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Dream thread?

I had an interesting dream last night. I fell asleep listening to Vinesauce Joel's GTA III stream last night. In the dream, I decided to order some food from Taco Bell (who does not deliver, but they did in the dream). I began to give him my order, and I was greeted by Joel, who told me to shut the fuck up. He then started asking me the best way to get past a level in GTA IV. I gave him my ultimate wisdom and he started yelling. He eventually showed up at my house with my food, and he very rudely barged into my home and put it on the kitchen counter. He refused to leave. He continued to talk to me about GTA. I told him to get the fuck out of my house. He did not. Eventually, I told him that if he didn't go away I was going to hurt his face with a chair. I shoved him out of my front door, but he remained out front. I then called the police, who continued to chat with me about GTA, but left when asked to.

tl;dr Vinesauce Joel harassed me in my own home after delivering Taco Bell.
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Huh, that sounds oddly nice (besides the drowning part) i wonder why he'd just say "fuck it, lets read some sci-fi" instead of just passing you on to the afterlife like he'd normally do?


It was my understanding that the house *was* the afterlife, sort of a middle-ground sort of thing, but in hindsight I agree.


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I had a really strange and unnerving dream last night.

In the dream I was walking around my old school. Suddenly I have to piss and I think it would be hilarious to go into some empty classroom and piss there. However, for some reason I just decide to go into one of the bathrooms. I find the nearest bathroom, lock the door and start pissing in the toilet. I look up to see a mirror in front of me. When I see my own face, I realize I'm dreaming and that I'm in a dream. At this point many thoughts cross my mind.
First, I think that this is my dream. That means I can control it and I can do anything I want in here. I try to manipulate the world around me with thoughts but I cannot. Then I think I should choose my thoughts carefully. Can my imagination take physical form in the dream world? Do I control which thoughts do and which don't? What if negative thoughts can manifest in the dream?
When I think this an image flashes in my mind. I thought of this one teacher in the school who was really abusive towards me. She was comically nightmarish in my imagination, with red eyes, sharp fangs and tentacles coming out of her back.
A few seconds pass in the dream. Someone knocks on the bathroom door. This made me feel really anxious, as I thought I was in control of the dream. I tried manipulating it again but I couldn't. I was also still pissing. I wanted to leave but I couldn't stop pissing and I didn't want to piss outside of the bowl. It was like I was fully conscious watching through my own eyes while I was under the control of someone else. Someone knocked on the door a second time, then I woke up.


i think its like if you have "deep thoughts" about stuff you dont really think about, then manifesting in the form of the dream. you can taste, feel, and think, but you cant read and dont have control over what you do, (even if you have control, its your subconscious mind making you think you are the puppet master and not the puppet.


I've been thinking a lot about lucid dreaming lately. I'd really like to try it. I've heard that mixing milk and honey in a glass and drinking it right before bed is supposed to make your dreams lucid.


Also, apple juice


Freshly made from apples or just store-bought?


whatever, it cant be diluted tho. concentrated or as raw "pure" as you can get.


I had a dream where there was a cat that talked just like Felix the Cat even though he looked like a regular cat. He was straightforward and optimistic to the point that he almost seemed naive, but I couldn't tell if he was really wise. There was a great landscape of green hills. Eventually another cat like the first one showed up, but I think this one was some sort of shapeshifting impostor. I remember that this confused the first cat somewhat, but I'm not able to recall how everything went. I think it ended pleasantly, at least. I felt like I could learn from the cat.


this is amazing, truily you have been blessed


I had a brief dream involving the Erlking. As I've stated in another bread I am autistically afraid of this creature. In the dream the Erlking threatened to kill me unless I completed his obstacle course in his mansion. When I started the challenge i was jittery and I struggled completing the first obstacle. I woke up before anything else happened. I have no clue what this means.


You'll have to complete his other challenges every night untill you are done, good luck lol. What was his mansion like?


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I haven't completed one challenge since I haven't remembered a dream since then. I feel like he will kill me in my dream and wake up if this dream happens again. The mansion looked like pic-related on the outside and, the hallways had blue furniture.


Are you facing hardships in your life? Some IRL obstacle, physical or not, that's worrying you?


Something that is worrying me is that I do not have enough time to enjoy my hobbies because I get distracted by other stuff. I do not think it is because of hardship because I've been afraid of the Erlking for over a decade.


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I had a dream where I was supposed to learn a software technique that would allow two applications to stay in sync without communicating, only receiving the same inputs at the same time. I'm sure this has been done, but the weird thing is that in my dream, it was referred to as a "blue hug". This made a lot of sense to me and I thought it must be real term even for a little while after I woke up. Obviously it's not, but it totally should be.


perhaps there's a way to beat him, maybe there's lore about it somewhere


Another weird one: There were three political parties called the establishment, the church, and the mayonnaise party. I was in the third one. It was just me and this other guy, and we would go around outdoors, finding bottles of mayonnaise and emptying them into our reserves. Apparently this was important, because the other parties would always show up a few minutes later like they had been trying to get there first. It seemed like tensions were high, but I'm not sure what the point was.


Sounds like the boston tea party event but with mayo being dumped instead of tea. Either way fuck the church and the establishment and sign me up for the mayo party, brother


Can't dream anymore and i'm unsure how one can fix such a thing


If you smoke catnip stop and you will start dreaming again in about a week.


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no, i don't smoke the 'nip, perhaps it must be something else


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I had a dream where I was in an area resembling a dungeon, with the walls and floors made of large stone blocks, but it was above-ground and had windows overlooking a crowded street. In the dungeon, there was a phone like the sort you might see in a hotel room (i.e. built into the wall, made of yellowed plastic). I walked by the phone and went ahead to look out a window. In the crowd, I spotted Konata Izumi. Strangely, my reaction was something along the lines of "fancy seeing you here". Then, I kept looking and I saw more of her. I was surprised just to see the second, but then I counted at least six and they became too numerous to track despite not having been obvious before. They began to show defects, such as different hairstyles or eye colors. Then, I turned around and saw one right behind me. She was so different from Konata that I'm not sure how I even recognized her; she really bore a stronger resemblance to Tsukasa. I ran away down the hall, but I was going away from the entrance. I don't recall what happened after that. I think I'll be okay as long as I don't start seeing them in real life.


That sounds nightmarish. The defects really freak me out, it's like they're broken copies of copies masquerading as the real thing.


Weird, it reminds me of one of those haunted house attractions. I wonder what they would have done if you just stood still, and are they the actual character or something attemping to copy the character to lure you into a false sense of security?


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OH shid RUN


I had two diffrent dreams and both of them affected me irl.
In the first, i had a pet squirrel that was abandoned as a baby and it became my pet. i had to save it after the squirrel became lost in the woods. afterwards, i fell asleep in my dream but it wandered in my closet and i woke up irl to free it and i realised that i dont own a squirrel.
The second dream was also related to the woods even though there are no woodlands in my local area, nor have i visisted one irl. I went for a short walk and accidentily stepped in a puddle, soaking my right leg. I somehow felt exausted and i rushed home and fainted in my bed. I then woke up irl because i realised my right sock must be soaking wet and i didnt want it to soak my bed. It wasn't.


It's interesting how dreams can seep into reality sometimes. I wonder just what they are.


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I had a strange but comfy dream last night.
In my dream I had to leave my home country and go to America to live with a foster family. The reason for this was never clear. I was anxious over leaving but once I got there it was really nice. It was like a family straight out of some 50s or 60s American movie. Their two story house was very big and bright.
The father was a kind man with dark hair and glasses. He always wore jeans and a shirt along with black shoes. I don't remember the mother very well but she was nice too. She wore an apron. They had many children of various ages who now became my de-facto stepsiblings. They were all really close and were happy to meet me. One girl wore a blue dress and had pigtails. The oldest of them looked like Fonzie but I distinctly knew he was not Fonzie. We all went to their huge bedroom and we sat down on the floor, some of them sat on their beds. We talked about this and that well into the evening and had a great time. Then we went to sleep.
In the morning I went to school with them and we had classes together. After class we went to the cafeteria where a bully with an emo haircut tried to mess with them but I stood up to him. The bully got really angry but I stood my ground and stared him down. Eventually he left. All my stepsiblings were really proud of me and cheered me on. They said they were glad to have me as their new fren and brother.
The next thing I remember is me walking into their house alone. It was empty. I saw a newspaper on the kitchen table. I picked it up and read it. The front page said that this foster family of mine was actually the cast of the Brady Bunch (even though they looked nothing like the Brady Bunch). I realized that since they're fictional characters it's impossible for me to interact with them. I felt a deep sadness well up inside of me as I knew I would never meet them again. Then I woke up.


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I've just woken up, and I had some interesting dreams, so I'll post about them while I remember them.
In the first one, I was on a long train ride to some place, and I had my dogs with me (this was nice because they died a while ago). Chirico Cuvie (pic related) was also my dog somehow. I looked out the window and was pleased by the way the landscape went by. I went on 22chan and posted about how this amused me, then I wrote about how strange it was that I regarded the future with what could only be called nostalgia.
In another dream, I was at some nondescript mall restaurant resembling Dairy Queen with one of my brothers. He ordered a meal which had the option of ordering a crepe with it, and he specified that he wanted no crepe. After his order, they held up a crepe and asked if he would like it, saying they would throw it away if he didn't. This angered him somewhat because it was a rather transparent ploy to make him buy the crepe so they wouldn't waste the food. He bought it for that reason, and then they told him that if you buy a meal with a crepe, you pay the price of the meal and the crepe plus an extra dollar. He was PISSED, and he told the lady behind the counter what he thought of that, then I went to the next dream.
I was in a neighborhood in some location I didn't recognize with little grass and a lot of direct sunlight. There was a swing made out of a door tied to a tree. It was near a body of water, but when I tried it, I could not get it to swing far enough to put me in the water, so I gave up. I walked around the neighborhood and witnessed an altercation with the police. I forget the issue but I think they were basically being control freaks over some nonsense law. Someone used a grappling hook on a nearby house, but then didn't actually climb it and instead launched another hook at the cops while they were distracted. It pierced one of their eyes. He fell over and decayed at an alarming rate, and I decided to leave because it was a little disturbing and I didn't want to get in trouble.
Sometime later, I was in some kind of supermarket with an old fren of mine. It was good to see him because we haven't met in a while. We were trying to set up a tabletop RPG campaign, so I went to purchase Pocky. I only had 25 cents, and I discovered that the only Pocky they were selling for that price was used Pocky, which I did not purchase because the idea disgusted me. I returned with no Pocky and we began to set up our characters. He insisted that one's sex could be determined by holding two fingers behind one's back and flexing, then observing a pattern of veins that would emerge on the chest. He demonstrated, showing a distinct C shape, and inquired if I was a "C-ring" as well. I was confused and thought he was talking about a tattoo I had in the shape of a C (I don't have any tattoos IRL). Then when I got the point, I woke up and wrote this.
I'm glad that I got a lot of sleep and had some interesting dreams.


comfy dreams


Had a funny one like a month ago I've been meaning to post.

I was at some conference attending a talk about the history of some open source project. When the first talk was over, the creator of 2hu came on stage, but it wasn't ZUN, but rather some old guy looking like Ken Tompson or Denis Ritchie.
At that point my mom, who was sitting next to me, gets up to leave the room because "oh, its your animu stuff", but before she is out of the room, the guy plays some lewd cutscene from what looks like a PC-98 eroge, making me feel rather awkward.
Some time later, we all get on a train and ride it through a city of low-poly commieblocks with low-res textures.
The train keeps accelerating, and eventually takes off to the skies.
Suddenly the train is tightly packed with people, and i realize that i haven't showered in a week, however the people around me don't seem to notice, despite being mere inches away.
Then i am on the Internets and post about the dream on 22chan (while still dreaming).


In my dream i bought a cat, it was grey. I was researching how to raise it and it took me a while to learn the ropes but eventually it trusted and loved me. I eventually noticed that my wallet was getting lighter and i sadly realised i needed more money to keep my fluffy fren alive and i'd also lose time that i'd always spend with the cat. I was worried she would get lonely so i'd make sure to try and make it home quickly. After coming home one day from work the cat was gone and after a week of frantic searching the cat made it back but it was skittish, protective and angry and it ran away again so i thought i'd never see her again. Turns out she was pregnant and after having kittens she was back to normal and i had more fluffy frens to deal with. weird dream but enjoyable, an overall 10/10


That sounds like a pleasant dream. Everything turning out just fine is a great thing.


Why do i feel like this dream took place in japan?


Mine was weird, Had a cousin that only exists in dreamland but not irl, We had met as kids for the first time and we thought he was selfish because he chose to invite his frens too without talking with us but everything actually ended up fine and we became close frens. Meeting him and his was the best thing that happened in my life, apparantly i discribed it as "like the first time you ever have sex with a girl or getting married", even though we literally did nothing interesting whatsoever but sitting on a couch for 3 hours and talking about stuff. I had a notebook with me and they stole it and drew literally everything we talked about, like us sitting there and talking about stuff drawn in some shid weeb animu style art. I guess it reminds me of the way Napoleon Dynamite drew the liger thing. in the dream it was basically the bible to me and i'd read it every day obsessively. My cousin left to africa to live in a mud hut and i never saw him since. Flash forward to 2030 and we get a call, He got a job offer to build drywall in russia, and he'll make 105k$ per second. In africa he made folding tables out of water but apparantly it wasn't paying well and he also ate most of his child-brides and the people of africa had a change.org thing to remove him within the month so its not like he had any choices in the matter. He planned on driving from africa to america to where i live so he can pick me up. He was afraid of getting attacked, one example of his attackers is colored air, and if i joined him, i'd keep him safe and he'd also pay me. My mother didnt want me to join him because "he did secret hand gestures as we where speaking to him" therefore he was untrustworthy. My memories with him was too much for me to handle, I told her to lick my arm and i bitch slapped her in like mach 10 speed (if that makes sense, also my hand was glowing purple) and it broke her neck. I forgot to mention that in the year 2030, Russia is a total hell hole. Stalin had a secret great grandson that looks exactly like him and became a great dictator. He declared war on america and "the rest of the cultured world" mainly because he just read orwell's animal farm and he got pissed stalin was depected as a pig and he doesnt eat pigs because hes jewish. Russia became a third world country and they built giant mech suits and shid, it was chaos. We drove off to russia in a little buggy and the radio was broken and only played Chumbawamba's Tubthumping on repeat, it couldnt stopped even if the car was off. Even though i dreamed it yesturday i dont know what happened, i remember some parts of driving whilst the music was playing then BAM, next thing you know hes gone and i became a russian freedom fighter/superhero type called the riceman. I'm guessing my cousin died because i was sad, yeah thats pretty much it, i hate it and it's a retarded dream lol.


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I had a really strange and detailed dream tonight.
I joined a reality TV show that was set on an island. Time passed in the dream as I progressed through this show, then to my surprise came a challenge where the objective was to avoid drinking poison. I was taken to a vaguely cafeteria-like room. We were given two drinks that we had to choose from, one of them being poisonous. I thought it was really weird but I managed to cheat by observing the staff mixing the drinks. They mixed strange, green liquid in test tubes. For the first two rounds I avoided drinking the poisoned drinks. On the third round, I again watched them mix the drinks and saw that they filled both glasses with poison. The game was rigged, they intended for me to die. The staff placed the glasses in front of me, then eagerly waited and stared at me. All the cameras were on me, everyone was watching. I said to myself "Fuck it" and threw the drinks and the apparatus off the table and bolted for the door. The staff tried to stop me and alerted others that I was trying to escape. I exactly remember how but I did escape the room. I remember it was very intense.
I ran away from them and came upon a town of some sort. I had somehow acquired a black covid mask and I was wearing it. I met a group of black people who told me they were walking to the airport to get on a flight off the island. I befriended them and walked with them. I felt safer. I somehow convinced them I was also black?
We walk down a pathway in between some houses and come upon a big, sandy beach. The sun is shining and the skies are blue. I see an airplane on the beach and there's a ramp connected to it. There are people boarding the plane. The airport is right next to the plane and we walk inside. I'm fearful that someone will recognize me and as soon was I walk inside and employee stops me. He's wearing the same outfit as the staff on the movie set; a black and green shirt, the colors divided by a sharp line that goes at an angle across the chest, and black pants and shoes. He asks me to come over to a machine he's standing next to. I don't want to arouse suspicion so I do as he says. He asks me to put my thumb on the machine. It's a scanner of some sort, with a small screen above the scanning platform. Knowing I'm fucked either way, I put my finger on the scanner. A red line goes down the platform and scans my fingerprint. The screen starts flashing red and a security system starts honking loudly. The employee shouts that I'm the one who escaped from the movie set. I tear off my covid mask and start running like mad. More employees come out and they're all chasing me through the airport. I recognize some of them from the movie set. For some reason there are cans of spray paint in the airport. I grab them as I run and I start throwing them at the staff that are chasing me. They erupt on the ground in front of them, spraying black paint everywhere and slowing them down. I run up to the second floor. There are more employees coming and I realize I'll have to do something drastic to get out of here.
I grab one of the employees, a young woman, and I run with her inside a small room. I lock the door behind us and I start brutally beating her with a can of spray paint. It was fucking vicious. I smashed the can over and over into her head and face. I smashed it into her mouth and broke most of her teeth. Her face was bruised, cut up and covered in blood. She was crying but I didn't care, it was either them or me. I hold her in front of me like a hostage and step out of the room. More employees are waiting outside the door but they back off once they see I've got a hostage. I tell them I'll killer her if they come too close. I hurry through the airport, throwing more cans of spray paint at the staff as I go, and I find the airplane. I push the battered woman away and go into the plane, where I finally feel safe.
There are a lot of people I recognize inside the plane. Many of my friends from high school and the people I met on the way. There was some guy with a sleeping child as well. I sat down and I could finally relax a little. I knew the staff wouldn't come in the plane, there are way too many witnesses. But then a news segment started on a TV inside the plane.
There was this big flat screen TV at the front of the plane. I recognized myself in the news segment, so I stood up and walked to the TV. It was a propaganda campaign by the reality TV company, showing me in a negative light. It consisted of news anchors saying I was a madman who attacked staff on the island for no reason. They played clips of me throwing cans at the staff. The way the clips were edited made it seem like I was the aggressor, not them. The clips were interspersed with crude cartoons of me smoking, which I don't do. After the news segment was over, I woke up.


*I can't exactly remember


Why you have bones on picture ?


>convinced them you where black
>beats white woman viciously
hell i'm convinced your black


Dispite being horrifying it's actually a neat dream that would make for a decent twilght zone episode


Yeah, I woke up thinking "Man, that was crazy".

It was so weird lol. It was like the covid mask just made them think like "Yeah dis guy black!".


Anyone else feel like they have more of a connection and bond with the people in the dreams rather than the people irl? Usually when I dream of people that I know like frens or teachers, I have feelings of trust and some connection with them like I've known them since childhood and had memories with them. But if I were to actually see and be in front of them, I'd see them as fake and being polite to me instead of actually being frens or whatever. I've also had dreams where it was the opposite, I had the same feeling of them as above, being kinda meh or unsure of them, but then in the dream seeing them pure hate me and disgusted at me.
Probably has something to do with how I actually think about them, but kinda wish I could have the "vn frenship bond" in everyday interactions instead of getting lucky and having dreams of talking to people


Yeah, your right. Your brain is projecting your personal feelings into them in dreamland. To me its just randomly generated people since i really don't have people that i know around me.


I had a dream that I was driving a really fast car that was ridiculously hard to control. While I was driving I was somehow in another place at the same time, looking at a top-down view of the car on a computer screen while controlling it with a mouse. I had to make really retarded, jerky moves with the mouse to control the car. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I hit a small child with my car. I jerked the mouse to the right and as my car turned sharply the back side of the car slammed into the child and sent that poor fucker flying over the parking lot while wailing. I thought to myself "Oh shid I better just ignore that" and kept driving. I somehow managed to cross several hundred miles of highway in just a handful of seconds. The cops were soon on me and I decided to stop the car. I talked to the cops who said that I backhanded that kid with my car and gave me a paper that just said I was under arrest. Then they took my drivers license and left. I was feeling scared but then I remembered I could just reload before all this happened, as I had saved my game before leaving the parking lot. I felt relieved as I reloaded and just as I did I woke up.


If only you can do that in real life
>hits kid
>i better ignore that


Why do i have a feeling this took place in GTA


I dreamed of the most beautiful place. There were mountains and wildflowers, and a river. And the sky, good God that sky. I could have sat and just looked at that sky spinning round until I starved. I would be happy to die like that, in a place like that. Even now I can't get those mountains out of my head


Thats great, nature dreams are the best.

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