up magnetic chess set for christmas and I had brought it to school every day since to play at lunch
>I was almost as confident as Chip would be in this situation
>but unlike him, I knew what I was doing
>I wish I could say that I made her strip down until there was nothing left to the imagination
>the bickering between the others to choose an activity was beginning to bother me
>maybe I cucked myself by saying this, but in my mind it had to be done
>"let's just play truth or dare"
>the universal sleepover game
>spots were taken at the table once again
>this was going to get interesting


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are we going to have to ask for every cont?>>676


Sorry for the wait, it's been a busy time for me and I haven't gotten back to writing. I'm trying to recall the events, but the fog of time has clouded my memories.

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