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What are your favourite short stories, /b/?



cats of ulthar is very good. Ulthar (and its cats) also appear in The Dream of Unknown-Kadath. Not a short story, but I can't recommend it enough.
A short story I like a lot is Dream of the Ridiculous Man by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It's transcendent. It is bleak yet hopeful, beautiful yet carnally disturbing. There's also a cool animation by the one and only Aleksandr Petrov, who did The Old Man and the Sea. Breathtaking paint-on-glass animation that perfectly captures the rough, dreamlike texture of the original story.


Haven't read anything by Lovecraft in a while, probably will make up for it today.
Oh, I like it quite a lot too, probably one of my favourite works by Dostoyevsky. I really enjoyed "ascending" of the narrative, both thematically and stylistically. Even the sentimental parts that Dostoyevsky usually overuses fit in naturually here. The way Dostoyevsky upholds the dreamy atmosphere throughout the whole story is astounding, too. The only thing that slightly worsened my impression was the part when the narrator talked about the fall of the society from his dream. In my opinion Dostoyevsky sort of besmirched it by making it a bit too detailised and drawing too obvious parallels with the society of our own. Being so trivially reality-driven, I think it made the narrative drop its trascedentness there for a moment. But otherwise the story is really great. I also enjoyed the cartoon you've linked, shame I hadn't known about it earlier.


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a wonderful short morality play called The Somonyng of Everyman.
a si-fi thriller called think blue, count two


Father Sergius (but it's a novella)


The Lottery In Babylon


I haven't read too many but some that I liked are:
The Immortal by Borges (from "The Aleph")
Terminus by Lem (from " Tales of Pirx the Pilot")
A Grain of Truth by Sapkowski (from "The Last Wish")


A fren of mine showed me Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. It's a sci-fi story that relates to linguistics.


Gogol's "The Nose". A favourite of mine.


tbdesu I have fucking hated Gogol since I was middle school
what is it that people find so attractive in his works?


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The Watcher by Robert Benson. I read it in an old ghost story book I stole from the school library (don't tell)


that image looks like its from that wikipedia album cover thread



There's several short stories of the same family, one was called "the man who folded himself" If i remember the others, i'll post 'em.


My favorite short story happens to be a creepypasta. Perfect for Spooktober!



The movie adaption is just as brillant
That's a good one! I love how it came from an anonymous author, it makes it more disturbing that the story doesn't have a source, like an urban legend.


Another perfect for spooktober story is Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.
The audiobook is honestly fantastic yet hard to find. (ripped it off some discs at the local library)


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Coincidentally, today is the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death. He died on October 7, 1849. Do you anons know any good short stories by him?


I always enjoyed the The Imp of the Perverse, but The Raven is a classic.

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