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We need to do something that get us attention, any ideas?
Pic maybe related


22chan need to be able to say: "Yes, we did that"


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we need to do some top kek

Red Napkin standing by.



Like the "Pool is closed" thing


yea, thats what I thought
roblox servers? maybe?



hmmmm i dont think we are enough for that

> nice dubs


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i dunno, I also think that one of the main reasons why isnt this place so active is that we arent iconical for anything.
22 is asylum for 4ch non-degenerates, thats good, but what are we besides that?



good question


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also I was thinking about giveaways for steam games, where is a rule that you have to share 22ch on some social media, but it will attract just normies and kids so...


Any drama going on in the internet? We could abuse That, like faking evidence and exposing them.


That sounds good


Raid a Reddit page successfully.




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Hi I am 4chan int refugee who was sick of the same threads about bull this mongoloid that being posted over and over again and seeked assylum in ylilauta int, and dont get me wrong people there are much friendlier than the ones in 4chan int but i dont think that scatological humor is my cup of tea either, what do you guys have to offer? Is it true that you are a rare breed of down to earth anonymous imageboard users who just want to have a nice time?



> Is it true that you are a rare breed of down to earth anonymous imageboard users who just want to have a nice time?



ok say no more


I second this but which one? Besides hating reddit what subreddit does everyone here hate?


I think it would be fun, albeit quite demanding, to perform a raid wherein we slowly infect the victim like a virus. Just subtly introducing something into their content. I don't know if that would be possible, but I think it would be cool if we could pull it off.


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raid some faggy sites maybe like ebaumsworld, 9gag, ifunny, tumblr etc




I definitely want 9gaggers on this site.


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Good idea, I like it. But it's not very obvious, is it? We're going for publicity, and a slow creep just isn't very good for that. We need something flashy and dramatic. A creep is a tool for a different job, like actually corrupting and dismantling a community we don't like. Some other time.


Guys, just gonna let you know how a raid will probably look like:

> 22chan raids website

> people get to know that it was 22chan
> owner of website sues me
> i need to pay some charge of alot of money
> i shutdown 22chan because of that

Please be careful, so this case wont happen



If i get sued i will shutdown 22chan


What if we just ruin a meme like the Ricardo trolls with tiktok.
We would need a platoon of shitposters for that to work tho.



So to prevent this, i will ban raids. I hope you guys wont take it personally, its for the best.


Raids probably wouldn't bring in the sort of users we want, anyways.


This could be something?


We could still do other things than raiding


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and that is?
are we really this weak? cmon guys


What’s with >>593



Dubs of the truth, sounds like a plan


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Let's put our heads together, then. What drama have you guys seen recently? Here are my contributions which are both terrible ideas, but maybe they'll inspire some of you to think up something better:

I've heard tales in the wind of SJW's being exposed for sending themselves hate through fake accounts on whatever social media they use in order to have something to get mad at and an opportunity to get on a soapbox. It would be very easy to "leak" a hate account connected to a (preferably rather obscure but still important) figure and undermine authority. This could be exactly what we're looking for, or it could be a massive hornet's nest. Tangling with the SJW's is partly what turned 4chan into the mess it is today.

Alternatively, there's the whole fiasco with the "Help Fund Trump's Wall" GoFundMe being exposed as fake. We could either take partial credit for this, or "confess" to faking another big GoFundMe. I'm not sure how we'd do this, but I'm just throwing ideas out there to get the gears turning.

Whatever we do, we need to tread carefully. We cannot afford to attract the wrong crowd or piss off anyone too important.


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I like you anon.

Maybe we could also invent our own word. I mean something like "covfefe". 22chers will use it everyday and when somebody asks what does that word mean, you simply say "its a meme from 22chan" Dumb but it could be funny.


Why the fuck do we need more people anyway? This will just turn to 4chan 2.0 again.



Yes exactly


Because it's so painfully slow here. We need more posters or else we'll stagnate and die.
Here: https://www.random.org/strings/
I got Jacboy and Udgunt which I think both have a lot of potential as insults or maybe compliments. We could also make a bullshit acronym and mock people who don't know what it means.


That is a rlly great idea


>>643 Every Chan seems to hate r/4chan, r/8chan, r/greentext, and everything related to websites like this. 4chan's /b/ in the summer also tried to raid some news subreddit by making fake news, but it was largely unsuccessful due to lack of mobilization of the board due to the majority of the board being porn and the thread itself was low on the bump order at least by the time I found it. This site also seems to hate furries. This will be sadly on the backburner because of Cucklands stupid policies on raids.

Your fortune: Good Luck


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Hey, why not steal a steal a stupid meme being used by some group/community to make them mad? Though we'd have to make a bunch and spam them on that community's website.


Had the same idea
We should be like Instagram

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