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found on /sg/ roll

You rolled the number 470006557 (no dubs or higher)



You rolled the number 19667987 (no dubs or higher)


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these dead memes make me puke






roll threads are cancer


Here's a liitle tip:
There's an "Options" field in the reply form.
There is an "advanced" button, you won't need it.
Now, here's the actual trick:
Click on the "Options" field and select "Sage". Now when you post the reply, it won't be placed on the top of the page (what is called a "bump")



You rolled the number 767360113 (no dubs or higher)


The onlything that matters is who you are on.


I summon Rolling Post-Hero in attack position

You rolled the number 347781825 (no dubs or higher)


Funny maymay, lets see who am i haha amirite

You rolled the number 499367030 (no dubs or higher)


Haha dick butt


Whats the size of a car talking.



You rolled the number 697782559 (no dubs or higher)


strolling fo m00t lolololol

You rolled the number 625517911 (dubs)


why not help me God

You rolled the number 22552032 (no dubs or higher)

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