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Dream thread?

I had an interesting dream last night. I fell asleep listening to Vinesauce Joel's GTA III stream last night. In the dream, I decided to order some food from Taco Bell (who does not deliver, but they did in the dream). I began to give him my order, and I was greeted by Joel, who told me to shut the fuck up. He then started asking me the best way to get past a level in GTA IV. I gave him my ultimate wisdom and he started yelling. He eventually showed up at my house with my food, and he very rudely barged into my home and put it on the kitchen counter. He refused to leave. He continued to talk to me about GTA. I told him to get the fuck out of my house. He did not. Eventually, I told him that if he didn't go away I was going to hurt his face with a chair. I shoved him out of my front door, but he remained out front. I then called the police, who continued to chat with me about GTA, but left when asked to.

tl;dr Vinesauce Joel harassed me in my own home after delivering Taco Bell.


Why did you not talk about GTA with him?


I did at first. But eventually there comes a point where I just wanna order my food


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i had a lewd dream last night about big titty eldritch bitches. pic related they were all blindfolded and there were piles of them just laying on eachother.




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it's just a damn face you paranoid niglet, here's another one. and stop being jealous about not dreaming of big titty eldritch bitches.


what does bl mean


i just shortened "blindfold"


nonono I know it's not, you can't trick me. Those are dudes getting their holes poked, not sexy females. I'm on to you, hear me?


i wish you guys weren't so gay sometimes.


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oh, I see, a simple mistake, thank you for bearing with us and providing evidence my dear sir. After all, one cannot be too careful in times like these


i would be on 4chan if i had bitten the trap/tranny lure


I had a dream
Me & ex back to seventeen
Summer nights and the libertines
Never growing up.


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pt 1
i had a dream it it wasnt pleasent. it's 2060. china slowly takes over america, buys off american companys, sends women over here to either have babies, or send already pregnant women to have babies in american soil. one of those babies grew up to become president and claims to "hold both americas and chinas best (((interest)))". age of consent is lowered. ads for foods and brands now have blatant soft-core porn, same with tv shows and movies. age rating doesnt matter, its everywhere, kids books talking about masturbation and such. Anyone remember seeing all those shidty ads that try to seem relatable or are just lol so randumb? (like those old spice commercials) in 2010 us goverment psycologists studyed a regular pornsite and made viral marketing techneques from the info they got, and used that in ads for whatever to fuck with people and makecthem buy more stuff, and around 2018, they did the same with wojack, called "the wojack effect"
put people into groups or subgroups, label them, memes, give them the guise of anonimity, teach them to represent themselves with shidty watered down plilosophy and make them easy to control. not only that but market food for them, like "doomers only smoke lucky stripe cigarettes, and drink jack daniels" or "boomers only drink monster energy drinks" you get the idea, but relable it to something else. people larping irl to make themselves feel better. fukkin normies. drug abuse is rampant and accepted. instead of feeling emotions and growing, nomatter how painful, its just people from a young age numbing themselves. politics doesnt matter any more, its all predecided beforehand but dont tell anyone that. to make matters worse celebrities and pornstars stand in while actual politicians ghost write.


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pt 2
nothing is anonymous or private anymore. everything gets collected into a database and if you mess up, your fucked for life. twotter, socal media and everything is connected permanently, you cant even open up a browser and search "watermelon addict" and if you dont use it you'll get fucked, in order to get a job and do anything you must connect, and stay connected for life. alexa and other lifehelper shid is embedded everywhere so you can't even speak without being heard. and finally, are doing their best to eat, breath, and think for you and be your best pal, even though in actuality their a living godlike paracite, and after their done killing you they move on to their next victem. mcdonalds made a sex toy/vr alternate reality brothel for any age, and through sexual innuendo
>"oh anon stick your 100% pure beef into my american made freshly baked buns and put your big mac secret sause inside me" like that,
they make you buy more food and get free shekels, coupons, you name it. but over time they slowly pull the plug and give you less and less, making you buy more. other brands followed their direction and did similar things. literally the most autistic dream i had in my life.


>"In 2010 us goverment psycologists studyed a regular pornsite and made viral marketing techneques from the info..."
Hit a bit too close to the truth right there, anon : https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki/EWFA-Chapter-6
rat bastards actually did it


ok so i had a really weird dream were i was just in a endless white space and i just walked forward then i got transferred to a different universe and there was just watermelon addicts everywhere and then they pulled out there cocks and just started shooting cum at me then hitler killed all them but a jew-copter came and they tried to steal our money then i got my nigger killer and shot them all then hitler teleported us to 1934 Germany and a airplane took me a kkk base were they tried to steal my nigger killer but then a gang of cum shooting watermelon addicts killed them and used there cracker killers to try and kill me but i killed them all with my trusty nigger killer and magically a motorcycle appeared AND HITLER CAME BACK and he took me back to germany but not in 30's or 40's but in 2013 and they killed hitler but then a nuke hit germany and i thought it was over but then i woke up


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Here is a long and vivid dream I had shortly after quitting weed that I remember practically every detail of:
The dream was in some post-post apocalyptic setting. I was living in a castle built on top of the ruins of my childhood neighborhood. At the start of the dream I was given an aerial view of this castle: a stonework keep opened to an enclosed courtyard which contained dormitories for the courtiers. Beyond that was a bailey with a stables and a blacksmith and a tavern. Outside the walls of the castle was acres and acres of farmland with farmhouses. The only remnants on my old neighborhood were ruined foundations which the newer farmhouse were built onto.

I was one of the courtiers living in the courtyard. The leaders of the settlement sent me and three other people on a mission to find more gasoline. These were people I did not know in real life but, in the dream, they were all close frens. It was two men and one woman. We loaded the last of the settlement's gasoline into a pickup truck and set out on our mission. I remember the tank was only 20% full.

At this point, the dream skipped ahead and we found ourselves in some wilderness that resembled an African savannah and the truck was running on empty. One of the guys sitting in the back pointed towards a big rectangular building, off in the distance up on a hill, that looked like some kind of old factory.

"There. What we need is in there," he said as the truck sputtered to a stop, now out of gas. We were about to exit the truck and continue on foot when, suddenly, one of those bat monsters from the Descent came out of nowhere and started trying to crawl its way into the truck to get at us. It gave up after a little while, at which point the guy who first pointed the building out volunteered to run for it and bring the gasoline out. We trying to talk him out of it, but he insisted it was the only choice we had and that he was the fastest runner of all of us.

So he set out and sprinted towards the building. We could see the bat monster circling in the sky high above him but he didn't notice. We tried to scream out and warn us, but he couldn't hear us. He was halfway there when the bat monster dove down towards him. He noticed it, panicked, and climbed up an acacia tree for some reason. The monster pounced him and started tearing him to pieces.

At this point, we noticed a small shack nearby and decided to run for it and search it while the bat monster was distracted. However, as soon as we opened the truck door, the bat monster came at us and pounced on me. The two surviving frens (the man and the woman) screamed in horror, but both were shrieking like little girls. This caused the monsters head to violently shake all about in agony and it retreated into the sky. At this point, we made note that high pitched noises hurt the monster and we ran towards the little shack.

The dream skipped ahead again to about 48 hours later. The shack had been completely empty and we were not in danger of dying in thirst. During the day, the bat monster would ceaselessly circle the shack, but it seemed to disappear somewhere at night. So, we decided we would wait until sundown and sneak towards the building with the gasoline. A little after the sun went down, we sneaked out of the shack, but we didn't make it far before the bat monster pounced out of nowhere and started tearing the second guy apart. Now just I and the woman were left. We ran back into the shack, but the monster chased us. It clamped down on my arm with its jaw and I could feel it had several rows of razor-sharp shark teeth. Yet, it was doing no damage.

At this point I realized I was only dreaming because, if it were real life, my arm would have been torn to ribbons. So, I took advantage of this moment of lucidity and made my smartphone appear in my hand. I went to the google play store and searched the word "shrieker." I clicked to download the first link that came up. After it installed, I opened it to discover it was some corny empire-building game that didn't make any shrieking noise. So I went back to the google play store, typed "shrieker" again, and this time I read the description of the apps.

I download an app described as "make annoying music" and a keyboard appeared on my scream. But, the bat monster began shaking me around, causing me to drop the phone.

I instructed the woman to pick up the phone and tap the highest-pitched key. She did so.

"beep" "beep" beep" "beep" No effect.

"No," I yelled. "Hold it down!"


The bat monster was thrown backwards out the door by the high-pitched beep and it fell to the ground unconscious. The woman and I grabbed shovels that had just suddenly appeared at our feet and we bashed the bat monster's face in.

The dream skipped ahead again and we were inside that building. We were running down a series of hallways leading to stairwells which led to more hallways. The woman was way ahead of me as my feet were dragging.


Part 2:
My feet were moving slowly as if I was trudging through sludge. Try as I might, I couldn't move any faster. At one point, the woman stopped and looked back with an expression of frustration.

"Sorry," I said. "I always run like this in dreams."

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about," she replied. "But we need to hurry. I'm not sure that thing is dead."

Still lucid, I managed to teleport myself next to her and we arrived at a big metal door, but it was locked. The woman ran over to a locker in the wall, turned a combination, and opened it to pull out a key. She unlocked the door and we walked through to find a ladder leading way up to a hatch. We climbed the ladder and pushed open the hatch and a blinding light washed over us.

Suddenly I was in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, working as a line cook and I forgot I was in a dream. The head chef came to me with a bunch of eggplant that he had seasoned a grilled and he instructed me to stuff it in a goose and bake it. So I did.

The eggplant-stuffed goose was brought out to a table and several people ate it and really enjoyed it.

Then, some old woman (who I assume was the manager or restaurant owner) started yelling at me that I overcooked the eggplant and deflated it. I tried to explain to her that it wasn't deflated. It was sliced and grilled and it wasn't even me who prepared it. The chef prepared it. But she kept talking over me so I lost my temper and got in her face and started yelling and cursing at her.

"Who," she said. "You don't have to get all belligerent."

"Yes I do," I screamed. "Because you always pull this shid. I told you the eggplant isn't deflated. It's sliced. And it wasn't overcooked it was good. Ask any of the guests. Ask the chef. There's nothing wrong with the fucking eggplant."

And then I woke up.
So, any ideas what this dream means?


Well, I'm a recovering drug addict(17 days sober so yay me), most of my dreams consist of very similar themes, very horror based dreams. e.g Very gory things like cutting open people, eating body parts and what not, also pills(lots of pills).
I'll keep you anons up to date if I see anything new or weird.


Today I dreamed of an advert for a type of door which could always be opened from the outside (if you have a special key I guess). It was an advert targeted at old ladies, and it showed how a grandma got into her apartment while a bunch of teens were partying there and trying to keep her outside. Also the teens were trying to open some locks by throwing them at the floor. The grandma opened the locks very easily
Another interesting detail was the design of the locks. They looked cheap and made of plastic in shapes of a heart, but were kinda solid. To open them, you had a typical key but you had to apply the side of the key on the lock, not insert it. It clicked a lever, but the lock would only open after a test of electric characteristics of the key (otherwise you could just use a coin to press the lever)
Funny, this could actually work I guess, even if it would be a pretty bad design considering it makes the locks battery dependent.
I like my dreams. In a way they are creative and interesting. They're nothing special though, some people have crazy dreams
>there was just watermelon addicts everywhere and then they pulled out there cocks and just started shooting cum at me
Whoa sb you didn't have to share your sexual fantasy with us


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Had a strange dream. For context, I'm working on a custom doll (ie. painting it, rerooting hair, sewing outfit).
The dream started with me alone in my room, cleaning. Everything was very pristine and organized, except for on top of my dresser - there was lots of jewlery and shiny things that glowed softly. It was night in the summer, though I heard no cicadas or frogs I knew they were there. I kept cleaning when I felt something watching me. That doll I'd been working on sat upright on the dresser and the head was back on (I had been unrooting the hair in real life right before I fell asleep so the head was "supposed" to be off). This terrified me to some core, because I thought it was real life in the dream and I remembered I had NOT left the doll like that. My closet was open as well, and inside was a latter to the latch that goes to the attic (there is an actual attic in my closet btw). I stood there for an uncomfortably long time before I decided to head up. I climbed up, and once I got to the top, I saw something shining by the window. I remember how dark it was inside compared to that light - but the color in the darkness was swirling - like the color you see when you close your eyes. All shades of color that mix together to become black. Before I could see what the shiny thingwas, something in my head said "finish that doll [anon]" and I woke up.
It was about 5 or 6 am when i woke up. I was a bit freaked out, but I did almost immediately start working on it without even getting ready for the day. I'm either being haunted by it or my brain decided I needed some good motivation.
Pic related is the doll so far sitting on some deer bones. I'm not even close to done but I spent a few hours today painting.


Sounds like you should take a break


Maybe you’re right.


Very nice doll, it must have been stress to finish it that made you had a nightmare


So i went to bed after waking up at 5 in the morning to go do manual labor and after going to bed around 1pm my dream went something like this :

I walk to my bathroom and stair at my mirror
i take a pair of earbuds out, i place one correctly in one ear, and i jam the audiojack in the other
i shove the audiojack so deep in to the point where it rupture's my eardrum
i feel very uncomfortable, but do nothing but stare at my eyes deeply
then i wake up

no clue what that means but ok, glad that's over.


An ant crawled into your ear dude


Thanks, I'm still working on it.. It's very special, and it won't be done until August because the hair won't be shipped until then.


damn it joel


One time I dreamed about having random dollar bills that didn't exist. It was all random numbers like 11, 28, 33, etc.


Another dream I had last night was strange and amusing, to be honest. In the dream, there was an argument over if alcohol should be legal or not. Somehow this was an issue in this year's presidential election. Because it was a dream I was randomly out and about it then dawned on me that a rally for this issue was happening. The people pro alcohol were Trump fans. Political rallies being a rally there had to be a chant. What they chanted was "drink harder for Trump!". The chant went on for a while but suddenly I woke up. It turns out that I needed to take a leak and I had almost "PISSED HARDER FOR TRUMP".


I keep dreaming non existent Family Guy episodes


Have you been watching family guy before you sleep or something?


lol what was it about?


I've just been watching a lot of Family Guy
In the most recent one Herbert became a police officer and then Quagmire murdered Joe and Herbet arrested him and then Peter got depressed


Do you record what you remember from the dreams or was this a one off dream?


I dont record what I remember from dreams I just remember them sometimes


I don't know why but i haven't been dreaming at all for several years, it's just me going to sleep and waking up without dreaming.


Has anyone ever had a 'dream' that's more like voluntary sleep paralysis? I remember 'waking' up to a smallish demon at my feet or edge of my bed looking back. I was either shaking or felt like I was being vibrated, but when I forced myself out of it, the demon was no where to be seen. When I fell back to sleep the vibrating would start again but no demon. I can't really describe the feeling, but its like during a earthquake (but not as strong as typical ones) but having a sense that something really bad is going to happen. Malaise i guess.
Have you did weed recently or around frens that do weed? Sometimes that's it or just being too tired or not remembering. I think a girl I hang around that vapes is the cause but I've had periods of no dreams, then periods of dreams



Dreams are fucking boring. No one cares about your dream but you. I fkn cringe when people talk about their dreams irl.


I respect your opinion, but don't you think dreams can be very imaginative? They are both based on reality and free from many of the rules of everyday life
But even if you dislike dreams yourself, you should know that for artists dreams can be a source of creative inspiration. I remember bill wurtz said that the chorus for one of his songs (I don't remember which) came straight from a dream


No, i'm clean, perhaps it's stress or something
>sleep paralysis
creepy situation where some stuffed animal floated around the room and tried to "lure me out"


I keep having re-occurring dreams where I wake up from a nap as if this real world is a dream. In the "real world" I am hunted by aliens/monsters/creatures that have been trying to wipe out humanity and have wiped most people out of existence and I'm trying to survive with other survivalists. The dreams continue to get creepier and worse the more I have them but they are very interesting I suppose. At least I haven't died yet in the dreams.


thats cool shid, make sure to remember/ write stuff down
seems like it could be made into a novel or something


Is it realistic, or is it more cartoony?


Oh okay, I guess you could've called be a secondhand smoker because I was some fren smoking weed or vaping and was under a bridge so maybe, but even then I was dreaming quickly later. God damn girl vapes all the time with some strawberry scented one and just blows smoke constantly, no one else in the group does it, even ones with cigerettes don't. fucking vapefags. Perhaps you're just forgetting most of the dreams or taking some medicine.
>lure me out
yeah thats shid sounds creepy. Are you the anon who also had the dream about the doll looking at you and then going up the attic?


seconding this, what do they look like?


I had a dream where I was back in high school for some strange reason. High school was generally a bad time for me so it was strange when the people in the dream were being genuinely lovely in high school were fake nice in order for them to feel better about themselves. My dream does move forward to main event quickly a battle royal of sorts. The last one standing gets something cool gift. I go up against this big jock sort of guy. My move set is tripping with a tennis ball and various kicks. I end up winning the fight with a two legged jump kick sending the jock flying. I won, but I do not get recognized as the winner even though everyone else was knocked out prior to my fight ending. Maybe the person I beat was supposed to win. I don't know what the dreams mean.


yeah i get sleep paralysis a lot, but i am usually too much of a little bitch to let myself go through it. i started getting it when i was like 11 and thought it was spooki demon bois from hell. it's still annoying even though i now think demons are innocent. but usually the thing that happens that's the most potent feeling and weird and startling as fuck is, after i have a good fap, if i lay on my bed and start to drift off into post nut relaxation, i'll feel / hear a SPPRRRRRT! like someone raspberrying right inside my head for a split second, as well as get the strong feeling like there's a man-sized insectoid astral creature sticking its long ass mosquito noodle nose right into the center of where my brain would be if i had a body. not necessarily sucking my brains out, but just noodling its faggot nose around there. it feels like a sub-sentient being though. whenever this happens it's not scary, but really startling. i always jolt up. one time the apparition was so vivid that i had to flail my arms in front of my face for a couple seconds before i stopped "seeing" it before my waking eyes (but not really sight, it was more like in each individual moment i remembered seeing it there but it wasn't there during any "rendered frame" of vision). i kind of get the feeling that this is some kind of astral being drawn to my general faggotry like a moth to a flame, and that it exists on the level of astral vibration that my current psyche resonates the most with, which is a plane of weird-as-fuckness as well as pretty fucking annoying.

now as for an actual dream i once had: imagine you're in some kind of Myst-esque world, like in the central tower in the hub world in Exile. i was in a thematically similar area, but there wasn't any kind of plot. there was an elevator that you would use to get up into this place, which was kind of like a loft, so the elevator was the only way up. but if you would accidentally ride the elevator into the underground instead of just down to the mezzanine, you'd enter a place where 1,000 people were murdered and their souls remained. now, i was alone except for i had a black labrador next to me, and then the elevator came up by itself. the doors opened, and nobody was inside it, but the black lab took notice, faced the elevator, and let out one, cautious, bark. then i felt the resonance of 1,000 murdered souls emanating from the elevator. i could feel their anger and bitterness at having been murdered; it wasn't directed at me, but it could swallow me. i was acutely aware of the fact that there was nothing standing between me and their pain.
then i woke up.


>i won, but i was not recognized as the winner
>maybe the other guy was supposed to win
>t. donald trump


i had a similar dream once. i don't have any dolls or anything, but in the dream i had two versions of Big Bird from seasame street: a smol ~6" one, and a life-sized one. i kept both of them in my basement, which was very cluttered with lots of boxes etc. and it was dark and dusty down there. so in the dream, i was refurbishing the 6" big bird, whose color had washed out; i was squirting it with a spray-bottle filled with Sunny-D to put more yellow in it. then i noticed that the life-size Big Bird was over in a corner where i hadn't left him, facing me, judging me. i sprayed the smol doll more frantically, trying to appease Big Bird by honoring his smol likeness. but the color wouldn't stay. Big Bird wasn't amused.


Wow did not recognize how that could be related. I have been paying attention to that and that may be part of the reason that dream occured.


He is a seer


Any Advice given or some person or thing acting as a 'guide' or 'teacher' in someway in a dream? I can remember a few, like one time I had one when I was very young, like before 10, basically it started with me 'waking up' in my dark bedroom to find arms and hands reaching out to me but flaying around to feel where I was, however when I looked to my left, there were hands reaching to me, but more blue and astral or heavenly looking than the dirtied and blood-smeared ones. The good hands saved me from the whatever by pulling me away and into the bathroom (through the wall). I found myself seated on the toilet with its lid down and some victorianque people around but I think one was a soldier or knight. There was three of them there: One bearded man in his 30s-40s who was in a black suit with a moustache, the other in the middle was a woman in her 30s-40s who wore a victorian or dress from the 1920s to 30s, and a man in armor. They told me they were ghosts or spirits or some protecter dieties of my county/town (I'm from Ireland for ref), and to not be harmed from evil or those hands (i.e don't be pocessed or be influenced by it) and that they will protect me if I call for their help.
I was also having dreams of another entity (some purplish monster) pulling me through from room to room with me actually waking up in said room.>>7341


So around 5 in the morning i woke up from a nightmare.
Goes as such, seen through fish eye camera lens, dim colors and in a faintly dark room. for some reason my brain related this dream to "harry potter" but nothing i can think of in it is related. there's this girl, 5 feet 8 inches, wearing a tank top, shorts, brown hair kinda mousey looking if that makes sense, i feel scared, like something bad's gonna happen. She's looking for something, a certian knife that can kill some guy, because he can't be killed by any other weapon. she finds it, and i know something bad will happen, and i start to feel scared, heart pounding type of thing, she finds the knife (looks like a toy daggar, weird blocky red thing with a shiny curved blade, on the hilt a green eye is mounted) and gets quiet. the finished prepairing herself for whats t o come untill some slightly overweight middle aged man walks in the room, (it's him) she starts screaming like she's getting killed and frantically stabs at him. he says hello with an odd tone of voice. the mad is wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans or some thing like that. it feels like he isnt supposed to exist in that relm or something like that, and remember when its summer, and you look at a large metal object like a car, and you see heat waves coming off of it? well he had that type of stuff coming off of him. he did seem normal anyhow. In a fright, i woke up and got out of bed. wasnt exactly scary so i'm unsure why i reacted like that. and i havent watched or read any form of media that's even related so i am quite confused how it's related to me or what it even means.

You rolled the number 39682757 (no dubs or higher)


Maybe it's some type of psychological thing where you feel safe every day, and your feelings mantifests in the form of a guardian.


And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm Brian are the best I've ever had


What happened in those dreams? I am unfamiliar with Family Guy so please add context about Brian.


Brian is the dog, often found hanging out with Stewie (the baby)


File: 346696_v1qoWnNlIs_bezymyan….jpg (57.42 KB, 800x360, 20:9, 1614690909633.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yesterday, I had a weird dream. I was Finn from Adventure Time, we decided to explore some forbidden cave along with Jake. We entered it and it was okay at first, but then we woke up some ancient demon, and he, in turn, awoke his brethren who were sleeping inside cave. We tried to run away and block the cave's exit, but they got out and started to rewrite reality. I don't really remember what happened after that, but I think I escaped from them into new world.

Then I woke up and thought it's a good time to finally start watching Adventure Time. This show is so random.



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Had a rather odd and uncomfortably consistent nightmare/dream last night. For context, most of my dreams are very realistic and detailed, and sometimes seem to have a consistent story. This is one I had last night.

My family - mom, sister, me, and a brother - moved into a haunted house for free - on the condition we would sell our souls to the building if we somehow got connected to it or messed it up. So we took the offer bc we were poor.
The house itself was not too bad - a bit run down, old style like a victorian house with lots of detail on everything from the tile patterns in the kitchen to the decor on the doors.
Immediately upon moving in, things started to happen. Seeing faces and shadow people, hearing voices, etc. At one point a shrill scream just echoed out from the house. We would see weird deformed potato people in rooms, similar to the creatures I had in another dream about an obese black man that ate people.
My sister and I sat on the couch to talk and she said she just heard someone speak Russian in her ear and petting her shoulder. We called him a perv and laughed and the couch moved.
We saw our dog whimpering and limping upstairs on the balcony, and no one did anything until I realized he was bleeding. I ran up but he ran past me. He was holding a camera in his mouth and I grabbed it. Never looked at it. We inspected him and found shards of glass in his foot. We fixed him up with bandages and he was ok.
At one point I entered a room and a small blonde girl sat on a stool facing the window. Written around her in red on the walls and floor was stuff like “GOD LEFT HER DEAD” and "DON'T LOOK DON'T LOOK" and arrows pointing to her and stuff.
I touched her shoulder and she faced me - she was a normal girl, kind of animu. She said the spirits had trapped her there when her family left and I had freed her, so she joined our family. I was suspicious but eh whatever she was cute.
She was fun and cool and suddenly got older to my age, where before she had been a little gir. So she joined us in the garden outside.
More weird shid and spirits floated around us to scare us but we brushed them off to look at art on a computer. My mom sat in a sun hat fanning herself, my sister reading a book, and me, my brother, and the blonde girl were just talking. Then we saw faces on the second floor peeking out of holes/windows. About 3 incredibly grotesque and almost melty or deformed faces. One, I recall, was large and dark purple with deep, dark eyes with no shine and deep circles beneath them. It had skin like a potato - bumpy and disgusting with things poking out. The blonde girl flew/climbed up and got close. My brother shouted like “Don’t go near them! They’re traps!”
and I made the joke,“They aren’t very good at passing then” or something funny and he laughed. Then a ghoul emerged and scared the piss out of me.

I woke up thinking I had seen something in the dark and jumped. Not fun dealing with the paranoia from a nightmare at 5am. It'd be good to make it into a book.
Btw the potato people kind of looked like pic related (SCP-173), except with deep black eyes, no mouths or noses, and skin like a potato with lumps, "eyes," spots, etc. Their limbs are also more gnarled and some are missing arms or legs. Always very very still and unmoving, but watchful, glaring into your soul. They disgust me, which is why they always show up in my dreams.


I had a dream that my trampoline was fixed. I miss my trampoline, it was a fun exercise and a good excuse to go outside. I miss looking at the scenic areas of my yard as I bounce. Delusionally I thought it wasn't a dream so I guess I really miss using that toy.


Last night before I went to bed I was thinking about buying items with the Paypal pay in four payment option. Paying in four is not the most difficult when there are few payments it does become difficult however it becomes difficult when you have many payment plans. Last night's dream was about how investing via this method is a good idea. One quote that I remember is "the pay in four is convenient for anon". Lole my dreams are weirder by the day.


Had a dream where I drowned at the beach of a coney-island like beach(I explicitly remember that it was NOT Coney Island nor was it trying to be), attractions and all past the boardwalk. I didn't feel any pain, nor did I go through the whole process, only a few seconds; the former of these things is unusual for my dreams, as I even feel the pain tingle through my body as I wake up. I cut to just standing in front of a short tropical looking house, think the kinda house you'd find in Florida, with the Grim Reaper there. After he'd explained that I'd died, my heart sank a bit, but over the course of what I perceived as several minutes, I slowly came to the idea. We just read what I remember to be a mix of science-fiction and philosophy together on the front of the house, I was put back into the "drown" scene to try and fail to swim to shore, and the dream ended there.

There was a segment before all this, but it's been so long since that night that I can no longer remember it.


Huh, that sounds oddly nice (besides the drowning part) i wonder why he'd just say "fuck it, lets read some sci-fi" instead of just passing you on to the afterlife like he'd normally do?


It was my understanding that the house *was* the afterlife, sort of a middle-ground sort of thing, but in hindsight I agree.


File: 1615921559174.jpg (38.13 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1625158717454.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I had a really strange and unnerving dream last night.

In the dream I was walking around my old school. Suddenly I have to piss and I think it would be hilarious to go into some empty classroom and piss there. However, for some reason I just decide to go into one of the bathrooms. I find the nearest bathroom, lock the door and start pissing in the toilet. I look up to see a mirror in front of me. When I see my own face, I realize I'm dreaming and that I'm in a dream. At this point many thoughts cross my mind.
First, I think that this is my dream. That means I can control it and I can do anything I want in here. I try to manipulate the world around me with thoughts but I cannot. Then I think I should choose my thoughts carefully. Can my imagination take physical form in the dream world? Do I control which thoughts do and which don't? What if negative thoughts can manifest in the dream?
When I think this an image flashes in my mind. I thought of this one teacher in the school who was really abusive towards me. She was comically nightmarish in my imagination, with red eyes, sharp fangs and tentacles coming out of her back.
A few seconds pass in the dream. Someone knocks on the bathroom door. This made me feel really anxious, as I thought I was in control of the dream. I tried manipulating it again but I couldn't. I was also still pissing. I wanted to leave but I couldn't stop pissing and I didn't want to piss outside of the bowl. It was like I was fully conscious watching through my own eyes while I was under the control of someone else. Someone knocked on the door a second time, then I woke up.


i think its like if you have "deep thoughts" about stuff you dont really think about, then manifesting in the form of the dream. you can taste, feel, and think, but you cant read and dont have control over what you do, (even if you have control, its your subconscious mind making you think you are the puppet master and not the puppet.


I've been thinking a lot about lucid dreaming lately. I'd really like to try it. I've heard that mixing milk and honey in a glass and drinking it right before bed is supposed to make your dreams lucid.


Also, apple juice


Freshly made from apples or just store-bought?


whatever, it cant be diluted tho. concentrated or as raw "pure" as you can get.


I had a dream where there was a cat that talked just like Felix the Cat even though he looked like a regular cat. He was straightforward and optimistic to the point that he almost seemed naive, but I couldn't tell if he was really wise. There was a great landscape of green hills. Eventually another cat like the first one showed up, but I think this one was some sort of shapeshifting impostor. I remember that this confused the first cat somewhat, but I'm not able to recall how everything went. I think it ended pleasantly, at least. I felt like I could learn from the cat.


this is amazing, truily you have been blessed


I had a brief dream involving the Erlking. As I've stated in another bread I am autistically afraid of this creature. In the dream the Erlking threatened to kill me unless I completed his obstacle course in his mansion. When I started the challenge i was jittery and I struggled completing the first obstacle. I woke up before anything else happened. I have no clue what this means.


You'll have to complete his other challenges every night untill you are done, good luck lol. What was his mansion like?


File: download.jpg (12.83 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1626976115127.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I haven't completed one challenge since I haven't remembered a dream since then. I feel like he will kill me in my dream and wake up if this dream happens again. The mansion looked like pic-related on the outside and, the hallways had blue furniture.


Are you facing hardships in your life? Some IRL obstacle, physical or not, that's worrying you?


Something that is worrying me is that I do not have enough time to enjoy my hobbies because I get distracted by other stuff. I do not think it is because of hardship because I've been afraid of the Erlking for over a decade.


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I had a dream where I was supposed to learn a software technique that would allow two applications to stay in sync without communicating, only receiving the same inputs at the same time. I'm sure this has been done, but the weird thing is that in my dream, it was referred to as a "blue hug". This made a lot of sense to me and I thought it must be real term even for a little while after I woke up. Obviously it's not, but it totally should be.

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